Sunday, July 25, 2021

Stolen Gun Planted as Evidence in Mayes County Gun Possession Case?

We have written about the Tyler Paulsen case for several years now. Now the case has taken an interesting turn with an allegedly stolen gun winding up in the custody of the Adair Police Department, a Mayes County town, but the gun initially wasn't an issue in the traffic stop for speeding and suspended license until months after the initial traffic stop/arrest/

The saga started off simple enough, a mentally unstable person named Vannessa Edwards calls the Broken Arrow police on her boyfriend who is passed out after a argument. We can say she is unstable because the man that eventually prosecuted the case later said she was crazy and if he had to spend ten minutes with her they would have to call a SWAT team on him too. But her view appears to be to get her boyfriend out of his home so she could clean out the place as she left and to ensure custody of their child.

The Abolitionist Queen Admits to the Sabotage and a Joint Interview With Her Evil Twin Part II

And now for our second installment of the interview with Leslie Nessmith and her evil twin Eilsel.   You will remember from last week that Leslie Nessmith posted a tell all post on Sooner Politics where she admitted many of the things that she had been accused of lately.   

And of course everything was told from Leslie's viewpoint so we thought it would be fun to interview her evil twin and let Eilsel interpret what Leslie wrote.  

You can read the first part of the Evil Twin story here.

You can read Leslie's original Facebook post at the very end of this story.

 Leslie's original comments are in black text and Eilsel's interpretation is in blue text.

Leslie:  With regard to Jenni White. I told Jenni White and Ronda Smith back in January that I had gotten inside of the Bennett campaign and planned to get rid of Al Gerhart’s involvement.   

Eilsel: Yeah, really I was running John Bennett's campaign, not just “gotten inside”. I guess Ronda Vulliemont Smith was getting worried about what I was telling her because she first recruited that abolitionist lady, who quickly became known as nearly brainless. Then Ronda suckered Jenni White into running against Bennett. So yeah, basically I was betraying John Bennett and making sure that no matter who won I was in control. Al got Bennett elected in 2010 and basically kept him in office till 2018, then ran the group that recruited Bennett to run for Chairman. Damn right, I had to get rid of Al.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Nessmith Celebrates Sooner Tea Party Achievements

This video was done December 18, 2019.  It goes to show just how long I worked with Leslie Nessmith and how we cooperated.

The nonsense that Leslie is spreading about never trusting me or working with me is a pure lie.   As far as who is the trustworthy one, Leslie admitted that she betrayed both Bennett and me, giving Ronda Vuillemont Smith and Jenni White inside information from Bennett's campaign WHILE Leslie was Bennett's campaign manager and/or working with others to get Bennett elected!

Monday, July 19, 2021

The Abolitionist Queen Admits to the Sabotage and a Joint Interview With Her Evil Twin

Wow, Leslie Nessmith responded to the stories we have ran about her and while you might expect her to claim it was all lies, she admitted that she was doing everything possible to sabotage any work I was doing and drive me from the Party.  She literally said she got in the way of everything I tried to do.

And in one of the most stupid acts I have ever seen in politics Leslie Nessmith posts the long  rant on Sooner Politics that both admitted she was doing everything possible to push me out of the Party she claimed that Bob Dani and John Bennett thought it was a good idea!

Now you got a public relations person for the Party on Facebook outing her Chairman and Executive Director for betraying not only a decade long friend, but basically approving of the sabotage of the thousands of dollars in donations.  This ought to be grounds for immediate firing.   And by admitting, bragging actually, she has put herself and Bob Dani and John Bennett right square in the sights for  a Rule 3A violation which is punished by the loss of their office.

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Gary Richardson Corrects Bennett's Version of Richardson's Withdrawal From General Counsel Slot

An Explanation of Gary Richardson's True Reasons for Withdrawing from the GOP General Counsel Nomination.

