Monday, December 14, 2015

Muslim "Refugees" Make War on Americans




John Bennett Was Right
Muslim Terrorism Incidents Prove the Insanity of Allowing More Muslim Refugees into the U.S. but is Bagdad Mary Listening or will she Join Attorney General Loretta Lynch in Condemning Free Speech ?
Last week we were all still in shock over the French terrorist attacks brought about by Muslim refugees, Muslim immigrants, and even Muslim French citizens but our sense of security and safety was assailed again by the California terror attacks that left dozens wounded and fourteen dead.  In the midst of all that we find out that five Middle Eastern men were caught by the Border Patrol near Tucson Arizona.
The five men stood out of the usual Mexican, South American, Middle Eastern, and even Asian illegal immigrants because the men were carrying stainless steel cylinders in their backpacks.  The Border Patrol called in Homeland Security and the FBI and the small ranch where the terror suspects were caught was swarmed with federal agents.  The two men that were carrying the stainless steel cylinders were taken into custody by the FBI according to the repots and the other three men showed up in the Border Patrol’s E3 system, an electronic reporting system that tracks illegals, detention hearings, and removal of illegal aliens.
Just a few weeks earlier five Pakistanis and one Afghan were arrested at a nearby town.   Local media reported that the six men were interviewed by the FBI and returned to ICE custody after “no obvious signs or terrorism” were found.
Federal authorities have confirmed the November 17 arrests and a local news outlet published a storythat includes an official statement from the Border Patrol. Special Agent Kurt Remus in the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s  (FBI) Phoenix headquarters told JW that the agency’s Joint Terrorism Task Forces vetted and interviewed the six men and determined that there were “no obvious signs of terrorism” so they were returned to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody.  The point being that our Southern border is constantly being tested by Middle Eastern men and no one knows how many are slipping through along with the Mexicans and South American illegals.
And yet one day after the California terror attack by two Muslims we see Attorney General Loretta Lynch pledging that she would take aggressive action against anyone that used “anti Muslim rhetoric that edges toward violence”. Lynch made the comments while speaking at the Muslim Advocate 10th anniversary dinner and she called anti Muslim rhetoric her greatest fear and vowed to prosecute those “guilty” of violence inspiring speech.  Lynch pledged to use the Justice Department to protect Muslims from violence and discrimination.
Free speech of course is protected as a Constitutional right, including speech that incites violence as long as the violence is not imminent.   It is perfectly legal to advocate a the use of force by individuals and government against Muslims as long as individuals are not threatened with specific, timely, threats.  Not a smart idea to do so but perfectly legal.  And where is the protection for other religions or for the targets of Muslim terrorists?
Lynch also urged the parents of Muslim children to contact the Justice Department if their kids get bullied at school and we saw the Justice Department opening an investigation against the school that detained and quested “clock boy” after he brought what was undisputedly a hoax bomb to the Dallas area middle school.  Clock boy turned down several offers here in the U.S. and wound up in Qatar, a small nation known for financing terror groups and those who advocate the world wide caliphate.
We also learned that neighbors of the pair that shot 36 people in San Bernadino say that the couple had been acting suspiciously in the past few weeks, working late at night in their garage, receiving many packages at their home, yet the neighbors were afraid of reporting the suspicious behavior because they didn’t want to racial profile anyone.
Then we learn that the woman terrorist had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State on Face book shortly before the attack, posting under an alias, then deleting the comments prior to the attack.  Tashfeen Malick had come to the U.S. from Pakistan in 2014 on a fiancĂ©e visa, had married the other terrorist named Syed Farook and had a baby who was six months old at the time of the attack.   The terror group had not responded to Tashfeen’s comments and there were no signs that she was instructed by the terror group but acted with her husband to carry out the killing of 14 county workers and the wounding of dozens more.  Farook himself had also been in contact with known Islamic extremists on social media while the Justice Department was calling the attack a case of work case violence.
This was not a poverty stricken Muslim existing in a world of want and discrimination.  The husband and wife stockpiled thousands of rounds of ammo and built bombs to storm the holiday party at his job while living the American dream, holding a well paying job, with a family including an infant daughter.  Yet the couple fired 75 rounds into the room before running away, being caught four hours later and dying in a gun battle with police.   Farook worked for the San Bernardino County public health department, killing 14 and wounding 21 county employees and two police officers later in the gun battle.
