Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Lying Leslie Osborn's Lead Campaign Blames Shooting Victims

A picture many years ago and many pounds ago as well

Lying Leslie Osborn's Lead Campaign Volunteer
Blames Shooting Victims for Massacre in Maryland
Amanda Rachel English, one of the leading volunteers for the Leslie Osborn Labor Commissioner campaign, the former chief of police in Forest Park, and a law enforcement instructor at Metro Tech blamed the victims of the Maryland newspaper massacre for the shooting, posting this on her social media accounts:
"Unethical reporters demonizing law enforcement were the roots of this."
The gunman that murdered five and injured others was actually a long time stalker of the newspaper after a story on one of his arrests was published. Both Metro Tech and the Oklahoma City Police Department disavowed English's statement:

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Dirt Bag McDugle Threatens Wife's Job

Dirt Bag McDugle Threatens Wife's Job,
Candidate Withdraws Challenges over Irregularities
Uber dirt bag Kevin McDugle was nearly defeated in the primary by a candidate that was forced to suspend his campaign after being fired by Sheriff Chris Elliot for daring to run against McDugle in the June primary election. Elliot was a close friend and ally of McDugle and had initially given the green light to the challenger as long as the deputy was shifted into a regular patrol position instead of serving as department media spokesperson. Then a few weeks before the primary Elliott fired Mahoney, the primary challenger. Faced with feeding a family and kids, Mahoney had to scramble for work, accepting a position with a local city police department but on the condition that he suspend his campaign to avoid bringing political pressure down from local RINOs and Democrats
supporters like James Inhofe.

Monday, July 16, 2018

We Told You So: OEA Turns On Republicans

We Told You So Months Ago
  Gotta love it when the RINOs start parroting what we were saying months ago. Weldon Watson, GOP Party Platform score of 8 points out of 100, with one correct vote out of 20 total votes, replied to the following Oklahoman editorial send by Pat Ownbey, GOP Party Platform score of 15 points out of 100, on Friday. Weldon had replied to the copy and paste editorial with: "Reminds me of the old adage, "Doing the impossible for the ungrateful."

Ownbey had sent out the editorial on Friday morning:

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Lying Leslie Osborn Lies About Endorsement

Lying Leslie Osborn Lies About Endorsement
Labor commissioner candidate Lying Leslie Osborn was busted this week after announcing an "endorsement" from the third candidate in the primary, Keith Swinton.

Osborn announced the "endorsement" on her Facebook page on Friday. They sent out a press release which Tres Savage posted on Twitter. Mccarville report posted her release and then took it down. Swinton put up a Facebook post on Sunday night clearly stating he has not made an endorsement in the race. Despite this, the Osborn campaign put up posts on Facebook and Twitter about the "endorsement" anyway.

Scott Pruitt Embarrasses Himself

Scott Pruitt Embarrasses Himself
Pruitt was once somewhat respected in conservative circles and once hired as the EPA director he had a huge chance to cement a solid reputation for being conservative and good for leveling the playing field for businesses. Yet a deluge of scandals had weakened Pruitt and made him such a liability that President Trump had little choice but to ask for Pruitt's resignation. Yes, Trump put a happy face on the resignation, acting as if Pruitt had any choice but he also admitted that the resignation had been discussed frequently for some time.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Primary Successes

Election Results, Good, Bad, and Ugly
(note from editor:  In anticipation of the outcry from hog farmers, we should point out that generally a hog will stop eating once it is full.)
The emails that we received after the primary election were mixed as were the results for the election itself. Some thought that the conservative cause was slaughtered, others were not sure what to think. Our view is that the election was a success for the most part.

