Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Charles McCall's Speaker Campaign Implodes Over Fears of Junkets and Questionable Donors

One Pretentious RINO Implodes

  Anyone See a Private Turbo Prop Plane Going Down in Flames Last Week?

  Last week we warned of the chaos that would ensue if Rep. Charles McCall were elected Speaker.  McCall had created a quandary for a dozen or more legislators that had accepted unreported junkets on McCall’s private jet and others were worried not so much about McCall’s voting record but about McCall’s unsavory list of campaign donors.

  Some legislators were warning the Sooner Tea Party that the Speaker’s race was done and that McCall had it wrapped up and was going to be asking the representatives to sign pledge cards at the retreat.  But the extra newsletter full of McCall dirt went out at 12:03 am on Monday morning and by12:30 am legislators were forwarding copies and probably calling peers because by 3:00 am Monday morning a good quarter of the the legislators were getting up and opening their email to read the extra newsletter sent out that night.  By 5 am another quarter of the legislators had opened the extra newsletter and we saw other opens being recorded by most of the same legislators that had read the extra newsletter before 3 am which meant that the people they had forwarded a copy to actually opened the copy.  Leslie Osborn, Jason Nelson, Harold Wright, George Faught, Scot Martin, and Earl Sears were among the top re senders, all of which were running for Speaker or top lieutenants of a candidate for Speaker.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

All Hell Breaks out if McCall is Elected Speaker

All Hell Breaks out if McCall is Elected Speaker

  Rep. Leslie Osborn was one of the candidates for Oklahoma House Speaker that really concerned us as her character and judgment were sorely lacking.  She was a straight up Chambercrat, selling her soul along with her legislative vote long ago while posing as a conservative.  But on Thursday she bowed to the inevitable and bowed out of the Speaker’s race, throwing her support to another Chambercrat, Charles McCall.  Below is her letter announcing the deal made between her and McCall, and yes, something was bought and sold or it wouldn’t have happened.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Fw: Comrade Yen faces Angry Crowd and Comes Off Like a Real Jerk

Doesn't look like a fox hole, more like a mass grave to bury infidels
Busted but Still Digging the Hole Deeper
Remember Austin Bond?  The guy that bragged to several veterans last week that he was the guy that allowed the CAIR group to participate in the Veterans Day Parade in Tulsa?  We wrote a story about the guy’s actions after he dealt harshly with some veterans that were really trying hard to keep him from making a really stupid mistake.  Well Mr. Bond decided he was embarrassed over the publication and sent us a threatening letter the day after our story ran.  Here it is:
I am the Commander of VFW Post 577. I am not a member of the Veteran’s Day Parade Committee. It is a separate entity and not associated with the VFW. That Committee plans and oversees the Veteran’s Day Parade and like many other groups, simply meets at my Post. The only Committee meeting that I have ever attended was last week in an effort to encourage the Parade Committee to exclude CAIR and any other groups that were attempting to shamelessly politicize the parade.

Before the meeting began, a small male was raising his voice at a female. I asked him what the problem was and what group he was with. He replied that he was with the “White Armed Resistance.” There was NEVER any mention of a Confederate group, etc. I told him to leave my Post. I will not make apologies for refusing to allowing members of neo-nazi groups in my Post. He had two flag pins on his lapel. His Confederate flag pin was well above the American Flag pin and while he was being escorted out by multiple members of my Post, I told him that placing any flag above the American flag would not be tolerated inside a VFW. There are dozens of witnesses to this confrontation. There are multiple factual inaccuracies to your story.

I am combat Veteran. I am insulted that any group including CAIR is attempting to politicize a Veteran’s Parade. Without bothering to call me and get my side of the story, you have taken the word of someone who is NOT a Veteran and has identified himself as a member of a white supremacy group. I would have thought that my service alone would have made you question his version of events.

I am not a public figure. I am however, an attorney. You have intentionally defamed my name. If you immediately issue a full and acceptable retraction to the same list receiving this story, we can chalk your article up to a mistake. Otherwise I will vigorously pursue legal action against you personally and every individual and group associated with this story. I strongly encourage you to forward this email to your attorney and I will await their response until 4:30 p.m. Monday November 9th, 2015.  
Austin P. Bond
Attorney at Law

Now Mr. Bond’s problem is that we have multiple credible witnesses that say he bragged about being the one that allowed CAIR into the parade after being warned that the group had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. But now he wants to claim he was against the entire idea?  Not much of a commander if he has no control even if you got by the fact that multiple witnesses heard him claim ownership of the decision.  As far as politicizing the parade I’d say he did an excellent job of doing that all by himself with his apparent decision to allow CAIR into the parade because two of the Muslims were veterans (we still aren’t sure if they were U.S. veterans or former Taliban or Republican Guard, matter of fact it is unknown as to who these veterans are).
Then there is the second paragraph of his threatening email.    Funny how he had to call the guy a “small” male.   I suppose that makes him feel better about himself if he has something against short people.   But multiple reports say that confederate flag guy never raised his voice or they would have heard the confrontation in the meeting hall.    And the guy in question says he is not and has never been any sort of white supremacist or anything of the sort.   One retired state trooper reported that he has known the guy for years and vouched for the guy as being clean as a whistle.  The confederate flag guy himself was interviewed by our staff and asked twice if he had any links to any hate group.    I personally have not met the man but I did talk to him earlier this week and asked the hard questions again.  From talking to guys that know the man, a long time member of the Tulsa Republicans Mens Club, he is harmless enough.
As to the location of a lapel pin… really Mr. Bond… you throw a man out of a public meeting over such a stupid thing as one pin being above the other while including a group that even the FBI cannot work with?   You allow America’s enemies to march in the parade while throwing fellow Americans out of your VFW post?   And making such a fuss about us “not contacting you”?   Dumb ass, we asked a veteran who is also a retired state trooper to visit your meeting and find out why you were allowing the terror linked group into the parade.   Your problem, as you admitted to one of the highly placed men that called you to chew your ass out, was that you didn’t know who you were talking too and you said that in your own words.
As far as your service, JAG officers aren’t the men we celebrate on veterans day Mr. Bond.  We celebrate the men that put their lives on the line, not the ones that punch their ticket with a visit to the war zone and rake in the medals just for being there.  Who knows what your service was like, we certainly don’t know but you weren’t kicking in doors and facing enemies like the junior officers, NCOs ,and enlisted men.  As far as any credence we might have given you, that was erased the second our guy heard you brag about being the final decision maker in the inclusion of CAIR.
And you are a piss poor lawyer too boot it seems.  You are a public figure as the post commander and you made a very controversial and very public decision to include a group that has been linked with terror organizations and we called you to task after you told us that you were responsible. .     And you stomped on veterans and the public alike while slandering one man as a white supremacist without providing a shred of proof.  As an attorney one would think you know better than to slander people without providing absolute proof that they are a member of a white supremacist group.
As to our reply before last Monday by 4:30 pm, we ignored your threatening email but you took it upon yourself to call a lawyer that has done work for us before and were told that we have witnesses including the retired state trooper/veteran that went down to hear your side of the story.  And like you have already heard from our attorney, piss off jerk, we stand by our story.  A fine defense you have made for Constitutional rights of the veterans and citizens that complained about your decision, the only ones you protected were the Muslims tied to the CAIR group.
And they had a good turnout at the Turn Your Back on CAIR rally the Sunday before.  Here is a link to a video of real men, real veterans, men that know better than to deal with CAIR.
Below is a press release from veteran/legislators calling out your tremendous stupidity.    Real men Mr. Bond, real veterans:
Tulsa Veteran's Day parade, one of the oldest and largest in the country. According to numerous reports, hundreds of military veterans who lined the parade route of the Tulsa Veteran's Day parade turned their backs in protest as a small float sponsored by CAIR passed by them.

