Sunday, November 8, 2015

Comrade Yen - CAIR & Hamas - Police Brutality - More Chambercrats Coming

Comrade Yen Bristles at Running Dog Imperialistic Anti-Vaccine Article  

All stand for the singing of the Comrade Yen anthem:
The East is red
The Sun is shining.
Oklahoma has produced Comrade Yen
He strives for the people’s existence
He is the people’s shining star.
Comrade Yen loves the people.
He is our guide
In the building of a new Oklahoma.
Lead us forward Comrade Yen.
The Communist Party is like the sun
Wherever it is shines
There is light.
Where the Communist Party is
There the people are liberated.
  Greetings comrades!  Last week’s article on the attempted liberation of Oklahoma school children from their imperialistic and capitalist parents caused much grief to our Dear Leader Senator Yen.   Reactionary traitors of the Sooner Tea Party, a war mongering regime focused on oppressing the people and counter revolutionary instigations, wrote a libelous and scandalous attack on Dear Leader’s attempt to liberate school children from the oppression of following their parent’s medical decisions.

  Yes, yes, I know… the children belong to the Party but among us dear comrades are those who cling to the old ways before the Party liberated society.  Modern parents must understand that they serve the state in raising children so parents must become the servants of the Party yet many have chosen to find refuge in the imperialistic camp and are openly defying Comrade Yen.

  In an effort to stamp out and re educate these enemies of the Party Comrade Yen has graciously and magnanimously agreed to conduct a re-education camp on November 12th between 6 and 8 pm at the Brookside Baptist Church at 30th and Peoria in Tulsa Oklahoma.  Comrade Yen will speak the truth for the Party effort to bring the glorious Oklahoma youth into full compliance with the Party’s vaccination campaign. 

  Opposing truth and justice will be running dog imperialist Dr. Stephanie Christner, a medical doctor who was indoctrinated at Southern Methodist University in Dallas and who earned her medical degree at the Oklahoma State College of Osteopathic Medicine, then she worked a 4 year residency in Psychiatry at the University of Tulsa which specializes in cruelty toward children and experimental surgeries on infants in order to hinder the Party’s liberation of the proterliat.  Christner is also a board member of the National Vaccine Information Center and has served on the FDA’s Vaccine committee and is rumored to eat turtle dung.  For those who are not familiar with the FDA they are also a counter revolutionary group focused on bringing down our glorious leaders using such things as facts and scientific studies.

  Please attend the Re Education Camp on November the 12th and help us cheer on our Dear Leader Senator Yen as he battles the hostile, child endangering, blood thirsty, war mongering capitalistic threat to the liberation of Oklahoma youths.   With the Party’s help we will silence these saboteurs of socialism and convince the bourgeoisie to have fewer children and raise more pigs.
  And now to close our meeting of the Oklahoma Communist Party let’s finish singing the Comrade Yen anthem:

The East is red
The Sun is shining.
Comrade Yen is on the march.
He lives to liberate the youth of Oklahoma
From disease and ignorance.
Comrade Yen loves the children.
Fighting parents along the way
To inoculate and re-educate.
The ignorant masses in the state.
The Communist Party is like the sun
Wherever it is shines
There is light.
Where the Communist Party is
There the people are liberated.


Radical Muslims in and Confederate Lapel Pin Gets you Thrown Out

  Lots of liberal victories in Tulsa this week including one which allowed a terrorist supporter group to participate in a Veteran’s Day parade.   Tulsa VFW Commander Austin Bond allowed the CAIR Muslim group to sponsor a parade despite known terrorist connections of the group.
  CAIR of course is banned from working with the FBI as it was one of the unindicted suspects in the Holy Land Foundation thanks to Obama’s election which stopped the prosecution of the unindicted co conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation case.   Bond’s reasoning was that one or two of the Muslims were veterans, although he didn’t say which side they fought on in the Middle Eastern wars.

  Strangely we don’t see Seventh Day Adventist floats, Catholic floats, or Jewish floats but we are going to see a Muslim float in the upcoming parade.  Seems like the veterans of these religions just join the DV, ODVA, or American Legion to show their solidarity with other veterans.    It is quite a parade when you have the country battling militant Muslim extremists in the Middle East and yet allow supporting groups to march alongside those fighting the extremists.

  Even worse was the treatment of one veteran who was singled out because he did two things; spoke in opposition of allowing CAIR, and had a Confederate flag lapel pin alongside his American flag lapel pin.   When the veteran asked if a Confederate float could join the parade Commander Bond told him no and then had the man thrown out of the building because of the Confederate lapel pin.  When other combat vets came to the defense of the ejected veteran Commander Bond called one of them a mother f***er.

  But opponents of the insane decision held a Turn Your Back on CAIR Rally this Sunday at the RL Jones Riverside Airport at 4 pm.  Speakers included U.S. Marine Command Sergeant Major/State Rep. John Bennett and former State Rep Rex Duncan, and Pastor/State Rep Dan Fisher.  The turnout was around 125 people despite the cooler weather.


The Tide Continues to Turn Against Police Violence

  Another warning of the shift in public opinion on police violence came this week with the conviction of two New Jersey cops for falsely accusing a man of attempting to grab one of their guns during a traffic stop in 2012.   The man had been in a verbal argument with his girlfriend in his own home prior to being pulled over but had been given the go ahead to leave the home voluntarily.  Another officer followed the man, pulled him over and ordered the man to exit the vehicle at gunpoint.  The man refused, saying he believed his life was in danger and that he had done nothing wrong.
  A five week trial found the two cops guilty of misconduct, tampering with public records, falsifying public records, and false swearing.  One officer was found guilty of simple assault and both face prison sentences of five years or more.  A third officer pleaded guilty in October of 2013 to falsifying and tampering with records and resigned from the police department.

