Monday, December 18, 2017

DACA Dreamer Deceptions

So Much for the Idea That Dreamers Pay More in Taxes than they Get in Benefits

The Congressional Budget Office put out a report a few days back that stated the cost for allowing the two million DACA illegals to stay in the country. This Obama era scheme gave benefits and work permits to about two million illegal aliens, many that haven't been children in many years. The report stated that the cost to taxpayers would be 25.9 billion dollars, mainly in Medicaid, food stamps, education funding, and other programs. Not counting the cost to the states of course. In the same time frame these illegals would return a mere .9 billion, less than one 25th of the cost of keeping them in the U.S.

Lankford Backer Faces Charges

Lankford Campaign Backer in the News After Sexual Misconduct Lawsuit Filed in Texas

  An interesting story surfaced recently about a huge supporter of Senator James Lankford. Paul Pressler, one of the powerhouses behind Lankford's rise to public office has been sued for decades of rape and sodomy. Pressler was the leader of the Southern Baptist Convention, the national organization, but with deep roots in the Oklahoma Baptist organization.

  Back in 1979 Pressler and one Paige Patterson started a movement called the Conservative Resurgence aimed at booting out the liberal influence in the Baptist organization. It took about a decade before they succeeded in removing the liberals. That part is okay, a look at the Methodists shows what happens when a line isn't drawn. Over these years SBC presidents and committee members were replaced with those under the sway of Pressler and eventually they owned the entire Baptist organization including the publishing arm, the Baptist Messenger. The religious community has their politicians too and they are as ruthless and conniving as any at 23rd and Lincoln.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Fallin and the Health Department Board Knew of the Deception

Fallin and the Health Department Board Knew of the Deception
   So it turns out that Governor Fallin along with the full Health Department Board knew of the deceptions and illegal money activities long before the scandal broke into public view. A story by spills the beans using recently released agency documents that laid out the corruption and incompetence.
  The documents released by the Department of Health admitted that they lied to state finance officials as well as the legislature and the board of the Department of Health. The lies cost the state thirty million dollars along with over 200 jobs at the agency. They were hiding a debt of more than thirty million dollars, an unconstitutional act, created fake transfers or borrows of fictional assets, falsely claimed that some liabilities have been paid, embezzled restricted federal funds, bloated payroll from 132 million in 2011, up to over 150 million in fiscal year 2018, fronted money on contracts of more than 13 million dollars.

Another RINO Cruises Into Office

 Another RINO Cruises into Office

  SD 27 had an election last week and RINO House member Casey Murdock (0% 2017 RINO Index rating) won a six way race with only 33% of the votes, pointing out a major flaw in the Oklahoma election system.

  However, the blame rests squarely with the area conservatives who allowed such a huge number of candidates rather than coalescing behind one of the true conservative challengers. Once again ego gets in the way of conservative values.

-Tommy Nicholson: 117 1.78%
-Michael Medill: 59 0.90%
-Jeff Hall: 842 12.81%
-Travis Templin: 1,856 28.23%
-Casey Murdock: 2,181 33.17%
-Carolyn McLarty: 1,520 23.12%
TOTAL: 6,575 votes cast

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Tulsa Republican Mens' Christmas Event

Join us for the TCRMC Christmas Party

 Get your tickets today!

On behalf of Darren, Michael, Billie, Cherie, Dave, Charley... Merry Christmas!

  If you haven't heard yet, we are having a Christmas party December 17th from 5 to 7 at the Liberty Tower. We will have special guests Cathy Costello, Kevin Stitt, Gary Richardson, and several other candidates you'll want to meet, not to mention Santa Clause. Also for your holiday entertainment, we will be enjoying great food and music from Ron Proctor and the boys.

Dan's Upcoming Secret Meeting

 Cult Meeting January 6th !
Bring your Tasers and Robes if You Have Them!
Taliban Dan Invites You to an Exclusive and Secret War Room Session!

Dear God Almighty....these are some inept and brazen fools running the Taliban Dan campaign. Their latest stunt was sending out the email below, advertising a "exclusive, secret, and extremely important event" while sending it out via normal email newsletter.

