Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Defiance From Wagoner Sheriff On Open Records Requests

Silence from Wagoner County
Last week we wrote about a stunning case of corruption and malfeasance where the Wagoner County Sheriff Department was ordered to harass and threaten an officer of the court, a process server attempting to serve court papers upon Wagoner County Commissioner James Hanning. In the story we covered omissions in the Open Records releases despite the existence of the records being obvious from the other released records. And yet absolutely nothing was done, we received no additional releases after pointing out they were missing.
Specifically the traffic stop video on the first attempt to serve the court papers is missing, the one where they pulled over the first process server, Christian Fogleman, asking he saw the signs and threatening him with arrest if he returned to serve the court papers. The Wagoner County Sheriff Department vehicles are all equipped with automatic cameras that automatically save the video from 90 seconds before the emergency lights are turned on and continue to save the video until 90 seconds after the lights are switched off. The system then burns the footage to a DVD, all completely automatic. Yet this video was withheld despite, perhaps because of, it depicting harassment and intimidation of an officer of the court.

Monday, December 30, 2019

ACLU Condemns Criminal Fines & Bail Structure For Repeat Criminals

Canadian County Arresting People for "Not Being Able to Afford Bail."

Jailed for not affording bail? 

How about the crimes they committed being the cause of them being jailed?
Or so the ACLU would have us believe from the first sentence in their lawsuit against Canadian County over the cost of criminal bail. Yet they include the fact that there are published bail schedules so a person planning a crime could certainly check the cost of bail should they be arrested in the commission of a crime.
Ludicrous of course, life is unfair, those with the money for bail bonds and attorneys usually get a better outcome if they are a criminal. As happens if they get sick, or want a new car, or are looking for a spouse in life.

Monday, December 23, 2019

Sheriff's Wife Makes False 911 report


  •  Cowardly Wagoner County Commissioner Attempting to Evade Process Server
  •  Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliot's Wife Judy Assist by Turning in False Police Report
  •  Further Evidence that Sheriff Elliot has Close Ties to Alleged Child Molester Commissioner James Hanning
  • Missing Dash Cam Footage and Phone Calls Audio Tapes Despite Open Records Request

 We have long told you that Wagoner County Commissioner James Hanning has been conspiring with Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliot to harass and intimidate a local businessman in an effort to derail an embezzlement lawsuit where Commissioner James Hanning is accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from his ex business partner. The Wagoner County Sheriffs office has been used by employees of the department, particularly Commissioner Hanning's own brother who works there and by the wife of Sheriff Chris Elliot. The brother called in the Eufaula police report that ended with the embezzlement victim being arrested after the Eufaula Police called right back to Wagoner County Sheriff department to confirm the “tip”, speaking with the brother that had called in the “tip” a few minutes earlier.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Weed For All? Or Just To Get You to The Polls?


Allegations Surface that State Question Not Pushed by Activists, but by Out of State Liberals to Turn Out the Vote in November 2020

 Thousands of medical marijuana patients are speaking out in opposition to a 'full access' marijuana initiative petition. At least one prominent lawyer has pledged to file a contest with the Oklahoma Supreme Court. But we still don't know who wrote the proposed constitutional amendment that cannabis advocates seem to hate.

  There are a few articles covering the petition. SoonerPolitics.org published a critical review of the proposal that can read it at this link.
  Nigel O'Mally has been a market analyst for the medical marijuana program. He wrote this unflattering early review.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Wagoner County Commissioner's Molestation Case Continues

Follow up on The Wagoner County Molestation Case

In the last issue we ran the latest on the Wagoner County Commissioner James Hanning Child Molestation Investigation that was sent to the OSBI by the District Attorney in response to our story on the accusations. The matter had been added to the County Commissioner's agenda for December 9th, listed as a tort claim upon the county. We of course encouraged residents to attend the meeting to see what if anything was to be done.
One error in our story, we said that it was Commissioner Hanning's attorney that sent the matter to the Court Clerk asking it to be filed, it was in fact the plaintiff's attorney. Where we got our wires crossed was there was a source claiming that Commissioner Hanning wanted the local D.A. To handle the lawsuit and provide liability coverage should the lawsuit succeed. That might have been true, but it was the plaintiff's attorney that actually sent the notice to the Court Clerk.
And forewarned, the County Commissioners wanted nothing to do with that matter at the December 9th meeting. You can listen to the proceedings at this link, scroll down to section XII where it says Legal at 9:35:42 and listen to the assembled officials want nothing to do with the issue or even mention its name. The matter was dismissed without action by the County Commissioners as it should have been.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Texas Sheriff Refuses To Arrest Man Wanted In Oklahoma For Molesting Child