Oklahoma State Rep. Mike Ritze (R-Broken Arrow), who is a military veteran and a member of the medical corps, rode in the parade and had this to say, “The anger of some of the veterans who risked their lives to defend freedom had reached a boiling point.”

In the case of U.S. vs. The Holy Land Foundation, the largest terrorist-financing trial in the history of the U.S., CAIR was identified as a Muslim Brotherhood front organization and an unindicted co-conspirator. Further, the FBI's Oklahoma City Field Office refused to do business with CAIR. The Edmond Sun said in an article dated March 6, 2010: “CAIR has been advised of the reasons behind our suspension of formal partnership,” the FBI stated. “These reasons include the fact that CAIR was named an unindicted co-conspirator in United States v. Holy Land Foundation and CAIR’s failure to answer our questions about a connection between their executives and Hamas. Until these questions are answered, the FBI does not consider CAIR an appropriate partner for formal liaison activities.”

Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin (Ret.), former Commanding General of Delta Force and Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence, vigorously protested to parade organizers about the inclusion of CAIR. Boykin said, “CAIR has been publicly identified as a Muslim Brotherhood front organization and an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorist-financing trial in the history of the U.S. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land but (CAIR) advocates Sharia law which calls for the overthrow of the Constitution.”

State Representative Ritze said that Austin Bond, Commander of VFW Post 577 in Tulsa said to him, “I didn't have anything to do with this CAIR float but I am going to make sure they won't be in the parade next year.”

State Rep. John Bennett (R-Sallisaw), Chairman of the Counterterrorism Caucus in the Oklahoma legislature said, “On behalf of the members of the Counterterrorism Caucus, we want to thank our veterans who fought to preserve our freedom and especially those in Tulsa who are still willing to stand up and fight to this day.”

 And Mr. Bond,  Rep. Ritze reported that you claimed that you had nothing to do with the CAIR float and no doubt you said exactly those words but Ritze had already talked to other veterans that witnessed you say you were personally responsible for the inclusion of CAIR including a long time friend of Dr. Ritze.   Ritze reported what you said  to allow you to save some face but he also knew better Mr. Bond.   General Boykin chewed your ass out and educated you but it was a shame you were too arrogant or too wrapped up in another agenda to listen to those that questioned your decision when you made it.   Now it seems you can promise that next year CAIR won’t be allowed to participate so that in itself is an admission that you have control over the parade.
Who needs reform?” Oklahoma Legislation
By: D.B.
After reading some of the resent Legislative bills that Legislation worked on for months, and that passed, I became irritated.  I thought to myself, “Just how long can Oklahoma continue to allow these clowns to screw off with important issues when they are not qualified to dress themselves? I had the passing thoughts like- “why are they here”? “Why are they being paid”? What is their purpose if any”? Those bills that they worked so hard on (circle jerk), were ridiculous. They were no mention of Teacher’s, earthquakes, or DOC Reform. Instead they worked and passed bills like these:
·         A bill also passed that now “allows” people over 45 to be volunteer fire fighters. That was really nice of them. Thanks for “allowing” this group of people to volunteer without pay and with your approval.
·         Then there is the bill that now allows foster parents to have sex with their foster kids if they are over 19.  Wow.  That’s a relief.  I bet that is on all foster parents list of questions. Legislators probably felt this might draw in more foster parent volunteers.  Clever. I wonder why they didn’t pimp a few out to help that neg. debt number. Always thinking of others.
Where do these people come from? How do they end up at the State Capital? They are not only disrespectful, but useless and painfully stupid. I would need proof to believe they have anything above a 6th grade education.
Because of my concern I have put together a bill along with a few other tactics in hopes of reforming Legislation.  Even if Mary Fallin cared, she would not address this.  She is far to busy speeding down bankruptcy lane and attempting to lay low, only coming out for a little pinch of any nearby trooper butt.  Right now the most she would offer is a throwing of  a staff member under the bus.  
So, conjure up some dignity, find that back bone, break out of the bubble, and put on the big boy panties. Then pull your heads out of your asses. Begin working on big boy issues that matter. (AKA the jobs you were elected to do). And- if this doesn’t sound obtainable–Get lost. There are so many minimum wage jobs out there to choose from as they say. If money runs short-Bam!! There are plenty more just like it. They can work 2,3, even 4 jobs if they want.  AT the end of the day tax dollars have been saved, and they aren’t an embarrassment to Oklahoma anymore.  A win-win.
 I realize this revamping would be all new and the need for stiff structure would be necessary. So a “Big Boy Issues that matters” memo would be posted at all times. Bills would no longer be allowed to dabble in topics such as; Reproduction, hoodies, monuments, food, sex with kids, personal beliefs, nothing concerning personal business including internet surfing.    I would also have a secret outside, unbiased observer pass through randomly to clean, update or rat out any violations, perhaps with a ruler in their hand to smack the occasional idiot . The ones not so up on change might even find themselves asking questions like- “Is that really a pencil sharpener?
The attendees weren't pleased with you Comrade Yen. 
Now you know how your own voters feel
Comrade Yen’s Re Education Camp Ruined by
Running Dog Imperialist Attendees
My God… what an ass!    You simply had to be at that meeting to grasp the full measure of what an arrogant ass Senator Yen can be.   After trying to back out that afternoon the senator shows up to the debate empty handed, no information, no power point presentation, nothing but an attitude that he knew best because he is a heart procedure anesthesiologist.   Right off the bat the guy tells the crowd that he probably won’t change their minds and they weren’t changing his mind, then after listening to Dr. Christner for twenty minutes while she showed an impressive power point program and included study after study all you could do is roll your eyes on stage while sitting with your arms crossed.
