Tuesday, September 22, 2020

How Tami Marler Sees Her Husband

 "A Big Old Swinging D...
Delusion and Virtue Signaling Helps
to Ruin Innocent Lives in Wagoner County"
You have to wonder just how clueless a person can be after reading the amazing self aggrandizing propaganda that constitutes how Tami Marler and Wagoner County Sheriff Department investigator Danny Elliot view themselves. Tami of course is the rapidly plumping and rapidly aging ex beauty queen slash TV reporter that is married to Elliot. They run a business disguised as a non profit, called “Swinging D” and on their website are some God awful posts or bios that provide a good glimpse into what drives Danny Elliot and how deep the disturbance truly runs in the boy.
First lets look at Danny boy's bio. Here are some of the hilarious points.
Danny’s perseverance finally paid off one summer day in 2015, when he drove Tami to look at a gorgeous 12-acre piece of property that would one day be the Swingin’ D. Even after they purchased the ranch, it took a while for Danny to talk Tami into actually moving there and giving up her Tulsa home (two blocks from her parents), but they had a place in Wagoner where he could crash and avoid the long commute. “
Dear God, they call a 12 acre acreage a “ranch”. How damned pretentious. Kind of sets the stage for just how desperate these two are to self promote themselves.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Policing the Police: Law vs Law Enforcement



Rule of Law or Rule by Law Enforcement?

By now everyone ought to have watched the three videos about the Tulsa PD/Ware shooting. No one can watch those videos knowing that the law didn't allow the towing of the car until 90 days past expiration date of the tags can justify the awful abuse of Ware. No he didn't comply, yes he had every right not to comply with an unlawful order to exit the car for the purpose of towing the car illegally.


Tulsa Cop Shooting Case Begins to Dissolve

Murder or Self Defense?

Tulsa Cop Shooting Case Begins to
Dissolve Around Tulsa P.D.
Body Camera and Vehicle Videos to be Released on Monday
A horrific traffic stop ended earlier this year with the death of one officer and the other recovering from massive damage from a head shot wound and the Tulsa P.D. quickly demonized the suspect in the incident report and probable cause affidavit, unfortunately going so far to out right lie about how things went down.
The local D.A. quickly sealed the videos in an attempt to prevent them from telling the real truth about what happened. It was typical CYA response after peace officers have been caught behaving badly. The two officers were likewise deified despite the truth being out there for all to see. The dead officer for example was no saint, he was days away from a divorce settlement after he had taken up with a Tulsa County public defender and his relationship was such with the entire office that the Public Defenders office recused from the case and the job fell to a court appointed lawyer, Kevin Adams.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff Race Opinion


Guest article writer, Willard Linzy
The Nov. 3rd General election is now 50 days away and candidates within Oklahoma County of both major parties are scampering to garner the support of as many Independents voters as possible to swing  a clear victory over their opponent...
Democrat candidates in countywide races are unknowingly having to come from behind even though their party leaders have led them to believe otherwise and the prospect of having Independent voters give them a swing outcome large enough to out-pace their Republican opponent is very unlikely in my view UNLESS their voter turnout efforts go off the charts...

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Monster Inc: Wagoner County Leaves a Trail of Broken Families


A Few of One Sick and
Twisted Investigator's Victims

Thanks to the loud mouth rapidly plumping exbeauty queen from last week, we promised another story on Danny boy, the investigator that has put so many families through hell and we referenced a judge eating his Chris Kannady out in court over some Facebook posts and flat out telling detective Danny Elliot that he didn't believe a word he said on the matter. At the time Danny boy was the key witness in a molestation and abuse case as well as a murder case, and if the judge is to be believed Danny boy managed to Facebook post about both cases while the trials were going on.

Sunday, September 6, 2020

The Lankford Follies


When people elect a person to represent them in the U.S. House or Senate, we expect them to represent us fully despite their individual personal believes especially during the times of a national crisis. When they allow their own beliefs to interfere with the welfare of the people, they represent then other elements are involved. It could be just their own beliefs, or it could be money for their next campaign. That is not what we are here to decide. This article is on some of the various ways that Senator Lankford has made critical errors that do not represent the values of Oklahomans.
We begin with this video from July 3rd of this year where he is walking back a previous statement he made about getting rid of Columbus day. We are not going to argue the point with him except to say both him and all of those arguing for getting rid of it leave one particularly important fact out. There is scientific evidence that the Vikings discovered America a few centuries before Columbus.

Monday, August 31, 2020

Monsters In Wagoner County



There Are None So Blind as
Those that Will Not See
Monster Inc Alive and Well in Wagoner County

Last week I received a text from a Wagoner County supporter who had ran across a pitiful blog post by the wife of the Wagoner County Sheriff detective that had railroaded the Wooley grandparents. And oh what a whining, pitiful, yet un repentant post it was. The woman in question is one Tami Marler, an ex media bimbo,  and a badly aging ex beauty queen, who knows why but there is probably a good story behind it. She put up a post sometimes in June of this year, months after our last story on her monstrous hubby and I thought it was both instructive and entertaining..

I'll quote the juicy parts so we can have some fun at their expense.  Hey, it is a slow week, plenty of time to poke fun at idiots.

I generally don’t respond when people talk nonsense about me or someone I love, but when it’s someone I like and respect doing the bashing, I can’t just let it go. Cue the steel guitars because I’m about to stand by my man.