Seven Counts of Child Molesting Gets You an OR Bond in Oklahoma County.
Texas Sheriff Refuses Felony Warrant Hold at International Airport
As Accused Molester Flees Second Arrest Warrant
The practice of bail bonds has been under attack for years but the battle has heated up the last few years and the bail bond industry is being gutted while liberal judges give out OR bonds, Own Recognizance bonds, merely the criminal's word that he will show up and face the charges and stand trial.
Some of the arguments make sense, non violent offenders that are zero flight risk ought to be able to get out of jail so they keep their jobs and can support their families while the judicial system grinds through their charges. And for many years we had a state mandated list of those crimes that were not eligible for an OR bond. First the big counties like OKC and Tulsa county simply began ignoring that list of crimes ineligible for OR bond, then the legislators started changing the laws to enshrine the OR bond for some of the worst criminals.
We are not at a slippery slope, we are hurtling down the slope head first.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

We Aren't in Kansas Anymore....

So said Dorothy in the 1939 version of the Wizard of Oz.
So say we all after seeing what was in the latest Oklahoma Department of Education Newsletter.

Where to start?

First, STP has always said “Leave the gays alone.” They are just like the rest of us but they also do not need special protection or laws or shielded from those that might criticize their behavior.

Second, if gay straight alliance clubs are allowed then so are straight clubs wishing to fight back against perversion and the erosion of cultural values.

Third, if it is okay to support these liberal agendas then it is also okay to not support or even push back against the agendas if you are an employee or contractor of the school.

Fourth, if gay pride or transgender mental illness messages are protected speech then so is a message that correctly describes both as mental issues.

Fifth, no you damned liberal idiots. There are two sexes, male and female, determined by the number of chromosomes you were born with. The school paper work is not wrong, it doesn't need “corrected”, and employees and students are free to call mental illness what it is and not support delusional idiots. People are born with either a McDugle or a Kannady, that determines what sex they are. And we do not need mentally ill students going into the wrong bathrooms, arrest them if they are caught doing that and prosecute them and anyone that supports their insanity.

Sixth, if a gay person wants to bring a same sex date to the prom and abstains from public displays of affection, more power to them. But educate all students and employees on their First Amendment rights to speak their mind on that or any other issue.

Seventh, mental illness is not a privacy matter that can be withheld from parents. If their child is mentally ill the parents ought to be told immediately and in person or via phone so that the teacher or employee knows the parent got the message. Like it or not, gay and transgender kids are huge risks for suicide. Parents have the right to know what their kid is going through so they are prepared. If the kid is gay, so be it, at least the parents know and are ready to help.  Once they are adults, have fun, we do not care.  But kids ought to not be targeted for perversion.

The responsible parties are listed in that DOE post, I would suggest plenty of emails and phone calls to all three responsible for enacting this Oklahoma DOE directive.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Wagoner County Commissioner James Hanning & Brother Aaron Sued for Harassing Tyler Paulsen

This story is dedicated to Sandy Hintz of Wagoner County
Tyler Paulsen is striking back at Wagoner County Commissioner James Hanning and his brother Arron Hanning. Last week saw a lawsuit filed in Wagoner County, alleging the two men conspired with an ex wife/partner to harass and falsely imprison Paulsen to distract him while the James Hanning fought the embezzlement lawsuit.

And what did Commissioner Hanning do? He had his new attorney, the old one that is the current prosecutor for Cherokee County had quit last month, file the claim as a tort claim against Wagoner County. Meaning he expects the Wagoner County D.A. to represent him and the Wagoner County taxpayers to pay out any damages if he loses.

The problem is that both Hannings were acting outside their scope of employment, as a County Commissioner and an employee of the Wagoner County Sheriff Department. Which prevents the County from being responsible for their attorney fees or their defense.

What Must be Done to Solve Crime

Stopping career criminals and lifelong addicts is so simple.

First, you eliminate the practice of concurrent sentences. Look over the amount of time given for offenses and make sure it is reasonable and fits the crime, then ensure that every single day is served in prison with zero exceptions. That will send a notice to criminals, move out of state or stop committing crime because society is now serious about stopping crime.

Second, we have plenty of beds for violent criminals. What is needed is less costly methods of serving sentences, in fact sentences should be served with work sentences so the inmates labor offsets the cost of jail or prison, pays off the fines and fees, pays restitution to the victim, and returns enough revenue to the state to completely fund the criminal justice system. The vast majority of criminals including Earl Ray Talley in the story above do not need to sit in a concrete block cell with bars on the doors and windows.

