Sunday, January 13, 2019

Introducing The Trump Index

January 13th 2019 Newsletter

The Trump Index

  Each year since 2011 the Sooner Tea Party has ranked and rated the 149 State Senators and Representatives based upon their voting records on legislation at the State Capitol. The defining standard has always been the State Republican Party Platform, specifically the first page that lists ten general principles that denotes what a Republican should stand for and support. We discussed these general principles in last week's newsletter and they will continue to remain the standard for the annual voting guide.

What Ever Happened to the Oklahoma Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act of 2007?

What Ever Happened to HB 1084,
the Oklahoma Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act of 2007?

HB 1804 was a strict anti illegal alien law introduced by Rep. Randy Terrill in 2007. It made it a felony to enable an illegal alien in any manner, even giving them a car ride, if they were suspected of being in the country illegally. It prohibited the state from providing health care, education, and any other service to illegals and required police to check the immigration status of anyone suspected of being here illegally. Here is a rundown of the sections of the law:

Section three made it a felony to transport, move, or attempt to transport any illegal alien. Or to conceal, harbor, or shelter from detection by law enforcement of any illegal alien. The penalty was no less than one year's of prison and a $1000.00 fine.
Section four prevented any state agency, local government, or public school district from issuing any form of ID card to an illegal alien including voter ID cards, drivers licenses, and birth certificates.
Section five required that any state of local law enforcement agency verify the citizenship status of anyone arrested for a felony or DUI. It required that anyone that wasn't verified to be a citizen be reported to the federal Homeland Security agency.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Republican Rep. Harold Wright Booted from GOP Governing Committee

January 6th 2019 Newsletter
Does it Really Matter?
Actual recent photo, dishonest for sure
Yes it does, we used the newsletter to expose House Pro Tem Harold Wright and GOP House Caucus Secretary Carol Bush for their support and endorsement of Democrats in the last election. Republican Harold Wright donated to and endorsed the Democrat in a Senate race in his area. Luckily the Republican won by 30% anyway (giving you and indication of how the voters viewed that endorsement). But Carol Bush's endorsement and support cost the GOP a Congressional seat in a narrow race.
The Party has rules that give elected officials a seat on the ruling committee of the GOP at the state level and it also allows them to be removed for cause. Last Saturday Harold Wright was removed from the GOP ruling committee but Carol Bush wasn't brought up.

Monday, December 31, 2018

Mission Creep or just Creeps?

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December 30th 2018 newsletter

Lying Tom's Supporter Pays a Price for Illegally Voting

Growing up in Sequoyah County you knew that the county's reputation as the crookedest county in Oklahoma was well earned. The Democrats were solidly entrenched then and they made good use of their power. Losing the State Rep office in 2010 was a crack in the facade and losing the Sheriff Office to Republicans opened up a gaping hole in their armor. Still, with the local paper backing the Democrats the corruption continued unabated and the County Court House was their last defense at being held accountable.

Nope, generally we wouldn't use a kid's picture in a newsletter
but in this case the woman took the kid with her when she committed
a crime and posted it publically.  Momma is using the kid as a
shield and the kid needs to know that
That appears to have changed with the December arrest of long time Tom Stites supporter Tera Beth Long being arrested for voting illegally and for filing a false affidavit while registering to vote. Each count carries up to five years in prison and $50,000 in fines if convicted. The probable cause affidavit says that Long illegally voted in the 2016 general election and the 2018 primary and general elections.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Modern Day Slave Labor or Working Like the Rest of Us?




































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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 December 16th 2018 Newsletter


Let us in or Pay us $50,000 to Go Home
Liberals, well meaning folks, just a bit stupid and unaware of human nature. Their pet causes sometimes test their naivity as happened in Tijuana last week when two groups of “migrants” marched on the U.S. Consulate demanding to be allowed into the United States or be paid $50,000 to go home. Now we all realize that the Central American region is a low IQ region but really, do these people really think another country is just going to let them walk in or pay them to go home?
The reality is that the organizers of the caravan sold some guible people some snake oil. Come with us and we will force our way into the U.S.. The “migrants” of course blame the U.S. for problems in their home country, saying we interfered back in theday but the reality it a combinatoin of low IQ population, Catholic Church influence, and their history being ruled by Spain. Think about that, name a single country that Spain once had as a colony that isn't a basket case?
If that wasn't enough, one of the two groups was asking Trump to remove the Honduran president from office... Make up your damn mind please. And they gave Trump a 72 hour deadline to respond. Okay....or what?
The “migrants” frayed nerves and solidarity in Mexico once they slammed up against the U.S. Border in Tijuana. The locals weren't happy with thousands of new homeless people trashing their city and drawing attentoin to their area of the border and getting the security heightened. Kind of tough for the ones already waiting to apply for asylum or trying to sneak across the border. Then the “migrants” started breaking into houses and getting into fights with the locals. Around 3500 Central Americans are still camped out in the area with another 2500 having accepted Mexican amnesty and around one thousand that have voluntarily returned home or were deported for crimes.


