Friday, June 10, 2022

"No Purple Heart or Combat Action Ribbon for John Bennett"

Marine Corps Records Obtained in 2017 Reveal no Purple Heart or Combat Action Ribbon for John Bennett.

2016 was State Rep. John Bennett's last campaign for re election, when Bennett was loudly and proudly demanding that Democrat challenger Tom Stites show his DD214 in order to prove his veteran status. Stites had been making his time in the Air Force Academy a big selling point toward voting for him but in fact Stites had either quit or was forced out of the Air Force Academy after a few months.

Stites told tall tales about being thrown out of the academy, motion sickness was one if I recall correctly, eyesight was another but Bennett played the card well, hammering Stites for refusing to show his DD214 which is the final discharge papers that lists your rank when you mustered out, your military experience, your last station where you were discharged from, months, and years along with your sea duty and foreign service. Your medals and awards are listed as well. At the bottom it gives the reason for your separation from the service along with the character of your service, usually an Honorable discharge. Sometimes a less than honorable discharge, and some times a dishonorable discharge.

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Mother Reports Childs Allegations and Gets Half Decade of Supervised Visits

Single mother Heather Collins (Heather) has (4) four hours a week of supervised visits with her children ever since reporting her husbands child sexual abuse (5) five years ago as well as throughout the divorce.  On April 28, 2022 attorney Noel Scott Johnson (Johnson) filed a motion for his attorney fees in Collins v. Collins, Rogers County FD-14-308.  He seeks over ($100,000) one hundred thousand dollars on behalf of his client to reimburse the fees spent since 2016.  Sources indicate that DHS has (5) five substantiated Department of Human Services (DHS) allegations against Johnson’s client, Clayton Collins, a man who has had sole custody while his ex-wife has had over (5) five years of supervised visits, the online record appears absent a reason why.

Heather has consistently told the Court of a danger to her children just to be continuously admonished for mandatory disclosing.  Heather through counsel reported that she went to speak with the Rogers County District Attorneys office many times about the allegations eventually going to the State of Oklahoma Attorney General’s (OAG) Office to seek help.  Her counsel made the appointment, explained the contentious family law with Johnson’s law firm, and advised his client to attend.  When Heather did sit down with the OAG it was by and through Attorney Joy Thorp (Thorp).  Heather notes that after divulging her story Thorp said there was ‘nothing’ she could do and that Johnson was the Thorp family attorney. (See Part 3 of this expose)

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Stolen Valor Leads to Paranoid Actions, Which Leads to Physical Violence Against a Disabled Combat Veteran

In the previous story, Part I of this series of exposes of massive corruption we asked who posed as Greg Hendrix's brother whose phone number was provided by the State Rep office to enable the swatting of Greg. We asked why a State Rep's office was involved. We asked why this swatting had to happen. The answers are going to be stunning for a huge portion of the conservatives in Oklahoma but the proof is iron clad.

The first question, who posed as Greg's “brother”? We are not sure but if asked to make an educated guess we would say possibly it was Alan Beard, Bennett's long time district office manager and our rational for this assumption becomes clear. Two phone numbers appear on the Mental Health Crisis Intervention Note dated June 20 2017, one now goes back to an Indian tribe mental health office, the other was a very old number used by Greg Hendrix many years ago, lost when changing phone providers. What is missing is the phone number for the “brother”. Keep in mind the Intervention Note was written up by a supervisor, not the intake person on the suicide hot line. We know that the police that responded claimed that one “Ward” Hendrix was the worried brother. Greg has one brother, named Floyd Hendrix, living in the Coweta area, not Sallisaw where the storage unit was located that was mentioned in the Intervention Note. BTW the estrangement of the Hendrix brothers was caused by a girlfriend of Floyd and it was nothing more than mild irritation over allowing a woman to cause friction in the family and the best way was to just stay away from the woman.

Oklahoma Combat Veteran Punished For Asking Questions About a Public Official Part I

Law Enforcement Officers Arrive, 

One with His Weapon Drawn

 Who Would Want to Punish or Kill this Veteran?

Greg Hendrix was relaxing on that Sunday on June 18th 2017 when his day was interrupted by a Claremore Police Department officer arriving at his home. The reason? A welfare check after the Veterans Administration suicide hot line had taken a lead from a public official here in Oklahoma. Greg is a Marine, a real combat veteran, so he wasn't too put out when the officer asked if he was okay, explaining that his police department had been given the tip to check on Greg. Greg was more amused than put out, his recent back surgery had left him somewhat disabled and in a lot of pain, so being a snarky ass grunt he was entertained by his thoughts that the cop must be moonlighting as a neurosurgeon or pain management doctor if he thought he could help.

Then the second officer arrived with his taser drawn and pointed at Greg. Number 2 cop was a young pup, full of piss and vinegar, ready to rock and roll, but the older cop that was first on scene waved him away and continued his investigation by questioning Greg. Greg's sense of humor was active on this new development as well, perhaps this was a new electroshock therapy offered by the V.A..

Wednesday, June 1, 2022




 (PART 1)

 By Orpheus

 Pictured N. Scott  Johnson and his offices at 11th and Detroit, source Martindale Hubble and Google.

Tulsa Attorney Noelle Scott Johnson (‘Johnson’) has practiced Family Law in Oklahoma for decades.  Ironically when he gets involved in cases, years later the opposing parties find themselves accused of felonies for the first time in their lives.  In cases where Johnson’s clients are the accused,  the reporting party loses custody.  Johnson donates heavily to judges, develops unholy relationships with prosecutors, and has assisted powerful individuals who are accused of exploiting children sexually.  

Johnson is a homosexual man with no children nor husband.  He only practices Family Law in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and other nearby counties.  He charges four, five and six figure retainers and bills at about four hundred dollars an hour.  Johnson has a decadent stand alone office building at 11th and Detroit in Tulsa, Oklahoma, catty corner from the downtown Home Depot.  

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Oklahoma Bar Assn. Corruption

By Orpheus

The Oklahoma Bar Association (OBA) is making headlines this week when it became public that their Assistant General Counsel Attorney Stephen Sullins has been accused of witness tampering, coordinating testimony and in one case, telling a ten year former girlfriend of an attorney Jeff Krigel (attorney) of Tulsa, Oklahoma that the attorney ‘drugs' and ‘rapes’ women in order to coerce the former girlfriend to file a bar complaint.  It is thought that Sullins conspired with the attorney’s ex-wife, Stephanie Duran, herself an attorney in order to assist her in stealing custody of the man’s eight year old minor child.  In that matter the attorney has been a single dad for six years sharing 50/50 custody.


By Orpheus



In Tulsa, Oklahoma, former gubernatorial candidate Paul C. Tay still sits in jail pending an August 2022 trial for Rape and Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon.  Tay is charged with Rape although no penetration of the vagina by a penis is alleged, a fact necessary for a ‘rape.’  Previously Tay was charged with Kidnapping as Tulsa Police Department Lt. Det. Darin Ehrenrich went on TV and told audiences that Tay took the woman from Oklahoma City to Tulsa against her will, a fact Judge Priddy noted was not testified to at Preliminary Hearing.  

Judge Priddy also noted that the alleged victim could not confirm if either of the alleged incidents, rape or the separate battery, even occurred in Tulsa.  The police report notes no marks or bruises.