Sunday, January 15, 2023

The Real Serial Rapists of Wagoner and Tulsa County Work for the Government

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 Tulsa County District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler

Wagoner County - District Attorney

Jack Thorpe   Wagoner County D.A.

New False Rape Charges Filed Against Falsely Accused Attorney

Solitary Confinement, No Bond Requested by Prosecutor Desperate 

to Railroad the Defendant

You know a defendant is being railroaded when the prosecutors and courts refuse to follow the law and deliver the state's evidence against the defendant. Sure fire mistrial ruling from the Court of Criminal Appeals if a shred of the evidence gathered in a criminal case isn't shared with the defendant and his lawyers both accusatory evidence and exculpatory evidence. No questions, no excuses, no deviation but an iron clad mistrial and possibly a dismissal of the original charges. Meaning this case was never intended to go to trial.  Also meaning the biggest serial rapists in the County are the prosecutors, crooked cops, and judges that allow the rape of innocent defendants of their rights.

Such is the case in the Jeff Krigel “rape” case that started out in Tulsa County and then transferred to Wagoner County after the Tulsa D.A. found a reason for conflict. In conflict cases where the D.A office or another involved party has to recuse the State Attorney General's office steps in and doles out the case to a supposedly disinterested district attorney. The reality is that these AG slots are carefully filled with compliant individuals that don't ask questions and the conflict cases are usually sent over to a particular D.A. that is known for playing ball and following orders. Or the case is assigned to the OSBI like in the Jack Thorpe/ Wagoner County Commissioner James Hanning molestation case we reported on in December of 2019. The case was too hot to handle and the locals would demand that the young step daughter making the allegations, under oath in a deposition on a civil matter no less, be protected and avenged so after STP broke the story Thorpe passes the case off to the OSBI who makes some delusory interviews and the issue disappeared from the face of the earth. A few news stories like this one on the matter in December of 2019 and nothing else.

In the Krigel case a former live in girlfriend and Krigel appear to have had a falling out of sorts with him not returning her calls or texts until the woman tracks down Krigel as he is out jogging near his North Tulsa home. There is an affidavit on file where a local man states that the “victim” had been sulking around the neighborhood attempting to catch up with Krigel. The guy even took a selfie with the woman. So this was a woman on a mission to set up Krigel. They return to his house in her car, she asks for a glass of water and drinks it, and they apparently reconcile enough for the woman to make dinner and drinks reservation at a restaurant that night on her phone. They eat dinner, do some drinking, then on to another bar it appears for more drinking, then back to Krigel's house to sleep. Krigel says that nothing happened, remember this was a reconciliation of sorts in a rocky relationship. We know that the woman leaves at 2 am in the morning and returns about three hours later to retrieve some sort of menstrual cup that she had left in the bathroom. Now for the men reading this, ain't no way any man is going to remove a menstrual cup much less take it to the bathroom. If the “victim” was coherent enough to fish this thing out of her cooch I doubt if she was incapacitated.

Five days later.... she asks for a SANE exam, a medical exam done on a rape victim that is to be done no more than two or three days after the alleged attack if any hope of evidence is to be found. And this “victim” had held a job where she accompanied rape victims to SANE interviews and knew all too well that the clock was ticking if she wanted to prove a rape had occurred.

And this was no one night stand, they had a long relationship including Krigel putting the woman through law school. And see the email below that she wrote about the guy after the ex wife warned her that a lot of their email communication was being turned over in a lawsuit. The ex girlfriend renounces all the negative things she had said previously and admits she was acting out of hurt and anger, then praises Krigel as the best man ever. This set of emails will be a stand alone story but it proves beyound doubt that the ex girlfriend that claimed “rape” had been colluding with Krigel's ex wife with the aim of harming him in some manner.

Click on the email below to see a larger more readable version.



We have written about this story many times, it boils down to Krigel's ex wife getting cozy with Krigel's girlfriend and convincing her to file fake rape charges against the guy so the ex wife could gain full custody of their 10 year old daughter to move to Belgium with her new husband. And this ex wife just happened work for the Tulsa D.A. office....