Farook was born in the U.S. to Pakistani immigrants and raised in Southern California.  He landed a seasonal job with the County that turned into a full time job in the environmental department before being promoted to inspecting restaurants.  Farook attended a local mosque every day until a few weeks before the attack.   He had met his wife in Saudia Arabia and brought her back to the U.S. in 2014, getting married a month later.  Relatives say that the six month old daughter had been dropped off with them prior to the shooting rampage.
The handguns used in the terror attack were purchased legally as were the two assault rifles but the rifles were bought by someone else, allegedly a neighbor.   So much for thinking that more gun control and background checks will make us safer.
Late breaking news today showed that Farook is also linked via social media to a Somalia refugee from Minnesota named Mohamed Hassan, a known terrorist recruiter known to the FBI for almost seven years.  Around 500 Somali refugees per month are resettled into the U.S. under a U.N program, resettled into communities with zero warning to the local governments.  Hassan is said to have recruited one of the two jihadist that tried to attack the Prophet Muhammad drawing contest in Garland Texas last may, planning on beheading activist Pamela Geller, but were stopped in a gun battle with an off duty police officer. Elton Simpson had been recruited by Mohammad Hassan using his Twitter account even after Hassan had traveled to the Middle East to joining ISIS forces.  It was Hassan who initially called for the attack on the Garland event about ten days prior to the attack. 
Hassan has been fighting for Al Shabaab, an al-Qaida terror organization in Somalia before he linked up with ISIS and as a holder of an American passport Hassan could attempt to return to the U.S..  Growing up in Minneapolis as the child or Somalia refugees he left during his senior year of high school and joined other Minnesota Jihadist volunteers from the Minneapolis-St Paul area, one of the larges Somali refugee destinations.  Over 50 Somali refugees or sons of refugees have left the U.S. since 2007 to join foreign terror groups, all of which retain their U.S. citizenship and passports should they decide to return.  Hundreds of other Somalis have infiltrated the Southern border including an entire busload according to this story.
Meanwhile political correctness continues to rule the nation, Bagdad Mary has continued to remain silent on the issue of allowing Syrian refugees into Oklahoma, and Muslims continue to flood into the U.S. and Europe in record numbers where they can breed massive numbers of children like Farook that will someday become radicalized and lash out at all of us.
Meanwhile in Oklahoma
State GOP Leadership

Disarms GOP County Officials
at GOP Meetings
Pollard's First State Committee Meeting has County Officials walking out in Frustration and Anger over Botched Agenda and Wasted Time
Yes, you read that right.  Oklahoma GOP officials are scheduling State Committee meetings at venues that are gun free zones, in violation of the State GOP Party Platform’s support for concealed carry and the 2nd Amendment.
The latest meeting generated an uprising of County GOP officials upset at begin disarmed by Oklahoma State GOP Chairman Pam Pollard’s choice of gun free zone meeting locations and a proper motion was made by Kay County to hold meetings in gun friendly locations.  The motion was seconded by Guthrie County officials much to the chagrin of GOP Chairman Pam Pollard who whined about having to find a gun friendly meeting location.  Pollard begrudgingly agreed that a non binding vote could be held and between 2/3’ds and ¾’ths of the County GOP officials voted in favor on not allowing Pollard to effectively disarm the county GOP officials.
At this point in our time, especially with the terror attacks becoming more and more common, we allow RINOs like GOP Chairman Pam Pollard to create huge targets for terrorists or deranged individuals.  Yes Pollard was the lesser of evils in the last GOP chairman election brought about by Estella Hernandez, Pam Pollard, and Daren Ward’s of Oklahoma City vicious and unrelenting attacks on the popularly elected GOP Chairman Randy Brogdon.  Too many of us sit on our hands while our own County GOP officials did nothing to protect their elected chairman so now we have to deal once again with a RINO attempting to destroy the GOP from within while perverting the Party Platform put in place by conservative Republicans.