Around 16:30 into the audio tape of the State Committee meeting Chairman Bennett claimed that the General Counsel candidate had withdrawn his name due to his being “very busy doing quality stuff”.

 In our opinion, this is so far from the truth and frankly, quite insulting and self serving that we felt we needed to reach out to the person Bennett was discussing.

Below is the statement sent by Gary Richardson:

Former U.S. Attorney, Gary Richardson
  “Having been told by what I consider to be a reliable source that it was reported at the State GOP meeting this weekend that Chairman Bennett reported to the party leadership that I withdrew my name to be confirmed as the GOP General Counsel because I informed him that I was "very busy doing quality stuff", I feel compelled to set the record straight.

That would imply to me and likely others that I didn't see being General Counsel as being that important. That is not at all what I told Chairman Bennett.

What I did tell him was that I saw him as a friend, which he has been for several years, but that I personally saw what I considered to be a lack of leadership and felt I couldn't be of good service to him and the GOP as I saw it, the leadership, going in a direction that I personally wasn't comfortable being a part of.

That said, I will continue to pray for our party and for our party leadership.“

What does this mean?

Now the rest of this article is just the opinion of the rest of us and no reflection on Gary Richardson's statement..

We didn't ask specifically but we believe that the part about the direction the leadership was going in referred to the refusal to keep the State Committee meetings open as had been the custom and the legal obligation in the past. We do know that this decision to withdraw was made shortly after that decision was made by Krems but only Gary knows for sure.

A bit of clarification as well as a 'mea culpa' might be in order. Back before the State Convention and Bennett's election I was given the task of recruiting a legal team for when Bennett won the election. Of course the first pick would have been Gary Richardson, two time gubernatorial candidate, one of the two U.S. Attorneys that Reagan appointed to clean up our County Commissioner mess and send dozens of these crooked commissioners to prison, and a very successful attorney. Gary had the gravitas that no one else had so he needed to be the General Counsel if he would take the slot.

However, there are all sorts of lawyers so we recruited six or seven more awesome attorneys, I believe was the number, to share the load and to have a broad base of advice. One thing I neglected to consider was a parliamentarian. That is a special kind of skill.

But among the candidates was Edmond based Jonathan Krems. The idea of him being local and a fairly young attorney would have put him in the position of a junior partner so to speak, able to get things filed and deal with quick decisions with a few phone calls. He would have been a young attorney surrounded by giants in his field and this would have been a huge opportunity for his career.

Imagine my surprise when the Oklahoma GOP put out an email and a post on Facebook calling Krems a “co counsel”. Well there is no such critter in the GOP Rules, which by the way are also our bylaws and thus the reason for our existence as a group. There is only General Counsel, the others are part of a team recruited but the team was considered a pipeline of future General Counsels.

Worse, on that GOP email and post, Gary Richardson's name was mentioned way down near the end of the email as the General Counsel while Krems' name was way up at the top. At the time I wrote that off as inexperienced staff, looking back I believe it betrayed an undercurrent in the staff that had wanted Krems as the General Counsel. This wasn't a smart move on the staff's part but we let it go at the time.

But gradually as problems popped up in our opinion, Krems showed his lack of familiarity with the GOP Rules and indeed his lack of being able to follow the rules. Krems would read into the rules things that simply weren't there, privacy rights, time limits to obtain lists of delegates, and once discovered he was quite prickly about being corrected, some thing that comes out with bells on in the audio recording of the State Committee meeting.

Now I and others that I consulted with had assumed that parliamentarians would be recruited for the conventions and State Committee meetings, indeed they are usually appointed from a list of qualified parliamentarians. Unfortunately this wasn't done for the first State Committee meeting and Krems was appointed with only Bennett knowing if he was questioned on his abilities or education in the matter.

And looking back I could have added some long time activists with experience in the Party Rules, like David Van of Sooner Politics, again I had tunnel vision and was thinking lawsuits and courts of law being the grain for this grist mill we were building. But surely a competent attorney could read these very simple rules and interpret correctly?