When it was time for Comrade Yen to lecture the crowd that is all he did, after telling us that he had met only one other doctor that claimed that the risks of vaccines were well known.   At that four other doctors in the crowd spoke up and made it clear that you had must met more.   The guy is no public speaker; he would ask the crowd a question then get upset if they answered him, at one point almost walking off stage.  The event coordinator did an excellent job keeping things polite on the citizen’s end but you sir came across as an arrogant ass.
Comrade Yen took several of the doctors to task, asking where they went to medical school and questioning if their medical training was sufficient to speak, all the while the 800 pound gorilla in the room was Senator Yen’s similar training and lack of any real expertise in vaccines.   One of the medical doctors, a husband and wife pair that came with the anti forced vaccination group, passed up a few pages of medical studies for Yen to take home with him.  And the ass left them lying on his bar stool when he left the room, with a staffer coming back later to retrieve the papers.
In fact, there was one, count them buddy, one supporter in the crowd other than the two health officials you brought as moral support and your staff member and even that one supporter stood up and took you to task for not rebutting anything that Dr. Christner said with facts or evidence.    All you could do was say that what she said was false or misleading.  Or roll your eyes.
But central to Comrade Yen’s mindset is the belief that we live in a democracy where the majority can force everyone else to do anything they believe needed.    One combat veteran pointed out that we live in a Republic with Constitutional guaranteed rights that protect us from the tyranny of a democracy.
Senator Yen isn’t going to get much traction with his attempt to remove religious and parental rights but just in case there is a group already organized that will be educating legislators and holding a rally at the Capital on opening day in February.
Ronald Regan told us that we are one generation away from tyranny.  That is so true, Senator Yen’s parents fled Taiwan in fear of the Red Chinese and here is their son claiming that public health trumps religious beliefs, parental rights, and the Constitution.
Senate District 41 Candidate is No Stranger to Politics
By the Watchman
Once again we cover an announced candidate for a Senate seat soon to be vacated by term limits. We are talking about the Senate Seat for District 41 currently held by Senator Jolley. This time is a little different. Although we found no record for his 2016 campaign for the Senate, the candidate ran for office as a Representative for Edmond in 2014. As we said, he’s no stranger to politics.
The first we heard of this candidates run for the Senate was in this article The Okie » Pugh Announces For Edmond Senate Seat. We would first like to thank Mr. Adam Pugh for his military service. He is a former Captain in the U.S. Air Force.
The next article of interest we found was this Adam Pugh for Oklahoma State House | Indiegogo. This appears to be his campaign site from his 2014 campaign for the House District 82. There is more information on this page than most candidates put on their web sites or their profile sheets if elected. He speaks a lot about transparency and accountability, and he said all the right things a good little candidate should to address them but his words run hollow. We fear that even though he is running as a Republican candidate, he’s actually an undocumented Democrat. We’ll show you why.
This next article we won’t go into a lot of detail on Adam Pugh Enters SD41 Campaign | The McCarville Report, but it appears that he simply handed out the same press release to the two news blogs that we have mentioned here. That’s just plain lazy besides, announcing your candidacy on the McCarville Report pretty much ensures that you are a RINO.
The next article of interest we found was this Delaware Resource Group :: Corporate Bios. Call us cynical, but this looks like a job that he was recruited for prior to his decision to resign his commission in the Air Force. Now we have no problem with an individual making money, but to give up a profession he was good at for a few more dollars while his knowledge is still needed in force protection just seems like a sellout.
We next went to www.ok.gov/ethicscommission to see what they had on his campaign finances. We actually found some from his 2014 campaign. What we discovered was that this was never a serious campaign. He ran a campaign in the area on $36,500.00. That’s not near enough for a metropolitan area. A vast majority of his contributions were from individuals from around the country and his friends still serving in the military.
He had only one donation from a Corporation, Union or PAC. It’s listed as follows
June 16, 2014 Oklahoma Bankers Political Action Committee        $500.00
Of everything we found, this next article is the most disturbing The OK Citizens First Pledge | OKCitizensFirst. Oklahoma Citizens First is a real nice sounding organization. Who wouldn’t want to support Oklahoma First. What they don’t tell you about the organization is they are an extreme left wing organization that believes they can tax their way out of anything. They are pro big government and feel there should be no limit in the amount the state should spend. They’ve been taking lessons from Barack Obama himself. Adam Pugh signed their pledge. That’s a disgrace. If elected the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce will have another Senator on their team to ride roughshod over the citizens of this state. That’s the very thing we can’t afford.
We never thought we would ever see a candidate worse than Senator Jolley to represent the citizens of District 41. We just found him. If this man is elected he will not serve the citizens of his district or the state. He will be working for the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce to put a tighter grip of control on the citizens of this great state. The time for polite politics is over. We must bring to a stop the never ending line of undocumented Democrats who know the only way they can get elected is to run as Republicans. We must make these candidates sign a pledge to uphold the platform of the Republican Party. It’s time we took the government back from these greedy politicians who think they are above the law.

