Sunday, February 2, 2020

Prosecutor Admits; "Charges Are Bogus"

Prosecutor Caught on Tape

Original Prosecutor that Filed Charges Admits they were Bogus

Yet the Victim Faces Trial & Prison in Mayes County

Eufaula Police Department, City of Eufaula, Macintosh County, Mayes County Officials. and the town of Adair Conspire to Prevent Open Records Material Release Caught Red Handed Obstructing Open Records Request

Little towns can be as crooked as the big cities when it comes to protecting abuses of power and Macintosh County is no different than others it seems after they were busted dismissing a lawsuit that was seeking to access Open Record Request info from an illegal arrest made against Tyler Paulsen. Paulsen you will remember was the young man that suffered hundreds of thousands in alleged embezzlement by Wagoner County Commissioner James Hanning.

Hanning had had his brother call down to Eufaula while the brother was on duty at the Wagoner County Sheriff dispatch office to make an anonymous tip against Paulsen. The tip alleged multiple warrants out against Paulsen, that Paulsen was dangerous and violent, with the intent of having Paulsen arrested as he attended church services in Eufaula. We have told this story before but as the depositions for the embezzlement case were done it became just how obvious the good old boy system protects corrupt cops and public officials from being accountable.

Macintosh County had dismissed Paulsen's lawsuit summarily, claiming that there were no other Open Record Request records available. But thanks to the deposition of one of the men that the Hannings had called it turns out that some of the individuals involved were never asked if they had any records available. So Pausen's attorneys have filed a motion to vacate the summary judgment and force Eufaula PD and the City of Eufaula to come clean.

In the exhibits and depositions there was one interesting record, a series of screen shot between the original LEO involved in feeding the “anonymous” tip that Paulsen was in Eufaula and had warrants out against him. A man named Fry had texted an off duty cop named Wilson asking Wilson to turn in the tip to get Paulsen arrested. Eufaula PD and the City never turned over these screen shots or other information as they are pretty damming.

This Fry fellow revealed that the alleged victim pushing for the arrest, the former live in girlfriend of Paulsen, was helping or would help Fry in another legal matter in return for getting Paulsen arrested. Fry was fighting for custody himself and used Wilson to get Paulsen arrested while Wagoner County Commissioner James Hanning's brother Arron Hanning was approaching Eufaula with the same information by calling in an anonymous tip, then answering the call that Eufaula made back to the Wagoner County Dispatch office to verify there was a warrant. Let that sink in, Arron calls in the tip himself and then verifies the tip a few minutes later. The entire deal that Fry was doing this to get the ex girlfriend of Paulsen to help in his own case was documented in the phone text screen shots and is of interest to the attorneys trying to get justice for Paulsen but one screen shot in particular was illuminating of the unaccountable behavior by small town cops.

It gets worse, you will remember from the earlier stories that Paulsen had been stopped for speeding in the small town of Adair in Mayes County and was arrested and his car impounded for not having a valid drivers license, it had expired on a weekend and Monday was the earliest he could get to the OHP office to verify his compliance so he could renew his license and he just made a bad decision to wait a few days to renew the license. And Paulsen had a gun in the car, unloaded, the magazine was in the center console, and when the car was impounded Adair police kept the weapon till Paulsen could prove it was his gun. That was sketchy in itself, but the probable cause affidavit was written by one Nathan Goddard on October 2nd 2017. The arrest was for speeding and suspended license, the gun wasn't mentioned as there was no reason to suspect that Paulsen couldn't possess a gun.

Some how Commissioner James Hanning learned of the arrest, supposedly from a mutual friend with Paulsen, and Hanning goes down to Mayes county to stir up crap. Hanning informs the county of the fact that Paulsen was under D.A. S upervision and low and behold, that probable cause affidavit was re written with an additional paragraph claiming that Goddard thought that Paulsen was on probation through the DOC and couldn't possess a weapon. So that charge was added, basically a felon in possession of a gun. Recall that Paulsen's deal with the original charges traded a guilty plea for a slap on the wrist and a sweetheart of a deal including no loss of gun rights. When Wagoner County tried to revoke the suspended sentence and plea deal the judge slapped the piss out of the Wagoner County D.A.s office and dismissed the revocation charges because even the D.A. admitted there was nothing on the plea deal or conditions of suspension that said guns rights were lost.

