Sunday, October 22, 2017

Would you Get A Raise With These Performance Numbers?

And the Legislators Want
to Give Teachers a Raise?

  Stupid is as stupid does so when someone pulls out the old "Thank a teacher that you can read or write" if you dare question the quality of the state's teachers consider the latest Tulsa Public School test scores.

  An excellent article written by David Van of Sooner Politics lays out the dismal failure of the Oklahoma education system when only 21% of the Tenth grade students are proficient or above proficient in basic education subjects. Yet every speech or news story about politics always brings up the desire to raise teacher pay.

  Any other industry that was failing massively would be driven out of business yet such is the poison we call government that we are worried about being noncompetitive with neighboring states and losing teachers. In fact, ought we not be encouraging the current crop of teachers to leave given these test scores? Perhaps weeding out the teachers that are motivated by money is best and finding teachers that teach for the love of teaching is the answer. I am sure that classroom discipline needs addressed but given the quality of education in Oklahoma who can argue that a pay raise is warranted?

Konawa Tea Party:-Tuesday Night Meeting: - 'Governor's Session', With Al Gerhart

Konawa Tea Party
(4th) Tuesday October 24, 2017 7:00 - 9:00 PM
Kennedy Library - The Dougan Room
Konawa School, 701 W South Street

Invited Speakers:
Al Gerhart - Special Session !
(The Governor's Session)!
Don Spencer - Progress 2A

Monday, October 16, 2017

Carol Bush Steps In It, Again

Just in time for Halloween
Go as the Ugliest Woman in Oklahoma

Carol Bush Steps in it Again

If you are liked and respected you can get away with a lot. Then there are the Carol Bush type characters that tend to draw negative attention simply because they aren't respected or liked. Such was the case last week when Bush drew the ire of fellow Republicans for outing the caucus vote totals on the initial straw polls done at the Republican Caucus back at the start of the special session.

The Sooner Tea Party had already outed the totals the Sunday after the straw polls, none of the tax increases drew more than 47 votes and if every Republican voted for the tax increases at least four Democrats would be needed so the straw polls were indicative of House leadership failure as well as an indication that enough conservative Republicans remained to block the increased taxes. But a third party outing the vote totals and having an insider caucus member blab in public about the vote totals are two different things. Several House members voiced their concern and disgust at the breech of good sense and responsibility as well as House leadership giving a reserved but obviously stern statement.

A Capital Gains Tax

Capitol Gains Tax

One of the silver bullets being considered for a tax deal is the Capitol Gains Tax, which is taxing the increase in value of things like stocks, real estate, other assets that appreciate in value as time goes by. Yes, there are stock increases that happen that outstrip inflation, IPOs come to mind. And like most of the other tax credits that have put the state budget in a hole, the intial Capitol Gains Tax exemption was passed by the Democrats back in 2004.

On the face of it one would think that it hits only the rich but the middle class pay most of the Capitol Gains Tax in general but the wealthy do benefit more from this particlur tax exemption with around 18,000 Oklahomans using the tax avoidance deduction compared to the hundreds of thousands that use Earned Income Credit. In looking at it it can be difficult to determine which side to be on. One one hand the upper income citizens are evading the taxes. On the other hand it is really a tax on inflation, the lose of value of the U.S. dollar due to the feds printing more money and creating digital cash, driving down the value of the dollar and increasing the dollar value of the assets. Government creates the inflation and also profits from the increased taxes on the assets through the Capitol Gains Tax.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Lankford's True Colors: Amnesty Ochestration

Lankford Shows his True Colors in Illegal Alien Amnesty Legislation

  Lankford drank the koolade as soon as he got to D.C. but his latest blunder is enormous. This story tells it better and tells it plainer than we would.

  Anyone stupid enough to file a bill legalizing millions of illegal aliens deserves to be beaten in a primary in Oklahoma and it is past time that Lankford gets sent back to being a church camp director.

Chaos At the Capitol & Botox Overdose

Chaos at the Capitol
Are the Imbeciles in Charge Finally listening?

One thing became clear last week was that budget negotiations, AKA raising taxes, had hit the wall. First Minority Leader Scott Inman makes a fool out of himself by doing a press conference stating that he and the Republian leaders had struck a deal only to have RINO Fallin herself cut him off at the knees hours later. Poor Fallin, facial features partially frozen probably due to a botched botox treatment, responded with her own press conference stating that chaos reined and no budget deal had been struck.