Bagdad Mary Paves the way for Muslim Extremist "Refugees"



                   Joesph Mengele        Leslie Osborn        Micheal Moore
Nazis, RINOs, and Liberals
The Common Threads that connect them
No, not too much turkey over the weekend, there really are common threads that connect Nazis, liberals, and RINO positions if you look deep enough.   Now Nazis are really Fascists, a system of government whereby there is private property and private businesses but they are heavily controlled by the government.  The other faucets of being a Nazi is the belief that anything is okay as long as it is done to move things toward your ideology.  And of course the same is true of liberals and RINOs, both prefer systems of government that do not believe in freedom, private property, or the sacred right and responsibility to control one’s own life and the life of the family.
But first lets look at the anti smoking issue.  Smoking is a nasty habit done by stupid people that are weak so they need a drug to calm their nerves to function.  But it kills them slowly, the government rakes in billions off their addiction in taxes, and it takes a huge chunk out of their disposable income for something that literally goes up in smoke.  But it is legal and an individual’s choice to be stupid.
The first anti smoking campaign was launched in the 30’s in Nazi Germany.  Posters and magazines warned of the risks, then eventually banned in Nazi party offices, public transportation, and bomb shelters.  The cancer/smoking link was understood by 1939 and restrictions on tobacco, taxes on tobacco, and restrictions on tobacco ads came right along.  The military limited soldiers to six butts a day while on the front line, a move in austerity no doubt, while also recognizing the help the drug gave soldiers to rein in anxieties.
Hitler had been a heavy smoker in his twenties and understood the addiction, labeling tobacco as a genetic poison that would corrupt Germans.  The government health office printed posters depicting dirty Jews smoking, along with gypsies, blacks, and intellectuals.   Women smokers were considered unclean and unfit to be wives and mothers.  The propaganda didn’t slow the consumption of tobacco, not until war time rationing did the use of tobacco slow.
RINOs and liberals of course have driven the anti smoking campaigns here in Oklahoma and in the U.S.  It is about control of the citizenry while bringing in heavy taxes, putting the government in a position of cutting their own throat if they lower tobacco use.
Gun Control
Liberals and RINOs are also in favor of gun control but one of the first efforts at gun control came out of German in the 1920’s.  There was chaos after WWI so the Weimar Republic instituted gun registration but as here the law abiding citizens followed the law while the criminals and Nazis did not.   The Nazis made plans to withhold food and execute Jews that refused to turn over guns or register the guns in the name of “public safety”.
In 1933 the Nazis seized power and gained control of the gun registration records, making it easy to round up weapons and attack political opponents.   Constitutional rights were suspended, gun licenses were revoked for Social Democrats and other “enemies” and Germany was cleaned of Jews, Communists, Gypsies, and any other group that posed a political threat.  Gun clubs were banned, their leaders imprisoned, and in 1938 a new gun control act was signed that gave  Nazi party supporters more rights and eliminated gun rights to others.   Nazis thought that Jewish property was ill gotten gains and leaving Jews armed was not conducive to taking their property!
Then as now, crises were not wasted.  The shooting of a German diplomat in Paris by a Polish Jew lead to Kristallnacht or the Night of the Broken Glass, a wide spread operation that searched for weapons, ransacked homes and businesses, burned synagogues.  Jews found with firearms or who had previously registered firearms were given twenty year sentences in the concentration camps.   France received the same treatment after the fall of France.
Meanwhile some Americans were paying attention and in 1941 congress reaffirmed Second Amedment rights and prohibited gun registration after seeing how the Nazis used the system to disarm opponents.  In the late sixties gun control legislation popped back up with the supporters denying that the Nazis used the registration system to confiscate guns.  And those efforts continue to this day where gun registration, gun bans, ammo bans by law abiding citizens is routinely offered as legislation.  Liberals do it, so do RINOs desperate to curry favor with liberals.
Animal Rights
Imagine a world where animals are more loved than fellow human beings.  People more worried about dogs and lobsters in restaurant tanks than about Jews being sent to the ovens.  That was Nazi Germany where animal rights were systematically enthroned.   No unnecessary harm was allowed to come to an animal, movie producers had to protect animals during production of movies, hunting dogs were outlawed.  Docking tails and ears of dogs was only allowed under surgical conditions with anesthesia, foie gras which is the force feeding of geese was prohibited, along with inhumane killing of farm animals.  Food safety required the slitting of an animal’s throat back then, to allow the animal to bleed out by using the pumping heart and we still do that to this day after stunning the animal with a blow to the head for large animals or slicing off the head of fowl.  They went so far in Nazi Germany as to require anesthetization of fish before slaughter instead of an ice pick to the brain or chopping off their heads.
In 1933 Herman Goring went so far as to say this in a radio address to the nation:
 “To the Germans, animals are not merely creatures in the organic sense, but creatures who lead their own lives and who are endowed with perceptive facilities, who feel pain and experience joy and prove to be faithful and attached.   I will commit to concentration camps those who think that they can continue to treat animals as property.”
Hitler like the State Chamber of Commerce, considered hunting and horse racing as backward, was a vegetarian, and objected to using animals for scientific research while being more than happy to use Jews, homosexuals, and other political prisoners for just about any medical research.  Nazis believed that Aryans were at the top of the scale and Jews were sub humans with a ranking lower than many animal species.  Wolves and German Shepard dogs were high on the list while Jews were ranked down with parasites, rats, and other vermin so a Jew couldn’t keep a pet, following humane euthanized countless numbers of Jewish owned animals.
And we are there again in life as political correctness tells us that people are more important than animals yet a family raising game chickens is sent to prison if they survive the SWAT team invasion of their home.  Chicken fighting is a bloody and disturbing sport to many yet it was used to destroy millions of game chickens in Oklahoma mainly because of those in the cities outvoting the country folk.  Meanwhile the RINOs and liberals continue to join together to push abortion on demand, animal righs, attack the right to farm, hunt, fish, rodeo, or own pets.

Liberals and yes, RINOs push a vegetarian diet based on two things:  animal rights and a cheaper, more sustainable diet for the masses.  Hitler was a vegetarian according to a woman who survived WWII and survived being one of Hitler’s food tasters.  The woman’s husband had been sent to the front lines to fight and she and a dozen other women were pressed into service to prevent the poisoning of the German leader.  According to her no meat or fish was ever served, salads, rice, fresh fruits, and vegetables only during the two and a half years she worked there.
The Nazis were obsessed with purity in body and diet, but Hitler became a rabid vegetarian later in the war. While there is little evidence of the Nazis pushing vegetarianism on the soldiers there is no doubt that Hitler’s obsession with purity and animal rights lead him to enact the harsh animal cruelty laws.
These days we are shown a food pyramid with a heavily vegetarian emphasis and are told that meat and dairy are bad for us.  The idea being of course to indoctrinate the citizens and especially the children and prepare for the day that both items are eliminated from our diets.
Like in Hitler’s time liberals and RINOs use music to influence society and mold children to be obedient servants of the government.  Jazz music was discouraged, even forbidden, while popular music and the arts were heavily propagandized.  The dichotomy was that then cultural bolshevism; the loosening of morals was the concern while now there appears to be an all out effort to do just that.
Jews were targeted of course and Wagner promoted. As in today’s world the taste of the elite became the favorite of the masses if the government had a way with things. The Hitler Youth organization carried the load of indoctrinating the youth along with bureaucracies and memos penned by Hitler himself. Art became policy, controlled by the Nazis, guidelines for publication of musical materials.  Radio stations, recording studios, and movie theaters were seized, operas, live theater, orchestras all reached out for state support in return for acting as the arms of a vast bureaucracy setting culture for the German state.
Jews of course were driven out along with others that were found “undesirable” and before long culture, music, and art became a single entity serving Nazi needs.  Something as simple as a musical score at a performance would be thought of as subversive and by 1935 a blacklist was developed.  Music in kindergarten began the process of  breaking the bond between mother and child, promoting Nazism, and cementing the control of the child by the state.   Older folk music was used as a familiar theme in which Nazism  was promoted,  while the power of the church was diminished. The goal was unity, one mind, one purpose, one standard.  Sounds a lot like political correctness, does it not?
Like political correctness, standardization allowed citizens to participate without worrying about offending the government and gave the Nazi party competing rights of passage to attract the youth away from the churches.   In the same way global warming, political correctness, or any of the popular liberal movements all compete with religion by setting a standard of thought and action while providing a safe place for a youth to express themselves, as long as they followed the party line of course.
These days Rap music is promoted despite the corrosive nature of the music.   The goal appears to tear down morals and civility, disrespecting women, covering violence with glory and pride, while building a society and culture that values street cred over education.
Bottom line is that Nazis, Liberals, and RINOs all use the same techniques.  Political correctness,  suppressing opposition and opposing variations of thought, art, literature, and art.  Right and wrong are blurred, children are radicalized and taught that parents have little more than responsibility and no control, that the state is their friend and church and family is the enemy.
Taking more of your Paycheck and Driving Jobs out of the State

