Sunday, July 23, 2017

Senator Griffin Faces Ethics Charges

Senator AJ Griffin Caught
with her Hand in the Cookie Jar
Is it Cheaper to Purchase an Oklahoma Senator or to Hire More Staff?

This woman has always been Republican trash, a RINO from the start, and once again she finds herself in the spotlight after running her mouth about her work for a DHS contractor with a troubled and checkered past. In June of this year Griffin was bragging about her new company's work for Sequoyah Enterprises, Inc, a company that got its start decades ago to take advantage of Sequoyah County Democrat House member J T Stites largess in funneling state dollars to political cronies.
Griffin had planed on using her political office and experience with the nonprofit sector in helping other companies skin dollars from the state budget until the Oklahoman started asking questions, suddenly deciding NOT to do consulting work with companies with state contracts.
Suddenly she knew little of the financial details of her deal with Sequoyah Enterprises and suddenly she was working on a "volunteer" basis...right....that 's the ticket, yeah.. volunteering....

Dan Fischer Comes To Konawa

Konawa Tea Party
(4th) Tuesday July 25, 2017 7:00 - 9:00 PM
Kennedy Library - The Dougan Room
Konawa School, 701 W South Street
Invited Speaker:

Dan Fisher 

Constitutional Candidate for Governor

"What goes on behind closed doors at the Capitol"

  Former state representative Dan Fisher (R-El Reno) has filed a statement of organization with the Oklahoma Ethics Commission indicating his intent to run for Governor. Fisher served two terms in the State House (first elected in 2012), but did not seek reelection in 2016.

McDugle vs McDugle

McDugle vs. McDugle

  Yehhhochhhh!....Good Lord, another ugly divorce that is about to stain the Republican Caucus. Rumors of problems have floated around for weeks and more substantial allegations came out along with copies of court filings between Rep. Kevin McDugle and his wife. After looking into it we decided not to choose a dog in this fight this week and let the situation develop and give time for all of the shoes to drop so to speak.

  The Lost Ogle did run the story this week and we can verify some of the info they posted and could even add a bit to it but mostly they did a fair job of laying things out. One thing that didn't look right was the allegations of being married to two wives at once, we think that is a reference to a 2003/2004 court case and if it was the divorce was granted about 4 to 4.5 months before the second marriage license was granted.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Gun Rights & The Tulsa D.A.

What gun?  That gun tucked in the seat by my leg?

Yeah, the Tulsa D.A. Office
is that Stupid and Out of Touch

Jack Ulrich, before the robbery.
 We covered this story last week in the hope that the Tulsa County District Attorney Office would realize just how insane it would be to prosecute a young man defending property and exercising his right to self defense under the Second Amendment. To our disappointment the lesson didn't take.

A close up of the handgun in the possession of the felon.
 The Mize family had set up a fireworks stand in their yard this year. The Fourth of July was the last day for fireworks sales so the Mize family had marked down a huge box of fireworks, 50% off, reasoning that making a few dollars off the box of fireworks was better than returning the box to the supplier as most of these fireworks stand run on a consignment basis. The $1200.00 box of fireworks was marked down to $600.00. As the inventory was held on consignment the Mize family would have had to pay the supplier for the product if it wasn't returned in salable shape.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Carol Bush And Her Democrat Dreams

 Tulsa GOP State Representative Carol Bush Openly Endorses Democrat Opponent of Congressman Steve Russell

The woman with the microphone in the picture above is none other than Rep. Carol Bush of District 70. She appeared Thursday at a campaign kickoff for Kendra Horn who is a Democrat for United State Congress in District 5 in Oklahoma City currently held by incumbent is Congressman Steve Russell.

Rep. Carol Bush you will recall unseated a fairly conservative state rep and before she was even orientated at the January 2017 legislative meeting she had been ordered to apologize to the Republican Caucus for attacking them and fellow Republican Rep. John Bennett in a Tulsa area newspaper interview. 

July TARA Meeting: Rebuilding The Legislature

  Tulsa Area Republican Assembly is a very conservative group that meets every month for a discussion of the current political events. They always have interesting speakers and the crowd has a chance to ask the tough questions that are needed.

Rebuilding the Legislature -
Please join us

  Tuesday, July 18th for a meeting devoted to the makeup of our state legislature, and the values which will be prevalent in the next session. We will review the candidates to replace the deceased David Brumbaugh for HD76, whom we were introduced to at the June meeting, and hold a special endorsement vote on those candidates.
  We will introduce the candidates for SD37 and give each of them an extended time to talk about why they are seeking to replace Dan Newberry, as he is resigning. That endorsement vote will take place in August, at our scheduled meeting.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Bad Bills Part 19: The Bloated Budget

SB 860 is the $6.8 billion dollar bloated budget bill.
Here is a bill that was chosen for scoring the RINO Index,
& why this bill is bad for the average Oklahoman.

The only leverage the good legislators have is to threaten not to support the budget so they can kill off tax increases, new taxes, and trim the size and expense of government. While a few things might have been stopped we once again added over a billion dollars in new taxes and higher fees to the state budget.