A Glimpse Behind the Curtain of TEEM and CAAIR's Labor Camps

I gotta say, this idea of putting crimainls to work instead of sending them to prison isn't all bad, but it isn't all good either. TEEM, ran by former Speaker Chris Steele has a similar program but the one called CAAIR has been in the news due to a couple of court cases so there is plenty of info out on that program.

The CAAIR group is a “non profit” supposedly set up to provide an alternative to prison used by the court system to attempt to get men back on track instead of incarcerating them. In reality, it is a labor camp ran by an employee of a big chicken processor and she and her husband are making six figures of what is basically slave labor. The 200 man dormitory is up in Josh West's House District and it started with a former meth addict's idea of using slave labor to fund his “program” to treat mental patients and drug addicts.

Around 300 men a year are sent to the program, mostly poor white men who have committed crimes and told it was prison or a diversion program. The Christian Alcoholics & Addicts in Recovery program takes the men in for one year, sent by courts in Oklahoma and neighboring states. The program takes advantage of a state law passed in the eighties but the catch is that the programs are supposed to have certified counslers and provide substance abuse treatment. The shortage of qualified programs led to private programs being set up and the judges ignore the law and send the non violent criminals anyway.
In all, it is a good idea. N need for these people to be taking up a $40,000 a year prison cell. Put them to work and make it uncomfortable as hell so they won't want to come back. Their labor is sold to businesses and the proceeds fund the programs as well as feeding the prisoner and housing him.
CAAIR was started by a chicken company employee that was having problems staffing a night shift at a chicken processiong plant. Simmons Foods, a billion dollar company, uses the workers on the processing line or making pet food.. It is industrial work, dirty and dangerous, and the managers have the threat of prison to force workers to show up and perform. There are other programs like this like the Carver Center in Oklahoma City where a portion of the pay is banked for the prisoner for when they get out of the halfway house.

Our Constitution does allow slavery for prisoners but the problem that these programs are running up against is that some of the men are on deferred or suspended sentences. That is problematic of course as the prisoner certainly committed a crime and was sent to the program instead of going to prison. If their case is dismissed in the future that is a side benefit that doesn't mean they weren't convicted at some point.

CAAIR doesn't use counslers, it uses religion and hard work to straighten out men that are going down the wrong road. Probably more effective than sitting in a circle confessing crap. The ACLU doesn't like the program, the men are forced to work in a way, either that or back to prison so there is some choice involved.. In return they get a bunk bed, something to eat, and not a lot else. Sounds a lot like the working poor throughout most of recorded history.

Janet Wilkerson was a V.P. Of Human Resources for Petersons Farms and charged with finding workers for the overnight shift. Long hours, little pay, and nasty working conditions meant they were cronically understaffed. Initially a convicted felon running a similar program was involved but eventually Wilkerson cut the guy out of the loop and saved a quarter million dollars a year that he was raking in. From the company's perspective it was a sweet deal, no workers comp insurance, payroll tax, or medical care. They paid $9.25 per hour to CAAIR, funding salary for the woman and her husband to the tune of $168,000 a year in addition to her regular job with Petersons Farms.

When workers would get injured they were sent back to CAAIR for medical care, minimal at best but once again we are talking about prisoners and life ought not to be too rosy for convicts. Given that these are mostly people that haven't worked hard at a job there will be more than a little scamming going on as happens on any worksite where workers do try to fake injuries or fake symptoms to get some time off with pay. And those of us that work for ourselves know that just because you are injured doesn't mean the building lease is any less or that the work will get done on its own, working when injured is part and parcel for most small businessmen or craftsmen. Perhaps being told back to work or back to prison isn't all bad.

Much is made of the fact that the drug addicts aren't coddled with counslers and medications. By the time they make it to the work camp they have dried out and already gone through the withdrawal from the drugs. The prisoners have no choice but to behave, no cell phones, no money, kind of hard to get in trouble and a long shift at work makes them tired. About 25% of the prisoners complete the programs, the rest are kicked back to the county jails and state prisons. That isn't a bad rate considering these people aren't ready to quit their bad behaviour but are being forced to do so. The prisoners get a structured life, learn to show up and work a job, kind of like the rest of us that pay the taxes that keep things running.
There are problems with the way the programs are ran. Like Wilkerson and her husband drawing down six figures in salary. Injured workers getting sub standard medical care, even workers comp settlements being kept by the program. Mentally unstable prisoners are being used and the medication that can keep them functional is not allowed by the Christian program at CAAIR with predictable results. Yet where else to send these people after Terry White gutted the insane asylums in Oklahoma?