One would think that they would realize that their lists of supporters include plenty of plants from the other campaigns and if this was ever a secret it wouldn't be one for long. Of course these fund raising event newsletters (you don't really think they are going to share tactics with those that attend, do you?) are written like a good email scam letter, aimed at the dumbest of them all, full well knowing that normal and intelligent people are going to see through the B.S.. In fact these scammers actually rely upon intelligent folks seeing through things so that the stupidest and most gullible self select for the skinning. No use wasting time trying to convince people with cognitive abilities, eh?

Tasers For Pastors

Tasers for Pastors
and No, Not for Church Security

   I know, I know....STP has fun with the current political events and isn't shy about labeling an ridiculing the hypocrisy in Oklahoma politicians. But this is another take away from the Anti AHA group we found on Facebook and it is so illuminating as to the mindset of these radical abolitionist cult members that are staffing and volunteering on the Dan Fisher campaign that it deserved its own article in the newsletter.

  The Facebook post describes a recent post on AHA social platforms advocating and discussing purchasing and using tasers on the pastors of the Churches they are picketing on Sunday mornings.

Monday, December 11, 2017

A Very Offended Supporter of Dan's

A Taliban Dan Supporter is Very Offended

  In the newsletter business you always know when you step in it but rarely do you get feedback when people agree with the article. When you hit a nerve you might get a dozen upset emails, usually more like five or six on something very controversial. So when one, saying again, one negative email came in over last week's Taliban Dan article we have a good window into how well Dan Fisher, AKA Taliban Dan, will poll in the summer Gubernatorial Primary. Read the email below:

Dec 4
I originally considered your efforts & publication to be a MUST Read.
Now with this latest PRO-abortion Campaign against Reverend Fisher I now PRAY that you and your PRO-abortion puppet masters all quickly receive your just awards. God Speed the Day!
Unsubscribe me from your SATANIC rag!
Stephen Lewis
  Our prediction is that Dan Fisher is going to draw around 2% or less in the primary so one email out of 6000 newsletters sent out plus the thousands of forwarded copies, well, one email is saying that a prediction of a 2% polling total might be high but we are sticking with it.

Lamb Turns Blind Eye To His Tourism Dept. Corruption

Lt. Governor Todd Lamb Can't Run One Agency

And Now He Wants to Run Five Hundred?

  The nearly eight year termed Lt. Governor Todd Lamb was in the news recently when another scandal broke out over the only agency that Lamb is in charge of running, the Tourism Department that is in charge of marketing the state and running the state lodges and parks. Fox 25 ran a story about the U.S. Department of Labor running an investigation into workplace violations at one of the parks.

It seems that an internal audit found that the workers at Roman Nose state part were docked thirty minutes out of their work day regardless of how much time they took for lunch of even if they didn't take a lunch break. Employees could take a two hour lunch if they wanted and still get paid for all but a half hour. This of course is illegal under federal wage and labor standards so the feds got involved as the state labor department would have shown bias. The illegal procedure came to light as part of an external audit, one that found many issues including that the department had refused to hire an internal auditor in violation of state law.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Doobie Brothers Newsletter

December 10th 2017 Newsletter

The Doobie Brothers Newsletter

   Ah, growing up in the sixties and seventies, what great music was created in that era. One that came to mind last few weeks was the Doobie Brothers, named for a slang term for a joint of marijuana, although the censors at the time weren't quite up on pop culture. And after last week's revelations that gubernatorial candidate Gary Jones stumbled into admitting that he smoked pot once we were treated to a meltdown on Facebook by Taliban Dan Fisher who first seemed to support the legalization of marijuana, then retracted or clarified that he was supporting the medical use. Okaaaayyyyyy.......

Needless to say Taliban Dan stepped in it big time as his Christian supporters reacted as one would imagine they would and after the quasi retraction the pot head supporters of his campaign reacted in the other direction. His original post clearly stated he supported legalizing marijuana for medical use, so why the sudden backpedaling?

Mary Hypocrisy

The Amazing Hypocrisy of Governor Mary Fallin For All to See

  The utter gall of this woman can be stunning. After attempting to strong arm the House into passing the largest single tax increase in state history this tramp of a woman has the nerve to sign a letter from a group of governors to Congressional leadership demanding that the tax cuts be enacted into law.