Sources also said that numerous County GOP officials walked out of the meeting after 3.5 hours of unscheduled speakers and none of the promised precinct training while Chairman Pollard talked herself hoarse asking people to donate paper shredders and droning on about herself or her plans for the future.  The meeting had been billed as focusing on handing out precinct packets for the upcoming precinct elections in January and February and although the precinct information packets and instructions were handed out there was absolutely zero training or advice on how to implement the information.
Oklahoma State GOP Chairman Pam Polard's nickname is the Tammy Fay Baker of Oklahoma after propensity to give emotional, ,tear filled speeches to a capitive audiance, primarely designed to show how much Pollard cares about everyone.  She adds to that reputation by conducting a disaster of a meeting that simply proves that she was second fiddle for many year for many reasons.  The sad fact is that despite all of this she was the lesser of evils and that a large portion of the state GOP leadership was concerned more about maintaining RINO status of the Oklahoma Republican Party instead of following their own Party Platform.
HD 64 Candidate is a
Former City Councilman
By the Watchman
House District 64 will be vacated at the end of the next legislative turn due to term limits. To date we know of only one candidate who has announced that they will run for this seat. To those of you familiar with Lawton politics, he is a familiar face as he sat on the City Council for sixteen years now. We are talking about Councilman Keith Jackson. There is some controversy in his tenure on the city council that is enough to make us ask is he the best choice.
The first we heard of the Councilman’s decision to seek the office was in this news release The Okie » Lawton Councilor Announces Run For Open House District 64 Seat. He indicates that if elected his number one priority will be education. What good parent doesn’t want their children to receive a good education? Enough is enough already. We spend enough of our tax dollars on education, but too much of those tax dollar go into administrative cost instead of the classrooms. Many in the Higher Education and those as Superintendents of school districts are making more than our own Governor is making.
The next item we found was this Keith Jackson. It’s peculiar because it appears to be a campaign web site, yet contains very little to no information on anything that would be important to voters. There’s nothing on where he stands on education, the Veterans or any topics of concern. This is not a good web site. Another item we found wrong with the site is he doesn’t tell you what political party he is with. This is a tactic used by Democrats.
The next item we found was this Mayor / Council. We wanted you to see this article because of a certain misguided expenditure they made a few years ago. We don’t doubt that they had the best interest of the citizens of Lawton in mind; they acted on an unproven science and wasted a lot of tax payer’s money doing it.
The next item of interest we found was this Lawton Turns to Weather Manipulation to Aid Drought-Stricken City Water Supplies | StateImpact Oklahoma. We have no doubt that the drought that struck the entire state and the Southwest portion of the state hard was devastating, but did it justify using tax payer dollars on unproven science to attempt to correct it. We must also point out that it didn’t work
The next item of interest we found was this After five years of drought, Lawton turns to cloud seeding in hopes of increasing rainfall | News OK. This misadventure in cloud seeding cost the tax payers of Lawton $250,000.00 for a program that only stood a 10% chance of working if and only if the right clouds came along. Some may ask how the City of Lawton financed this amount. It was easy. They taxed the citizens an additional $1.00 a month for City Utilities. We wonder if there are any plans in the works to repay the citizens for the waste of their tax dollars.
The next item we found was this Cloud seeding - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This gives you a history of cloud seeding throughout the world. Some countries believe in it, most don’t. There is a good reason they don’t. It’s because it doesn’t work.
There was another point made in the Wikipedia article. That was until this Biggest Cloud-Seeding Experiment Yet Only Sparks More Debate. This indicates a study completed in Wyoming from 2008 into 2014. A total of 118 storms were seeded and generated usable data. The results showed no significant increase in precipitation. Even at that, to justify the government grant, they said it raised it by 5 to 15%.
In conclusion we have to say this is another tax and spend liberal who the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce would love to see in office at the expense of every tax payer in the state. He’s running as a Republican but his actions and campaign site is those of an undocumented Democrat. He does not reflect Oklahoma values.

Billion Dollar Budget Deficit Coming

And a Cost Saving Method that Ought to be Mandated
I am no fan of state mandates on most things as I believe that local solutions are usually better but there are exceptions.  Most state agencies are headed by folks that are hell bent on preserving their empire and budget so they are immune to cost saving ideas as saving money means they might get a smaller budget next year.