A final mistake I made was when Gary Richardson asked me to stay with the legal team and be part of the organization. I felt that this was for the attorneys and like we did when we recruited and supported David McLain for Chairman, our job was over when he was elected and others could take over with our input only being needed if they ran into trouble.

Lessons learned and for sure they will not be repeated.

 But look at the contrast, Bill Shepherd was fired allegedly for "laying hands" on a man requesting a prayer at a Lahmeyer campaign fundraiser and then speaking in "tongues", and Sheppard gets a long email praising him and claiming he was returning back to his "world wide ministries".  Sheppard embarrassed the GOP and the Bennett communications team lied to prevent more embarrassment.

Then Gary Richardson, the Reagan appointed U.S. Attorney, who seems to have been motivated by the breaking of the GOP rules,  is disrespected by claiming he was too busy doing "quality" work to serve as the General Counsel.  No email for Richardson!  No respect.  Just taken for granted.  The only similarity is that Bennett's team lied about both.

Which brings us back to the original question.  Who is actually running the GOP.

Removed by the “owner” of a Church in Violation of the Republican Party Rules

The "owner" of Fairview Baptist Church

The video covers a minute or two before the church “owner” asks me to leave to the overflow room. Asking something is different than telling someone to do something, they could claim later that they asked someone to leave but didn't make them leave. So I made sure the cop gave me a legal order to leave before I would move.

As you can see, I was sitting there quietly recording when the guy in the t shirt sticks his head in front of my phone. I was for sure talking as I went past Bennett's staff, letting them know what crooks they were. And note that the cop states that I can stay in the “overflow” room, that I wasn't told to leave the building. The overflow room was one room removed from the main hall where the meeting occurred.

Banished From the State Committee Meeting by Cops, But Plenty of Folks Sent us Recordings of the Meeting

 Despite being banished from the State Committee meeting and escorted out by a cop, Bennett's power hungry staff didn't manage to stop the flow of information.  People were sending us recordings of the meeting.  Below is a link to one of the more important parts of the meeting.

Listening to the hour and a half long tape recording of the State Committee meeting was interesting. My first impression was similar to a question asked of me by one of the Lahmeyer lady supporters outside the building as we waited in the sun and heat; “Who was that lady candidate at the state convention that was so angry?” The question referred to the red headed lady that ran as the abolitionist candidate for the Speaker slot. The poor woman had watched and listened while Bennett gave passionate speeches and she had tried to emulate them but wound up merely shouting at the audience instead of being passionate.

Maybe it was disappointment, in how things turned out, but what I heard from John Bennett in his opening speech was the same empty words shouted without conviction. There was talk about the Constitution and liberty, talk about unity, talk about Party principles, rules, and the Platform. We were told to be the Party we say we are.

Saturday, July 17, 2021

State Committee Rejects Bennett's Agenda Lahmeyer Supporters Betrayed?

The July 17th State Committee meeting turned into rejection for Oklahoma GOP Chairman John Bennett. His motion to censure Lankford and Inhofe failed 93 to 122. Now there were a total of 317 delegates and proxies registered to vote so around 68% of the votes were cast. Is that not weird? We will come back to that later in this story.

So a total of 215 delegates, or 43% supported Bennett's action and a whopping 57% rejected Bennett's leadership on the matter.

The second issue, having a fall convention to clean up three years worth of rule changes, bylaw changes, and resolutions (including the two county submitted censure resolutions) was actually pulled from consideration by the Bennett team. Smart move, with the censure resolutions as part of the package for a fall convention, that issue would have failed along the same lines as the censure vote.

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Welcome to the Republic of Bennettstan

   GOP State Committee Meeting to be Held in Secret

No Press No Spouses No Delegates    No Transparency

No First Amendment

   Late last night I texted one of the members of the legal team asking if the rumor that the State Committee Meeting would be closed to all but the State Committee members, the first such closed meeting in recent memory. One thirty year veteran GOP activist said they had never seen a closed meeting.

