Monday, May 1, 2023

The Chickasaw Warrior and the Cherokee Maiden Exposed .......... AJ Ferate Accused of a Felony by his One of his own Allies?

Did AJ Ferate Violate Republican Party Interests and Commit a Felony to Gain Control of the Party?

AJ Ferate broke numerous Bar Association rules, violated the interests of the Republican, and stands accused of a felony by one of his own allies in order to prevent Party bylaws from being enforced.

Ferate went against the best interests of the Party and ensured a lawsuit went forward when one phone call and a call for a Central Committee meeting would have instantly caused the lawsuit to be dropped.

And Ferate did so to take control of the Party himself. To do so he had to make sure that John Bennett stayed in power long enough to drive the Party into the ground.

On October 13th 2022 AJ Ferate stood before a court in Oklahoma County representing three of the four Central Committee members, Pam Pollard,Steve Curry, and Shane Jemison. At issue was the refusal of these three GOP officials to act to protect the Republican Party and to protect the rights of all Republican Party members. Credible allegations of sexual harassment, embezzlement, the violation of Party bylaws, and the systematic suppression of Constitutional and contract rights had been made against the then Chairman, John Bennett. In fact the sexual harassment allegations had already been brought to John Bennett by Pam Pollard, resulting in no action despite the proof gathered by the victims. You can read the sordid details on by looking up case CJ-2021-3991 and reading the motions by Non Party Johnathan Krems and the Plaintiff's responses starting around March 22nd of 2022.



(Note:  Pictured to the right is Ferate and one of his close associates.   Hernandez was sentenced to a five year suspended sentence for sex crimes, which involved a 14 year old boy, had to register as a sex offender, and later moved to Texas.)

The three defendants along with John Bennett were being asked to do one simple thing; follow the bylaws of the Republican Party. The three defendants along with Bennett had been warned of the action months before in a registered letter addressed to each of the four GOP officials. A Central Committee hearing had been requested to enforce the bylaws and not a single one of the four GOP officials bothered to reply much less do their duty as required by the GOP bylaws.

To AJ Ferate though the solution during that hearing was quite simple; to plead that despite the obvious rights that Gerhart possessed both by contract with the Republican Party and by virtue of the U.S. Constitution and the Oklahoma Constitution, Gerhart had no right to enforce his rights in court. Among those present in Court that day to hear AJ trample on Republican rights were David Van of Sooner Politics and Charlie Potts, both of whom were brought in to testify but were denied that right.

Ferate claimed that no court could force the Republican Party to enforce its own rules, specifically that no one had the right to ask GOP officials to follow their own rules. Ferate claimed in court filings that only through actions through the Republican Party could the contract rights or Constitutional rights be enforced. This of course was impossible as the entire Central Committee had refused to act, and John Bennett and/or his staff had removed contact information for the entire roster of County GOP officials, information that had always been present on the State GOP website. Searching using the found that the info had been scrubbed sometimes prior to June 26th 2022.

With no method of contacting County officials to gather the needed signatures to call for a State Committee meeting to enforce the GOP bylaws Gerhart was left with only one method, filing a lawsuit.

What makes this especially egregious was the fact that Gerhart was discussing these issues with a representative of two of the four Central Committee members, Pollard and Curry,through two intermediaries. And directly discussing the issues with Shane Jemision, in person and through texts and phone calls. Some of these calls were recorded so they cannot be denied. These three GOP officials stated that Bennett was popularly elected and despite the obvious and blatant bylaw violations they would need some cover before calling a State Committee meeting to enforce the rules. At the time a simple admonishment of Bennett and a redress of complaints would have been sufficient but Jemison was warned that once lawyers got involved they would want to be paid.

Jemison for his part pleaded for a few weeks time, that the three were considering action. After about six weeks of inaction the warning letters were sent to all four although directly speaking to John Bennett. But this was to no avail and in late September of 2022 Gerhart was forced to file the lawsuit and named all four as defendants. To end the lawsuit, any single one of the three Central Committee members could have called for a Central or State Committee meeting and all three refused to do so.