The governor's race wasn't pretty at all, three RINO candidates, Cornett, Stitt, and Lamb, all placed higher than any single conservative. The three conservative candidates, Gary Richardson, Gary Jones, and Dan Fisher brought up the tail among the serious candidates.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Heads on Sticks!!! Comrade Yen Whipped, McDugle Race Contested, Pfeiffer Forced into Runoff




































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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July 1st 2018 Newsletter
Heads on Sticks!
Three of our five voter guides had the desired effect on educating the voters in these districts. On two of the three races we were the most significant factor in the race and on the third we were one of three entities that were hammering Senator Yen but the only one bringing up proof of his voting record. In these voter guides we never endorse or tell people how to vote, we just print what we know and let the voter make up their own minds.
Yen was spanked in a landslide 63 to 37 result. 
Lecher McDugle, working on wife #4
McDugle initially won by three votes, nearly whipped by a candidate that had suspended his campaign in order to feed his family after McDugle got his friend Sheriff Chris Elliot to fire the guy, but the provisional ballots opened on Friday turned up over fifty instances of illegal unsigned ballots or unaccounted for ballots so a recount petition  AND a petition alleging irregularities was filed.  And boy, they are not going to like the name on those two cashiers checks.  While is not yet over, just getting an incumbent slammed up against the wall with a candidate that wasn't even campaigning is a major victory for conservatives.
And Pfeiffer was also driven into a runoff despite outspending the challenger massively including a dark money $28,000 ad campaign from the wind industry to repay Pheiffer for his vote to keep wind subsidies alive.  Forcing an incumbent into a runoff is always a major win.
Election Results, Good, Bad, and Ugly
(note from editor:  In anticipation of the outcry from hog farmers, we should point out that generally a hog will stop eating once it is full.)
The emails that we received after the primary election were mixed as were the results for the election itself. Some thought that the conservative cause was slaughtered, others were not sure what to think. Our view is that the election was a success for the most part.
The governor's race wasn't pretty at all, three RINO candidates, Cornett, Stitt, and Lamb, all placed higher than any single conservative. The three conservative candidates, Gary Richardson, Gary Jones, and Dan Fisher brought up the tail among the serious candidates. Basically anyone standing on principles and wanting to cut waste out of the government sank like a stone. The more conservative the message the lower the percentage of votes, in all, only 18% of the people voted for any one of the three conservative candidates. The number of votes cast was huge, over the amount cast in the 2016 Presidential election.
Todd Lamb was no doubt surprised to not get in the run off.  His volunteers and campaign staff was shocked too, to the point the Lamb campaign signs are still littering the streets and by ways.  Stitt was probably shocked. Cornett no doubt felt entitled to be there. The run off between Cornett and Stitt will likely put Stitt into office as Lamb and Cornett were the two sides of the donor class and they might not come together. Stitt had more of a statewide appeal while Cornett did well mainly in central Oklahoma.
The state question 788 passed, weed will now become legal for those with a doctor's permission to get a license. The vote pulled in around 40,000 voters who voted only for the state question, apparent both in the numbers in the results and from reports from poll workers who said many asked for the pot ballot and fed the main ballot into the machine blank. Immediately the news broke that those with a weed license would lose the right to keep firearms due to federal law. Negotiations with the pot referendum backers and the House and Senate leadership first focused on a special session but later Fallin refused to order a special session claiming that the state health department can handle the temporary rules till the legislature gets back to work in February. A lot of questions that had been brushed aside such as the effect that having a weed license might have on things like child custody, employment issues, security clearances, so the legislature will have a host of things to clear up.
The special session was nixed mainly because Fallin was afraid the legislature would overturn some of her vetos at the end of the session and because any weakening of the weed statutes by the legislature would have driven a lot of these new voters back to the polls to retaliate against anyone that voted for the weakening of the law. And that would be mainly the establishment/donor class owned politicians.