The GOP rules are completely silent about any sort of executive meeting, nor is there any GOP rule that would allow a non public meeting. More important is Rule 3 A

Oklahoma GOP Executive Director Threatening to Move the GOP out of the Dewey Bartlett Foundation Center

This story was part of an earlier story about a $6,000 donation to the GOP being sabotaged by members of the Oklahoma GOP headquarters staff.   We decided this was what is called a buried lead, an important story on its own so it needed its own article.

Click on this link and you will be able to listen to a phone call from Bob Dani where he asks that a $6,000 donation project be cancelled or pushed back.  Why?  Because Communications Director Leslie Nessmith wanted to sabotage the donation because she wasn't involved in setting it up.  Read the original story for the disgusting details of a woman that puts her own political power before the good of the Republican Party.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

The Abolitionist Queen Sabotages a $6,000 GOP Donation

Leslie Nessmith
So you got this woman named Leslie Nessmith that has kind of taken over the GOP and considers herself an abolitionist. Loves “immigrants”, talks about how we need to do voter outreach to them. So initially she was on the team I put together to recruit Bennett to run for Chair, sh made one meeting in Henryetta then bowed out and refused to attend the next meeting. Showed up as Bennett's campaign manager a few months later. Then her neighbor is Bob Dani who I have known for over ten years, they are next door neighbors, and of course Bob Dani is now the Executive Director for the GOP. Queen Leslie's title is Public Relations director I think.

So back in late May Leslie started trying to sabotage projects I was working on for Bennett then she and Bob Dani started squeezed out other members of the recruitment team, such as David Van. I complained to Bennett's wife, after protecting their family for ten years in elections she kind of trusts me.

The Abolitionist Queen Had a Key Role in Stopping Jenni White and a History of Threatening to Leave the Republican Party

Oh my, some people were wringing their hands at the GOP Convention over the Jenny White push cards put out on the tables by the Sooner Tea Party. And there were around two thousand push cards. Super nice four color push cards, printed on both sides, a dozen or so tiny urls leading to past stories about Jenni White and Ronda Vulliemont Smith and their anti Trump posts on Facebook or to stories about Jenni White being thrown out of her City Council office by angry voters just before the Convention. They were expensive push cards but even the Sooner Tea Party doesn't know how much they cost or even where they were printed. We had never done any sort of literature for a convention.

What we can say with certainty is that before the convention we were told to contact Leslie Nessmith to pick up the push cards, that they were being delivered to Leslie's house. Oklahoma GOP Executive Director Bob Dani lives right next door to Leslie so the screen shots of texts below ought to explain how the push cards came to be in our possession.

Monday, July 12, 2021

More Motivations? And Why You Shouldn't Try to Recruit Volunteers or Donors for the GOP

After the Bennett Administration gained control over the GOP headquarters there was a flurry of activity to get it cleaned up and presentable after much neglect from the Mclain administration.  One thing that I saw right off the bat after being asked to come down to look at the office and figure out what needed done was the grass needed mowing.  There were weeds that were 18" high and going to seed.

So I hooked onto my enclosed trailer that I store inside my shop at one end of town, headed fifteen miles to  my house on the other end of town and loaded up the riding mower.  The lawn isn't large but it is quite hilly on the front and you know how riding mowers leave the grass, a bit less than perfect.  So back in the trailer goes the mower, back across town to drop the mower off and back to my shop to store the trailer.

Geeze, probably close to a hundred miles to do all this.   I need to find some help mowing the lawn.  At the time I didn't know what else I could do to help but I could find some help and keep the grass mowed.

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Motivations? And How Refusing to Take Money From a Fool Gets a BBB Complaint Filed Against You

The past couple of weeks we wrote about Miles Rahimi, the communications director of the GOP that unleashed the attack upon the survey that had ran a few weeks back.     It is perhaps time to let out a bit more information about Rahimi so that others can judge him for his actions.