Stories about these type of programs are full of sob stories but again we are talking about convicts who have no right to expect anything more than basic emergency care while in prison. They are being punished for a crime, if they suffer and pay a price so much the better if they learn from it and straighten out. These people come in as dysfunctional people and if 25% of them complete the program and straighten their lives out that is a good outcome.

Lawsuits have been filed in Oklahoma and Arkansas, claiming human trafficking and labor law violations. Both the programs and the businesses that employ the convicts were sued.

In the end, criminals are off the street and paying a price for their crimes. Tax dollars aren't being used, freeing up money for the violent criminals. The liberals are screaming about the forced labor but the prisoners voluntarily comitt to the program and are free to return to prison at any time. Meanwhile the soft on crime liberals are screaming at the thought of the convicts having to work, that itself is a nice side benefit, along with the quarter of the convicts that make it through the one year program and learn that crime doesn't pay.


Sunday, December 9, 2018

GOP Chairman Pam Pollard Attacks the Party Platform and Oklahoma Values




































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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December 9th 2018 Newsletter




How Traffic Scofflaws Turn into Felons
and Lead Cops on High Speed Chases

Last week we heard about the high speed chase that started around the State Fairgrounds and ended up with a Trooper pulling a PIT manuver out past Norman, causing the car to flip and crash into a light pole. The initial cause was a traffic stop but 27 year old Daydrion Dennis had outstanding felony warrants so she decided to flee along with her four passengers.
Not very smart, we get that, or is there another explanation that explains why she decided to run from the cops? And how do people like this wind up in these situations? The answer, because of the lack of law enforcement and truth in sentencing we have no rule of law that some segments of society respect.
Her first infraction shows up in July of 2013, a ticket for not wearing a seat belt. She failed to appear at her September court date so a warrant was out for her arrest. That cost her an additional $116.00 plus another $5.00 after her case was sent to collection agents and another 10% added. So the bill is now around $133.00 plus the cost of the original ticket.
She shows up in court in September of 2015, two years on the run, after being arrested on another matter or being stopped again. She agrees to pay starting in November of 2015 but of course doesn't and the case is continued till 2017.
She had another ticket a few days after her seat belt ticket, driving with a suspended license. She didn't show up for that court hearing either and in September an arrest warrant was sent out for failing to appear in court. That one cost her $502.45 in costs and fine. By September 2015 she was in court in custody after the other arrest warrant and once again refused to pay as she agreed in order to be released. By September 2017 a note appears; Defendent on SSI, continued till September 2017. Claiming poverty allowed her to push back enforcement of the law for two more years.
In November of 2014 she was caught again driving under suspension. Three weeks later another arrest warrant was sent out for failing to appear, adding another $195.95 in fines and fees to what she owed. Again in September of 2015 when she was in custody for the other two cases she agreed to start paying in November of 2015 and didn't. Her bond on this case was set at $502.45, a reflection of the total owed for this one offense in addition to the other two so far.
And another ticket in November of 2014, no seat belt, $140.00 in costs. Failed to appear, bench warrant sent out, plead no contest to the ticket in September of 2015 when she was in court while under arrest for the other three tickets and not showing up at court. Once again being on SSI allowed her to get out of court on her agreement to make payments which she promptly ignored.
That same September of 2015 date we learn why she was in custody. Grand larceny charges, which she pleads not guilty to, gets a public defender, and has bond set at $2000.00. She pleads guilty about a month later and receives a five year sentenced, deferred, meaning no jail time other than the month she spent in county jail awaiting charges. This one cost her $876.00 in fines and charges including the public defender charge of $150.00. She also gets supervised and commuity service, meaning TEEM is in charge of seeing that she behaves and shows up in court and paying her fines and fees.
But she didn't stop doing crimes after her September 2015 arrest for Grand Larceny, eight days later she was arrested for concealing stolen property. The fees were $37.50 before the case was dismissed as part of the plea deal with the grand larceny case.
In February of 2018 a probable cause affidavit was filed and cause found for an unspecified felony. But nothing came of it until a few months later in May of 2018 when four counts were filed against her: Open container, DUI, driving under suspension, and carrying a weapon while under the influence of drugs. Missing was being a felon caught with a firearm. However, nothing was done with the case, another one of the thousands of no file cases from the Oklahoma County District Attorney Office.
But prior to that, in March of 2018, another arrest for driving without a drivers license, a misdemeanor. She once again failed to appear and a $369.00 bond was set and a bench warrant issued. $75.00 in fees are added to the thousands she already owes yet she remained free until she was arrested last week after the high speed car chase through Oklahoma City, through Norman, through the OU campus, and out way southeast of Norman where her car was stopped by flipping the car.
$2253.90 in fines and fees, not counting the traffic tickets and felonies that she hadn't yet showed up in court on, and not a single dime did she pay. Not a penny, since 2013 on five traffic tickets, one criminal misdemeanor, two felonies, and two probable cause filings.
TEEM let her out, failed to supervise her, failed to see that she was reported for failing to pay her fines and fees, and show up in court to face the judge. Given that she was about to add another ticket to the bevy of unpaid tickets, why not run from the law? If she got away no one would come looking for her, certainly not TEEM. And if she did get caught, so what? Was it going to cost her money or her freedom? Not if you look at her criminal history, she would show up in court, make promises to pay, and go back to driving without a license, while drunk or on drugs, and spending her money on other things than paying the court.
To stop this is quite simple as anyone with a two year old child will tell you.  Have consequences to actions, rock solid, quick to happen, consequences.  Put prisoners to work in jail or prison so they are self supporting and little tax money is needed to feed, house, or provide medical care.  Make prison sure, swift, and unpleasant and people won't commit as many crimes.
Pollard Issues Unauthorized Party Position Statement
By David Van, Sooner Politics
OKGOP Chair, Pam Pollard published a press statement on social media and other outlets, yesterday.
It was a clear statement distancing the OKGOP State Committee  from the statements of the Canadian County GOP. But in doing so, she usurped the authority she clearly does not have.