Ferate of course had a long relationship as GOP general counsel and due to that he had a conflict of interest both legally and ethically. The Bar Association both national and state lays down a code of conduct that is codified into Oklahoma and Federal law that covers all parts of a lawyers actions and relationships. One of those codes covers a lawyer's responsibility to clients including former clients. When the interests of clients diverge lawyers are required to notify each client or former client in writing and specifically warn them of the conflict of interests and either get out of the action or get written permission to represent both parties. Even then, when actual interests collide the lawyer MUST not be involved.

Gerhart's request was quite simple; follow the Party bylaws. Members of the Party had always been allowed to attend State Committee meetings as visitors. Members had a right to the delegate lists and to contact delegates and other GOP officials. The rights given by Rule 3A were called sacred and inviolable but there there are no methods laid out in the Party bylaws to enforce these rights other than the responsibility of the members of the Central Committee to hold the Chairman accountable to following the Party bylaws. The bylaws also state that anything not covered by the bylaws were subject to Roberts Rules of Order and the Statutes of the State of Oklahoma. And Oklahoma has a statute covering unincorporated associations and corporations giving the members of a group to sue on behalf of the group to protect the interests of the group. This is designed specifically for such a scenario; rogue officials are harming the group or corporation and can be brought to account.

But Ferate was bound by his decade long representation of the Party. He had no choice but to refuse to represent Pollard, Curry, and Jamison as he would be defending their refusal to do their duty to protect the Party and enforce the bylaws. Instead Ferate fought to prevent the bylaws from being enforced, fought to go against the Party's interests, and even stood there on October 13th and stated that despite the admitted contract rights between Gerhart and the Party, despite the Constitutional right of the First Amendment Freedom of Association, that Gerhart couldn't use the Court to enforce those rights.

And Bar Association rules are clear, lawyers are supposed to settle matters where possible and protect the rights of all involved without compromising his clients. This includes former clients, he could not harm the Party's interests and preventing rogue Party officials from doing their duty was not in the Party's interests nor did he seek written approval from the ruling entity of the Party, the State Committee.

Instead Ferate ensured that the bylaws were not followed, that the Party was harmed, when a simple phone call stating that one of his three clients would do their duty and call for a meeting to address the bylaw violations would have ended the lawsuit. In court filings he threatened OCPA sanctions and lawyer fees against Gerhart for his attempt to enforce the bylaws. We recall the email sent out by the Chickasaw Warrior a few weeks back praising Ferate's threats against Tomahawk consulting where these same threats of sanctions and lawyer fees were threatened.

This is not the first time that Ferate went against Party interests. One of the most egregious lapses was three or four State Conventions back where Lankford was pushing the hiring of a professional executive for the Party and stripping the State Committee and Central Committee of most of their power. Pam Pollard had done a fraud of a County Convention with a cronie and submitted a rule change to be heard at the upcoming State Committee but she had failed to follow the bylaws and give proper notice to the County GOP officials so the matter could be discussed and debated in the County GOP groups prior to the Convention. When this was brought up at the State Executive Board meeting prior to the Convention Ferate's sole legal suggestion was to vote to accept the illegally late rule changes as “timely filed” and shove them down the Convention's throat so to speak. Ferate seems to have always thought of himself as the lawyer to a faction of the Party rather than representing the Party itself.

And why did Ferate, Pollard, Curry, and Jamison refuse to act upon Gerhart's valid call for bylaw enforcement? Because Ferate and the rest wanted the Party to be so damaged and bruised that they could easily take over without dirtying their hands. John Bennett was a disaster as Party Chairman and as the person that recruited Bennett to run for Party Chairman Gerhart was risking a lot to take out the trash as he felt responsible for Bennett being in office.

Ferate stood there in Court on the 13th of October and made a point to the judge. He stated that all that stood between Gerhart and control of the Party was one election, claiming that the lawsuit was motivated by Gerhart's wanting to control the Party. And a few months later indeed one election at a State Committee meeting was all it took for AJ Ferate to take control..... and Ferate continued to keep the State Committee meetings closed to Republican delegates and precinct officials and he continued John Bennett's practice of not allowing contact information for County GOP officials to be public record.

Not a single one of the three remaining GOP Central Committee members has the right to show their face at a Republican meeting as all three refused to protect the Party and follow their responsibility. In fact they made sure that the Party suffered to ensure they could take control. Pollard, Curry, Jamison, and Ferate ought to face the wrath of all Republicans in the State and thrown out of office as the first order of business of the Convention.