December 7, 2017
The Honorable Mitch McConnellThe Honorable Paul D. RyanMajority Leader, Speaker, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representative
Dear Leader McConnell and Speaker Ryan,"The purpose of cutting taxes now is not to incur a budget deficit, but to achieve the more prosperous, expanding economy which can bring a budget surplus." President John F. Kennedy's comments promoting comprehensive tax reform before the Economic Club of New York more than a half-century ago are just as valid today. America needs a tax cut.Since January 2011, Republican governors have enacted $62 billionworth of tax cuts for the hard-working people of our states, according to Americans for Tax Reform.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Leslie Osborn's Money

 Rep. Lesie Osborn Rejecting Money She Doesn't Have Coming to Her

  This is a late story, it was a busy month in November with the Special Session and all but it is an important story as we should all know the kind of people that are running for office. The info came from an unlikely source, a Democrat, but obviously one that doesn't like hypocrisy any more than the rest of us.

  The scandal started with a post by Angela Clark Little on November 12 at 6:56 p.m. on the Facebook page of Oklahoma Parents and Educators for Public Education. Rep. Leslie Osborn had initially announced that she was waiving her claim for Per Diem and Angela Clark Little posted it bragging about Osborn. After Osborn was called out because she was not eligible for Per Diem, she tried to claim that she was talking about mileage and said that Speaker McCall had told her that mileage was a "part of Per Diem".

Taliban Dan

Taliban Dan, the Gubernatorial Candidate, AdvocatesMurder Charges for Women who Abort

Radical Anti Abortion Group Members Reported to be Among Campaign Staff and Help Run the Fisher Campaign

There is no doubt that the John Birch Society is squarely behind gubernatorial candidate Dan Fisher, AKA Taliban Dan, yet as always the group tends to stick with manipulating officials from the shadows and not actually doing any political work. Fisher has been a regular speaker at the JBS events so that link is proven yet it turns out that another even more radical and disturbing group is said to be actually staffing and running the Fisher campaign. This fact came to light after a vicious "debate" on a Facebook political page and a Oklahoma political activist took the time to do some digging around into the connections and giving us enough to look into the allegations.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Gary Jones & Pot Stories

 OMG, is Gary Jones  a Pot Head!

Once politicians get away from their scripted talking points they can sometimes find themselves tripping over answers and showing their true colors. Last week we saw this with current State Auditor and Gubernatorial candidate Gary Jones on an answer he gave about smoking marijuana.

The candidate forum was held at Randal University in Moore, seven of the twelve announced candidates for Governor answered questions submitted by the crowd that Tuesday night. A good accounting of the high points can be found here or you can watch the entire video here.

The candidates appearing were Gary Richardson, Gary Jones, Dan Fisher, Connie Johnson, Joe "exotic" Maldonado, Rex Lawhorn, and Chris Powell. Richardson of course is the conservative favorite in the race, a lawer that previously ranas an independent in 2002. Jones is a former GOP State Chairman, more of a liberal Republican than most. Dan Fisher is the radical right abolitionist preacher from Yukon and a former state representative. Johnson is a former legislator and pot legalization activist. Maldonado is an openly gay zookeeper (scary combination, that...). Lawhorn is a small businessman from Broken Arrow. Powell works for the OKC police department. Of the entire group only Richardson has enough financial backing, the credentials, and widespread support for a serious run at the Governor's office.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Sneaking A Quick One At Our Expense

The Bastards Slipped One
Through on us Last Session

We missed this bill getting through the Capitol last session, SB323 which raised the filing fees for running for office. The bill did also lower the number of signatures needed for a petition to escape the cost but it really isn't cost effective to gather signatures given the limited time a candidate has. The potential costs of counting signatures would be offset by the increased fees for filing. The amount of signatures needed in lieu of paying the filing fee went from 4% of registered voters in the district down to 2%.

Filing for County office went from $200.00 to $300.00, Governor filing went from $1500 to $2000, U.S. Senate filing went from $1000 to $2000.00, U.S. Congress filings went from $500 to $750, state wide offices like Lt. Gov., A.G., Auditor, and the like went from $500 to $1000. State rep filings were set at $500.00 and state senate filings were set at $750.00, judges and district attorney filing fees were set at $500.00.

