Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Lying Tom's Head On A Stick

Lying Tom's Head on a Stick

  The HD 2 race down in Sequoyah County was close but the conservative Republican made it with 500 votes to spare. Stites lost mainly because of the stolen valor issue according to the locals, more than enough had had it with the lies and crossed party lines to support Jim Olson the Republican.

  The fight was bitter and several felons were caught voting, Tom Stites' supporters. No doubt the scene will be repeated in 2020 as Stites seems to have an obsession with winning that seat no matter the cost or consequences.

The Fate Of The State Questions

The State Questions

One out of five made it, the one called Marsy's law, passing by 78%. We weren't supportive of it, giving criminals equal rights is bad and much of the expanded rights for victims has already been around a while. It was well financed and packaged so the public bought it.

SQ793 was a surprise. The opponents, mostly eye doctors, put a lot of money and misdirection into the ads opposing the issue. Yes, it would have allowed eye exams to run in two veins, one full service exam and one just the basic without the medical part. Still, most people just want a prescription so they can order contacts or eye glasses online and one would think that choice is a good thing.

SQ 798 was the one that allowed two clowns to run as a ticket, Governor and Lt. Governor. No loss there.
SQ 800 was another good call by the voters, another pork barrel plan pushed by the Chamber of Commerce to siphon off GPT money into a slush fund.
SQ 801 was complicated. It allowed local school districts to basically fund more of the load of public education. That would have taken pressure off the state taxes and allowed localities to tax themselves into poverty, something that the voters were probably more afraid of than higher state taxes.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Steve Russell: The Biggest Loser In Oklahoma

Steve Russell, The Biggest Loser in Oklahoma
The biggest loser in the election Tuesday night was incumbent GOP Steve Russell. Russell didn't have a lot of support other than the crazy Charlie Meadows crowd. He had offended many with his votes, a lackluster support of Trump offended even more, and Russell had always been known for his arrogance and his condescending attitude. Few other than the Charlie Meadow religious bigots really liked the man.

But it was a surprise that Russell lost to Kendra Horn, the Democrat candidate for Congressional District 5. The other incumbents won easily, Russell narrowly lost to an avowed socialist.

Worse, Russell was one of the many Congressional GOP losses that handed the House to the Democrats who will use that power to attempt to strangle Trump's agenda. In that, the biggest loser is going to be the average American.

The Election, the Good, The Bad, and the Ugly




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November 11th 2018 Newsletter

Just How Many Teachers Were Elected
and How Much Power do the Teachers Wield?
I don't think anyone can agree on that. The OEA claims 65 educators ran for office and sixteen were elected plus another nine that won in the primary or ran unopposed. They claim there are 25 education caucus members this session.
Other organizations like the believes the numbers are more modest, 38 teachers ran and 10 were elected but that Stitt beat Edmondson handily with 143,000 votes. Edmondson was the teacher's favorites and Stitt said he would have vetoed the teacher raise had he been governor.
The four state representatives that voted against the tax increases and that were still in the race after the primary all won on Tuesday night all survived easily. Eight conservatives had been taken out in the primaries by Comrade Kannady and that many more had been term limited out or chose not to run for re election.

In all the Republicans picked up a few seats in the House and lost about the same number in the Senate.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Cornett's True Colors

From a guest columnist

Mick Cornett didn't take long to show his true liberal colors following the Republican run-off for governor where tried to convince voters he is a conservative. Cornett has endorsed a left-wing Democrat candidate known as "Nikki Nice", who is running against a true conservative candidate Kirk Pankratz for Ward 7 Oklahoma City Council.

Nikki Nice's legal name is Alberta Nicole Swanegan Owens. Nice/Owens has been an on-air radio personality and says she has heard from citizens regarding the needs in Ward 7. She is 38 years old and lives with her mother. Her website shows her focus will be on strengthening relationships with community agencies that provide services to citizens.

The State Questions For Tuesday

The State Questions for Tuesday

We in the Tea Party are not fans of State Questions for the most part. They give the legislators an out, a way of avoiding doing what should be done, and frankly few voters know enough about the topics to cast a reasonably informed vote especially with the propaganda thrown their way. But they are on the ballot and we need to talk about them so that our readers are informed if needed.

SQ 793 the Ballot Language:

This measure adds a new Section 3 to Article 20 of the Oklahoma Constitution. Under the new Section, no law shall infringe on optometrists' or opticians' ability to practice within a retail mercantile establishment, discriminate against optometrists or opticians based on the location of their practice, or require external entrances for optometric offices within retail mercantile establishments. No law shall infringe on retail mercantile establishments' ability to sell prescription optical goods and services.

Democrat Politician Sees A Lot of 'Hitlers'

HD 2 Candidate Compares Those Against Him to Hitler and Goebbels

Ah, that point in every argument or debate when someone pulls out the Hitler bomb, comparing your side as bad as Adolf Hitler, as sure sign that they have lost the debate and are grasping at anything. It is called Godwin's Law, the likelihood that if any discussion goes on long enough someone will trot out Hitler.
And so it was last week in response to a Facebook ad campaign against Lying Tom Stites, the Democrat running for the old John Bennett House seat. Lying Tom had gotten caught elaborating and embellishing his brief military career, consisting of a few years at the Air Force Academy and one year at a private prep school on the grounds of the Academy to get his grades up high enough for entry. Stites embellished a mock POW training event that lasted around 36 hours in the field, one that didn't allow hitting or striking of the cadets, and was run by other cadets. Stites morphed that into days and days, into the next week he claimed, of punishment in a 3 x 3 x 4 "box" and being "slightly" slapped around, even mentioning John McCain in his Facebook post.