RINO House members, including some freshmen who had been massive disappointment in the regular session have taken to Facebook proclaiming their opposition to tax increases after voting for a billion dollars in the regular session. It is finally sinking in; the voters might just throw them out on their ears in June of 2018 if they don't come to their senses and hold the line on new and increased taxation.

Beyond The Black Robes: The Tulsa Republican Men's Luncheon

 Tulsa County
Republican Men's Club

 Our guests this month is...

Beyond the black robe series. "Here comes Da Judges"

please welcome...District Judge Doug Drummond Chief Judge of the Criminal Division Criminal Felony Docket F,
District Judge Sharon Holmes Criminal Felony Docket D,
and District Judge William D. LaFortune Criminal Felony Docket B

This month we will have our monthly meeting with our Judge series: Beyond the black robe with Doug Drummond, Sharon Holmes, and William D. LaFortune! We wil be learning and understanding who they are and what they do...stay tuned for more District Judges in the future!  All of these Judges have had a few years on the bench now and it will be a very interesting time learning about their careers and what goes into being a Judge.
October 11th, 2017
 Where: Oklahoma Joes
6175 E 61st St, Tulsa, OK
When: 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
October 11th, 2017

Lunch is purchased in the meeting room and are only $13, drink, tax, and tip (pay when you check in at our table in the meeting room)

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Mary Has A Little Lamb...

A Stolen Poem

  Yeah, you didn't know were were that cultured here at STP, did you? Well this little gem showed up on Sooner Politics on Facebook and with a few words added it was perfect to describe Todd Lamb's role the last eight years and the next eight if we are unlucky enough to have that many stupid voters. But the poem was funny so enjoy:

Mary had a little Lamb
To keep the status quo
Vote for him in the primary
And watch your taxes grow..

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Political Donations For Porn

Political Donations for Porn Videos

Only in Oklahoma would you see a Republican embarrass himself by reporting payments to online porn video websites. Jason Reese, running for the Randy McDaniel House District 83 seat in 2018, managed to cause an uproar last week when he filed a report with the State Ethics Commission that detailed payments allegedly for porn videos. Thankfully the video in question was a young wife needing discipline, a bit of S & M going on including a bit of binding and gagging according to the online blog that outed the story.
Trying to be open minded about all of this leads us to think that perhaps the House needs bound and gagged and spanked so maybe Mr. Reese might be an asset to the Republican Caucus. Now if the woman in the video was named Mary Fallin then the guy might win in a landslide after this last round of tax increase demands from the wicked witch of NW 23rd and Lincoln.

Richardson Puts 'Skin In The Game' To Secure Oklahoma's Future

Richardson Campaign Adds One Million Dollars to War Chest

Gubernatorial candidate Gary Richardson has plenty of excellent reasons why people are going to choose him to represent the Republican Party in the 2018 Governors race but he just added one million more reasons, a huge self contribution to his own campaign. Gary sent out a press release about the investment and had the following to say

"I refuse to be beholden to the special interest groups that have poured millions into the governor's race," Richardson said. The people of Oklahoma are my only special interest group. To often, we get politicians who are looking to further their career and only see the office of governor as the next notch on their belt," Richardson said. "I can honestly say that I don't need the job, I'm not looking for a career in politics, and I can't be bought by the lobbyists and special interest groups."

That alone won't ensure his success, he needs a lot of small donations from across the state so be sure and find his website and donate. Gary served as the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Oklahoma in Muskogee from 1981-1984, appointed by President Ronald Reagan. Richardson also is a founding member of the law firm, Richardson, Richardson, and Boudreau.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Puzzling Case of Dan Fisher's Video Views

The Puzzling Case of Dan Fisher's Video Views

We've talked about this before, exaggerated claims of video views by gubernatorial candidate Dan Fisher hoping that an adult would step up and bring it to their attention and stop the deception. However a few weeks ago the John Birch Society was at it again, sending out this email from OCPAC:

"John Michener
To Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee
Sep 19 at 11:31 AM

Dan Fisher's campaign for Governor of Oklahoma has been wildly successful thus far. Last week Dan launched a six-minute video explaining his first campaign platform plank, which is to Abolish Abortion. The video has had 124,000 views."