Monday, December 9, 2019

Reminder, MAPS IV Vote on Tuesday

MAPS IV vote is set for Tuesday. Nearly all of the money is going to “solve” societal issues like crime, mental health, and other things that are better left to churches and families to deal with. Few things survive the government getting involved, most are made worse, and a host of “non profits” and experts grow up around the system to feed off the unfortunate.

Mayor Holt has admitted that the sales tax continuing will not fund 100% of the costs of these projects, it will in fact require higher property taxes and sales taxes to fund the programs.

One of the programs is the Diversion Hub, Sue Ann Arnal‘s non profit for criminals. Free attorneys, free babysitter, free rides to court, no bail bond required. No one to chase after the criminal when they don't show up for court either. No one to hold accountable when they do like Talley and commit crimes while awaiting trial.

Vote no on MAPS IV.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Soft on Crime Agendas Mean Liberal Virtue Signaling and Victims Suffering

Conservatives are always trying to be reasonable. Liberals take advantage of that by pushing soft on crime initiatives like SQ 780 and 788, now we are faced with two more budget breaking citizen petitions; Medicaid expansion and preventing multiple offender criminals from having their sentences upgraded to felonies.

Medicaid expansion can be stopped by forcing changes in the medical care industry, forcing people to have skin in the game, forcing providers to provide up front published pricing in advance, and getting medical dollars out of politics. There is no reason to allow an industry to grow rich by bankrupting those who get sick or injured.

The soft on crime initiatives is also easy to solve. Stop sending people to prison for thirty years after they have been a career criminal for the previous fifteen years. Do that by dealing with criminals that commit a second offense quickly, surely, and inexpensively to the state and society. Cutting criminals slack after the first offense does not work. The only ones that benefits are those that make money off the criminal justice system.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Another Mass Parolee Sent Back to Incarceration

 Oh the soft hearted thought that criminals just need love and understanding. Meanwhile, less than two weeks after their release, some of the 400 mass release offenders are right back in county jail and headed for the penitentiary.

Meet Austin Jones. DOB, December of 1993. By the time he was 17 Jones was charged with drug possession with intention to distribute and the possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony. The public defender wanted to charge Jones as a child but the prosecution won on that fight and Jones was charged as an adult. Jones pleads guilty as a youthful offender and gets five and seven years on the two counts. But the juvenile system has him and a few years later his case is dismissed, Jones had been given another chance.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Sheriff Elliot: "The Woman-Beater of Wagoner County"

Inmate Dragged by her Hair and Throat, Head Slammed into Jail Bars By a Cowardly County Sheriff, Allegations Claim.
 Security Tape “Disappears” But We Have a Copy. 

Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliot seems to be a woman beater among other things. Elliot first came to our attention due to his support for fellow Wagoner County dirt bag Rep. Kevin McDugle and we had to think, what kind of “man” would support a known pervert like that? Elliot punished one candidate that was challenging McDugle, firing him in mid campaign for no reason, and slandering him with other departments in the area in an effort to prevent the candidate from finding a job to feed his family.

Friday, November 29, 2019

Another Poster Boy for the Soft on Crime Mass Prison Release

 Channel 9 ran a story on one of the mass release convicts and while they admitted the guy had some previous convictions the story was all about a “second chance” for this convict that was facing another nine years in prison.

Meet Warren Rawls, career criminal and drug addict. His first adult arrest was in July of 2003 in Pottawatomie County for growing weed. About a year later he pleads guilty and gets a suspended sentence and $500 in fines plus D.A. Supervision. Four months later he has a violation report and a motion to revoke the suspended sentence is filed. Rawls agrees to go into a Clean Start Program but before he enters in December he is violating his parole again in November. He is sent to prison for five years by November 2005. About eight months later he is out on parole, by April of 2007 he has agreed to a payment plan on his fines and fees but two months later he was getting behind on his payments. By August of 2008 he was arrested for failure to pay and he bounces back and forth between agreeing to pay and not paying. To this day he owes much of the original 2003 fines and fees.