  The cops had claimed that the motorist tried to grab one of the officer’s weapons and struck another officer during the traffic stop.   Charges of eluding, resisting arrest, aggravated assault, and attempting to disarm an officer were brought and the man was convicted and sentenced to five years in prison.  But a lawyer requested the video tape of a second patrol car on the scene and it was revealed that the man had his hands raised in the surrender position the entire time of the arrest.

  The prosecutors dismissed the charges against the motorist and began investigating the officers and in January of 2014 the two men were indicted by a grand jury.  The new video showed the second patrol car arriving on the scene, ramming the motorist’s car, the cops breaking out the man’s drivers side window, and the two cops pulling the man from the vehicle.  The cops threw repeated punches while dragging the motorist from his vehicle.  The video also showed the motorist pulling over immediately after the patrol car turned on it s lights.  The video also shows a state policeman arriving on the scene, taking one look at what was going on, and refusing to join in the beating of the handcuffed prisoner.
The internal affairs department had already investigated and cleared the police of any wrongdoing in the case.  Both cops remain in jail without bail pending a January sentencing.
  Another pair of out of control police officers was charged with the killing of a six year old autistic child during an attempt to arrest the child’s father.  Both cops had a history of civil rights violations, rape, excessive use of force, and a history of violence and aggressive behavior.  Officer Norris Greenhouse and Derrick Stafford were booked on charges of second degree murder and attempted second degree murder for the wounding of the father in Marksville Lousiana on Friday.

  In 2011 Stafford was indicted by a grand jury on two charges of aggravated rape but the case was later resolved and little is known how the officer escaped the charges.  Another charge was that he threw a handcuffed woman into his squad car and tased her with no warning.  Then in 2013 he was a part of a gang of seven other officers that pepper sprayed an entire crowd after a fight broke out.  One mother who was sprayed along with her three children is suing the officer.  Another mother sued after Stafford broke a 15 year old girls arm after pulling her arm behind her back on a school bus.  Both officers are being sued in a federal case involving excessive use of force involving an open carry advocate.

  The shooting occurred after the two cops pulled over the father in a traffic stop, claiming that they pulled the vehicle over because they were pursuing a warrant on the father.  The two cops fired 18 rounds into the car, striking the first grader with five bullets to the head and torso as the child sat strapped into the front passenger seat.  The father was unarmed and no arrest warrants have been uncovered for the man.  The father is hospitalized in serious condition with bullet fragments in his head and lungs.  The two cops were arrested after Louisiana State Police reviewed one of the body camera videos and filed felony charges against the two officers.

Another Chambercrat Running for Office? 

By the Watchman
  Rarely in the political arena does a publication have such an early opportunity to display the true character of a political want-to-be. This is one of those opportunities. For years now this publication has been telling you of the hold that the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce has on the Oklahoma State Senate. The candidate we are about to introduce you to is nothing more than a blatant attempt to continue that stranglehold on the Senate by the State Chamber of Commerce.

  Like many of the new candidates we have this year, this gentleman is running to fill a seat that will be vacated by term limits at the end of the year. We first heard of him in this article The Okie » Bob Jack Announces Run For Tulsa Senate Seat. In here he states “We always say we need to run government like a business, but we rarely send a business leader to do the job. “To a certain point he is correct. We have a tendency to send attorney’s and people who have connections to be our leaders. By doing that we sign our own downfall. That gives them the license to steal from the citizens of Oklahoma.

  The next article of interest we found was this Bob Jack Enters SD25 Race | The McCarville Report. Now they say you can tell a lot about a man’s politics by the papers and news outlets he talks to. Why is it that he announces his candidacy in a liberal news blog before announcing it to any news stations in the area?

  The next item of interest we found was this Tulsa « Manhattan Construction Group. We believe that the information contained in this document is the reason that the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce recruited Bob Jack to run for the Senate. What a feather in their cap it would be to have the Senior Vice President of a major corporation that covers the entire Northeastern part of Oklahoma in the Senate for the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. Just think of all the business they would send his way.

  The next article of interest we found was this 2016 local races take shape | Tulsa Beacon. This was an interesting article that we would encourage everyone to read. It also listed other Senators whose terms will end next year as well as a few candidates that we hadn’t been aware of yet. It is well worth the time.

  The next article of interest we found was this People Spotlight: Bob Jack - Employment – TulsaWorld. This is pretty much a news release on the promotion of Bob Jack to his current position within the Manhattan Construction Company. Although the date stamp says November 10, 2015, we all know that  is an incorrect date. This article was actually written in 2010.

  The next item of interest we found was this Board of Directors - Tulsa Chamber - Tulsa Chamber. This one document ties him to the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce closer than any other document available. The man sits on the Board of Directors of the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce. They are almost as corrupt as the State Chamber.

  We were unable to find a campaign web site for Mr. Jack. This is not unusual at this point of the campaign although he should be considering it.

  It is our opinion that Mr. Bob Jack would be a terrible choice for a Senator for District 25. He will not work for the people of the district or the state, but will work instead for the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce to meet its goals.