Thursday, October 21, 2021

Lying John Covering Up Possible Embezzlement by the Previous Administration in the GOP?

Rumors of financial mis-dealings started floating around in early May.   Sources were claiming that Bennett and his staff had met with legal counsel over possible felony level embezzlement charges against the previous Chairman and/or his staff.  Sources were tight lipped, tiny amounts of information was filtering out, tantalizing but not enough for a honest story.

The rumors are focused upon the end of the Chairman McLain administration.   Sources claim that tens of thousands of dollars were paid out or transferred AFTER Chairman Bennett was elected.  Indeed the FEC reports show that thousands of dollars were paid out or transferred between April 13th 2021 and when Bennett got possession of the GOP headquarters building around April 27th.  The convention was on the 10th of April, David Mclain was no longer Chairman at the end of that convention so how could he legally spend or transfer money to anyone for anything?

And there are tales of eight different bank accounts ran by the previous administration.   I can see one for the FEC, one for the Ethics Commission, perhaps another for the non federal donations, but eight bank accounts?

But what is really troubling is why none of this has been reported to the State Committee or the public at large?  There are tales of stormy staff meetings where Bennett staff argued against exposing the potential corruption or mis-spending.  There are tales of a stormy Central Committee meeting, Bennett, Shane Jemison, Pam Pollard, and Steve Curry make up the Committee, where there were arguments over the need to disclose this or have it investigated.  The rumor is that both Miles Rahimi and Leslie Nessmith were against the disclosure to the State Committee, then there is another rumor from last Saturday's executive meeting where Pollard and Nessmith squared off shouting at each other of this not being exposed long ago.  Who knows what the truth is?

The good news is that despite the disaster that has been John Bennett the State Committee confirmed a few good men to run the Finance and Budget Committees and the money was found to start an audit that ought to be out soon.   I have high confidence in two of these men and I believe that the truth will be found but the question is, will Lying John allow this audit to see the light of day?

You can see some of the data at this FEC link for the Oklahoma Leadership Council which appears to be the main FEC account for the Oklahoma Republican Party.