Thank you Teachers Union
By the Watchman
The University of Oklahoma President David Boren is getting awfully brave in his old age. His politics are well known as he is a former Democratic Governor and U.S. Senator for the state of Oklahoma. It would appear that he is also the man who authorized the legal action to maintain a piece of artwork that is in the museum at the university that was stolen by the Nazi’s from a Jewish family during WWII. We can’t help but wonder if a Nazi Swastika is really the legacy he wants to leave of his term as President of the University of Oklahoma.
The University President has shown his colors as nothing more than a liberal tax and spend Democrat. This is proven by the excessive  salary he receives and this article OU president suggests penny sales tax to boost education funding | News OK . This proposal lacks the common sense of the people who would have to pay the taxes. It lacks the fore thought of a common citizen and benefits no one but those in academia. It also lacks the basic common research that is needed to support the need of such an increase.
The next article of interest we found was this Oklahoma Watch: Penny increase would make Oklahoma No. 1 in sales taxes | News OK. . This one article alone should provide enough evidence that the President of the University of Oklahoma does not have the best interest of the State of Oklahoma at heart. This tax would drive any prospective businesses away from the state as well as the very people we need to make this state a better place to live.
The proposal by Mr. Boren failed to take in this Oklahoma Watch: Boren's sales tax plan reflects shift in Oklahoma tax base | News OK. He bases his concern on the lower tax rates that citizens currently pay and the lower revenue the state receives from oil and gas revenues. Those are both good points; however they are very mute points. If legislators would follow the Oklahoma State Constitution, all of the shortages in school funding could be made up by the elimination of the tax incentives given to companies. According to our Constitution only County and Municipal governments can grant those tax exemptions.
The next item of interest we found was this Penny Education Tax Tried in Other States | Oklahoma Watch. This indicates that it has had mixed reactions wherever it has been tried. In other words this type of tax could be long term, subject to renewal and there is no guarantee it would work. Is this really something we want here in Oklahoma?
The first hint at union activity we see is this Oklahoma State School Boards Association. This is an endorsement from the Oklahoma State School Boards Associations. The biggest benefactor to this organization we could find was the teachers unions, so they are naturally going to go along with whatever the union wants.
The next item of interest we found was this Oklahoma Education Association - Petition Drive To Create Penny Sales Tax for Education. This is an indication that the Oklahoma Education Association, a union, plans on initiating a petition drive to have this question put on a state ballot. What they are really saying here is they don’t care how much it hurts you they want their money. They are rapidly joining the ranks of the United Auto Workers and pricing themselves straight out of a job.
This job busting idea was taken to an arbitrator of the Oklahoma Supreme Court. The full story can be read here Oklahoma Supreme Court referee hears arguments in challenge to penny sales tax for education. Both sides presented their arguments and to the best of our knowledge no decision has been made as to whether or not this will receive a full hearing in front of the Supreme Court.
Maybe the tax payers are getting a lot less for their education dollars than they are paying for. We did our own comparative study last year when we saw this article OK teachers’ union and allies contend public education spending is weak, but is it? . Our conclusion is no. What is driving the cost of classroom spending down is the massive overload of administrative cost in the districts. We also must ask if the students that attended the teachers protest rally last year, sponsored by the Oklahoma Education Association and the National Education Association had signed parental consent to miss school that day. We would also like to know if the teachers who attended were docked a day’s pay.
As we said, we did a comparative study. The study covered every state that shared a border with the State of Oklahoma. The first state we cover is Arkansas. You can see the detailed information her
State Profiles Home Page. As you can see they are only slightly under the national average.
We next took a look at the state of Kansas. You can see the detailed report here State Profiles Home Page. The data was incomplete, but what was available shows that Kansas is in some areas above the national average and in others, below the national average. There is room for improvement.
We then took a look at Colorado. You can see the detailed information here State Profiles Home Page. Colorado scored consistently above the national average in all categories but one. There was no Grade four writing score available.
We next took a look at Louisiana. You can see the detailed information here State Profiles Home Page. Louisiana consistently scored below the national average in all categories. Doesn’t say much about public schools there does it.
We next took a look at Missouri’s results. These are a little different because for some reason they combined them with Louisiana’s. Missouri surpassed every national standard except one. You can see the results here State Profiles Home Page.
We took a look at New Mexico’s statistics to see how they did. You can read the results here State Profiles Home Page . New Mexico was below the national average in every single category listed. They have real problems.
 We next took a look at Oklahoma’s scores and frankly, it’s a mixed bag. You can read the report here State Profiles Home Page. We’ll take the time to go into a few details here. Grade 4 Math 2 points below the national average, Grade 8 math 6 points behind the national average, Grade 4 reading 3 points below the national average, Grade 8 reading 1 point below the national average, Grade 4 science 1 point above the national average, Grade 8 science meets the national average. Grade 4 writing 11 points below the national average.  Ladies and Gentleman these numbers are unsatisfactory. Our children and our future deserve better.
We next took a look at the state of Texas to see how they did. You can read the report here State Profiles Home Page. With the exception of Grade 8 Science they met or exceeded the national standards. I would consider that a very good accomplishment for a state with no income tax.
We now come to the topic of teachers’ salaries. Teachers’ salaries for Oklahoma for the current year were available however we were unable to obtain them for the surrounding states. With that in mind, we’ll start with Oklahoma Salaries first.
This is the teachers’ salaries listed at the same time as the other states listed in this study Oklahoma Teacher Salary | Teaching Salaries in OK | Teacher Portal. On page 2 of this document you will see that only 34.8642% of all expenditures on education are spent on teachers’ salaries. That indicates that there is a vast waste of tax payer dollars on other items. Only the school boards can answer that.
We next took a look at teachers’ salaries in Kansas. You can read the document here Kansas Teacher Salary | Teaching Salaries in KS | Teacher Portal. Here on page 2 you’ll find that Kansas spends even less than Oklahoma on teachers’ salaries with only 34.7918% of their education budget going to teachers.
We next went to the salaries of New Mexico’s teachers. On page 2 of this document New Mexico Teacher Salary | Teaching Salaries in NM | Teacher Portal you will find that New Mexico spends only 27.5439% of their education dollars on teachers’ salaries. That makes you wonder where the money goes.
We next took a look at Texas. On page 2 of this report you’ll find that Texas spends 37.845% of its education dollars on teachers. To this point that is the highest percentage we’ve seen. You can see the document here Texas Teacher Salary | Teaching Salaries in TX | Teacher Portal
We next looked at the information on Louisiana. You can see the full report here Louisiana Teacher Salary | Teaching Salaries in LA | Teacher Portal.  On page 2 we find that 35.1892% of the education budget goes to teachers’ salaries.
We next took a look at Arkansas. Here is what we found Arkansas Teacher Salary | Teaching Salaries in AR | Teacher Portal. Here you’ll find that Arkansas spends 32.7956% of their education budget on teachers. They go on to attempt to explain this lower salary to the lower cost of living in the state.  That lower salary doesn’t help pay back student loans.
We next took a look at Missouri’s information and this is what we found  Missouri Teacher Salary | Teaching Salaries in MO | Teacher Portal. Missouri is spending 34.8444% of its education budget on teachers’ salaries.
These were the pay scale percentages as of the 2013 school year. As you can tell Oklahoma was among the highest paying states percentage wise of all the states that share a border with Oklahoma, yet results continue to decline. We must ask Why?
We are next going to cover 2015 pay scales for the State of Oklahoma. We’ll begin with  this ok.gov/sde/sites/ok.gov.sde/files/documents/files/2014-2015 State Minimum Salary Schedule_0.pdf.This is the pay scale for teachers’ put out by the Oklahoma Department of Education. To be honest, they don’t make a lot for what they do for us, our children and our state. They also don’t look at the financial facts of what our state is going through. We’re sure President Boren has some economist on his staff that would have been able to explain this to him.
We next looked at the pay scale for assistant principals. You’ll find a good deal of money is wasted here
ok.gov/sde/sites/ok.gov.sde/files/documents/files/FY15 JUL Asst Prin.pdf. Why are school districts paying stipends and housing allowances to these people. That is tantamount to misappropriation of government funds. It’s simply uncalled for.
We next looked at this site ok.gov/sde/sites/ok.gov.sde/files/documents/files/FY15 JUL Prin.pdf about Principals. This is even more outlandish. You’ll go through here and find Principals drawing a base salary as a Principal and also drawing a base salary as a teacher. The communities in which this is going on need to get a closer rein on their school boards
We next took a look at the site that covered Superintendents here. ok.gov/sde/sites/ok.gov.sde/files/documents/files/FY15 JUL Supt.pdf.  This is a racket. Some of these people are making more than the Governor makes. Before any tax hike is considered the state should look at shaking up the entire system and paying people for the jobs they’re hired to do not for doing other b.s.
Contrary to what the tax and spend Liberal College President and the teachers unions may think, the money is already there for a pay raise for teachers. The problem is you have to get the Oklahoma State Legislature to follow the State Constitution and stop handing out tax credits. Sure you’ll get the argument that it’s always been done that way, but that doesn’t make it legal. This state hands out almost two billion dollars a year in tax credits. Just think how much we could do with that amount of money in our coffers. Just think about how much our students would benefit from it.
A one cent sales tax increase doesn’t sound like much, but think of the impact it would have on the work force and businesses in Oklahoma. At a time we should be cutting corporate taxes to attract industries, raising sales taxes will only drive them away. You drive the industry away you drive the youth away and then what are you left with. Nothing.
We would urge all Oklahomans not to sign the initiative petition being pushed by the Unions and to vote no on this question should it ever make it to the ballot.