Incompetent Leaders Fight Over Pay Cuts

Incompetent Leadership at Executive and Legislative Levels Prompt Infighting over Pay

The Oklahoma Legislative Compensation Board showed how bitter the tax fight has been this past few months after they voted Thursday to cut lawmakers' pay by 8.8 percent. The vote was four to three in favor of cutting legislative pay by 8.8% with some members voting no because they were in favor of deeper cuts to pay for state senators and representatives. The pay cuts will take effect after the next election in November 2018.

The Board placed blame on the legislature mainly because Governor Fallin appointed the majority of the board members. The stated goal was to bring legislature pay inline with nearby states, with Oklahoma being topped only by Arkansas. The base pay is now at $38,400 so the reduction will lower that base pay to around $35,021 per year plus any bonus for serving as leadership and per diem pay.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Incompetence At the Helm Of State

Mary Fallin, Todd Lamb, and Gary Jones's Incompetency and Complacency
Obvious For All to See
$30,000,000.00 DHS Budget Hole Caused by Fallin, Lamb, and Jones's Refusal to Oversee Agencies
More Financial Irregularities Rumored at Commerce Department, Tourism Department, and Agriculture, Food, and Forestry Department

Firing the top lawyer and agency head instead of charging them with felonies and sending them to prison is Mary Fallin's way of covering up her massive incompetence in running the state agencies. Instead of arrests and charges Fallin's favorite boy toy Preston Doerflinger takes over the department, attempting to manage the fallout over years of overspending and fiscal mismanagement despite earlier warnings to authorities.

Murdock Signals 'Desperation' - Attacks McLarty In Senate Race

We rarely post something from other sources but this one was so well written and the tactics are so disgusting that we just printed all of the story.  McLarty doesn't see eye to eye with the Tea Party on everything but she is a huge supporter of Republicans following the Party Platform, in fact she was a key supporter of the resolution.

  The special election to replace the disgraced Bryce Marlatt in the Oklahoma Senate is getting muddy. Casey Murdock is now launching a speculative attack on one of the most dedicated champions of the Republican Platform, Carolyn McLarty. Dr. McLarty has been an effective defender of Oklahoma fiscal and social conservatism as a member of the Republican National Committee & Chairing a subcommittee of the national party's platform committee.

Monday, November 13, 2017

The Dan Fisher Fan Club Fanatics

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Never Let A Good Budget Crisis Go To Waste

Special Session for Fixing the Budget Hole, but Also for Passing More Special Interest Tax Exemptions!

Yeah, we get it, the 2017 auto sales tax was written by idiots that forgot the effect it would have on fleet sales of trucks and rental cars. But then again car sales can also happen across state lines once the tax differences are high enough that people vote with their pocket books and purchase vehicles in other states and tag them in other states to evade the enormous tax hike passed this spring. And who can afford the tax easier? Jane and Joe Sixpack or the large oil and gas companies, Walmart, and other corporate donors?

The RINOs Lose A Big Tax Battle

House and Senate Leadership and Mary FallinLose the Massive Tax Increase Vote
Oklahomans dodged a bullet this week after the House of Representatives vote on nearly a half billion dollars in increased taxes failed by a handful of votes. Leadership left the vote open for over an hour while they threatened and pressured the hold outs in the Republican caucus, using office privileges, office budgets, committee positions, the usual punishments dealt to conservative Republicans for following the Party platform.

McCall and his minions were successful in swinging two no votes, Ryan Martinez and Avery Frix of Edmond and Muskogee caved in and switched their votes to yes. The links above will take you to their Facebook pages and both need to be lit up over their pro tax increase votes.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Drunk Drivers In Yen's House

Senator Yen's Son Arrested for Drunken Driving
Senator Ervin Yen Urged to Add Interlock Ignition Devices on Tanning Beds
to Prevent Drunken Tanning

Is a Senate bill from 2011 going to be followed with Senator Ervin Yen's son Jacob Henry Yen following the younger Yen's arrest in Norman for drunk driving?