Yet as the article picture shows the actual views on the very link that OCPAC used in their newsletter shows only 3,000 views, a far cry from 124,000 views that they claim. Early on in political races the campaigns might try to gin up some hysteria and claim momentum but it can backfire on the campaign when people can tell you are telling obvious lies.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Lankford Betrays Working Oklahomans

Lankford Betrays Working Oklahomans

Lankford has never been a Tea Party kind of legislator despite our allowing him to speak at at least one of our rallies. The guy is a Christian fundamentalist and hardly conservative. Yet he went overboard last week with his support of amnesty for the DACA recipients under the Obama program that Trump announced he was ending in six months. While admitting that you don't give away citizens because of an illegal act Lankford went on to author an amnesty bill with North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis. Here is the main language of the bill:

(1) IN GENERAL.—Notwithstanding any other provision of law and except as otherwise provided in this Act, the Secretary may cancel the removal of an alien who is inadmissible or deportable from the 13 United States and grant the alien conditional permanent resident status under this Act, if the alien—

Caucus Talk: We Dodged A Bullet This Week

We Dodged a Bullet this Week

It was looking pretty grim as of last Sunday, Mary Fallin was threatening veto of any cost cutting or waste reduction bills and demanding new and increased taxes be placed upon Oklahomans. House leadership was parroting the same line as were the syphilitic bastards over in the Senate. The Senate had filed dozens of bills and the House piled nearly another 150 bills on top, just under 200 bills total, most were blank appropriation bills or tax increase bills, with a few cost cutting bills, all of which were filed by individuals not leadership in either chamber.

The vast majority were blank appropriations bills, filed by leadership so that they had a bill to ad a new tax to or to increase a tax. Then there were ones like SJR 1 filed by Senator Bice which allows ad valorem or property taxes to be used for payroll at schools. Once the teachers unions and tax hogs break that seal look for sky high property tax increases.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

County Sheriff Cleans House After Election

 Elections Have Consequences
40 year Law Enforcement Veteran Fired over Vague Comments

Forty year veteran policeman Ed Grimes was fired for vague comments made while on a cell phone three days after the Oklahoma County Sheriff election. An open mike in his patrol car picked up his half of a conversation, comments that Canadian County Sheriff Chris West claimed were "sexist and derogatory" and aimed toward supervisory personnel.

Grimes had come in last in a special election on September 12th that replaced disgraced former Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel. The comments were recorded on the department radio system and Grimes can be heard mentioning the movie Dumb and Dumber but there is not really enough to put the comment in context. But the next comment was something about "Chris West ...and his, ah, tampons".

Social Media Plays Larger Role In Campaigns

Legislators Face New Consequences for Special Session Votes

Volunteers Needed to Manage New House and Senate Facebook pages

Politicians have always relied upon the local media controlling the news that is distributed to the public in order to mask their voting record, more than willing to risk voting for special interests and fulfilling quid pro quo acts to pay back campaign donors. As one politician told me after a discussion of his abysmal voting record: "They won't believe it.", referring to his low score on the Sooner Tea Party RINO Index.

However, earlier this year the Sooner Tea Party set in motion a plan to bypass the local media and to harness the power of Facebook and targeted ads on Facebook. One hundred and forty nine individual Facebook pages were set up for all 149 legislative districts and the 2017 RINO index scores were posted on each and every Facebook page along with the picture and contact info for the individual politician. This was a massive undertaking and it still isn't completed so STP needs volunteers to complete the project and to maintain the pages as the go to source for information about each of the 149 House or Senate districts.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Another Victim Killed By Inept Cops

 The Murder of Innocents Continues

Last week saw another brutal murder of a local deaf and developmentally disabled man by police, AKA a retarded person in politically incorrect language. The man's elderly father had been involved in a minor traffic accident and had left the scene leading the police to show up at his house where the car was parked.