In the Lt. Governor race Dana Murphy came out on top but a runoff with the notorious Made in China Matt Pinell is needed. The AG office will have another runoff between Hunter and Drumond, neither is a good choice in our opinion. The state auditor was also split and a runoff between the top candidate Cyndi Bird and Charlie Prater is needed. State Superintendent of Schools was also put into a runoff between incumbent RINO Joy Hoffmeister and conservative Linda Murphy. Costello got the most votes in the labor commissioner race but RINO legislator Leslie Osborn will face Costello in the August primary vote. RINO Glen Mulberry outright won the Insurance Commissioner slot, the only race won outright. The corporation commissioner race put incumbent Bob Anthony against Brian Bingman.
In the state senate the biggest upset was the notorious RINO Ervin Yen getting trounced 63 to 37. This was one of the races that received the Oklahoma Guardian voter guide and the anti forced vaccination group had invested heavily in walking the district.
In the House races we lost one good man, Chuck Strohm. Bobby Cleveland, a RINO at heart but one that would do the right thing if his butt was whipped politically on a regular basis wound up in a primary race and might well lose his seat. Greg Babinec, one of the RINO stooges in that infamous picture during that special session vote that turned down the massive tax increase bill, lost outright 61 to 29%, an enormous butt whipping. Steve Vaughan of district 37 was defeated by Ken Lutrell58 to 42. In HD 38 incumbent RINO John Pfieffer was forced into a runoff against conservative Brian Hobbs, 43 to 31%, another of our voter guide races. RINO Scooter Park was defeated 18 to 52%. Over in HD 101 Tess Teague barely survived and is facing a runoff 38 to 37%. Teague had voted against the taxes in the special session but she slipped back to her old ways in the main session and paid a price for doing so.
Of the five districts that we had voter guides delivered in, three were pretty much wins and two were losses. McCall and Josh West faced poorly funded challengers so the voter guide was too little too late to affect the outcome. But the Yen, Pfeiffer, and McDugle issues were solid wins. The latter two do face runoff/challenges but when you have a poorly funded challenger force the incumbent into a runoff it is a win. Yen of course was badly whipped outright.
The McDugle race was the best testament as to the power of a voter guide going out into a district. McDugle had managed to get his opponent fired from his sheriff deputy job in Wagoner County thanks to Sheriff Elliot being a close personal friend of McDugle. In order to land another job the opponent had to suspend his campaign in the last three weeks but lost by only five votes after the provisional ballots were counted. And the voter guide missed one of the three largest towns in the district due to manpower shortage, the city of Wagoner never learned about McDugle's voting record. The challenger had to cancel the last round of mailers, post that he was dropping out of the race, stopping all door knocking, and stopping all campaign sign posting. Despite all of this the Sooner Tea Party stepped in with the voter guide and a few Facebook videos sent out into those zip codes. All pure voter education on the voting record of McDugle and some of his personal disgraces that were already well known, no endorsement for the challenger, no need to tell people to vote against McDugle. And dirt bag McDugle finds himself nearly losing, and facing a challenge that might well force a new election.
On Friday a few dozen people from all over the state swung into action and we had a petition for both a recount and for voting irregularities filed at the state election board. Poll watchers reported dozens and dozens of ballots handed out without a corresponding signature on the voter rolls, ballots that could have easily been filled out and scanned during slow times during the vote or even afterward once the public was out of the way.
And to show the power of a corrupt county sheriff in the pocket of a legislator, Wagoner County, one Major Dustin Dorr at the Wagoner County Sheriffs Office initially refused to serve the recount/irregularity notice from the State Election Board, claiming that a fee must be paid in advance. A bit later Chief Deputy Les Young was contacted by the candidate and after an initial denial that the papers wouldn't be served the department finally served the papers. As this was a state agency ordering a county sheriff to serve McDugle within 24 hours of the filing it must have been humiliating for Sheriff Chris Elliot to be forced to serve his close friend with the papers after firing the challenger merely for running against McDugle.
In our opinion the primary was generally a success. The donor class lost many. We lost one. We have most of the state wide offices going to a run off. We have two of the RINOs, Pfieffer and McDugle, in either runoffs or court challenges that might push the election to be redone. Many of the conservative legislators survived the primary and are in runoffs where we will have a good chance of saving some of them.