SB 529 (2011) requires that first time DUI offenders have interlocking ignition devices installed on their cars, requiring the driver to blow into the device and pass a booze test before the car will start. Jacob Henry Yen will also have the words "Interlock Required" placed on his drivers license until the probation period is over and drivers caught driving vehicles without the required ignition interlock will result in arrest. Yen will have to pay for the device and interlock, which was reflected on the court records obtained by the Sooner Tea Party.

Conservatives Win OKGOP State Committee Battle - Honors Bestowed On Legislative Conservatives

RINOs on the Run?
Vicious Battle at State Committee Meeting Won by Conservatives
Pam Pollard and Fount Holland lost a major battle this afternoon at the state committee meeting held and the Windsor Hills Baptist Church. Despite Pam Pollard's desperate attempts to halt the proceedings using threats of a quorum call, fake time deadlines, and other procedural moves the grass roots Republican County Chairmen passed a resolution praising the two dozen or so Republican House members that blocked the outright passage of the massive nearly half billion dollar tax increase. Different sources present at the event vary in the exact count but all accounts agree that nearly 65% of the County GOP officials voted in favor of the resolution while around 29 RINO party officials bitterly opposed the resolution.

Listen Very Carefully

This is Going to be the Result of Passing New Taxes or Increasing Taxes
I live over in the old Kyle Loveless Senate seat and in the last two days have gotten three mailers from Rosino, the Republican candidate for the Senate seat. A picture of the two mailers is above. The other mailer was puffing the candidate instead of accusing voters of being lazy or pre occupied.
On the other side of the mailer Rosino's mailer attempts to explain why Republicans are getting defeated in the special elections, he claims a mix of out of state money and workers and admitting that the Republican voters are staying home and not voting.
I'm not going to miss voting on Tuesday, I'm voting early, for the Democrat and I am a Republican and have been for many years. OCPAC recommended the same, vote for the liberal Democrat who would do less damage.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Tulsa Republican Men's Club: Courtrooms & Constitutional Conventions

Tulsa County 

Republican Men's Clu

November 8th, 2017

We had a great meeting last month with our series "Beyond the black robe" with Judge William Bill LaFortune, Caroline Wall, Kelly Greenough.

This month we will have our monthly meeting with our Judge series: "Beyond the black robe" continued with District Judge James Caputo and we Senator Nathan Dahm discussing article 5 convention. We willl be learning and understanding who they are and what they do...stay tuned for more District Judges in the future!

Where: Oklahoma Joes
6175 E 61st St, Tulsa, OK
When: 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
November 8th, 2017

Lunch is purchased in the meeting room and are only $14, drink, tax, and tip (pay when you check in at our table in the meeting room)
Membership is $20, Ladies $10, open to the public.
For a $25 membership you also get a shirt or hat while supplies last!
To RSVP call Billie at 918-638-9977 or
(you can now pay with a credit or debit card)
...ask about being a sponsor!

Our guests this month is...
Beyond the black robe series. "Here comes Da Judges"
please welcome...District Judge James Caputo of the Criminal Division Criminal Felony Docket E and Senator Nathan Dahm.
Judge Caputo has had a few years on the bench now and it will be a very interesting time learning about his careers and what goes into being a Judge.

Next month we will be having a conversation with Matt Pinnell candidate for Lt. Governor and Representative Glen Mulready candidate for Insurance Commissioner.

Oklahoma Joe's - Tulsa
6175 E 61st St
Tulsa, OK, OK 74136
RSVP: Billie Bell 918-638-9977 or

This will be an exciting talk - you will be glad you made this meeting!

TCRMC Officers
Darren Gantz - President
Michael Phillips - Vice-President
Billie Bell - Treasurer
Cherie Cook - Secretary
Charlie Biggs - Chaplin
Dave Bell - Sargent of Arms

Leslie, You Ignorant ______!

Leslie Osborn, you Ignorant ….

No, we aren't being anything other than sarcastic and playing off the much loved Dan Ackroyd/Jane Curtin skit on Saturday Night Live circa 1979. For the younger readers there was a new format of TV shows going on, William F. Buckley debating some liberal and what was new and unique about it was that both did the best they could to destroy the other and ridicule their arguments. SNL conceived a Point-Counter Point segment, with a woman news anchor played by Jane, who gave a liberal speech about one side of a debate which was almost always a debate on an innocuous subject like a celebrity couple divorce, with Dan Ackroyd responding for the other side and always beginning with "Jane, you ignorant slut." Pure over kill, purely vicious, and so unthinkable at the time that it was a huge favorite with the audiences.

Gary Wants More Taxes

 A STP T shirt goes to the first person who correctly identifies which
 picture is Jones. Contest not valid in all states, no purchase required for entry
Gary Jones Wants More Tax Increases

Current State Auditor and Gubernatorial race candidate Gary Jones wasn't shy about increasing taxes by a half billion dollars per year when he published his "Fair and Balanced Plan for Budget" last week.

His "plan" is to cut $400 million in unspecified waste, raise all GPT taxes to 5% for three years and 7% after the three year grace period, raise the tobacco tax, add 20 cents to the diesel tax, add 20 cents to the gasoline tax, and an additional 2% GPT tax when oil prices are high to fund education and the Rainy Day Fund.

Jones has collected very little money for his race, around $50,000.00 compared to one to two million dollars collected by the big boys. He seems to be oblivious to alienating the oil and gas industry or the public in general with this half billion dollar per year tax increase. Who is left to support the guy? One wonders why he is even running other than some sort of ego trip.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Tribes Roll the Dice On Speaker McCall

The Indian Tribes Rolled the Dice on Speaker Charles McCall

Fueled by donations from a wide variety of Indian tribes Speaker Charles McCall swept into office and quickly found himself running for Speaker of the House. Initially he was repulsed at a December 2015 Caucus meeting where legislators refused to sign a pledge supporting McCall for Speaker but he came back with boat loads of cash in early 2016 and bribed, AKA campaign donations, enough legislators that he had enough votes to defeat Earl Sears in May of 2016 and clinch the Speaker race.

How he did so was through a PAC that he controlled and the collaboration of Indian Tribe PACs that bribed enough freshmen and incumbents to secure the position for McCall. And anytime anyone spends that kind of money there is always, always, always, a payback.

One of the parts of that payback was filed last week but for some odd reason it wasn't brought up for a Floor vote. HB 1033 would have legalized dice games and roulette games in Indian casinos as long as the Tribe didn't have a direct financial interest in the outcome of the game. It would be done like poker, the gambler's money is put in a pot or pool and winnings and casino fees are paid out of that pot.

Inman's Bimbo Eruptions

      Scott Inman and his happy wife right before the November 2016 election
Yah think she knows?
Scott Inman Bimbo Eruption Revisited

The noose tightens around Scot Inman, the disgraced Minority Leader in the House of Representatives. More information came out last week as a result of our stories on the scandal. One rumor at this point is that political fundraiser Allison Lawrence might be involved in some capacity and indeed the initial rumors in late 2016 were of a fund raiser being the victim of Scott's advances and we will leave it to rumor if victim is a poor choice of words.

The original stories about Scott Inman, AKA Romeo can be found in our archived newsletters.  Look for the archive link at the top of this newsletter.

Meanwhile Rep Mike Ritze went on KFAQ and revealed information of why Inman resigned, mentioning most of the allegations we have made in the past. Interestingly enough Pat Campbell asked if the victim was male or female. One wonders what he might have heard.... In the same KFAQ podcast Ritze tells the details of the arrest of Senator Yen's wife.

Fun with Chris, Jon, and Kevin

Fun with Chris, Jon, and Kevin

Doesn't that  title sound like a kiddie p*rn film found in a desk at the Cleveland County Sheriff's office or a Senate breakroom?
    But no, relax you guys on the East side of the Capitol, we are just talking about Chris Kannaday, Jon Echols, and Kevin Wallace, the first two are puppet masters of Charles McCall, the last is just the state rep they suckered into taking the heat as A & B Chairman.

   Last week we told of the legislators that were calling or emailing us asking to get the newsletter out so that House Leadership would release the agenda for Monday morning. Sure enough, after we published at around 10:34 that allowed Kevin Wallace to send out the agenda and bill details shortly after 11 pm. Their goal of course is to not allow us to spill the beans and write about what they have planned, in short, they fear our influence might override their intimidation over the legislators.