Tuesday, September 26, 2017

County Sheriff Cleans House After Election

 Elections Have Consequences
40 year Law Enforcement Veteran Fired over Vague Comments

Forty year veteran policeman Ed Grimes was fired for vague comments made while on a cell phone three days after the Oklahoma County Sheriff election. An open mike in his patrol car picked up his half of a conversation, comments that Canadian County Sheriff Chris West claimed were "sexist and derogatory" and aimed toward supervisory personnel.

Grimes had come in last in a special election on September 12th that replaced disgraced former Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel. The comments were recorded on the department radio system and Grimes can be heard mentioning the movie Dumb and Dumber but there is not really enough to put the comment in context. But the next comment was something about "Chris West ...and his, ah, tampons".

Social Media Plays Larger Role In Campaigns

Legislators Face New Consequences for Special Session Votes

Volunteers Needed to Manage New House and Senate Facebook pages

Politicians have always relied upon the local media controlling the news that is distributed to the public in order to mask their voting record, more than willing to risk voting for special interests and fulfilling quid pro quo acts to pay back campaign donors. As one politician told me after a discussion of his abysmal voting record: "They won't believe it.", referring to his low score on the Sooner Tea Party RINO Index.

However, earlier this year the Sooner Tea Party set in motion a plan to bypass the local media and to harness the power of Facebook and targeted ads on Facebook. One hundred and forty nine individual Facebook pages were set up for all 149 legislative districts and the 2017 RINO index scores were posted on each and every Facebook page along with the picture and contact info for the individual politician. This was a massive undertaking and it still isn't completed so STP needs volunteers to complete the project and to maintain the pages as the go to source for information about each of the 149 House or Senate districts.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Another Victim Killed By Inept Cops

 The Murder of Innocents Continues

Last week saw another brutal murder of a local deaf and developmentally disabled man by police, AKA a retarded person in politically incorrect language. The man's elderly father had been involved in a minor traffic accident and had left the scene leading the police to show up at his house where the car was parked.

Magdiel Sanchez was shot and tasered because he was on the porch of his own home and carrying a 24" long metal pipe that neighbors said he carried when walking around the neighborhood to fend off barking dogs. Neighbors were screaming to police before the shooting that Sanchez was deaf, no doubt leaving off the retarded part out of political correctness or simply not wanting to offend Sanchez. Now there is no law against carrying a pipe or stick when out walking, walkers in my neighborhood usually do carry something for that purpose, nor was Sanchez involved in any crime nor did he have a criminal record.

Richardson Puts Personal 'Skin In The Game' For Governor's Race

Richardson Puts

 $1 Million of Personal Funds into Governor Race

Tulsa, OK, September 24, 2017 – Gary Richardson announced on Friday that he has put a total of $1 million into his campaign fund for Governor of Oklahoma.

"We're in it to win it," said Richardson.  "that's why my wife, Lanna, and I made the decision to put $1 million of our own money into this race."

Richardson continued, "I refuse to be beholden to the special interest groups that have poured millions into the Governor's race.  The people of Oklahoma are my only special interest group."

"That's why I'm asking the citizens of Oklahoma to help support my campaign," said Richardson.  With donations of $50, $25, or even $10 from Oklahomans across the state added to the $1 million Lanna and I have put in this race, we can send a message that the Governor's race can't be bought off by the special interest groups."  

Gary Jones Has A Problem With Grassroots Republicans

State Auditor Gary Jones Facing
Grass Roots Opposition in Run for Governor

Politicians attract toadies of all sorts, people attempting to be useful to the campaign, angling for special favors or a position after the election or simply making brownie points in case the politician wins the election. Sometimes though their work backfires and exposes the politician to ridicule and contempt, such was the case last week when a Gary Jones supporter found out that grass roots political activists on one Facebook group didn't have a high opinion of Jones.

The post was a link to a plan for the budget, with Jones calling for increasing the Gross Production Tax on oil and gas to 5% from the current average of 3.1% along with raising the tobacco tax and gasoline and diesel taxes. An additional 2% Gross Production Tax was recommended by Gary Jones once prices for oil and gas rise with the money going to education and the rainy day fund.

Konawa Tea Party Meeting: Al Gerhart

 Konawa Tea Party
(4th) Tuesday September 26, 2017 7:00 - 9:00 PM
Kennedy Library - The Dougan Room
Konawa School, 701 W South Street

Invited Speaker:
Sooner Tea Party's Al Gerhart speaking on the Special Session

Special Session Filled With New Revenue Grab & Spending Plans

Special Session Threatens Massive Tax Increases

A really good article on the upcoming special session can be found at this link. We all should be worried about the session that begins next week as Fallin has vowed to kill any legislation that cuts spending and she has advocated a billion dollars in new taxes to cover the quarter billion dollar in lost funding due to the Supreme Court decision on the cigarette tax.

The article covers the massive pile of Senate bills already filed and how many of the bills have little to do with fixing the budget and more with spreading even more tax credits and exemptions to those that are politically corrected or willing to pay campaign contributions. The special session is expected to last a minimum of ten days due to the Constitutional prohibition on passing revenue bills in the last five days of a session. Then the legislators have to remain until Fallin signs or vetos the legislation.