Rahimi had ran for U.S. Senate in the primary that Stephanie Bice had won.  It wasn't much of a run, and once Rahimi had talked about how badly he was treated by Tomahawk Strategies, an Oklahoma political consulting group ran by a couple of guys named Fritz and Wagoner.   Well it turns out any ill treatment seemed to be only  in his head.  Rahimi had approached the consultants asking to be taken on as a client for his run against Stephanie Bice in the primary election.

Initially they were reluctant to accept him as a client.  Rahimi was just another Iranian American like Stephanie Bice and when asked for why he thought he would win his answer was that God had told him so.  After a bit of whining from Rahimi they offered to run a poll for him to gauge his name recognition, even doing the poll for half price.  When the poll came back at less than 2% the consultants declined to work with Rahimi.  They did suggest that he volunteer for the GOP headquarters and become well known in the Party if he wanted to run for office.  And Rahimi followed their advice and volunteered for the previous GOP Chairman David Mclain and was held over to work for the Bennett administration.

What Rahimi did next might remind you of other recent events.  Rahimi retaliated, going to the Better Business Bureau and filing a complaint against the consulting agency.   For refusing to take a fool's money it seems.   Knowing this story actually makes me want to recommend the agency even more.

The Ugly Side of Politics and the Danger of Religious Fanatics

Saturday I was out on an install job when my phone started ringing off the hook, unfortunately it was in my SUV so I learned a half hour later that a monstrous “letter” had been shared on Facebook, targeting me calling me an atheist, a pro abortion supporter, and other truly horrendous things including sex trafficking and abuse. The letter was “anonymous” of course, after writing these articles for ten years I know the slander and libel laws and this “letter” was so far over the top that no one in their right mind would be associated with it. Or one would think so, but that wasn't the case.

Below is the response that I put up once the owner of the Sooner Politics Group removed the original message:

Wow, the filth that rises up in politics is amazing. Some of you were treated to a slanderous post by Brian Graham, posted in full knowledge that it wasn't factual with zero regard for the truth or human decency. As for who wrote the slanderous "letter" or email, it is obvious from the victims listed and wild claims in the letter.

Sunday, July 4, 2021

Arrogance, Disrespect, Disloyalty



Who is in Control of the GOP    Part II

It is no secret that former GOP Chairman David Mclain was deep in debt to Senator James Lankford and he repaid that debt by using the Oklahoma GOP to protect Lankford. There was overwhelming support for the Lankford/Inofe censure resolutions, over thirty counties had passed the resolutions in some manner or form, others like Oklahoma County saw a hostile County Chairman, Evelyn McCoy, torpedo any chance at getting a fair vote on the resolutions. Lankford is said to have given Chairman David Mclain in excess of $100,000 dollars in the two years that Mclain was in office.

The first time I met this Lahmeyer guy was at the GOP Convention in April. I had stopped and asked if he supported the Party Platform or the principles and got an earful from his campaign manager. It seemed that after paying big money for a booth at the event Mclain's team did everything possible to make it difficult for them to attend. Once I made clear that I was not a fan of Mclain but that I was asking about the Party Platform things calmed down.

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Who is in Control of the Oklahoma GOP?


Who is in Control of the Oklahoma GOP?

Survey Attacked,

Lies Were Told,

Leadership Knew Who Ran the Polling Group,

Some Were Part of Forming the Polling Group

David Van with Sooner Politics put outa good article about the Oklahoma State GOP effort to throttle research efforts put on by a group of journalists who were advised by a few former lawmakers, consultants, and Party leaders.

In the story he recounted how many inside GOP Chairman John Bennett's leadership team knew of the existence of the group Unite With Trump, in fact the idea for the organization came about through the effort to recruit Bennett to run for the Chairman position and  nearly everyone on that ad hoc group that paved the way for Bennett knew of the group.