Wagoner County Commissioner's Victim is Cooperating with Law Enforcement

Wagoner County Commissioner James Hanning
Wagoner County Commissioner's Victim
Appears to Have Been Freed From
a Huge Burden and is Cooperating
with Law Enforcement

  We were given this Facebook post from the personal page of the victim of Wagoner County Commissioner James Hanning showing that the victim is much relieved and cooperating with law enforcement after our series of exposes against the corrupt and villainous elected official.
  That is a relief, stories like this weigh heavily upon our hearts before we publish, with our intent not to bring further harm or shame upon the victims yet our concerns of the criminal escaping prosecution and causing harm to more victims generally outweighs the risk to the previous victims. These poor girls generally blame themselves for what happened and finding out that the majority of their friends and neighbors are horrified by what they suffered is a relief.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Republicans Responsible for Surge in Crime

Reaping What You Sow. 
Soft on Crime. 
I guess legislative leaders might be proud of being mentioned in the Conservative Review but the rest of the Republicans ought to hang our heads in shame. This story from Friday covers the soft on crime legislative wave that has crashed upon Oklahoma for the last few years and the outcome of a surge in crime of all types.

And for years the Sooner Tea Party has warned of the consequences of soft on crime legislation and doing story after story that proves exactly what this story says:

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Governor's Pardon Wasted ?

Sentence Commuted, Four Days Later Behind Bars Once Again

Yeah, this much vaunted mass commutation was a really bad idea and yeah we were told it was only non violent offenders sent up on small drug crimes or property crimes. These folks deserved a second chance we were told. Well meet Eric Ryan Beck, four time convicted burglar with two assault and battery convictions.  But he is non violent, right? So they said and so he was set free.

Lawton P.D. Arrested Beck in for petit larceny and he was convicted after a guilty plea in 2009, getting a six month suspended sentence and a fine of $200.00, ordered to pay on his $1500 fines and costs debt at the rate of $75.00 per month beginning in March of 2009.

And of course Beck refuses to pay and after two new hearings to hear his sob story the monthly payment is raised to $100.00 per month.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Prater Being Shielded By AG Hunter

Oklahoma County D.A. David Prater Shielded by A.G. Mike Hunter

Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter was quick to jump to Oklahoma County D.A. David Prater's defense when the state claim came out against Prater by a former investigator alleging that Prater used his office to pursue political goals and persecutions.
Below is the letter that was sent to the A.G. office in response to their response to the state claim:

November 4, 2019 Mary Ann Roberts, Chief Deputy Office of the Attorney General 313 NE 21st Street Oklahoma City, OK 73105 F: (405) 521-6246
Re: Response to your letter of November 4, 2019
Dear Ms. Roberts, Thank you very much for your letter. I greatly appreciate your time and consideration in your response; however, I am very troubled by certain parts in that that are not completely accurate. I feel that you were a bit vague in some areas that portrayed the multi-county grand jury process with more oversight that it actually has. In addition, I do need to address two matters in your letter.

Monday, November 18, 2019

OSBI Investigates County Commissioner For Molestation

Wagoner County County Commissioner James Hanning Under Investigation by the OSBI For Child Molestation

You will recall the story of the court case in Wagoner County where a sitting County Commissioner stands accused of looting an LLC set up to manage rental properties. In the deposition of one part time office worker, the accused's own stepdaughter, Wagoner County Commissioner James Hanning was accused of molesting his stepdaughter starting when she was in grade school.  The transcript was chilling, including the ADA for Cherokee County, Eric Jordan's advice to "get some counseling for that".  No law enforcement report made, just a friendly bit of advice for the 24 year old woman that broke down during deposition and recounted the tale of abuse.

One source that needs to remain anonymous gave the age of eight years old as the age when the abuse started. You will recall that a sitting Cherokee County ADA was representing Commissioner Hanning in the lawsuit as he was working the case before he was hired on as an ADA in Wagoner County. Now that is a state law that allows lawyers employed by the state to complete their case loads after being hired but is it a good law?

The Bully Backs Down

And the Bully Backs Down

One of my favorite Gary Richardson books is one called Black Robe Fever where Richardson retells the lessons he learned in his life about dealing with bullies, even the ones that wore judicial robes. One in particular stood out, a lesson his father taught him in high school after a local bully challenged him to a fight. Richardson's dad insisted that he meet the problem head on and of course the bully didn't show up at the arranged time and place. The story came to mind after this week's melt down of a horrendous bully up in Tulsa County.

