Monday, February 19, 2018

Kris Steele Gets Burned Helping Hardened Criminal

 Pierre Wilson, TEEM poster boy February 2018

Racist Judicial System or a Career Criminal
that has Burned too Many Bondsmen?

  Poor Pierre Wilson...the Oklahoman would have us believe that he was sitting in jail for months because of an "alleged" forged check and that the poor mistreated Wilson would get to see a judge quickly so he could "straighten it out". No, he wasn't a criminal, things just needed to be re arranged, straightened out, things put in the correct perspective so he could go free.

But thanks to TEEM, former Speaker Kris Steele's publicly and privately funded "non profit" Wilson is out of jail without paying an attorney and without having a mean old bail bondsman watching over him to ensure he shows up for court. Wilson is now "allegedly" working for a golf course and as a server at a "upscale North OKC restaurant". Really, a server? As in handling credit cards kind of server? What could go wrong....

Veterans Unite To Defend Veterans

Now This is a Good Idea

Tulsa attorney Kevin Adams has come up with an excellent idea; creating a referral service for veterans that practice law. The idea is that a veteran is used to conflict and willing to fight more than the average law degree holder. And they will certainly understand those who went through the service better than a kid that spent his years in college instead of defending the country. They are more likely to perform under pressure and to be reliable.

And what better way to thank a veteran than to send them your legal business?

You can learn more on the website or visit their Facebook page to like and share the effort to connect veterans to veteran lawyers. You know though, even if you aren't a veteran it just makes sense to find a lawyer that is a veteran.

Judicial Misconduct Case

Story on Judge Leads to a Judicial Misconduct Case

Last week we wrote about one Judge McCray who exploded in anger on the bench over what he thought was a forged signature on a pre trial release form, and it was his signature. But the judge has his own problems now as a complaint has been filed against him for releasing drug trafficking suspects on OR bonds through the pre trial release program, in violation of state law.

Worse, McCray ordered a bond reinstated after what appears to be an illegal bond filing. With the Assistant D.A. Standing right in front of him, McCray ordered a man released after being shown a California court document stating that the insurance company that underwrote the bond, one Lexington National Insurance Company agreed to reinstate the bond. The bond had already been forfeited by the bail bondsman here in Oklahoma after the criminal had refused to show up for court. Then after an arrest warrant had been issued, the defendant shows up with a lawyer and what appears to be a faked document.

McDugle Hypocrisy Exposed: "An Ashley Madison Customer"

Hypocrisy Unlimited
 BREAKING: McDugle Draws Republican Challenger.
After the story about Rep. Kevin McDugle flaunting his home wrecker at official events, one Tracy Rogers according to some sources, several emails arrived with a link to a very disturbing video posted on YouTube by McDugle.

The video preaches to men about "How to treat your bride" and frankly it is disgusting to watch if you already know the details about McDugle's sordid affair and the rejection of his wife and children to take up with a woman that he was rumored to have found on The woman might or might not be or had been on the website but we know for certain that McDugle had an account at McDugle actually confirmed that fact but claimed it was an "old" account. The website is a Canadian owned site that offers married people or people in a relationship a place to find "dates". When the 2015 data leak occurred the full details were dumped into the internet, names, addresses, date joined, profile, everything ever collected including credit card info was made public.

We obtained a copy of the massive files and sorted out the 5000 Oklahoma records and went through them one by one and not only was Kevin McDugle's name present, the address matched up with state voting records. At the time it was thought that perhaps McDugle had signed up to check on one of his ex wives but with the revelation of his affair and impending divorce it became clear that McDugle might have other reasons for having an account at At one point McDugle became aware that we knew so he called up and threatened a lawsuit but upon being reminded that it was true his only remark was that it was an "old" account.

Of course McDugle was one of many Oklahoma legislators that had joined the extra marital affair website and lawyers and various other public officials and government employees.   We decided that the best use of the material was to bring up that we owned a copy and let the guilty ones simmer in anticipation in the hope that their voting records and personal behavior might moderate.  Once or twice a candidate for office might be taken aside and asked how he was going to deal with the leaking of his account information. 

Last week, after the story was published with the photo of McDugle flaunting his hoochie momma at a fund raiser McDugle posted on Facebook claiming he was being blackmailed and threatened over his vote on the massive tax increase. While we doubt that either was true, after all who would believe an adulterer, there is no doubt that McDugle will be facing a challenger in his June primary.

We'll have more news on the Republican Challenger to McDugle, in future publications..

Sunday, February 18, 2018

'Step On' Massive Tax Increase Fails House Vote

Step On Oklahoma,
the Largest Tax Increase in State History Goes Down in Flames

On Monday we witnessed a day of sanity in Oklahoma as the State Chamber of Commerce tax increase plan, named "Step Up Oklahoma" went down in flames. The plan was widely labeled "Step On Oklahoma" for the massive .8 billion dollar tax increases contained in the bill. Without a doubt the donor class pulled every trick in the book and pulled in media favors in order to push their agenda but to no avail as the bill failed by 13 votes needed to pass a tax increase. SQ 640 worked as it was intended to work, defeating a 51% majority from raising taxes.

Preston Doerflinger Calls It Quits!

Preston Doerflinger: 2015 APC mug shot 
Preston Doerflinger, Busted and Gone!

The revelations covering domestic abuse in the Doerflinger household are not new; a post card back in 2013 surfaced during a GOP Party Chairman race that outed the allegations but it wasn't until an online news investigative news group called The Frontier did some digging that the facts hit the mainstream media.

Doerflinger it appears liked to choke bit*ches... uh, his wife. Maybe he is polishing his image with the black, Hispanic, and white trash demographics for a run for office? Police responded to a 911 call from his wife who profusely thanked the officers for showing up but later refused to press charges against Doerflinger for abuse including choking her in the laundry room during the confrontation over Doerflinger's exposed extramarital affair. Actually Doerflinger was alleged to have choked her twice and taken the phone away from her the first time she tried to call the police.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Gantz Enters Tulsa Assessor Race

Gantz Running for Assessor in Tulsa County

Longtime political activist Darren Gantz has announced a bid for the Tulsa County Assessors Office. Gantz ran against Glen Mulready back in 2012 and was credited as one of the reasons why Glen Mulready's Obama Care legislation failed. Gantz is a long time Republican and a true conservative.

Learn more at