But this one idea has enormous merit, replacing the majority of exit signs on state owned and state leased buildings.   You don’t think of lighted exit signs as being huge consumers of power yet the older pre 2005 signs consumed around 40 watts of power, 24 hours a day, 365 days a week, costing an estimated two to three billion dollars a year in the U.S.
Even the pre 2004/post 1995 signs usually used CFL, compact fluorescent lamps, the mercury filled twisty bulbs, and that lowered the wattage to around 30 watts per light.  But even then the cost per year per fixture is around $25.00, the bulbs are costly, and constant bulb replacement requires expensive labor.  You don’t really notice these things but OSHA and Fire Marshalls require that any room with more than one door have an illuminated sign showing the emergency egress path to the exterior exit. 
Something like an office building or hospital can have hundreds and hundreds of these signs all costing between $50.00 and $100.00 annually for electrical cost, labor, bulb and battery replacement.  Take a building with sixty exit signs, required on exit doors and hallways that lead to an exterior exit, your costs will be between $3,000.00 and $6,000.00 per year and that is a conservative estimate.  Then figure the cost of running power to an exit light in a new building, between $200.00 and $400.00 for commercial grade wiring per light!
The state could save hundreds of thousands of dollars per year by mandating the replacement of powered exit lights with the latest self illuminating lights that are charged continuously by nearby lighting.   No power required, covered by building codes, fire codes, and OSHA as perfectly acceptable as long as the nearby lights are on during occupancy, no bulb or batter replacement costs, no expensive power costs, no expensive wiring needed.  There are newer LED powered exit signs but they still require battery replacement, smaller power costs per year, and you still need the 110 volt power supply to power the transformers that drop the voltage down to power the LED lights.
The mandate could be written to replace any sign that requires maintenance past bulb replacement in the first couple of years, then replace signs requiring bulb replacement after that.  The payback period would be one to one and a half years per sign and the installation could be subsidized by salvaging the copper wiring and conduit used to power the existing signs.  Basically you are paying $70.00 for a self illuminating sign and saving between $50 and $100 per year off the electric bill and maintenance costs, paying for future sign replacement so the savings in costs that self fund the next round of replacements.
There is another feature about the self illuminating signs; no battery, no drop down transformer, nothing worth stealing, nothing that can be used as contraband in prisons and jails.  Wardens say that the powered exit signs are frequently stolen, yanked off the wall, and the transformers and batteries used to make cigarette lighters, hot plates for boiling water, shanks, and other weapons.
 David Boren Shakes Down the People
By the Watchman
We would think that the former Governor and Senator from Oklahoma and the current President of the University of Oklahoma would be an intelligent man. Unfortunately that doesn’t always prove to be the case. Nobody in their right mind would propose a tax increase that would drive business away from a state yet that is exactly what he has done. This is inherent in his politics as it proves he’s just another tax and spends liberal and still a force in the Democratic Party. It would appear that, as most politicians these days do, they failed to look at the remedy within the State Constitution.
It wasn’t bad enough that the legal fight over stolen Nazi art work was approved by Mr. Boren, but with this action he ties himself deeper into the pockets of the federal government which is more and more looking like Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party. He is becoming a disgrace to the State of Oklahoma and a blemish on the University of Oklahoma’s considerable good name.
The first article of interest we found was this OCPA - Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs. This article gives you a hint of how much federal money comes into our state budget each year. What it doesn’t tell you is that we as a State pay more in fuel taxes than is returned to the state for highway maintenance.
The next item of interest we found was this David Boren | OCPA Impact. We encourage you all to open this link and read the article. Inside you’ll find links to several links related to this case and a clear explanation of why they feel that this action is necessary. They have a very valid point.
The next item of interest we found was actually a youtube video which you can watch here This is a rather lengthy discussion about Mr. Boren’s penny sales tax increase and whether or not it is considered “Log Rolling”. Oklahoma Law requires that any bill or any ballot referendum is limited to a single subject and Mr. Boren’s is not.
