Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Hunter is Cuffed and Stuffed in a Squad Car But Not Before Pissing His Pants.

T. Russell Hunter

  • DUI Body Cam Arrest video 
  • Lies to Police Multiple Times 
  • Pisses in his Pants During Arrest 
  • So Drunk he is Lost  on the Way Home? 
  • Can't Remember What  Car he is Driving 
  • Possible Aborted Attempts to Bribe Arresting Officer? 

Thursday, March 7, 2019

One of the Biggest Charlatans in Oklahoma Politics Nails Himself to the Cross

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March 10th 2019 Newsletter
T. Russel Hunter, Dan Fisher, and Senator Silk Modify SB 13
to Allow a New Form of Abortion: 
Vehicular Post Term Abortion
It was August 18th of last year and T. Russell Hunter was quite confused while sitting at the traffic light in his 2015 Kia Sorento. He looked at the green traffic light for a few seconds after stopping at the green light, unsure whether to go or stop. Hunter had been hitting the vodka that day, so much that he had lost track of how much he had been drinking. His eyes were blood shot and watery, he reeked of booze yet was likely unaware of just how drunk he was. But he made the decision to continue on through the green stop light and sped away, driving 50 miles per hour in the 35 mile per hour residential neighborhood lined with single family homes on both sides of the road.
T. Russel Hunter had been the primary campaign manager for the Dan Fisher gubernatorial campaign and is a leading figure in the abolitionist movement here in Oklahoma including the push to get Senator Silk's SB 13 heard and passed. Hunter was against all sorts of abortion, even when the mother's life was in danger, calling all abortion murder in the first degree. It appears though he had left one option open for abortion, vehicular post term abortion, and he was willing to take out an entire family along with the fetus.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Charter Schools Under Attack From Teacher Unions

Charter Schools Under Attack from Teacher Union Legislators

A few weeks back we wrote of the surge of incoming teacher union House members and their attacks upon the Charter School system. The unions and most of the teachers hate charter schools for several reasons. First, the success of charter schools make the public schools look bad. Second, the charter schools hire only the best teachers and expect a lot of work and outcome from them while also paying them quite well. Third, the small amount that the charter schools take from tax coffers while outdoing the public schools is embarrassing for the public schools.

The third reason is the most troubling for the teacher unions, how can a charter school take $4200 per year and crank out a better performing student at one third the cost that a public school uses? The answer is in admin costs. A bill was defeated in committee this very week that would have asked that 60% of the money be spent in classrooms but it was soundly defeated in committee. The charter schools allocate around 10% as admin costs and profit.

OCPA Involved In 2018 Attacks On Conservative Legislators?

OCPA Involved with the 2018 Attacks on Conservative Legislators?

A few weeks back a screen shot was circulating showing the notorious RINO campaign consultant Fount Holland being paid by OCPA for lobbying work. Someone did a bit more digging and turned up a link between OCPA and the batch of bastards that raised nearly three quarters of a million dollars to turn out a half dozen of the most conservative legislators in the state. In many cases by attacking their very conservative voting record and labeling them as liberals....

OTU, Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite ran an expose last week that helped shed a bit more light on what happened. They managed to tie Leo J. Baxter, an OCPA Board of Trustees Executive Committee member, the State Board of Education, and the owner of a Lawton based consulting firm with the attacks upon the conservatives. Signal Mountain Associates turned out to be co owned by Baxter and one Angela Little.

Another of Last Year's Index Legislation Being Turned Around

Another of Last Year's Index Legislation Being Turned Around

Another of the 2018 GOP Platform Index legislation bills was a bill that removed a small 1% refund for those that collected state sales tax. For decades this reimbursed some of the small businesses for having to track and collect the state sales tax. For a timely report, the reporter received one percent of what was collected. A tiny sum for many, quite generous for the Wal Marts and Amazons of the business world. Our view was that as these businesses were forced to collect the tax the very least would be to let them receive a pittance for the service. We did say that the total needed capped.

Did Someone Dig Up Dirt On Comrade Chris Kannady?

Did Someone Dig up Major Dirt on Comrade Chris Kannaday?

One of the bills in last sessions GOP Platform Index was a bill that closed down a well functioning and much needed veterans center in Talihina in favor of building a newer center in Sallisaw. The author of that wasteful bill was none other than Comrade Kannaday, AKA Chris Kannady the notorious terrorist defending former U.S. Marine turned state rep/political whore.

But last week HB 1149 passed committee and would repeal that legislation passed last year that would shut down the near 100 year old center and spend $100 million to re build a center at Sallisaw. Now Sallisaw is well deserving but it is also twenty miles from the Arkansas border, forcing patients and families to travel much further for care. Another notorious member of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell caucus named Josh West voted against the bill.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Medicaid Expansion Through the Back Door

March 3rd 2019 Newsletter



Medicaid Expansion Through the Back Door


SB 605 passed committee last week in a back door attempt to sneak Medicaid expansion past the conservatives and the Governor's veto. The bill expands Insure Oklahoma, a state run private insurance subsidy program to citizens at three times the existing income level. The annual cost is said to be $141 million per year, pulling in $1.2 billion from the feds, at least for now till the feds change the funding formula.


The state already has over one million people on Medicaid, mostly disabled and low income families, and it is one of the larger budget items on the state budget and it is expected that around $321 million dollars per year in state funds will be needed. Oklahoma is one of a dozen or so states that has refused to expand Medicaid, Texas, Kansas, and Missouri are also in that list. Nationwide around 74 million Americans are getting free healthcare through Medicaid.


Tax dollars are confiscated dollars and ought to be only for what an individual cannot do for themselves. The welfare recipient has no skin in the game so isn't going to attempt to limit medical spending, the hospitals, doctors, and clinics see the welfare money as low level business that can be used to create demand and raise prices on services sold through insurance and private payers. It expands their customer base, generating small income from the poor who wouldn't use their services if they had to pay. All of this strips cash from working families and the wealthy alike and breeds new generations of welfare mothers who refuse to marry and thus support their own offspring.


Yes, medical care costs too much but what causes that is the insurance model and people not having skin in the game. Once people have to pay a significant part of medical care they choose more wisely and the service providers bring prices down to affordable levels. Expanding Medicaid is like giving a drunk the keys to the distillery.


Urge your senator and state rep to vote no on SB 605.