Friday, March 10, 2023

Fellow Delegates to the Oklahoma County GOP Convention

Ken Warner

 Ken Warner, Current Oklahoma County Chairman

Politics is a strange thing, where people's character becomes obvious once they gain a bit of power. Candidates for office tend to fall into three piles; First those called fence turtles, you see one sitting up on a fence and you know he didn't get there on his own, someone put them there for their own reasons. Then there are the sociopaths that truly desire power, the most dangerous kind as they tend to hide their character before the election and once in power they abuse the power to grasp for a higher office, carrying water for others to incur obligation for the next election. Then there are the true public servants, the rarest kind, that just want to clean up a mess or serve their fellow man. These types get beat usually as they refuse to lie or call out the incumbent for corruption. Not a fan of old Charlie Meadows but he said one thing that was right or stole it from someone smarter; elections are tests of the voters character and not of the candidate's character.

Thursday, January 26, 2023

If you Have Money you too can Molest Kids in Tulsa County

BLACKLIST LAW January 6, 2023 




Misti Center, LPC pictured with Preston Doerflinger at the 2016 Red Ribbon GALA. Misti Center, LPC’s alleged Domestic Violence Victim is pictured on the right. The right  image below has been modified to protect the alleged victim’s physical identity. 


Preston Doerflinger is an American businessman and politician who was the Oklahoma Secretary of Finance and Revenue. Doerflinger was appointed by then Governor of Oklahoma Mary Fallin on January 19,

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Part Two of the Real Serial Rapists of Tulsa and Wagoner County Work for the Government


Part Two of the Real Serial Rapists of Tulsa and Wagoner County Work for the Government


Gotta pardon the poor shot of Lt. Darin Ehrenrich, this was coming out of the Friday hearing on the Jeff Krigel persecution and the phone was booting up after being turned off so I wasn't able to set the guy up for a good shot but the camera came online just before the elevator doors closed.

Ehrenrich is the detective responsible for the false rape charges against Krigel and in the other case, the Timothy Hankins false rape charges which resulted in the break down of the "victim", one Ashley Nix, and her admission that she had lied about the rape to avoid disciplinary action for banging co workers.  Hankins was found innocent by the jury and is now suing Ehrenreich and the City of Tulsa.