Now if this manipulation and bed of lies isn't enough, it turns out that AJ Ferate is almost certainly the Chickasaw Warrior and/or possibly the Cherokee Maiden. Most of you have been getting emails from these “two” at first giving left handed compliments to Ferate including allusions to the size of his testicles, and attacks against Sean Roberts, Leslie Nessmith, and others. Leslie Nessmith was roundly trashed, deservedly I might add. But about three weeks ago the alleged Indian duo started floating Nathan Dahm as the best candidate for GOP Chair. WTF? If AJ Ferate or his team is sending out these emails it makes no sense.

How do we know Ferate is the Chickasaw Warrior? Someone was smart enough to investigate and attempt a password reset on the Yahoo account for the Chickasaw Warrior, Yahoo presented a partial phone number to be completed that matched five out of the ten numbers in Ferate's own phone number, they entered the missing numbers and got a positive response stating that a password reset message had been sent to the phone number. Plus an alternative email recovery was on the page c***** which matches a good number of the characters in the Cherokee Maiden email address. Then the next day, after the password reset message was sent, the Chickasaw Warrior mentioned the password reset attempt in one of their emails sent to the delegates. Below is proof that the 7211 number is Ferate, from a Supreme Court brief. And we encourage people to call the number themselves and ask AJ Ferate why he is behind this manipulation of the delegates.

To the left  is what you would see if you tried to do a password reset  on the Chickasaw Warrior Yahoo email address.

The screen shot below is proof that the number belongs to AJ Ferate. Just Google the entire number and see the numerous links tracking back to Ferate.  Note also the email address that is the first recovery option, we will discuss that in a bit.


Supreme Court of the United States (.gov) › DocketPDF (1 copy). ANTHONY J. FERATE. FERATEPLLC. 4308 Echohollow Trail. Edmond, OK 73025. (202) 486-7211.

Once you entered the missing numbers in the second account recover phone number in the above Yahoo screen shot you would receive the prompt to enter the verification code that was sent to the 7211 phone number.  See the image at the right.

So allegedly Nathan Dahm is going to announce that he is running for GOP Chair on Monday night at the Cleveland County GOP forum. If this is true, why in the heck would AJ Ferate create fictitious emails, manipulate and stir the pot weeks before the race, run for office, only to start supporting Nathan Dahm at the end?

But the mystery deepens. Saturday I received an email from the Cherokee Princess asking for dirt to help stop something, the emails are not clear, but it appears that “she” wanted dirt on either Sean Roberts, AJ Ferate, or one of the others involved in the race. But what was totally shocking was “her” allegation that Ferate conspired with Judge Mai in the Gerhart vs. John Bennett lawsuit.

Is all of this an elaborate hoax? Or are there two people behind the email personas and did the Cherokee Maiden take it upon “herself” to reach out searching for more dirt to use and in the process accuse Ferate of judicial corruption? Ferate could be disbarred for such if proven true. That case resulted in John Bennett and Rex Duncan acting as General Counsel being awarded almost $18,000 in lawyer fees based up on the OCPA which has a stated purpose of ensuring that citizens can participate in politics, free speech, and association with others. All this despite Bennett violating both the bylaws of the Party and the Constitutional rights of Gerhart and all Republicans.  Despite the Party bylaws giving Gerhart the RIGHT to sue the Party on issues not addressed in the Party bylaws.

At this point it troubles me somewhat that the highly toxic Leslie Nessmith and this “GOP Action Team” are endorsing Sean Roberts but I suppose Roberts cannot prevent the endorsement and if he wants to win every vote counts. Even the Chickasaw Warrior emails made it clear that Nessmith was toxic as hell and at the end had ran off everyone she couldn't control and was the driving force behind John Bennett's implosion.

What troubles me far more is that Nathan Dahm appears to be running for office and it was preceded by an elaborate hoax upon the delegates. I respect Dahm and thought I trusted him but who is pulling his strings if this turns out to be true? Why would his candidacy be announced in such a manner? Who would he be beholden to if elected? I need a lot of questions answered before I would vote for Nathan Dahm after this.

At this point the best thing is for all of the delegates to just call Ferate at his number. 202) 486-7211

Let him explain the manipulation and lies. And why his ally/co conspirator is claiming he partnered with a judge in a case to commit legal malpractice and a felony?