Thursday, October 21, 2021

Update on the Sexual Harassment Cases Being Covered Up By the Oklahoma State GOP

First it was one pervert harassing one victim, a very lady like petite young married woman, to the point where the lady had to quit volunteering for the GOP.   Then around early August rumors or more cases coming out.  Then a few weeks ago sources claimed that National Committee Woman Pam Pollard had taken five sexual harassment cases to John Bennett and then Executive Director Bob Dani and were told "I will not Brent Kavanaugh ______ ________."  Insert the name of a high ranking GOP staffer who shall remain unnamed until this is investigated.

Was the first lady who told of the sexual harassment one of the five victims known to Pam Pollard?  Were the text messages Pollard had as evidence and had shown to Bennett and Dani proof of this first known case?

Later another name popped out, another GOP staffer, accused of a milder form of sexual harassment but as in the first known case it was severe enough that the young woman quit in disgust.  Now we have two undisciplined and dishonorable horny men taking advantage of volunteers.  

As we are unsure if the first victim was named in the five cases, some with text message proof, there might be six cases for the one pervert.  Two names have surfaced, potential victims that might be members of the five cases known, perhaps they bubbled up because they had said something to someone and the word got around.  Perhaps these are two additional cases?

And at the court hearing last Wednesday, a source claimed that at least one victim was present, supposedly accompanied by her husband and a lawyer, with the source claiming to overhear whispered comments explaining the law on sexual harassment cases.   Now the source wouldn't know who the first five or six victims were and they wouldn't know anyone in the GOP or at least very few.  Could this mysterious court room couple be another victim of sexual harassment at the GOP headquarters?

Lying John's video today pleaded with the watchers of the video to donate and come volunteer at the GOP.  Would you send your daughter down to the GOP?  Would you allow even your son to volunteer as the morals and decency at the headquarters has sunk to abysmal lows?  Would a son follow the example being set or would he himself become a victim as we are not sure how many of the victims are women and if any are men.  Pretty far fetched, yeah, but so is this administration.

At this point we appear to be dealing with between six and eight sexual harassment victims and two perverts but only Pam Pollard, John Bennett, and Bob Dani know the truth.  We know of two names that are pretty darned solid and two names that are alleged.   Will others come forward?  What will the cost be to the Party if some of them decide to sue?  Or will Lying John and the rest of the GOP staff and leaders insist that this is an internal Party matter so no one can hold them accountable?