Magdiel Sanchez was shot and tasered because he was on the porch of his own home and carrying a 24" long metal pipe that neighbors said he carried when walking around the neighborhood to fend off barking dogs. Neighbors were screaming to police before the shooting that Sanchez was deaf, no doubt leaving off the retarded part out of political correctness or simply not wanting to offend Sanchez. Now there is no law against carrying a pipe or stick when out walking, walkers in my neighborhood usually do carry something for that purpose, nor was Sanchez involved in any crime nor did he have a criminal record.

Richardson Puts Personal 'Skin In The Game' For Governor's Race

Richardson Puts

 $1 Million of Personal Funds into Governor Race

Tulsa, OK, September 24, 2017 – Gary Richardson announced on Friday that he has put a total of $1 million into his campaign fund for Governor of Oklahoma.

"We're in it to win it," said Richardson.  "that's why my wife, Lanna, and I made the decision to put $1 million of our own money into this race."

Richardson continued, "I refuse to be beholden to the special interest groups that have poured millions into the Governor's race.  The people of Oklahoma are my only special interest group."

"That's why I'm asking the citizens of Oklahoma to help support my campaign," said Richardson.  With donations of $50, $25, or even $10 from Oklahomans across the state added to the $1 million Lanna and I have put in this race, we can send a message that the Governor's race can't be bought off by the special interest groups."  

Gary Jones Has A Problem With Grassroots Republicans

State Auditor Gary Jones Facing
Grass Roots Opposition in Run for Governor

Politicians attract toadies of all sorts, people attempting to be useful to the campaign, angling for special favors or a position after the election or simply making brownie points in case the politician wins the election. Sometimes though their work backfires and exposes the politician to ridicule and contempt, such was the case last week when a Gary Jones supporter found out that grass roots political activists on one Facebook group didn't have a high opinion of Jones.

The post was a link to a plan for the budget, with Jones calling for increasing the Gross Production Tax on oil and gas to 5% from the current average of 3.1% along with raising the tobacco tax and gasoline and diesel taxes. An additional 2% Gross Production Tax was recommended by Gary Jones once prices for oil and gas rise with the money going to education and the rainy day fund.

Konawa Tea Party Meeting: Al Gerhart

 Konawa Tea Party
(4th) Tuesday September 26, 2017 7:00 - 9:00 PM
Kennedy Library - The Dougan Room
Konawa School, 701 W South Street

Invited Speaker:
Sooner Tea Party's Al Gerhart speaking on the Special Session

Special Session Filled With New Revenue Grab & Spending Plans

Special Session Threatens Massive Tax Increases

A really good article on the upcoming special session can be found at this link. We all should be worried about the session that begins next week as Fallin has vowed to kill any legislation that cuts spending and she has advocated a billion dollars in new taxes to cover the quarter billion dollar in lost funding due to the Supreme Court decision on the cigarette tax.

The article covers the massive pile of Senate bills already filed and how many of the bills have little to do with fixing the budget and more with spreading even more tax credits and exemptions to those that are politically corrected or willing to pay campaign contributions. The special session is expected to last a minimum of ten days due to the Constitutional prohibition on passing revenue bills in the last five days of a session. Then the legislators have to remain until Fallin signs or vetos the legislation.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Asset Forfeiture Goes Way Beyond The Drug War

Civil Asset Forfeiture is Used Only on Drug Dealers, Right?
Or So We Were Told...
  We wish, the practice of shaking down people in the practice known as "Policing for Profit" is entering a new phase. The excuse used to be that the money or property was guilty of being used in drug trafficking. Now running a food cart means the cops can shut you down and strip you of cash, drain any debit cards, and seize property before you are even charged with a crime much less be convicted.

  This story gives the details of a guy running an unlicensed food cart, selling hot dogs at a sports event, when a local policeman walks up, shuts him down, and steals all of his cash. It seems a ticket is in order, even shutting the vendor down till he is legally permitted and inspected by the Health Department. But does it allow a cop to search a guy's wallet and seize all of his cash?

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Is Dan Fisher A New John Brown?

Does Wild Eye Ranting and Raving
Win Political Races?
  Dan Fisher, former House member and current candidate for Governor put out an epic rant this last week on Youtube. In the video the wild eyed delivery elicits more harm than good to the candidate, and despite the wild claims of 90,000 plus views the video has less than 2500 views as of today on the page I looked at. No other Dan Fisher abortion video shows up on a Youtube search. This appears to be the official Dan Fisher Facebook page, someone correct us if we are wrong.