The Tulsa County Republican Men's Club

Annual Christmas Party - Awards - Membership drive
Friday December 4th
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Surprise guests - Surprise announcements
Cost to attend:  join the club Ladies $10 Men $20 for yearly dues that is it.  Wasn't that easy!
Don't want to join but want to come $10 includes food, drink and all of the festivities!
We always have a great time, so don't miss this you will regret you did!
Comrade Yen Stirs up a Hornets Nest
It is rare that we allow another group to publish something unedited in our newsletter but this issue is one of the defining fights in the coming legislative session and a really good group has sprung up to fight Senator Yen’s attempt to eliminate parental rights and religious exemption from vaccination.  While I personally had my kids vaccinated years ago I did so not knowing the risks involved and it appears the risks are growing.  So regardless of how we feel about the “science” that Senator Yen claims requires the forced vaccination of children we ought to respect liberty enough to retain religious and parental rights.
www.facebook.com/okforvaccinechoice      @ok4vaxchoice
Ok4vaxchoice@gmail.com                 www.ok4vaxchoice.com
Citizens across Oklahoma are gravely concerned that Senator Yen’s proposed bill, SB 830, which would remove philosophical and religious vaccine exemptions, is government overreach, discrimination, and a violation of parental rights.
On Thursday, November 12th, The Tulsa County Men’s Republican Club (TCMRC) graciously gave some of these citizens, many of them parents, a chance to voice their concerns regarding the bill during the town hall meeting – Who is Calling the Shots? -hosted by Darren Gantz, president of the TCRMC.
Senator Ervin Yen, who is also a cardiac anesthesiologist, attempted to defend SB 830 and Dr. Stephanie Christner, a Tulsa psychiatrist, was also invited to oppose this bill. Dr. Christner also confronted the hard facts of why removing these exemptions may not be in the best interest of every Oklahoman.
The audience – nearing 100 concerned citizens, many with vaccine-injured children – expressed their concerns in the heated Q&A discussion following both side’s presentations.
KTUL Channel 8 and Tulsa News On 6 were in attendance and aired and published respective reports.
The meeting began with Dr. Christner and her well-organized, information and statistic-packed power point presentation, which detailed the history of vaccination, vaccine efficacy, and vaccine risks. Dr. Christner provided key points based on scientific facts and statistics from years of research and speaking with informed parents in the community. Dr. Christner has served on the FDA’s Vaccine and Related Biological Advisory Committee as the consumer representative and she currently serves as a board member of the National Vaccine Information Center.
Senator Yen defended his stance on the issue with three verbally substantiated arguments: The measles outbreak in California, the theory of herd immunity, and the claim that vaccine injury is extremely rare – at one in a million. The Senator seemed completely unaware of all of the sourced evidence Dr. Christner had provided to all in attendance, which directly contradicted and challenged each of the three verbal claims the Senator clung to.
Senator Yen’s belief that vaccine injury is rare seems to be the most troubling to Oklahomans. He flippantly stated, with raised eyebrows and a half smile, that “The risk of adverse events is less than one in a million. The chance of you getting struck by lightning over your lifetime is one in 165,000.”
What Senator Yen fails to acknowledge and understand is that it is estimated by many sources that 90% of vaccine injuries and deaths go unreported due to time lapses (usually three days to two weeks) between vaccine administration and the actual symptoms or death. The CDC openly admits that VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) is grossly under-reported and most likely representative of only one tenth of the actual numbers of vaccine-related injuries and deaths. As we further speak to parents in our own state and communities, we firmly believe this to be a much more accurate representation. Dr. Christner’s own infant daughter died of vaccine-induced SIDS, yet vaccines were not listed as the cause of death.
Senator Yen also claimed that the vast majority of Oklahomans and doctors are for his bill, but as one brave mother stood up and pointed out, the vast majority of Oklahomans are not sufficiently educated on the topic of vaccines, vaccine ingredients, and vaccine adverse effects.
At one point, Senator Yen openly admitted that he received one of his facts from CNN. Following this statement, Chad Chamberlain, MD, of Oklahomans for Vaccine Choice, stood up and, after asking if Senator Yen had ever done any non-industry funded research, told the Senator, “Your credentials as a physician are being used to promote this, so I would expect as a physician that you would do the research.”
Strong emotions were felt when a US army veteran and father of ten children stood up and passionately expressed that he had fought for this country’s freedoms only to come home and have his freedoms taken away. “What constitutional authority do you have, in the country I served, to tell me what I can or can’t put in my child’s bloodstream?” he questioned Senator Yen. The veteran also shared his family's heartbreaking stories of vaccine injury and death, including his wife’s miscarriage, which happened only three days after she received the H1N1 vaccine.
Anne-Marie Ludwick, Senator Yen’s constituent, and a single mother of a special needs child, drove all the way from Oklahoma City for the opportunity to voice her concerns with being forced to home school her child if this bill passes. Anne Marie's son would lose all services and she would have to quit working in order to protect her vaccine-injured son from forced vaccination. Anne-Marie is not able to obtain a medical exemption because symptom development was deemed “coincidence” by her child’s doctor and she does not have proper documentation of injury.
The concerns were numerous, detailed, and many were left unanswered and even unheard. The attending citizens, many of them parents of vaccine-injured children, left the town hall meeting with expressed feelings of flippant dismissal by the Senator and great disappointment in his preparation for the event.
We at Oklahomans for Vaccine Choice continue to hope and pray that our Oklahoma legislators remain open and respectful to the concerns of their constituents, instead of brushing them aside as irrelevant or invalid.
Now the ball seems to be in Senator Yen’s court, as his supporting arguments for SB 830 were described as relying on conjecture and failing to provide studies or evidence warranting the removal of vaccine religious and personal exemptions in the state of Oklahoma.
In the opinion of Oklahomans for Vaccine Choice, the Disneyland measles outbreak does not warrant this direct violation of parental rights in Oklahoma.
As Heather Revelis, MD, a member of Oklahomans for Vaccine Choice, pointed out, many disease outbreaks happen in highly vaccinated populations. China has a 99% vaccination rate and they had over 700 measles outbreaks from 2009-2012 alone. At what point will public health officials and legislators realize that the theory of herd immunity may not be the best theory on which to base vaccination policy?
We would like to thank Dr. Stephanie Christner for being a bold voice for thousands of Oklahomans who hold grave concerns with this bill. Dr. Christner summed it up well by asking the question, "Why would we mandate something when there are still so many questions on the table? There’s so much science and so much research that needs to be done. And as we are learning more about the human genome, it’s becoming more understandable as to who does have a bad reaction and who does not. I cannot understand how anyone would support taking away our freedom to choose, especially here in the United States. ”
Thank you, Senator Yen, for bringing this conversation to Oklahoma and giving us a platform for discussion on this very important topic. Oklahoma parents truly and deeply appreciated the opportunity to voice their concerns in person.
And a warm thank you to Darren Gantz and the Tulsa County Republican Men’s Club. They have managed to do what no other state or organization has been able to do, which is have a legislator or doctor publicly explain and justify draconian vaccine mandate bills in a room full of knowledgeable parents, doctors, and other concerned citizens.
If you would like to view the Town Hall video for yourself, please follow this link to view the video in its entirety
Health Liberty Rally, Monday, February 8th, 2016 at the Capitol building in the Supreme Court Hallway. We urge Oklahomans interested in showing their support for personal and religious liberties to rally together at the state capitol and hear speakers from 12-1:00 pm. Following the presentations, we encourage citizens to visit with legislators afterward from 1:00-2:00 pm.
Muslim Blow up Sex Doll or Oklahoma's Bagdad Mary? Is there a difference?
Governor Fallin Paving the way to Bring in Muslim Extremists Refugees