We posted a story last week outlining the antics of the Tulsa County GOP Chairman, Bob Jack, AKA Bob Rat, and his heavy handed treatment of anyone that dares to have a different opinion. Bob Jack came from the corporate world where who you know and your position counts more than what your talents are. The story covered his public attack against David Van of Sooner Politics, over the content of what others had posted on Sooner Politics.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Poster Children for Soft on Crime Agenda

Tondalo Hall in 2015. (Oklahoma Department of Corrections)
 A Literal Swarm of Poster Children for
Soft on Crime Agenda
Yikes, the mass commutation/parole done last week is a treasure trove of stories on bleeding heart liberals setting free criminals with zero care for justice. Case in point, Tondalao Hall, actually named Tondalo Rochelle Hall, who pled guilty to four counts of child abuse and neglect in 2006.  If you read the Oklahoma article one of the children had nine broken ribs and a broken thigh and the three month old child had a broken thigh and toe.

Tondalo did indeed serve 13 years of a 30 year sentence, which is unusual so the abuse and neglect must have been horrendous. Her boy friend Robert Braxton Jr., who was later convicted of drug possession walked free on a suspended sentence after serving about two years in jail awaiting trial. Supposedly the boyfriend did the abusing but the eight counts were equally split between the two in the case. There was a delay in the prosecution and investigation due to the need to confer with doctors so the children were either abused badly or neglected and in poor health.

The ACLU had gotten involved over the failure to protect laws, laws that punish women harshly for allowing their kids to be abused or sexually abused. Paying attention Mrs. Hanning?

Monday, November 11, 2019

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor. 

I had several people contact me over the Tulsa County GOP meeting last week.

 I interviewed them over the phone for the following follow up story. I interspersed some comments of my own that are not in quotation marks to emphasis the importance of what was said.
“I need to tell you about my recent meeting of the Tulsa Republican County Committee meeting. It was my first Tulsa County GOP meeting but I had attended other GOP meetings and this was perhaps the least productive and in fact the most destructive meeting of misfits that I have ever witnessed. Of the 200-300 members it's supposed to have, only about two dozen showed up. There was no agenda posted and the meeting location was moved causing some to show up at the wrong place, miles away. The meeting started with a bible reading which was going to be longer, but the chairman limited it. Then we had not one, but 3 separate prayers. this went on for several minutes.”
 Everyone in Oklahoma is okay with opening a meeting with a prayer, but three prayers? And a bible reading? That will drive away the less religious folks or those that prefer not to mix religion and politics. 
"After the pledge, we had some basic and helpful financial details on the party. Then we had the county clerk give us a talk about what the county clerk's office does and how they are trying to modernize the office. That was followed by several more minutes of questions from the members. By now had spent over an hour of what was vaguely billed as an important meeting. Then the chairman talked about the drama at the state party and gave his unauthorized & unsubstantiated rumors of what "the real story is". Bob Jack was very negative talking about the GOP leadership and the state committee, he left no doubt he thought all of them were idiots.”
 Bob Jack is from a corporate world where those below bow and scrape to those above. Which is why corporate leaders usually fail in the real world much less in politics. 
"Then he turned the topic to the county party leadership and started to address the matter of David Van's media platform known as Sooner Politics.org. Other attendees interrupted to discuss the state party drama and vent their own opinions of who's right or wrong. About 10 minutes later the chair started back in on calling David Van a divisive person, but couldn't point to any comment that Van had ever said or written. He claim was that Sooner Politics, which is a collaborative platform of RSS feeds from several dozens of conservative bloggers; has a few bloggers that say things that Chairman Jack doesn't like.”
 This next part is important and those from a church community will understand the enormity of not attempting to fix issues in private before going public.
“David tried to defend himself from the attacks by pointing out that Bob Jack had never discussed this matter with him. Instead, Bob Jack went public with his call for David Van to resign his party elective office. None of the religious leaders saw a contradiction of biblical dispute resolution teachings in this meeting.. or if they did, they kept their mouths shut.”
 A second source called in and went over what happened in an interview:
“In Bob Jack's world, David Van needs to quit because some other blogger in the platform is airing party disputes in public, bringing embarrassment to the party. The current state party chairman is from Tulsa and formerly chaired the county GOP. But some bloggers around the rest of the state are leveling some assertions regarding his leadership & character. It seems Bob Jack believes the party has a right to expect Mr. Van's media platforms to censor any opinions that are unflattering of the chairman, even while Bob Jack seems to impugn the state vice chairman. One man rose up and pointed out that several of the attendees including Ronda Vuillemont Smith and Amanda Teagarden were outspoken online and on the radio, including being on the Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite board so to ask David Van to resign would mean asking them to resign if we were to be fair about it."
“Bob Jack tried to claim his motion for removal is valid motion and that no rule requires a quorum in order to be voted on. A younger man sitting next to David Van then contested the point. The incredulity evidently got the best of the young man and he smirked in disbelief. That smirk then drew the ire of Chairman Jack and he loudly scolded the younger member for smirking at him. And that just brought even more smirking. But no quorum was even close to being there, some discussed that point, but the microphone was passed around to people bitching, mainly that opinion sites shouldn't reflect bad on the party, no one wanted to follow a Christian manner of dealing with disagreements.”
“Mr. Van kept an amazingly calm demeanor through the whole discourse and the attacks levied against him for letting diverse opinions be published on one of his media platforms. Realizing that his argument was falling apart, Bob Jack then said that unless David Van resigns, he will resign as chairman. This led to emotional pleas from a few folks who then called for the few dozen voting members to "stand up if they stand with Bob Jack"; which about 15 of the 20 present then did.”
“After the meeting people were discussing exactly who Bob Jack had such an issue with on Sooner Politics. Most hated the Sooner Tea Party but they couldn't attack them so they attacked Sooner Politics, no experts, no facts, just finding fault, and threatening David Van with a vote forcing his resignation.”
“Bob Jack's ultimatum was very unprofessional. The entire meeting was a giant waste of my time, don't feel like I could get involved after this, it was a two hour meeting. 
Leave my name out of this interview. This bunch is crazy and I sure don't need the drama.”