  Oklahomans do not support abortion for the most part but we also do not support ranting and raving anti abortionists getting in our face. Adding the abolitionist tag to his marketing ensures that the average Oklahoma is going to associate Fisher with John Brown, wild eyed, using terrorism to achieve his goals, simply off the reservation as far as average Oklahoma values.

Special Session Preview, At TARA Meeting, Tuesday Night

Tulsa Area Republican Assembly Meeting
​  The Tulsa Area Republican Assembly will meet on Tuesday, Sept 19th at 7pm. 

  Our Special Guest Speaker will be Scott McEachin of House District 67, in South Tulsa. His topic will be the Special Session and associated issues.

  Gov. Mary Fallin is calling the legislature into special session in the next couple weeks for the purpose of attempting to create a constitutional budget. The Supreme Court rejected hundreds of millions of dollars in illegally-passed taxes. The governor and the Senate leadership want to raise even more taxes. There appears to be less support for new taxes among the house members.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Prater's 'Cup Runneth Over'

David Prater's Cup Runneth Over

Senator Bryce Marlatt received well deserved sexual battery charges on Wednesday for kissing and groping a taxi driver during a booze fueled spree across Oklahoma City a few months back. Adding to that is the end of the investigation into Mary Fallin Aide Travis Brauer on charges of taking upskirt pictures druing a legislative meeting at the State Capitol. You gotta feel for the guy though, what are the chances that Fallin thought such antics were "cute" and encouraged such horse play from one of her boy toys?

Brauer allegedly took up-skirt pictures or video of a liberal activist at the meeting by laying his phone on the floor near her feet, an act that was noticed by several people and reported at the end of the meeting. The chick wasn't particularly attractive either, few liberal activists are, so it must have been the act of humiliation and getting away with it that churned Brauer's butter. Right there again with typical Fallin behavior.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Hands On the Car & Spread'em

Hands on the Car and Spread 'Em

Is the attitude of Oklahoma City with the fifteen propositions on the ballot Tuesday. They are all about increasing the sales tax and incurring dept to pay for things that used to be paid for from our normal taxation, money that has been siphoned away for diversity studies, paying medical and dental costs for the non producers in the city, and bloating the size and expanse of city government.

One of the first things you learn in politics is that raising money requires that you protect your donors from too many pitches for money lest you drain their enthusiasm to donate. The same thing goes for increasing taxes, asking for a massive tax hike or continuation of what was to be a temporary tax hike to pay for down town corporate welfare means the voters will be thinking about the upcoming taxes in the special session as well as the demands from next year and the years after that.

Will The Legislature Continue To Ignore The Will of the People?

Will House and Senate Leadership Ignore the
Will of the People in the Special Session?

Special interests run Oklahoma, that much is clear. There is a host of competing interests but they all beat the same drum; raise taxes instead of cutting spending so their share of the pie expands. Leadership in both chambers bowed to the money from special interests last spring and illegally passed both the cigarette tax and the car tax but the high court itself bowed to the money and influence and denied the state constitution's protections and prohibitions against raising taxes without a vote of the people.

And now Oklahoma taxpayers will pay for a special session to correct leadership's weakness and failings and both chambers of leadership are aiming for a raid on the state rainy day fund and bringing back the increase on smoking tax. I personally am not a smoker but singling out one particular demographic to oppress with taxation isn't good government. These days most of the cost of a pack of cigarettes is taxes, with much of that money wasted in the tobacco settlement fund, a haven for ex lawmakers and their cronies. Increasing taxes also increases the size of government and allows it to do more useless things to repay cronies and special interest groups like medical companies and the chronically unemployed/welfare class.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Tulsa Republican Mens Club Welcomes Dana Murphy

Tulsa County Republican Men's Club
Wednesday, September 13th, 2017
We had a big crowd last month with Bob Dani from the High Noon Club OKC.
Come join us this month at:
Oklahoma Joes, 6175 E 61st St, Tulsa, OK, from 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. for another great meeting!
Lunch is only $13, drink, tax, and tip (pay when you check in at our table in banquet room) Membership is $20, Ladies $10, open to the public. For a $25 membership you also get a shirt or hat!