And that is exactly how it was put by the Senator that sent me this copy of a forwarded email from the Obama Administration’s Secretary of State John Kerry, funneled through Fallin’s office. The entire letter is included along with our comments in bold text:
Dear Governor FaIlin:
In response to ongoing discussions by governors across the country regarding our refugee resettlement program, we would like to describe for you in detail the rigorous security vetting process refugee applicants undergo, particularly as it pertains to the population of refugees fleeing from the conflict in Syria.

Right, rigorous security vetting from a group of refugees that have no passports or false passports and no reciprocal agreement with the other government for verifying any of it.   The Obama administration already admitted that it is nearly impossible to do background checks on these people.

In short, the security vetting for this population—the most vulnerable of individuals—is extraordinarily thorough and comprehensive. It is the most robust screening process for any category of individuals seeking admission into the United States. The process is multi-layered and intensive, involving multiple law enforcement, national security, and intelligence agencies across the Federal Government. Additional precautions have been added with regard to Syrian refugees. We continually evaluate whether more precautions are necessary.

Pardon me, but pure bull shit.

Today, the world faces an unprecedented outpouring of more than four million refugees from Syria, presently in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Europe, and beyond. A number of nations, including our closest allies, have pledged to share some of this responsibility and accept Syrian refugees into their borders. For example, the new government of our neighbor to the north, Canada, has pledged to accept 25,000 Syrian refugees this calendar year. President Hollande of France, while his country reels from the terrorist attacks of last week, subsequently reiterated his nation's commitment to accepting Syrian refugees.

And the Muslim countries admitted how many?  Zero due to security concerns that there would certainly be radical Muslim extremists hidden in the refugee population.

Meanwhile, our Government has pledged to increase the number of Syrian refugees we will accept, from approximately 1,682 last fiscal year to at least 10,000 this fiscal year. This represents a modest commitment by our Government to accept less than one percent of the approximately four million Syrian refugees in the world.

Did you bother to ask the people or their representatives before spending our money and putting our families at risk?

Further, it is important to note that the overwhelming majority of Syrian refugees we have accepted and will accept are families, victims of torture, and children. We have prioritized the most vulnerable of Syrian refugees for resettlement—which means those who are the principal victims of the violence perpetrated by both the Assad regime and ISM in Syria. A very small proportion of these refugees have been or will be adult males who are not accompanied by children nor joining family in the U.S., and those adult males who are accepted will generally be especially vulnerable individuals, such as survivors of torture, LGBT individuals, or those with disabilities.

The Boston bombers and many others were radicalized family members admitted as refugees.  I suppose a terrorist fleeing Predator Drones is “especially vulnerable” and might have been tortured in the past by one of our Arab allies.  And Mary Fallin, you bloody idiot, just how many LGBT individuals are there going to be in a Muslim Country?  How about terrorist missing limbs from a Predator Drone strike, are they disabled?  You damned fool!

A refugee applicant cannot be approved for travel and admission to the United States until all required security checks have been completed and cleared. Bottom line—under the current system, if there is doubt about whether an applicant would pose a security risk, that individual will not be admitted to the United States as a refugee. Below is a detailed description of the process for vetting refugees.

First, many candidates for refugee resettlement in the United States are interviewed by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to determine whether they meet the definition of refugee i.e., persons who have been persecuted, or have a well-founded fear of persecution, based on political opinion, social group, race, religion, or nationality.

 Or persecuted for being a terrorist Mary?  And you can’t find Middle Eastern Christiansor other faiths, they just have to be Muslim to pass your test Mary?

In the interview, UNIICR identifies any "red flags" which would render individuals ineligible for resettlement under our laws and security protocols. UNHCR also screens applicants to determine whether they fall within the priorities the United States has established for resettlement—those refugees who are deemed most vulnerable. Examples of priority profiles include families, unaccompanied children, victims of torture, and individuals with family ties in the United States.

