Thursday, January 28, 2016

Loser and Quitter

The Exit of Hernandez

Last week we saw a wonderful case of political suicide as former Vice Chair Estella Hernandez packed up her toys and went home.  That’s right, after all the machinations and backstabbing to get into Republican leadership she just up and quit less than a third of the way through her term.

Estella Hernandez you will remember is the very nice looking (on the outside) woman that started attacking the popularly elected state chairman of the GOP right after she was elected, banking on taking him down and putting her skinny butt into his place.   Along the way she got caught lying about Randy Brogdon, claiming she was belittled and yelled at when in fact the tape of the meeting proved just the opposite.  After being busted on a live radio program when the two hosts told her that there was a tape and they had listened to it she didn’t miss a beat and spun like a top trying to get the mud off her political skirts.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

What was that smell?

The Senate 34 Race Reveals A Stench

  Last week we published two stores covering the two candidates for Senate District 34, one on the Democrat and the other on the Republican in the race.  As you might recall we offered no endorsement in the race. The Republican McLain, did have some indications that he was fairly conservative and he did defeat one of the RINO candidates in a tough primary, the guy had been swarmed by the John Birch Society state leaders and usually that means the kiss of death for a campaign.

  Dossett had special interest donations coming out the yahzoo, attorneys, realtors, and educators, lots of lobbyists connected to or sympathetic to the State Chamber of Commerce.   We fully expect to see a surge in donations on the last campaign report once it becomes pubic record and those donations will be from the State Chamber crowd. 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Standoff in Oregon Continues

Crazies or Patriots?

  We hesitated to weigh in on this issue last week even though it was breaking news. Our initial reaction was one of non support, then after a little digging into the background of the Hammond story we began to understand that there were some serious problems with the Hammond prosecution and why so many patriots were flocking to the cause.

  This You tube video by a lawyer/talk show host lays things out very well as far as the overreaching federal government aspect. Indeed Article One, Section Eight has been a concern from the beginning of the Tea Party movement and a simple reading of the Constitution indeed shows that federal ownership of vast swaths of property in the U.S. is hardly necessary nor is it Constitutional. Oregon has control over less than one third of the land in that state despite Article One, Section Eight’s requirement that the feds purchase land from the states on a volunteer basis:

What is Scott Pruitt Hiding under his Skirts?

Whatcha Hiding Under there Scott?
  Last week, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt seriously damaged his political viability after objecting to a routine audit by the state Auditor and Inspector department. The state requires an audit of every state agency every one to two years, and audit that is traditionally done by the state Auditor and Inspector, fellow Republican Gary Jones. Yet when the auditors requested the ordinary information for an audit A.G. Scott Pruitt announced he was hiring an outside auditor to conduct the required audit.

  By state statute the state auditor/inspector does these audits, charging the agency being audited for the costs incurred. This merely shifts funds between agencies and the auditor’s office budget is set with this in mind and the A.G. spokesperson claimed that the cost of an independent auditor “will be in line” with what the state auditor charges but the A.G.’s office has yet to quote any statutory exemption that would allow them to evade a state audit.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Islamist Supremists Movement, Skinheads with Beards

By Al Gerhart, of the Sooner Tea Party.

The Real Islam According to the Qur'an:

  The real face of Islam isn’t found in the soft mouthed platitudes given by the CAIR leader and the State Chamber of Commerce, the real face of Islam is found in the Qur’an and in the speeches and writings of their spiritual leader. Despite this the liberals are intent on supporting the Muslims as it is one more group that adds numbers and weight to what the liberals think is a united front against conservative values.

Top Ten Reasons To Condemn Islam

  We found these top ten reasons a reasonable person should condemn Islam  online and borrowed heavily from various sources on the Muslim faith in this compilation: