Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Soft-On-Crime Sob Story of the Week

Coddled Criminal Soft on Crime Sob Story of the Week

Meet Mario D. Cherry, AKA Mario D. Bump, Bump Cherry, Cherry Milton, Mario Cherry, Bunk Cherry, and Bumploc, a career criminal who loves soft on crime legislators and liberal voters that think being soft on criminals does anything other than dumping the criminals back out on the street faster so they can break into your home again.
Cherry shows up on the record when he was nineteen years old in 1991 , on charges of keeping a place to sell drugs, earning a one year sentence, then again in 1993 on multiple charges of using a firearm in a crime, drug possession, possession with intent to distribute. He earned around 27 years of sentencing, various four year terms, a six year term, and a seven year term. He was in and out quickly but went right back into prison probably for parole violations, coming out in 1997, out again in 2000, back in in 2003, hop scotching around between the street and prison.

A Tale of Tattered Textbooks

April 22nd 2018 Newsletter

A Tale of Tattered Text Books
Oh the propaganda that Oklahoma was subjected to the last few weeks including the much used pictures of tattered textbooks used as proof that Oklahoma education funding had been slashed. Of course it was manufactured propaganda as school bond money is used for textbooks and local school districts pass bond issues all the time for such needs.

One district in particular that was using this manufactured propaganda was Tulsa district. Tulsa had passed $970,000,000 in bonds since 2010. $354,000,000 in 2010, $38,000,000 in 2013, and $415,000,000 in 2015 which had $138,435,000 earmarked for textbooks and classroom materials.

In all $23,480.38 per student was raised in school bonds alone, all earmarked for textbooks, building repair, and transportation infrastructure. So if there were videos and pictures of moldy schools and tattered books it was mismanagement of tax dollars and bond dollars, not a lack of citizens paying taxes to support education.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Sallisaw Is Just One Example of Bloated School Administration

It's Ten O'clock, Do You Know What Your School District Administration is Paid?

Anyone remember that phrase? Some news casts would ask that, "It's Ten O'clock, do you know where your children are?" But in the wake of the disgusting and disturbing gathering of union thugs striking at the Capitol we need to educate readers and legislators alike on the kind of pay scales being paid in even the smallest of school districts. Usually the highest paid employees in a county will be public school teachers or administrators.

This post by the Tulsa World allows you to select any school district in the state and see their highest paid employees and see each and every salary paid listed with benefits and without along with the job description.

We choose Sallisaw as an example in the picture above, a small town on the far East side of the state, split by I-40, the House District of Rep. John Bennett. Sallisaw struck for higher pay and increased funding and sent plenty of union thugs to the Capitol and they stayed here till the strike fizzled out last week.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Oops! We Spoke Too Soon!

 Opps, We Spoke too Soon...

Darn, we made the mistake of bragging on Democrat Scott Inman last Sunday only to see his wife file for divorce on Monday. Makes you wonder if she reads the newsletter and we triggered her.... We were impressed that Inman had swallowed his pride, took himself out of the running for Governor, and had apparently rescued his relationship with his family.

Inman had a bimbo eruption last year, with wifey cooking off at him in the hallways, in a rage over finding out about his infidelity. The previous year we had outed Inman's rumored affair with a campaign confidant after Inman appeared to be being blackmailed into shutting down his rhetoric against Dan Kirby and William Fourkiller's alleged indiscretions at the Capitol. Initially Inman was quite vocal, then he went silent, until a few days after we outed the allegations of infidelity. Our goal was to inoculate him if he was indeed being blackmailed and get him back into the fray. Of course it was seen as the pot calling the kettle black but at least he was back in the game.

Richardson & McGowan To Speak At Konawa Tea Party, Tuesday

Konawa Tea Party

(4th) Tuesday April 24, 2018 7:00 - 9:00 PM
Kennedy Library - The Dougan Room
Konawa School, 701 W South Street


Gary Richardson - Candidate Gov.!
Brooke McGowan - Tax Reformer!
Matt Pinnell - Candidate Lt. Gov.

McGowan is one of the leaders behind the Tom Coburn backed Oklahoma Taxpayer Unite group that is planning the referendum on the teacher pay raise taxes. Come on down and see her speak about the effort and learn how to get involved in helping to gather the 40,000 signatures needed to allow the people of the state to decide if they want to increase our taxes. The filing of the referendum will freeze both the taxes and the pay increases until after the election.

Gary Richardson will also be speaking about his run for Governor and the issues facing the state. Gary is our favorite choice for that office and as a former U.S. attorney charged with prosecuting the corrupt county commissioners in the 80's he knows how to root out corruption and will not sell his soul to be elected.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Jon Echols, What the Hell Are You Trying To Pull?

Jon Echols, What in the Hell are you Trying to Pull?

Sooner Politics' David Van Risseghem published a heck of a story last week asking why House and Senate leadership was sitting on education reform legislation yet also trying to entice the new anti tax advocacy group Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite to push for an additional state question.

In particular there are several versions of a bill that would put a cap on administration expenditures and other extraneous spending in order to force the spending of 65% of the school budget on classroom instruction, teachers, text books, and supplies, to ensure that the school administrators weren't building multi million dollar soccer fields while classrooms suffered shortages of materials and teachers were under paid. That amount isn't draconian, in fact it is the national average for classroom spending and along with that needs to be a bill that lays out that ONLY teachers that have a full class load schedule are to be considered teachers to prevent principles from teaching one study hall class and seeing their six figure pay called teacher pay expense on the books.

Tax Referendum Getting Set To Launch

Extorted Teacher Tax Referendum About to Launch

The largest tax increase in state history, the first tax increase in 28 years to gain the required 76 votes in the House of Representatives, is facing a referendum vote sometime this year. The new group led by former U.S. Senator Tom Coburn is in the final planning day of writing the petition and applying for the time frame for gathering the needed 40,000+ signatures from registered voters to place the extorted teacher taxes on the ballot.

These taxes were raised in a last ditch effort to prevent a teacher strike, not a good idea in our minds to give in to extortion and union thugs, but they raised over $600 million dollars on gas, diesel, cigarettes and other tobacco, and a hotel tax which was repealed a week later after the hotel lobby generated enough pressure on the legislators.

The House refused to allow the Senate to send the bills back through the House as hours after the vote enough citizen pressure had been applied to remove many of the 76 votes that passed the bill initially. This was sprung upon the House members with an hour's time to read, no notice as usually required, not even any discussion in the GOP caucus.