Monday, November 13, 2017

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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Never Let A Good Budget Crisis Go To Waste

Special Session for Fixing the Budget Hole, but Also for Passing More Special Interest Tax Exemptions!

Yeah, we get it, the 2017 auto sales tax was written by idiots that forgot the effect it would have on fleet sales of trucks and rental cars. But then again car sales can also happen across state lines once the tax differences are high enough that people vote with their pocket books and purchase vehicles in other states and tag them in other states to evade the enormous tax hike passed this spring. And who can afford the tax easier? Jane and Joe Sixpack or the large oil and gas companies, Walmart, and other corporate donors?

The RINOs Lose A Big Tax Battle

House and Senate Leadership and Mary FallinLose the Massive Tax Increase Vote
Oklahomans dodged a bullet this week after the House of Representatives vote on nearly a half billion dollars in increased taxes failed by a handful of votes. Leadership left the vote open for over an hour while they threatened and pressured the hold outs in the Republican caucus, using office privileges, office budgets, committee positions, the usual punishments dealt to conservative Republicans for following the Party platform.

McCall and his minions were successful in swinging two no votes, Ryan Martinez and Avery Frix of Edmond and Muskogee caved in and switched their votes to yes. The links above will take you to their Facebook pages and both need to be lit up over their pro tax increase votes.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Drunk Drivers In Yen's House

Senator Yen's Son Arrested for Drunken Driving
Senator Yen Urged to Add Interlock Ignition Devices on Tanning Beds
to Prevent Drunken Tanning

Is a Senate bill from 2011 going to be followed with Senator Erwin Yen's son Jacob Henry Yen following the younger Yen's arrest in Norman for drunk driving?

SB 529 (2011) requires that first time DUI offenders have interlocking ignition devices installed on their cars, requiring the driver to blow into the device and pass a booze test before the car will start. Jacob Henry Yen will also have the words "Interlock Required" placed on his drivers license until the probation period is over and drivers caught driving vehicles without the required ignition interlock will result in arrest. Yen will have to pay for the device and interlock, which was reflected on the court records obtained by the Sooner Tea Party.

Conservatives Win OKGOP State Committee Battle - Honors Bestowed On Legislative Conservatives

RINOs on the Run?
Vicious Battle at State Committee Meeting Won by Conservatives
Pam Pollard and Fount Holland lost a major battle this afternoon at the state committee meeting held and the Windsor Hills Baptist Church. Despite Pam Pollard's desperate attempts to halt the proceedings using threats of a quorum call, fake time deadlines, and other procedural moves the grass roots Republican County Chairmen passed a resolution praising the two dozen or so Republican House members that blocked the outright passage of the massive nearly half billion dollar tax increase. Different sources present at the event vary in the exact count but all accounts agree that nearly 65% of the County GOP officials voted in favor of the resolution while around 29 RINO party officials bitterly opposed the resolution.

Listen Very Carefully

This is Going to be the Result of Passing New Taxes or Increasing Taxes
I live over in the old Kyle Loveless Senate seat and in the last two days have gotten three mailers from Rosino, the Republican candidate for the Senate seat. A picture of the two mailers is above. The other mailer was puffing the candidate instead of accusing voters of being lazy or pre occupied.
On the other side of the mailer Rosino's mailer attempts to explain why Republicans are getting defeated in the special elections, he claims a mix of out of state money and workers and admitting that the Republican voters are staying home and not voting.
I'm not going to miss voting on Tuesday, I'm voting early, for the Democrat and I am a Republican and have been for many years. OCPAC recommended the same, vote for the liberal Democrat who would do less damage.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Tulsa Republican Men's Club: Courtrooms & Constitutional Conventions

Tulsa County 

Republican Men's Clu

November 8th, 2017

We had a great meeting last month with our series "Beyond the black robe" with Judge William Bill LaFortune, Caroline Wall, Kelly Greenough.

This month we will have our monthly meeting with our Judge series: "Beyond the black robe" continued with District Judge James Caputo and we Senator Nathan Dahm discussing article 5 convention. We willl be learning and understanding who they are and what they do...stay tuned for more District Judges in the future!

Where: Oklahoma Joes
6175 E 61st St, Tulsa, OK
When: 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
November 8th, 2017

Lunch is purchased in the meeting room and are only $14, drink, tax, and tip (pay when you check in at our table in the meeting room)
Membership is $20, Ladies $10, open to the public.
For a $25 membership you also get a shirt or hat while supplies last!
To RSVP call Billie at 918-638-9977 or
(you can now pay with a credit or debit card)
...ask about being a sponsor!

Our guests this month is...
Beyond the black robe series. "Here comes Da Judges"
please welcome...District Judge James Caputo of the Criminal Division Criminal Felony Docket E and Senator Nathan Dahm.
Judge Caputo has had a few years on the bench now and it will be a very interesting time learning about his careers and what goes into being a Judge.

Next month we will be having a conversation with Matt Pinnell candidate for Lt. Governor and Representative Glen Mulready candidate for Insurance Commissioner.

Oklahoma Joe's - Tulsa
6175 E 61st St
Tulsa, OK, OK 74136
RSVP: Billie Bell 918-638-9977 or

This will be an exciting talk - you will be glad you made this meeting!

TCRMC Officers
Darren Gantz - President
Michael Phillips - Vice-President
Billie Bell - Treasurer
Cherie Cook - Secretary
Charlie Biggs - Chaplin
Dave Bell - Sargent of Arms