Monday, March 23, 2020

Dumping Convicts In A Health Emergency?

Release the Prisoners So They Don't Get Sick? Hell No...

Commissioner Carrie Blumert is urging Oklahoma County to release all “non violent” prisoners with bonds under $10,000 to minimize the number of Wuhan Flu cases in the Oklahoma County Jail.

The first thing that comes to mind is that if they stop all visitation and segregate incoming prisoners there will be little avenues for the virus to get into the jail.

The second thing is that these people were arrested for crimes and needed to be off the streets for public safety.

Some of the “non violent” detainees are anything but non violent.

Hofmeister Demands That Teachers Not Provide Students With Telephonic Instruction Help

Joy Hofmeister Protecting Teacher Union Jobs,
Certainly Not the Kids

Hofmeister has never been one of our favorite politics as she has appeared to be openly hostile to the Charter School system. Or we should say she used to appear to be that way, after ordering the Charter Schools closed due to the Wuhan Flu it is obvious that she is completely hostile .

Sooner Politics put out a story on the issue that covers all the bases. The students no longer have a teacher on call via telephone or the internet to answer questions or help on assignments. While the blended learning centers should have been closed as they are physical schools, I cannot think of a reason that home schooling should be disrupted.

Of course the union schools are closed and the teachers unions are worried about losing more students to Epic Charter School and the other Charter Schools. No doubt they were clamoring for Hofmeister to damage the schools and disrupt the education of the thousands of kids. If only to make the union jobs last a bit longer.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Tulsa 912 Founder Defies Trump's Call For Social Distancing

 Tulsa 9-12 Activist Angers Hundreds
with Advice Opposing Trump's Advice to Stay Home and Not Gather in Large Groups

  Ronda Vuillemont-Smith, the long time leader of Tulsa 9-12 and a frequent candidate for public office, stepped into a buzz saw last week over a post claiming credit for the Broken Arrow businesses remaining open. Her Facebook post said that she had spoken at the Broken Arrow City Council meeting and convinced the officials to keep the town's businesses open and she encouraged others to visit Broken Arrow to dine and drink at the local restaurants.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Medicaid Expansion & the Next Pandemic

The Effect that Medicaid Expansion Will Have on the Next Pandemic

Stitt is making plans to expand Medicaid in Oklahoma, dressing it up as a state plan, but it is a pig in a dress regardless. OCPA ran a good story on the issue. We at STP have long been against the expansion as it places a tax burden upon the productive and the thrifty to pay for the bottom half of the population's health care. It also increases the federal deficit and once people get their snouts in the trough they become dependent upon the state forever more.

Stitt's plan would increase the Medicaid rolls by hundreds of thousands of men and women that are capable of working for a living. The fig leaf is raising taxes on hospitals who just raise the prices to cover the increased taxes. Taking money from TSET is a good idea rather than the money being wasted on PSA ads in the media companies so they can rake in big bucks. But we are talking about another half billion per year in new taxes if Stitt is successful in passing this boondoggle.

Monday, March 16, 2020

Panic Or Overhyped?

Wuhan Virus, Panic or Over Hyped?
There seem to be two camps when it comes to the Wuhan virus, sometimes called the Corona Virus in an attempt to get people to forget the origin of the virus, either outright panic or the opposite, that the flu kills more people each year.

And the latter is correct, we are going to lose 80,000 from the flu in any given year we have a bad strain. Flu is influenza, the origins of the word is 14th century Italy and means “Influence of the stars” as they had superstitions and little science to go on.

What makes the Wuhan flu different than everyday flu is:

Parental Rights Gutted: Republican Leadership Joins Democrat Caucus

 Parental Rights Gutted by Democrat Bill Supported by Republicans
An amazingly bad piece of legislation passed out of the House last week despite being stopped two days earlier. HB 3873 was stopped 60 to 35 on the 9th, preserved using a parliamentarian move, and passed on the 11th 78 to 16. The bill gutted vast amount of parental protections from underage children getting married. Democrat Jason Dunnington authored the legislation that ultimately traded a parent's approval for marriage for a judge's permission after an in camera interview without any parents or lawyers present.

The changes are a child sexual predator's dream. No longer does their victim they have been grooming have the need to get parental approval. Entire sections of the existing law that protects minors have be gutted out of the statute section and replaced by the prohibition on under 18 years of age marriage which sounds good until you realize that all the kid needs to do is have a judge emancipate them or simply give them permission to marry while under legal age.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

The Buffoon of Cleveland County: At It Again

March 15th 2020 Newsletter
Rep. Mark McBride
The Buffoon of Cleveland County is at it Again
Ah, Rep. Mark McBride of Moore Oklahoma, the perennial buffoon of Cleveland County, is at it again. Renowned for his profane outbursts and threats against employees, former daughter in laws, or just anyone that offends him by speaking the truth, McBride once again sullied his already tarnished reputation.

The full details are on along with some of the other interesting stories about McBride's lapses in good sense or ethics. But the story centers around Johnathan Small with the OCPA and McBride's dissatisfaction with his low score on their new annual voting index. The index is not that bad, it gives about forty points to a lot of the mid level RINOs but their top performers are pretty much the same as the top performers in our annual Trump Index. McBride got a 45 on the OCPA index, better than the 11 points he earned on the Trump Index (two votes right out of 21 total votes) and old McBride's temper or lack there of got the better of him.