Sunday, February 9, 2020

Wagoner County Commissioner Sex Scandal Update

Commissioner James Hanning

And Speaking of Accusations of  Sexually Assaulting Kids in Grade School...
An Update on the Wagoner County Commissioner James Hanning Story

  We had hoped that dropping a bit of info on the Wagoner County case where prosecutors are trying to railroad a local man because Wagoner County Commissioner James Hanning had been caught allegedly embezzling from a jointly owned company would shake things up and see justice done. Sadly Mayes County, the county that was assigned the case after Wagoner County D.A. Jack Thorpe had recused himself from the case, has done nothing, and Mayes County is also the county where Paulsen had been arrested on speeding and expired license charges,
later the charges were actually dismissed in the town of Adair after Paulsen had paid the fees and fines, only to see the charges filed again with gun charges added on because the local prosecutor thought that Paulsen was being supervised by the D.O.C.. after the local Adair town cop re wrote his arrest report to change a few things on the report to clear up some important variances the Mayes County prosecutor files another set of charges claiming it was Wagoner County D.A. supervision instead of DOC supervision.
Sheriff Chris  Elliot

Then last week we dumped a few juicy bits from the recordings of the original prosecutor of Tyler Paulsen, one Eric Jordan, who was for some time a Wagoner Count ADA, then fired for running over a neighbor and his mail box while driving drunk, then hired by the same D.A. Jack Thorpe over at Creek County. Jordan was still representing Commissioner James Hanning in the civil case over the embezzled money from Paulsen's company. Being the original prosecutor that forced a plea deal upon Paulsen while knowing that the woman accusing him was unreliable and a liar and representing Commissioner James Hanning who was pulling strings in Wagoner County and Mayes County to railroad Paulsen off to prison put Jordan in a position to stay silent. Remember that it is this original case pressed by a known mentally ill drug dealer (Jordan's own words at the last part) that Mayes County is using to try to revoke the suspended sentence and get Paulsen safely in prison so Hanning can win his case and escape justice.

The audio tapes actually painted Jordan as sympathetic to Paulsen's plight, you saw the quotes from last week. Yet despite his assurances to reach out and explain the case to Mayes County, nothing has been done. That leaves us no way forward other to expose a bit more of the sleazy audio tape quotes and hope that wiser heads rule and justice is done for Tyler Paulsen.
Here are a couple of gems from the three hour plus audio tapes:

The following comment came after a discussion of Commissioner James Hanning going to Mayes County asking Adair Police to get the case dismissed so that Mayes County District Court could jump on Paulsen. And this was BEFORE Wagoner County D.A. Jack Thorpe recused his office.  Keep in mind that the Open Record requests prove that Hanning went to Adair to do this.

Eric Jordan: “...So that's how the ‘App to Accelerate’ got started in the first place. They didn't know about it until James gave him that. Yeah, that's it.”

And there is much more:
Eric Jordan: 00:06:24 :
"Yeah. And so, anyway, moving forward. He doesn't have any authority over any prosecution of Tyler at all. He may think he does. He has none. And that shit’s going to that, that shit is dead.” …........ “We're fine. I think Tyler's going to be fine. There's no f*cking way he's going to prison for this cockamamie bullsh*t. Is it a technical violation? Yes. It's not a prison offense. “
There is so much on these tapes. The tape also exposes Kim Hall at the Wagoner County D.A. Office for saying that once it had become apparent that there had been any collusion between the DA's office and Commissioner James Hanning about making sure that Mayes County knew this guy was on probation, they had to recuse Anytime there's any potential for an accusation of impropriety, it is imperative that the DA's office decide who's going to take over.

And Eric Jordan agreed later on in the audio tape:
It's a bullshit move. I mean, what's he trying to do? Get a f*cking advantage to the litigation.”
Remember that Jordan was representing Commissioner James Hanning at the time this was recorded.

Jordan goes on about Tyler Paulsen and the woman that was the accuser on the charges years earlier that Jordan forced the plea deal :

I mean quite frankly after I read everything, I was like, Tyler deserves an award for having to deal with crazy f*cking Vanessa. I mean that must be an ever-loving nightmare. Two separate, separated by years, two separate allegations that he sexually abused his own daughter, which they're completely false. “
When it came to talking about the molestation accusations against Commissioner James Hanning Eric Jordan wasn't shy:
Eric Jordan: 01:34:19 Yeah, but I’ve rarely, I've rarely come across a case except for people with major substance abuse problems or what have you. That if an eight-year-old child goes to them with an allegation like that, they ended up at the police department. So, I don't know. Again, I don’t know the history”
And in response to a statement about the grade school child going to her mother to report the molestation when it happened and being rejected by her own mother (commissioner James Hanning's wife), Eric Jordan left no doubt as a prosecutor as to who he believed:
Eric Jordan: 01:34:45 Well if it's true, I mean all they do is tell me that she's a pathological liar, this, that and the other. But my only, my only retort to that, which I didn't say out loud is, really you're going to suggest that an eight year old girl’s a pathological liar, cause my experience has been that it would be an extreme rare occurrence that an eight year old girl would be a pathological liar. …..”
Finally when asked about what he thought about Commissioner James Hanning being involved in an effort to weaponize the Wagoner County D.A. Office, Eric Jordan says this:

“It bothers, you would say, well, why it bothers me, a County commissioner. Now again, this is small, small areas, small town, and I've seen people get elected to positions and then all of a sudden, they think they have power. But as a, you know, a member of the law enforcement community, I'm going to tell you that whatever he did, if he did anything that spurned into action DA's offices in prosecuting Tyler, I'm going to ensure no matter what I have to do, but back channels since my office is not involved, but I will back channel it and ensure that nothing happens because it shouldn't. As a matter of principle, whatever his offense was, and it's a technical violation.”

So things remain at an impasse. The original prosecutor in the case admits that the accuser was stark raving crazy and unreliable and that he forced the plea deal because of the case had caught some media attention and now that same ridiculous case is being used to send a man to prison because Eric Jordan told the man and his lawyers that the plea deal didn't mean that he lost his gun rights, in fact most supervision agreements will spell this out clearly but Paulsen's supervision agreement says nothing about not owning a gun.

And but not for the wonderful technology available none of this would have been known. Those little Bluetooth ear buds are handy for a lot more than talking on the phone when you are driving.