Interesting enough the Goddard deposition revealed that there were mysterious hand written notes in the margin of the original probable cause affidavit, the one with no mention of gun charges. Yet no one is admitting whose handwriting it is, why such details about the gun including the serial number and make and model of the car came to be on the document, nor why earlier Open Records Requests and discovery returned copies of that same original probable cause affidavit without the hand written notes. Someone covered them up when scanning the document before handing it over to the defense lawyers. There were other discrepancies like the gun alleged to be in different locations on each version of the probable cause while the Goddard testified that he knew exactly where the gun was located and cannot explain how he came to get that detail wrong in the second probable cause affidavit written months after the first affidavit.

Mayes County is attempting to send Paulsen to prison for being a felon in possession of a gun despite the fact that the Wagoner County judge has dismissed the revocation of the original suspended sentence based upon the same charges. That is double jeopardy. Not only that, Paulsen had paid the fines in the original traffic stop and the case was dismissed upon paying the fines and fees. So the Mayes County criminal case is the third time Paulsen is facing prison for the same charge. Forget double jeopardy, this is triple jeopardy.

Now you know that STP is tough on crime so why are we defending a guy that had a felony plea? Because even the original prosecuting attorney believes that the original charges were wrong and deserve to be reversed.

That is right, the original prosecutor of the Paulsen case now believes that the original felony charges were untrue. How does Sooner Tea Party know that? Because of a taped phone call we came into possession of has the original Wagoner County prosecutor Eric Jordan saying so:

And I'll tell you why because I was the prosecutor, right, as you know, entirely original case. And I met with Vanessa twice and by the second meeting it became apparent that this woman is not psychologically stable. So, I did not believe, and still to this day, continue not to believe anything that she says.”

There Eric Jordan is admitting that after the second meeting with the woman that had accused Paulsen of molesting their kid, choking her, and kidnapping, he realized she was completely unreliable. But the case had been in the news, the Broken Arrow SWAT team had been called at some point. Jordan had to save face for the Wagoner County District Attorney Office by forcing Pauslen into a plea deal.
 No, I had conversations with her when she was the so-called victim. And why do you think Tyler got the plea deal that he got? Because I realized this woman is, I mean anyone who's going to falsely accuse him, you know, “ father of her child is molesting the child. It's just that kind of a person that would do that is not a person that I have any interest in really anything they have to say. That’s the lowest of the low.”

Here Jordan is admitting that the case against Paulsen was excessively weak and that she had already made false accusations against Paulsen.

“I certainly don't want to talk about, you know, his freaking, you know, when he was at his lowest, because that woman drove him freaking nuts. I mean God knows I would find I had to spend 10 minutes with her. I'd be f*cking, they'd be calling the Broken Arrow SWAT team for me.”

Jordan actually appears to have empathy for Paulsen throughout the entire taped conversations . In the quote above Jordan is referencing Paulsen being drove nuts by the woman accusing him of felonies and admitting that the SWAT team would have been needed for him too if he had to spend any time with her.

There is more, much, much more, but sometimes the right thing to do is to dump a little bit out there and hope that the someone does the right thing and steps back and dismisses an old case that was not prosecuted because the defendant was guilty, but was prosecuted to save face for the prosecutor's office. We will say without any doubt, the original prosecutor Eric Jordan knows without any doubt that justice was not served and pledged to set things right and prevent further harm to Paulsen. But despite those promises, Paulsen remains under indictment for being a felon in possession of a firearm despite there being zero conditions on his plea agreement to the effect that he couldn't keep his guns. In fact, Paulsen had already paid 100% of the fines and fees for the D.A. supervision and the prosecutor's office agreed that he no longer needed to come in and check in. He was in fact already through with his supervision. They knew he wasn't a dangerous man and never was a dangerous man. The fact that the judge granted Paulsen custody of the child and the crazy ex girlfriend got four days a month is proof of that as well.

Those in authoritarian positions sometimes believe that they are above the law, that they are the law. All citizens ought to remember this when called for jury duty or when a story comes on telling of the desperate criminal brought to justice. Sometimes the criminals are wearing the badges and simply trying to ruin or even eliminate a man desperately trying to get justice.

Next week we are going to dig a lot deeper into the two taped phone calls as we have scratched the surface. Frankly nothing would be better for society than for Eric Jordan, the Attorney General's Office, Mayes County D.A. Office, and Wagoner County D.A. Jack Thorpe to just get involved and pull this case up and dismiss it so that Mayes County has to drop their charges. We know without any doubt that Commissioner Jack Hanning was pulling strings to get Paulsen sent to prison so Hanning could walk away with the assets of the partnership he had allegedly embezzled from and someone is putting heavy pressure on Mayes County to persecute Paulsen. No one else benefits from Paulsen going to prison but Wagoner County Commissioner James Hanning.