A Taliban Tribunal in Tulsa Oklahoma


 Bob Rat and the Abolitionist Queens. 

We got a letter to the editor email today and a phone interview about a meeting of the Tulsa County GOP Central Committee last week. 

Sources had warned us that some really bad people were about to attack a good man so we had published a warning to others to attend the meeting and everything that we had been warned about had come to pass that night. You can read the letter to the editor and the interview in the next story.

Tulsa used to be a conservative place until the last few years. Their GOP was rock solid conservative in the early days of the Tea Party but boy has it fallen on hard times the past couple of years. Currently there is a RINO named Bob Jack, AKA Bob Rat, a former V.P. For Manhattan Construction, and more than a bit of a tin horn despot. Bob Jack had ran for Senate in 2016 and failed to win, losing in a four way race by coming in third place with a tiny percentage of the votes. Interestingly enough Bob Rat was against Medicaid Expansion during the campaign but since then has been pushing for the expansion to help fill some of the hospitals his former employer built in Tulsa.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Lying Wagoner County Commissioner James Hanning Caught Red Handed

November 3rd 2019 Newsletter

Wagoner Co. Sheriff Elliot & Wife Judy Elliot,
Swearing to up hold the Law
Wagoner County Commissioner James Hanning is quite a douche bag and appears to lie as easily as others blink their eyes. A few weeks go we went over the allegations that he molested his step daughter starting when she was in grade school, which was uncovered in a deposition where the girl was asked why she was estranged from her step father. As far as we are aware, not a thing has been done about the molestation which was said to have begun when the child was in grade school. But Commissioner Hanning is also quite a liar as we will learn in this week's episode.

As you will recall from earlier stories, Tyler Paulsen had met Commissioner Hanning's step daughter (yes, that step daughter) and had begun dating her before going into business with Commissioner Hanning. A series of properties were acquired, some from both parties but the vast majority from Paulsen. Eventually Commissioner Hanning's own son was said to have spilled the beans: “My father is stealing from you.” A confession allegedly made on the back deck of a mobile home during a visit with Paulsen. That led to Paulsen getting the statements from Lowes and finding a boat load of materials charged to their joint company but delivered to the home that Commissioner Hanning was remodeling.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Will It Be A Budget? Or Pitchforks?

And Some Good News for a Change

On Friday night at 6 pm there is to be a meeting of the OK GOP Budget Board that is tasked with looking over the train wreck of the Mclain administration and setting a firm budget to attempt to hold the Chairman responsible on spending. What is likely is that a fairly austere budget will come out of the meeting and if approved by the rest of the GOP leadership Chairman David Mclain will find himself on a short lease without his cronies snouts in the trough.

The next night is a meeting of the Executive Committee of the OK GOP also tasked with reviewing the wreckage of the Mclain administration and hopefully convince Mclain to resign quietly. The man has destroyed his own reputation, getting caught lying to the media and the state on live radio. Nothing that comes out of his mouth should be believed after the past few weeks.