The State Committee is scheduled to meet this Saturday, in Oklahoma City. That Committee is the supreme permanent authority of the state party whenever the party is not in a state convention. It is a body of around 300 members from every county and congressional district. Elected Republicans also serve on this committee.

The behavior is clearly out of line and should be called into question by the committee members, this weekend. It is the sincere hope of many grassroots party volunteers that their party leadership exemplify the clear rules of the party, or step aside when they no longer can. The rules of the party are clear and few. The State chair is not to act as a dictator, and certainly not a hypocritical and inconsistent one.

The state Committee will issue a clear position where they have some consensus. Otherwise they will not issue a statement. The Canadian County Committee at least has some clear consensus and adherence to a vision of what the GOP stands for.
Pollard's Press Statement:
The Oklahoma Republican Party states without reservation that the comments made by the Chairman of Canadian County do not reflect those of the State Party and the over one million members of the Republican Party.
State Party Chairman Pam Pollard said “The voters of the state of Oklahoma spoke very loudly in the election of 2018. We support education and the proper funding of state government.”
Pollard continued, “Earlier today Governor-elect Kevin Stitt announced his leadership team. The Republican Party has complete confidence in the leadership of the Governor-elect and the legislature to make laws and create policy to make Oklahoma a top ten state.”
While we recognize the right of every citizen to state their opinion and make requests of the legislature, those comments should never be inferred to come from the State Republican Party”, concluded Pollard.
The "MeToo Movement" vs The "NotMe Movement"
By Ms PM
Has the thought "what the hell is going on with some women" crossed your mind lately? Do you wonder why these women are incapable of standing up for themselves when situations arise? Do you wonder why women continue to take the easy way out and let others fight their battles? The Hollywood and government elites jump on board and the stream of roaches creep from the woodwork, lawsuits in hand. Sadly many of these supposed strong women have lost their way. Here's why.
The speech and behavior patrol are on the prowl armored in riot gear and man-spray. If something is said or done, regardless of intent, you can bet a man will be castrated and ruined in this modern era of accepted weaponized lies these women are telling. There is no longer innocence until proven guilty in their world. This theory holds true as long as the woman is on the right side of the cosmic political spectrum and just like their other hypocritical actions and words, there is no room for discussion. The insanity will intensify as long as sane women continue to sit on the sidelines and leave it unchallenged. This fight has to be fought by women so cinch up those big girl panties and get it on ladies. Your male family members are next in line for assault.
So what are the consequences of this crazed women's empowerment? How does a guy continue to date? Is he cautious when alone with a woman and does he want to be alone with her? How is he to know that he isn't being set up? If he has a well paying job or clout in the arena of his peers. shouldn't he be suspicious? The ripple affect of this "MeToo" movement is enough to scare the stiffy off any man. This fear these women have placed into society will result in more lonely bitchy women. Then comes the next chapter, "women aren't being treated fairly...again." Is the real reason these women run their mouth about their new man label "toxic masculinity" because if they accuse men it hides their "toxic femininity?" The creepy part is any man who takes a chance and has anything to do with these vicious deceitful females may soon be on the receiving end of a voracious attack. Their new mantra should be; Enter at Your Own Risk.
How will a woman gain employment? Is it so far fetched to see that employers will not hire them for fear a male colleague might sneeze and blow unintended air her way and wha-la, a sexual harassment lawsuit? She says he blew in her ear, he says he sneezed... remember....we have to believe her!
Do these new era idiots really believe there is no difference between men and women? Once men are emasculated is there goal complete? Their mangirl can parade around with his man bun, man bag, manscaped body, botox, makeup and hair color. He can sport the latest unisexed clothing and if he's really compliant, sing Shania Twain's song "I feel like a woman." Will he then fit the new definition of what a real man is? He can't do a job men have typically done because he might break a nail. If these women work at it and get these men to plump up they will have a new toy to play with..... manboobs. Women can tout how un-toxic their eunuchs are while hanging out with their clan of merry pranksters having tea and validating man hate.
