Monday, June 24, 2019

The Trump Index is Coming

TheTrump Index Is Coming
Exactly What Does Trump Stand For?

Few conservatives will argue that Donald Trump has been the best president in a hundred years, one of the rare ones that ever actually delivered on his campaign promises. Renaming our annual voting index for the State House and Senate to the Trump Index will make the scores butt clear to everyone and have a much greater impact on the voters.
First before choosing the bills to be scored we have to determine what Trump stands for and what he stands against. To do that we researched his speeches and quotes and came up with the following list.

Trump is solidly pro life but a sensible person and in no way an abolitionist. He was once pro choice but is now working hard to deny Planned Parenthood funding, supports parental consent for abortion for minors, and puts originalistic judges on the bench.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

What the Weed Industry Isn't Telling Us

Marijuana and Mental Illness
What the Weed Industry Isn't Telling us
A week or so back a post on Facebook linked to a story on the Unity Bill, the legislation passed in this legislative session designed to fix many of the problems with SQ 788. The story discussed the August 28th implementation of the law and what employers needed to know. STP looked into the issue, found it was indeed a good thing that employers were soon to get some relief to prevent worker injuries and law claims by being able to fire or simply not hire those with medical marijuana cards or those who couldn't pass a drug test. A story was written covering the benefits to employers and that set off many in the marijuana industry and the attacks on Facebook exploded.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Dear STP: Keep Investigating Kannady

A Letter to the Editor

Dear Sooner Tea Party
  Please continue the pursuit of truth regarding Kannady. Even if these women do not come forth Kannady was directly responsible for the loss of several conservative voices, calling them a cancer. This statement was made in a NYT article. Coincidentally the targeted conservatives were also targeted by the OEA. In this pat session Kannady held up a bill for strictly personal reasons. HE DID NOT LIKE THE AUTHOR! What is just as, if not more disgusting, is the continued place by GOP leadership is that Kannady remains in a leadership position. This fiasco brings into question the relevancy of the OKGOP. This is an example of the Pollard legacy.

SQ788 May Cost You Your Job

Careful What You Wish For as You Just Might Get What You Deserve
  People think that there have been only two world wide wars, WWI and WWII. They are wrong, the American Revolution set lose a world wide war that led Britain to face France, Holland, and Spain at sea, the nascent U.S. Government, revolts in India by the Muslims and Hindus, as well as a long siege of Gibraltar by the Spanish. Of all the combatants only the U.S. came out ahead. Holland lost colonies, the subcontinent of India remained under British rule for another 140 years, the Spanish and French lost massive amounts of ships, and France of course went through the French Revolution. England herself was badly battered and had to fight hard to hang onto her world wide colonies. And all because the English crown wanted to tax without representation.

Senatorial Privileges Denied

June 9th 2019 Newsletter
Sadly this is what we have come to expect from Oklahoma State Senators and their families. Pamela Yen was featured in our newsletter in October of 2017 after being arrested for assault and battery after she was caught trying to steal items from a Del City estate sale. But the story had legs, after her arrest she filed a lawsuit against the estate sale owner and lost her suit and lost a counter suit filed by the owner of the estate sale.
Mrs. Yen had found a painting in a storage area, sent there after it had been sold to another customer, took it to a register and tried to purchase it. She threw a fit allegedly after finding out someone had already purchased the painting, leading to what was described as a thirty minute rant and rave episode.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Bullying Doesn't Work, Freda Deskin

Bullying Doesn't Work Freda Deskin
On May fifth we ran a story by guest writer Lorraine Grula, a former employee of Aztec Charter Schools. Grula's allegations were no surprise to the readers of our newsletter after the 2014 exposure of both Deskin and her long time boyfriend Leo Espinoza, including criminal complaints against Espinoza. 
  The Democrat donor class had supported Deskin for State Superintendent in the 2014 primary but John Cox supporters gave the Sooner Tea Party enough information on Deskin and Espinoza that we were able to torpedo Deskin's run for office.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Soft Bigotry In the Tulsa GOP?

Republican National Committee
 & Tulsa County GOP
Says to Young Minorities:
Go to the Back of the Bus Please”
  A few months back the RNC and Oklahoma GOP started asking people to nominate people for a training event to be held at the Oklahoma GOP. Called Campaign Management College the idea was to bring in Oklahoma's best young candidates along with those in nearby states and do a hands on campaign boot camp. Sounds good, eh?
  Then politics took control up in Tulsa Oklahoma. Tulsa County GOP Chairman Bob Jack decided on his own that the field for Senate race 37, Dan Newberry's old seat. Anesthesiologist Chris Emerson has Bob Jack's support, and Jack is running interference for Emerson including refusing to host any debates. In fact, Chairman Bob Jack has declared that anyone using the term “RINO” would be driven out of the Party.