Prater Accused of Corruption, In Court Petition

Oklahoma County D.A. David Prater
Caught Illegally Digging for Dirt

Back in 2012 STP drug David Prater kicking and screaming in front of a grand jury over allegations of massive campaign finance issues and the refusal to prosecute four felonies against four well connected campaign contributors to his election. Before Prater appeared before the grand jury to answer to them he slapped all four attorneys on the wrist and paid back some of the illicit campaign donations, including writing a check to a dead man. As the proceedings are secret, we will never know how many indictment votes were cast, we just know that it was less than the nine votes needed to indict him. No one is ever cleared by a grand jury, they are either indicted or not.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Republican Party or Organized Crime Syndicate?

October 27th newsletter
The disaster that we call the David Mclain administration continues to disgust both grass roots Party members and establishment types alike. This week we had a story break due to a possible mortgage fraud case involving the OK GOP State Treasurer Mike McCutchin and OK GOP Executive Director Tom Demont.

Last week we saw GOP Chairman Mclain getting caught lying about the state of their finances, pretending that the GOP wasn't broke, lying by omission in a press release stating that the Party had $20,000 in the bank and was not insolvent. Left out was the fact that the money was bailout money from the RNC, Republican National Committee.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

OTU Bunker Secret Video

OTU Bunker Secret Video
Now, we are a humble bunch at STP, renowned for being humble, probably the most humble people in the world.  Most humble people in the world....but we have our moments just like President Trump and this week we managed to capture a secret meeting in the Oklahoma Taxpayer Unite bunker and posted the video online. OTU's director refers to a previously unexplained affection for a particular frog named Pepe.
In the video Chairman David Mclain reacts to finding out they are broke and, well, a matter of the heart shall we say.  And their secret plans to raise money to pay the $25,000 debt, oh, now it is $45,000 debt after the RNC bail out loan.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

City Elders Makes the News Again

City Elders Makes the News Again
The liberal Oklahoma Gazette published a story abut Jesse Rodgers and the City Elders bunch a few weeks back, rehashing the Frontier story that laid out the facts that Rodgers has no church, no congregation, but he does have a $4000 a year tax exemption on his personal home by calling it a parsonage.
We are digging deeper into the City Elder Board members and supporters. Two in particular are interesting, Bill Shepherd of Tulsa County and Daniel Navejas of Lincoln County. Both claim to be Godly men, preachers, both have horrendous court records. We will run stories on them soon.
Bill Shepard had an arrest warrant out for him that forced him to pay something like $80,000 in back due child support in a decade long divorce and custody case. Shepherd also was sued many times and sued a few times, some of which he stopped showing up and lost. He seems to like to not pay his attorneys too.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

McLain's Sickness Is Harming Others

GOP Chairman David Mclain's
Sickness and Weakness is Harming Others
There was a time in my life that I hung out at a dance hall/bar simply because I knew no one in OKC when I first moved to OKC in the 90's, got to be a really good dancer believe it or not, and learned quickly to stay away from most of the trash that walked in the door. You learned to just hang out with friends and dance partners only.

You learned what any herd of cows or other prey animal already knows by instinct, stay away from the losers because they draw predators. The sick, the weak, even a pregnant cow will go off alone to have her calf most of the time. Allowing the sick and the weak to stay in the herd is asking for healthy animals to die too.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Child Molester Uncharged Because Assistant D.A. Represents Him?

Asst. DA Eric Jordan    and D.A.  Jack Thorpe
The Corruption of Wagoner County
Child Molester Uncharged Because Assistant D.A. Represents Him?
We pick back up on the Wagoner County railroad job on Tyler Paulsen. Previous issues have talked about how County Commissioner James Hanning is accused of embezzling tens of thousands of dollars from Paulsen and attempting to railroad the victim once the embezzlement was discovered. We coveredthe attempt to weaponize the Wagoner County Sheriffs Office and the Wagoner County District Attorneys Officein an attempt to break the victim financially. And we left off saying that two of the parties involved were accused of molesting children, which two?
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Sunday, October 20, 2019

The Worm has Turned, Mclain is Toast

The Worm has Turned,
Mclain is Toast

  The news cycle pretty much obliterated GOP Chairman David Mclain. This News 6 story made him look dishonest and cowardly after he canceled a planned interview with the reporter. The News 9 story likewise savaged Mclain for good reasons. The Oklahoman and the Tulsa World published stories critical of Mclain as well.
Friday's Pat Campbell show 7 am segment pretty much did justice on David McLain. I won't say that Pat trashed Mclain but that Mclain trashed himself by lying. Campbell called out Mclain for not telling him that the $20,000 was a loan floated by the RNC. Pat started off stating that after Mclain's early morning interview on KFAQ Mclain canceled the rest of his planned interviews. Sadly that was probably the best tactic for Mclain as he had royally melted down on the KFAQ Pat Campbell show and it wasn't gonna get any better. The financial records are out there, we sent out screen shots in the special edition newsletter on Thursday, Mclain cannot defend the indefensible.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Podcast: Turner Exposes OKGOP Vulnerabilities