Who in the hell wants these man babies in the military much less pansy-asses raising sons? Maybe it will be those who want another generation of entitled over protected brats that are not allowed to think but only feel. If something offends their little darlings the feeling czar can swoop down and make it all better. Once in their safe space they can take a nap in their cushy little bed with their teddy bear that has a designated soft spot to rub the hurt away. If that doesn't work there's always counseling.
These women have never learned to take care of themselves emotionally and now they are going about it in a very delusional and dangerous way. They have never needed a man they say and now they're too ignorant to realize the difference between needing and wanting. Most men are good. It is sad to see they are not appreciated by so many.
Having many jobs in male dominated professions I can truly say that I have been treated fairly both monetarily and respectfully. Working with men has shown me that I have been given the opportunity to learn what is interesting to me and probably had more than my share of laughs. Some at my expense but never was I made to feel assaulted by their words or actions. We had fun.
These women don't know how to have fun with the opposite sex. All sorts of sexually imagined manifestations surface and once again the pitiful victim bubbles to the top. Their questions of was I assaulted or abused intertwine throughout all the other BS that clogs their thoughts. A brain enema may be your only hope!
Learning to stand up for myself goes back to early childhood. Our circle of friends included a bully. He was fond of beating me up and I'd go home crying. My parents got fed up with it and told me not to come home crying again because I let that little boy beat me up. So the next time I socked him in the gut as hard as I could. He fell down, started to cry and that was the end of it. There have always been bullies and always will be. Learn to deal with this part of life.
These men feminizers don't know what they're missing and have forgotten how to laugh at funny situations. The guess is they are plenty capable in most instances to stop unwanted advances but are incapable of knowing how.
Maybe a new tactic is in order. Next time you believe a man is crossing the line look at him and say, gosh your pants are really baggy today, have you lost weight or did you leave your junk at home? Then point to it. Maybe you notice him only looking at your bodacious ta-ta's. Well then get two of those thin latex gloves, blow em' up like balloons and pin em' to your boobs. Ask him, seeing how you're always staring, you want to pull on these? Might be a little embarrassing for him staring down cow teats. As always, the more folks around the merrier. He may be a pig but he probably isn't stupid and he will get the point. Possibly women have believed far too long they are such delicate little flowers atop their pedestals of admiration. Sometimes you just might have to fight fire with fire!
Never are we for abuse of any kind. There is abuse towards women and men, children and babies. This is not what this is about. Lighten up, learn confidence, have a lot of fun and laugh more. Life is too damn short!

Monday, December 3, 2018

Justice Delayed or Justice Denied?

Justice Delayed or Justice Denied?
An interesting thing popped up while researching the PTR programs. Massive numbers of “no file” cases on the arraignment dockets. An arraignment is where after a criminal is arrested he goes before a judge who decides if probable cause is present to bring the criminal to trial. It is a rubber stamp thing, yeah you get a chance to provide testimony but the judge is a low level special judge that answers to the district judges and knows to keep the pipeline full of cases to support the system. Generally the arraignment is a month  after the arrest.

So the bondsmen watch the daily arraignment court down at the courthouse so they know if one of their clients doesn't show up at court. One bondsman goes down and gets the list of cases and dispositions and the bondsmen's association posts it online. What a shock to see that the vast majority of arraignments are continued because no charges are filed. After two months or so the bond is exonerated as no charges were filed but the prosecutor can still file charges up until the statute of limitations has passed.