Monday, December 14, 2015

It is rare that we do a second email in one week much less a second email in one day but we need to point out the huge difference between John Bennett and the other three Speaker candidates.  First look at one of Charles McCall’s major campaign donors and ask yourself if the apple ever falls far from the tree.
Take a look at Josh  Brim, a major McCall contributor
Ask yourself if you want the House of Representatives dogged with allegations of corruption for the next few years?
And who is conservative?
Here are some bills that Charles McCall, Scot Martin, and Earl Sears all supported while John Bennett voted against the tax credit, effort to protect or insulate big businesses from competitors, or legislation that gutted teacher incintive pay:
2014  HB1078, prohibiting manufactured home manufacturer from selling to an individual.  Bennett voted for freedom, Sears, McCall, and Martin voted to protect big business interests.
HB1783  Sears, McCall and Martin decided that hydrocodone prescriptions can’t be refilled
HB1659  gutted the bonus program that encouraged teacher to pursue the education leadership program
HB2194 expanded the utilization of the Universal telephone fund
SB1053 added a $30,000 bond to roofing contractors to limit competition for existing large roofing contractors by driving out start up companies.   Raises prices for everyone when that is done.
SB1083  limits claims against LLC members and managers, a corporate protection scheme.
SB765  imposed a mandate on insurance companies for oral cancer treatments.  Why are these guys telling doctors and insurance companies which medications are effective and which are not?
SB900  prioritization of family planning and counseling services for grants and tax money.  Really, is family planning any of the state government’s business?  And who is this directed at, Planned Parenthood?
SB107  gold and gem dealers wish list, levies a $5,000 fine against unlicensed competitors, relaxing the record keeping by not requiring immediate access to the record books and you don’t have to use ink to record the transaction, erasures or obliteration in the record books is now allowed.  Classic protectionism from new competition and allows the established companies to escape scrutiny for fencing stolen goods maybe?
SB66  opens up fireworks stands to inspection by localities, fraud and favoritism, protection of existing stands.  Lots of localities have their favorite sports team/school sponsored fireworks stand and they want to stamp out competition.
SB792   licenses auto crushers , protection racket for existing car crushers.
HB2188 increases the cost of getting medical records by 2.5 times so that lawsuits on medical malpractice is that much more costly and difficult.
HB1416  adds public trusts to quality jobs act, more snouts in the trough.   Why are we giving state money back to public entities?
SB1022 exempted oil and gas companies from being held accountable for infractions of the construction industry board regulations.     Classic example of big business having a different set of laws than the rest of us.
SB1126 film tax credits increases amount of tax credits available to 8 million, a 3 million increase!
HB2580  compete with Canada film act extension 10 years, with the previous bill this ads 30 million dollars to tax credits over the additional ten years, 80 million dollars taken from hard working familes.
HB3217 increases the number of signatures required for the state auditor to commence an audit involving  a government subdivision.   How is transparency advanced?  Who benefited?
HB3184  protects existing roofers from new competition, raising prices on roofing services
SB1639 new tax credit law created
HB2527 creating the domestic violence legal aid tax return check off fund.  Do we really need to raid the state treasurer for such a task?  There are plenty of lawyers willing to help a domestic violence or paternity case out on a pro bono basis according to my sources.
HB2486 exempting life sentenced prisoners from the 20% savings of pay.   Makes sense in a way as the life sentenced guys aren’t getting out of prison ever but is this really a priority, aren’t there better things to do with our legislative time and effort?
HB1775 new tax on sand, gravel, limestone.  Tax and spend liberal Republicans at work here.
SB726  creating new program for domestic violence.   Duplicating numerous programs already out there.
SB562 exempts GRDA from parts of the Open Meeting Act.  Why?  Who benefits?  Corruption being hidden or they wouldn’t go to the trouble.
SJR4  is the Constitutional Convention or Con Con.  One of the most dangerous things we could do, we might find the 2nd Amendment taken away without a vote of the people.
HB2235 releases confidential tax payer info to contractors.   This is work that the existing tax commission employees ought to be doing.  Count the number of data breeches each year and tell me you are comfortable releasing confidential tax payer info?
Earl Sears, Scot Martin, and Charles McCall are all tax and spend, special interests, State Chamber of Commerce stoodges.   Bennett has some strong opinions about things but I want you to consider what I did when I was deciding to run the Ron Paul state campaign in 2012.  While I might have disagreed with Ron Paul on a few things, the things I didn’t like couldn’t be implemented by Ron Paul even if he won.  Bennett is a strong fiscal and social conservative and we need someone willing to take the heat for getting the one billion dollar projected budget hole fixed.
Bennett will also return much of the power of the Speaker's position to the legislators, and that power is what you all fear right now as you can be frozen out if you don't cut a deal and betray your own constituents.
Bennett will also return the power of the purse strings to the House of Representatives where it belongs by our Constitution.  Bringing in the budgeting power also emasculates the State Senate as campaign donations flow to who sets the budget.  The House was created to be close to the people and therefor responsive and incorruptable and it is high time that you guys seized the power of the purse back by electing a stong willed Speaker that will stand up to the State Senate and to the Governor.
Also consider the mood of the country, the massive appeal of the non politicians and Cruz in the presidential race.   People are sick of the wealthy running the country into the ground and that will carry over into state politics.  Do we really want to be seen supporting the State Chamber of Commerce candidates, do we really want to be seen coddling radical Muslims, or do we want to send the voters a message that we have heard them and are cleaning things up?
Citizens, click this link to email your legislator and ask them reject the three liberal Republicans and choose the true conservative, John Bennett.  And if they don't I want you to join the Sooner Tea Party in handling the aftermath.