Now after a five year long custody battle where the ex wife NEVER makes any sort of abuse claim, where it is almost expected for women to lie if they want sole custody of a child, this ex wife is now claiming that Krigel raped her or abused her in some fashion. And another alleged rape of a near  decade past girlfriend dug up by the ex wife and the Tulsa Police Department. Zero evidence, only he said she said claims from five to ten years ago. Adding to those salacious but unsupported charges are claims of witness intimidation and distribution of obscene material.

But playing the devil's advocate, what if the woman had stalked Krigel, went out to dinner and drinking with him, and didn't remember if any sex had occurred? If something had happened would that be “rape”? Not so according to this set of text messages where the “victim” ex girlfriend told Krigel that if she got tipsy on their date she wanted to be laid anyway and would be disappointed if he didn't screw her no matter how “tipsy” she got.

The “witness intimidation” is related to Krigel and/or his attorneys attempting  to subpoena information and depose witnesses in his case. It is true that deposition of “victims” or witnesses in criminal cases is not often done but if the prosecutor refuses to hand over evidence so the defendant can prepare for trial it is legal for the defendant and his attorney to file for court approval of depositions. All those requests were turned down immediately by the judge as well as the complaints that the prosecutor was not handing over the evidence in the case.

And the distribution of obscene materials? The court clerk is not posting the court files online but this appears to be where Krigel acting as an attorney on behalf of one of his clients filed a screen shot of a picture posted by the victim in his client's case, during a discussion between the “victim” and her friend about how many “miles” the defendant had put on this particular woman's hoo haw..... Two women talking dirty and talking trash, enjoying putting this innocent defendant through the criminal justice system. The court had for some reason refused to hold hearings and the judge required both prosecutor and Krigel to file their evidence and briefs with the Court Clerk. So this was evidence being filed that was exculpatory to the defendant. And really, in 2022 after the porn industry built out the internet for thirty years we suddenly get prudish about dirty pictures? Billions spent each year on porn sites and tic toc influencers selling themselves for $9.99 a month and  we are going to be this prudish?

So no crimes committed or allegations with zero evidence from suddenly manufactured allegations that were five and ten years old. Coupled with the refusal of the prosecutor to share what evidence he has so the defendant can prepare for trial....

You don't have to be that sharp to realize this case was never going to trial. The point is to trash Krigel for being a thorn in the side of the Tulsa Police Department and the Tulsa County Court house. Strip him of his income, his reputation, and his freedom as he sits in solitary confinement with the prosecutor asking that no bond be given.

These last two charges of “witness intimidation” and distribution of smut were also part of a complaint to the Oklahoma Bar Association where the Wagoner County District Attorney is trying to strip Krigel of his law license. I suppose they got impatient. Now if Krigel was ever convicted it would be understood that his law license was in jeopardy, but never prior to conviction. And go back a couple of years when this ugly fake rape case hit where the dirty cop did the press release claiming Krigel was a “serial rapist” despite only filing one charge against the guy. The Tulsa PD needed to gin up some more charges simply to avoid being sued for libel. And in his college days Krigel had been accused and exonerated of an abuse charge yet when used against him the accusations are told but not the part about him being exonerated in court.

A bit more info to clarify some things. An excellent example of the corruption in Tulsa County is the Nix case, Ashley Nix who works for Steve Kunzweiler (sp?) the Tulsa County D.A... The allegations, which she admitted on the witness stand, was that she was banging both the Tulsa PD detective, the same detective that is generating all the fake rape charges against Krigel,and allegedly also sleeping with a fellow ADA named Kenny Elmore.  Nix admitted under oath on the stand that she created the fake rape accusations against an innocent man to try to avoid disciplinary action for her infidelity at work.   It was Elmore's wife that was banging on Nix's front door confronting her with the affair, not the corrupt detective's wife. All of this dirty laundry was exposed after that rape defendant was acquitted, notice that I didn't say the man cleared his name because after being falsely accused of rape, how can you?


Both Tulsa County and Wagoner County prosecutors offices are breath taking masses of corruption.  If you want to protect your own freedom and those of your loved ones Google the phone numbers of the D.A offices and call them asking about these travesty of justices.