We did manage to find a supporter of Mr. Boren’s tax increase here OCPA's 'alternative' for funding teacher raises proves it can't be done without new taxes. We did do a little research on this organization and from the article here  Oklahoma Policy Institute - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia it would appear that they are very little more than a lobbying group for the teachers unions. We can only surmise that the union ;obbyist weren’t getting the job done.
The next item of interest we found was this OCPA Goes For The Cheap Shot | This is a left wing publication that endorses everything that has to do with raising taxes and growing the size of government. They want you to believe that raising the sales tax by one cent  would have no effect on you or on the state, but they are wrong. All one needs to do to disprove this is to look at the reports from the State Treasurer and how our income from oil and natural gas has declined since the prices have fallen. That takes something sorely missing in the supporters of this fiasco called Common Since.
The next article of interest we found was this OCPA president: Tax increase not the answer for Oklahoma education | News OK. He is correct up to a point. Administrative bloat has eaten up a good deal of the funding for education for the last few decades. There are other things to consider also. For some reason it appears that school districts in the state are reluctant to elevate from within. They fail to recognize that they have qualified quality educators within their own districts that are capable of handling the job as Principal or Superintendent without doing the nationwide search for someone who wants an exorbitant salary to do the job.
The next article of interest we found was this OCPA Impact: More than a 'penny tax' in Boren proposal - NonDoc. We will not dispute the fact that our teachers deserve a raise. What we will dispute is the way they receive that raise. Mr. Boren’s proposal is presented as a tax to go to public schools, but not all of it will. Only sixty percent (60%) of the funds raised would go to our elementary and secondary schools. The rest would go to Higher Education to fatten their wallets some more. It would appear that Mr. Boren doesn’t care to negotiate salaries at the University of Oklahoma, but that’s what keeps Democrats in power.
The next article of interest we found was this OCPA - Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs. This article indicates that they have found more than eight hundred million dollars’ worth of wasteful spending in the state budget. To us here at the Sooner Tea Party they didn’t look close enough. We have identified almost two billion dollars’ worth of illegal tax credits given away by the state every year. Just think about how much could be done with that money.
We are not the only ones concerned about Mr. Boren’s penny sales tax. We found this article Conservative advocacy group concerned about constitutionality of Boren's penny sales tax proposal | Red Dirt Report . It too questions the need for such a tax. It is our opinion that neither Mr. Boren’s group nor the OCPA have even considered looking at following the State Constitution.
We find this next article to be a little ironic. The party that brought you slavery and the Ku Klux Klan and now refuses to return stolen Nazi art work to the rightful owner has the gumption to come out and say this David Boren: ‘Zero Tolerance Is the Only Way to Stop the Cancer of Racism’ | TIME. He couldn’t say it someplace most of his students would see or hear about it, but instead he said it in one of the most liberal magazines in our nation, Time Magazine. His statement though is correct, however in order to do that we must first put the race baiters out of business. They make their money off inciting riots and racial tension and we as Americans, regardless of color, must bring that to a stop.
The next article of interest we found was this Group Says Proposal To Raise Sales Tax For Education Is Unconsti - We would assume that as the President of the University of Oklahoma, Mr. Boren would have a staff available to help fact check his work before he releases the information to the public. This article says otherwise. You can refer to last week’s newsletter where an analysis of teachers pay was done between Oklahoma and every state that has a shared border and you will see that Oklahoma is actually ranked 47th in the nation. Texas has a higher rating without a sales tax yet Mr. Boren can’t explain that. Nor can he explain why his idea has been tried in several other states with more failure than success.
It is our opinion that there are many options open to getting good quality school teachers and pay raises for those teachers in Oklahoma. The first we have already mentioned. Follow the State Constitution and stop handing out tax credits to special interests. According to the State Constitution only Municipal and County governments have the authority to do so. The second would be to offer a scholarship to those students enrolled seeking an education major on the condition they remain in the state for a minimum of four years. That would be a plus for the State, the Student and ultimately our children.
We realize that Mr. Boren has a bully pulpit right now because of the position he holds, but we are beginning to wonder if it isn’t time for him to step down and let someone with new ideas and a new background take over the helm of guiding the University of Oklahoma.