It never fails to have Liberal Republicans run as Conservative during each election. We have again found another incumbent liberal Republican running for re-election in his district. We all know that politicians shade the truth on their about their true political believes, but we fail to see how anyone that votes for a tax hike can call themselves a Conservative. This is doubly troubling when a half billion in new taxes are placed on the backs of the working class when they leave tax credits to corporations practically untouched.
What started our interest in this report an article in the It seems that he is going to face a runoff in his campaign to keep his seat. All of his campaign literature is showing that he is claiming to be a conservative, yet he has voted to increase taxes that made it to the floor of the house over these last two years. It appears that he has it that the Republican Party is the party of lower taxes and less government. It also appears that he knows little about the states Constitution or chooses to ignore it. If he did, he would realize that him as well as all the elected officials in the state have been in violation of the Oklahoma State Constitution since 1994. That would make this and all other elected positions in the state illegitimate.
We started by going to his official web site at and fond little useful information. We’ve been seeing more and more of this lately. It’s enough to make us wonder what these elected officials are hiding. You can view his official web site link and opening it up.
After all of his planning, he finds himself in a run-off election. As there weren’t any Democratic candidates for this district, the run-off will decide on who will represent District 38 at the capitol for the next two years. We found this article which only raised our curiosity about his tenure in office. He needs to account for the year 2016, which was left off of this record.
We next went to to see what information they had available. You can see the article by doing to by going to this site, There are two things absent from the site. The first is what was his job
Next we went to his voting page, which you can find at this link. We immediately noticed two things with about this information. The first thing was that included only what they consider to be “Key Votes.” You can see what we are talking about by going to this document here. This is also where we began to wonder if he had submitted the information himself? This appears to be another thing he is keeping from the public.
We next went to the evaluation page at this site. We found that some of the normal ratings did not make any evaluation since 2014. We also found that the Oklahoma Constitution rated hm at a mere 23% in 2017. As far as being fiscally conservative, the Sooner Tea Party rated him at just 3%. We also noted the fact that as he got involved with the House Chamber leadership, the lower his evaluations became. It appears that he became little else than a yes man to the Speaker of the House.
We next went to the financial page and this information. He’s running a very frugal campaign and had to donate some of his own funds to keep his campaign alive. But the wind industry came through with almost $30,000 in advertising thanks to his vote to keep the wind energy credits in place.
We next found this article. This is almost word for word at what we found from the Enid. Did he just copy and submit this report?
We next found this disturbing article . We found it disturbing in the fact that it only covered a two-year period of time. It also listed very few of his failures. Once again, we ask what is he hiding? He may be a former Marine and a native Oklahoman, but he is constantly failing his constituents and
The state of Oklahoma.
This report would indicate that the economy of Oklahoma Has not improved as much as the leadership of the state would have you believed. has not improved as much as our elected officials would like for you to think. It indicates more students are going to the smaller, less expensive schools.
We next found this disturbing report. We will concede the amounts given. It was an off-election year. We find it funny that they never to come up with the figures for an election year. We guess they don’t want you to know how much they spend during an election year.
We next went to the State Ethics Committee to see his campaign finance reports. If you want to change the way to change the way the sate operates you need to know who is being paid off by outside interest groups. We recommend you go to this site and open the attached link. Fill out the information and complete the search for the candidate you’re wanting to know more about.
We did go to the indicated site and found that there were no reports listed. This brings up once again, what is he hiding?
In conclusion we can only say that District 38 can do better. We found repeated instances that gave the appearance that either him or the state are hiding information that should be available to all citizens. His failure to vote for added taxes and refusal to consider shrinking the near $6 billion dollars on what amounts to corporate welfare are appalling This should make voters think twice about voting for this individual. As a farmer and rancher, he may be okay, but he is a terrible legislator. Yep John it’shomestead time to stop getting those $156 dollars a day per-diem and getting back to the old .