Friday, October 18, 2019

Special Report: Bank Records Expose McLain's Lies

Special edition newsletter October 18th 2019. 
Lying David McLain
The GOP Bank Statements
and Credit Card Statements Prove it. 
If you haven't seen it, GOP Chairman David Mclain got called out for financial mismanagement last week by the Tulsa World. For good reasons, and not just for running the Party into bankruptcy.

In response, GOP Chairman David McLain put out the following press release on Wednesday October 16th :
Regarding the news story released earlier today: I have in front of me, a complete spreadsheet of payables which clearly document the fact that at no time has our utility services been threatened.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Citizens Grand Jury Petition Filed in Oklahoma County

Citizens Grand Jury Petition Filed in Oklahoma County
Last Tuesday the Sooner Tea Party filed a Grand Jury petition in Oklahoma County alleging that Representative Chris Kannady was involved in numerous sexual assaults, alleged that Representative Kevin McDugle was a part of one of those situations, alleging that Senator Ron Sharp had committed criminal libel against Epic Charter Schools and that the OSBI's Tommy Johnson might have been involved in a conspiracy with Senator Sharp, and that there is corruption in Oklahoma County over the refusal to file bribery charges in the 2018 Oklahoma Health Department/Pharmacy Board scandal and that Oklahoma County D.A. David Prater needs to be held accountable for not filing the bribery charges after absolute proof was put out by Non Docs in the form of text messages coupled with the director of the Pharmacy Board resigning.

Bitter Woman, Sheriff, and D.A. Office Team up to Railroad a Man

Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliot
The Corruption of Wagoner County
 Sheriff Chris Elliot's Office Weaponized
 Bitter Woman, Sheriff, and D.A. Office Team up to Railroad a Man
 Fake Arrest Warrants Lead to
Innocent Man's Arrest at Church
 D.A. Error in 2016 Leads to Innocent Man
Fighting to Stay out of Prison
 Two Involved in all of this Were Alleged
to Have Molested Children
Which Two?
Last week we started the Wagoner County corruption case, outlining that Wagoner County Commissioner James Hanning had allegedly been exposed embezzling from a business partner and appears to have chosen to deal with it by railroading his business partner into state prison. We wanted the first part of the story to clearly outline that embezzlement most likely occurred and that the judge had restricted discovery in the case, enormously so, outrageously so, and not clutter the story up with other aspects of the case. Now we have to discuss Tyler Paulsen and learn why he was vulnerable to being sent to prison

Monday, October 14, 2019

Rep. Kannady Loses Caucus Vote To Replace Harold Wright

Is that a finger gun Chris? A Little Soon?  Don't Miss!
Representative Chris Kannady Gets Shot Down at Caucus Retreat
The man that would be the next Gene Stipe, that is how Christopher Kannady saw himself. And he had a meteoric rise until this spring when he was tainted with the allegations of sexual battery and before that Kannady had angered wide swaths of the Tall Building Crowd with attacks on legal reform and workers comp reforms.

And Kannady had made news bragging about being responsible for the dark money that took down the conservative legislators in 2018 and for orchestrating the liquor distributor that was so bold that he showed up at the Capitol dealing out huge campaign donation checks during session, something that would normally get a person arrested.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Dishonoring Academia:: Senator Sharp's 'Diploma Mill' PhD

Senator Ron Sharp Busted
For Diploma Mill PhD
Senator Ron Sharp was called out on September 6th 2019 by OCPA for having a fraudulent PhD from a diploma mill. Amazingly enough (Sarcasm warning) this didn't get picked up by the mainstream press in Oklahoma and came to our attention after someone tweeted about the scandal.

Going back through the Oklahoma Senate bio page for Ron Sharp it appears that up till January 2018 Sharp was making the claim of holding a doctorate in education on his official senate page. In late 2017 Sharp was claiming his PhD came from the University of Kensington/University of California, sometimes with an additional blurb stating it was some sort of vocational or post secondary system. In fact, the University of California has only nine campuses and the University of Kensington was a diploma mill that operated out of a lawyer's back room office till 1996 when the L.A. Times uncovered the scam. At one point Sharp had dropped the Kensington part and was just stating the University of California. His current bio appears to be the same that appeared in January of 2018, very sparse, no mention of degrees. Sharp must have been spooked enough to remove the references to his education.

County Commissioner Faces Embezzlement Investigation

Comm. James Hanning
Crooked County Commissioner Caught Embezzling from a Partner? 
Influence Used to Squash Subpoenas
for Financial Records? 
Victim Faces Numerous Attempts
to Railroad on False Charges. 

Tyler Paulsen was just a young kid that had worked hard in construction and saved to buy land and build a house. He started dating a young woman, the daughter of James Hanning, and managed to be convinced to go into a partnership with his potential future father in law. Paulsen had money but small credit, Hanning had bad credit and no money. But Hanning was a County Commissioner in Wagoner County.

Eric Jordan Mug Shot
Along the way Paulsen claimed and documented that he invested close to $500,000 into various properties with Hanning maintaining the records and depositing most of the rent from the properties. Then the first warning sign, a vendor not being paid on time, someone that Paulsen had recommended to Hanning. The conversation with Hanning over the unpaid bills caused some alarm so Paulsen went down to another major vendor, Lowes, and pulled the statement. Thousands of dollars of materials had been delivered not to the rental properties but to Hanning's home for home improvement projects.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Debt Piling Up for OKGOP

Oklahoma GOP Facing Bankruptcy?
Donors are Pulling Automatic Donations
Big Donors Wary of Supporting Incompetence or Worse
 Oklahoma GOP Chairman David McLain faces declining finances and increasing debt as long time donors pull automatic bank draft donations to the GOP and big donors forgo supporting what many see as a failing administration.

  Credit card debt has risen above $17,000, up from $12,000 a month ago, and bank balances hover near four digits, less than one thousand dollars on occasion, for an organization that generally burns through $13,000 to $17,000 a month in expenses.