And many of the refugees turned terrorist did come over with families and had family ties, there were dozens and dozens of cases since 2001.
Second, a refugee applicant is referred by the UNHCR to the United States along with a package of information. At that point, the State Department takes over the process. Resettlement support centers, operated by faith-based and international organizations contracting with the State Department, first interview the applicant to confirm information about the case and collect any identification documents and aliases used by the refugee applicants and initiate security checks, which are exclusively conducted by the U.S. Government. These interviews provide the U.S. Government a very useful tool for gathering information about a potential refugee that may not already exist in a database.
Bagdad Mary, you bleeding idiot!  Do you really think that a terrorist is going to share his list of aliases with the do gooder idiots working on this?  Do you really think that they will be using real ID documents unless the Syrian regime generates the ID to hide the terrorists true identity?

For every single refugee applicant, the Department of State conducts biographic checks of the refugee's primary name and any aliases against its Consular Lookout and Support System database (CLASS). CLASS includes watchlist information from the Terrorist Screening Database (TSDB), the Drug Enforcement Agency, the FBI's Terrorist Screening Center and Interpol, including criminal history, immigration history, and records of any prior visa applications submitted by the applicants. Significantly, for individuals meeting certain criteria, the Department of State also requests a Security Advisory Opinion name check against law enforcement and intelligence databases. In addition, the Department of State initiates an interagency check against intelligence community holdings, including the National Counterterrorism Center. These enhanced biographic checks are conducted for all refugee applicants within a designated age range, regardless of nationality. This vetting occurs throughout the process.

You mean they conduct a piss poor check due to lacking data from an enemy regime using the manufactured ID cards provided?

Third, refugee applicants screened by the Department of State are then referred to the United States Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), where USCIS oversees rigorous refugee status interviews and additional security vetting. Security checks are an integral part of this process.

Yeah, great idea.  These folks kept me on the Known Traveler program after a felony arrest that they knew nothing about but once the conviction was reversed and the trial judge ordered to reverse and dismiss the charges they took me off the list.   The same idiots that pulled me aside along with a very wealthy older woman and did the swab thingy where they rub a swab over your neck, hands, socks, soles of your shoes, and inside your baggage?  Meanwhile a dozen middle eastern types walk past smirking at the two of us while they find nothing?  The same guys that pilfer your luggage back on the conveyor check points?   Mary you make all of us grateful for your intelligence and wisdom.

USCIS collects biometric information, consisting of fingerprints, for each refugee applicant, ages 14 to 79. USCIS coordinates the screening of refugee applicant fingerprints against the vast biometric holdings of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Next Generation Identification system, and DHS's Automated Biometric Identification System (IDENT). Through IDENT, applicant fingerprints are screened not only against watchlist information, but also for previous immigration encounters in the United States and overseas—including, for example, cases in which the applicant previously applied for a visa at a U.S. embassy.

And you have the data on six billion people including the three billion Muslims?  Sure Mary, and Al McAffee and Ken Miller are going to announce their June wedding to a pair of sisters.

Working with the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Defense augments biometric screening on refugee applicants of all nationalities who fall within the prescribed age ranges by checking the fingerprints of refugee applicants against their own database.

So you have access to the databases of ISIS, Iran, Syria, and the Taliban in Afganisatan?  Of course you don’t and if you did you Mary Fallin would be a complete fool to trust the data bases.

At the same time, a team of highly-trained USCIS refugee officers is responsible for personally conducting the refugee status interviews. These officers undergo five weeks of specialized and extensive training that includes comprehensive instruction on all aspects of the job, including refugee law, grounds of inadmissibility, fraud detection and prevention, security protocols, interviewing techniques, credibility analysis, and country conditions research.

Okay, a whole five weeks Mary?   Sort of like the TSA boobs at the airport?  Patting down diapered babies and old women in walkers instead of the woman in the burka?

Before deploying overseas, officers also receive additional weeks of pre-departure training, which focuses on the specific population that they will be interviewing, detailed country of origin information, and updates on any fraud trends or security issues that have been identified. Officers conducting interviews of Syrian applicants now undergo an additional one-week training focusing on Syria-specific topics, including classified intelligence briefings.

So what are we up to Mary?  Eight weeks, nine weeks of training?  Right….

USCIS has officers providing intelligence-driven support to adjudicators to identify threats and lines of inquiry, as well as watchlisting and dissemination of intelligence information reports on applicants determined to present national security threats. Every officer's decision, whether it is to approve or deny a refugee's application, is reviewed by a supervisor. Refugee status is granted by USCIS only after supervisory review, once the application is deemed complete. Applications are often placed on hold until supplemental information is obtained.

Great, two overworked idiots approve a potential terrorist using unverified data and ID.  Got it….

Fourth, before an approved refugee arrives in the United States, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) at DI IS receives a manifest of all refugees who have prior approval to travel to the United States. CBP receives this manifest eight days before a refugee's scheduled travel. The agency performs initial vetting before they arrival at a Port of Entry, then conducts additional background checks of these subjects upon arrival.

Is this the same Customs that offload containers and rail ship them into Oklahoma City before they decide they should xray the containers down in Dallas so they order the container to be trucked down to Dallas and back?  Costs shippers an extra thousand dollars per container and allows the container to travel thousands of miles inside the U.S. before being checked? And let me guess, Mary, they use the same data to “vette” the refugees as was used before?

Fifth, and finally, the Department of State and the Department of Health and Human Services work together to determine an appropriate resettlement site in the United States, transport the refugee, and provide services to help the refugee make the transition to self-sufficiency and become contributing members of the community.

And why not simply assist a Muslim country to accept these refugees?   Because they don’t want them and can’t verify their identity and they put the safety of their own citizens over the needs of a potential terrorist.

We want to emphasize that no one has a right to be resettled in the United States as a refugee. All refugees, including Syrians, may only be admitted the United States after USCIS receives all the security checks run by the intelligence and law enforcement communities and all issues are resolved. With every refugee application, the burden of proof is on the applicant—the refugee must show that he or she qualifies for refugee status. The law requires the applicant to provide information that establishes their identity and allows us to assess whether they present a security risk to the country. If the expert screener fails to be satisfied on either score, the applicant will not be resettled in the United States.
That worked out peachy for France a few weeks ago, didn’t it Mary?
Our multi-agency system for vetting refugees is strong, and it has been significantly enhanced over the past few years. Indeed, applicants for refugee admission are screened more carefully than any other type of traveler to the United States. We have tremendous faith in this system's ability to detect, investigate, and disrupt terrorist plotting in this country, as it has done repeatedly. With these measures in place, we believe that we are able to both protect the American people and maintain this Nation's long standing position as the world's beacon of hope and freedom.
We are broke jackass, why are you running up debt taking care of a foreign population and rising the security of Americans when their own kind won’t accept them?  Name one thing that the government does efficiently and well?  We are damned good at killing enemy but hardly efficient or cost effective at that.

Our highest priority is the protection of the American people. We look forward to continuing to work with you to ensure our Nation lives up to its humanitarian heritage while keeping the American people safe.

No, their highest priority is importing millions of Muslims to out breed Americans just like they have done with the illegal aliens.   They want America driven to its knees and our values gutted, our religion destroyed and will stop at nothing to accomplish this.  Great buddies you have there Bagdad Mary.