  There was a time in my life that I hung out at a dance hall/bar simply because I knew no one in OKC when I first moved to OKC in the 90's, got to be a really good dancer believe it or not, and learned quickly to stay away from most of the trash that walked in the door and just hang out with friends and dance partners only.
You learned what any herd of cows or other prey animal already knows by instinct, stay away from the losers because they draw predators.  The sick, the weak, even a pregnant cow will go off alone to have her calf most of the time.   Allowing the sick and the weak to stay in the herd is asking for healthy animals to die too.
  So it is with David L. McLain, his sickness and weakness has already harmed others.  I listened to the first  David L. McLain segment on the Pat Campbell show this morning and heard Pat very upset over Mclain not telling the full story on the source and timing of the $20,000 RNC bail out money.
  On this segment below, the segment after Mike Turner interviewed, Pat called Mclain's interview on the money "disingenuous and misleading" and it indeed was.   Pat has a right to be angry, he was lied to, his audience was lied to, Mclain's sickness and weakness brought trouble.
  You can listen to the podcast where the following occurred by following the link below and looking for this heading:

Friday, October 18, 2019

Special Report: Bank Records Expose McLain's Lies

Special edition newsletter October 18th 2019. 
Lying David McLain
The GOP Bank Statements
and Credit Card Statements Prove it. 
If you haven't seen it, GOP Chairman David Mclain got called out for financial mismanagement last week by the Tulsa World. For good reasons, and not just for running the Party into bankruptcy.

In response, GOP Chairman David McLain put out the following press release on Wednesday October 16th :
Regarding the news story released earlier today: I have in front of me, a complete spreadsheet of payables which clearly document the fact that at no time has our utility services been threatened.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Citizens Grand Jury Petition Filed in Oklahoma County

Citizens Grand Jury Petition Filed in Oklahoma County
Last Tuesday the Sooner Tea Party filed a Grand Jury petition in Oklahoma County alleging that Representative Chris Kannady was involved in numerous sexual assaults, alleged that Representative Kevin McDugle was a part of one of those situations, alleging that Senator Ron Sharp had committed criminal libel against Epic Charter Schools and that the OSBI's Tommy Johnson might have been involved in a conspiracy with Senator Sharp, and that there is corruption in Oklahoma County over the refusal to file bribery charges in the 2018 Oklahoma Health Department/Pharmacy Board scandal and that Oklahoma County D.A. David Prater needs to be held accountable for not filing the bribery charges after absolute proof was put out by Non Docs in the form of text messages coupled with the director of the Pharmacy Board resigning.

Bitter Woman, Sheriff, and D.A. Office Team up to Railroad a Man

Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliot
The Corruption of Wagoner County
 Sheriff Chris Elliot's Office Weaponized
 Bitter Woman, Sheriff, and D.A. Office Team up to Railroad a Man
 Fake Arrest Warrants Lead to
Innocent Man's Arrest at Church
 D.A. Error in 2016 Leads to Innocent Man
Fighting to Stay out of Prison
 Two Involved in all of this Were Alleged
to Have Molested Children
Which Two?
Last week we started the Wagoner County corruption case, outlining that Wagoner County Commissioner James Hanning had allegedly been exposed embezzling from a business partner and appears to have chosen to deal with it by railroading his business partner into state prison. We wanted the first part of the story to clearly outline that embezzlement most likely occurred and that the judge had restricted discovery in the case, enormously so, outrageously so, and not clutter the story up with other aspects of the case. Now we have to discuss Tyler Paulsen and learn why he was vulnerable to being sent to prison

Monday, October 14, 2019

Rep. Kannady Loses Caucus Vote To Replace Harold Wright

Is that a finger gun Chris? A Little Soon?  Don't Miss!
Representative Chris Kannady Gets Shot Down at Caucus Retreat
The man that would be the next Gene Stipe, that is how Christopher Kannady saw himself. And he had a meteoric rise until this spring when he was tainted with the allegations of sexual battery and before that Kannady had angered wide swaths of the Tall Building Crowd with attacks on legal reform and workers comp reforms.

And Kannady had made news bragging about being responsible for the dark money that took down the conservative legislators in 2018 and for orchestrating the liquor distributor that was so bold that he showed up at the Capitol dealing out huge campaign donation checks during session, something that would normally get a person arrested.