PD Taylor's House of Death

More Deaths at the Oklahoma County Jail
Thank You Acting Sheriff P.D. Taylor

And the carnage continues at the Oklahoma County jail with the latest death due to a severed spinal column on a drunk being booked into the jail. Acting Sheriff and long time Whetsel era undersheriff P.D. Taylor is holding out hope that the cause of death was "natural causes".

So far this year the Oklahoma County Jail ran by P.D. Taylor continues to hold its place in notoriety as the nation's deadliest jail with ten deaths so far this year. Taylor faces Democrat, Mike Hanson, an Oklahoma County sheriff's deputy, and an independent, Ed Grimes, a Canadian County sheriff's deputy on September 12th . Ed Grimes is widely supported by the grassroots and is a thoroughly decent man.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Murphy's Law & Oklahoma Justice

Murphy's Law About to Give the
Oklahoma Justice System a Major Enema

Patrick Dewayne Murphy is about to cause a major overflow in the Oklahoma Justice System. Back in 1999 Murphy was accused of murdering a fellow Creek Indian citizen, prosecuted and convicted in state court and sentenced to death. However, Murphy and his attorneys waged a successful appeal that overturned his conviction on the grounds that the state of Oklahoma had no jurisdiction over Indian citizens when a crime was committed on Indian territory. Whether the Indian is the accused or the victim the state has no jurisdiction according to the U.S. 10th Court.

This Murphy case is going to affect thousands of cases in Oklahoma alone. Anytime an Indian is involved on either end of a criminal case the jurisdiction is Federal, not state. Thousands of felony and misdemeanor cases could be over turned and sent to the feds for prosecution or simply result in the criminals walking free. The Murphy case is also affecting new felony cases such as the Tulsa fireworks stand shooting in July of this year.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Gary Richardson Forming His Local Campaign Teams

 Wanting to See Some Real Change in Oklahoma?
Volunteer for the Gary Richardson's Campaign

The only Gubernatorial candidate that challenged the billion dollars in taxes was Gary Richardson. The rest were too timid or too connected to the donor/ruling class to stand up and speak up.

Yes, there is the John Birch Society candidate, Dan Fisher, yet as good as Dan's voting record was for the few years he was a state rep he hasn't any backing other than the John Birch Society and no private money. Plus Dan Fisher is considered religious right, far right at that with the John Birch Society backing, so he will never appeal to a broad base. A close comparison would be the other John Birch Society guy, a preacher, up in Edmond that challenged Clark Jolly multiple times and never came close to winning. We might agree with much of what they stand for but that is a far cry from being electable.

Then there is Gary Jones who has done an excellent job as state auditor but Gary has been as silent a church mouse over the new taxes and did not step up to put his money and reputation on the line to sue the state over the new illegal taxes. Why? Because Gary Jones has no money of his own and must depend on the tall building crowd for campaign donations. This is one of Gary Richardson's strengths, the ability to largely self fund and reject the demands of the donor class, AKA Trump 2.0.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

The 5 Tyrants Of the High Court

Patrick Wyrick (R)2018
The Five Tyrants of the Oklahoma Supreme Court
    The dissenting opinions of Justices Combs, Watt, Edmondson, and Colbert lay out a clear case of judicial activism and tyranny. You can read the entire decision here along with the dissenting opinion of the four honorable justices. You will notice that the two Republican appointed justices betrayed both the Republican Party and the people that voted for SQ 640.
John F. Reif (D) 2020 

The Oklahoma Supreme Court didn't just get their ruling wrong on the car tax, they purposefully gutted SQ 640 and thwarted the will of the people. Their opinion relies upon one decision, Leveridge V. Oklahoma Tax Commission, a ruling that closed a loophole that allowed auto dealers to evade state tax on cars.

SQ 640 simply made it difficult for the legislature to raise revenue and taxes by requiring a super majority or a vote of the people and not allowing revenue raising bills to pass in the final five days of session. What these five tyrants did was add a second prong to what was historically used to determine if a bill was a revenue bill or not. The first prong, established one year after the formation of the court, is if the bill's purpose or principle object is the raising of revenue and not a bill where revenue is raised incidentally. What the five tyrants did was add the second prong of "does the bill levy a tax in the strict sense of the word".