Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tulsa Trash Republican Attacks Conservative Republican Leadership

Photo Credit the tulsa voice

Tulsa Trash Republican Attacks
Conservative Republican Leadership

A Woman Ugly Inside as Well as Outside. 

Advocates Assisted Death for her Own Elderly Mother. 

When most women get older they will lose much of their good looks as do we all as we age but usually in its place a certain kind of grace settles in, something far more attractive than the superficial beauty of youth.  An air of wisdom, tolerance, humility, there is a reason why we call them our better halves.  But then there is Carol Bush….

Rep. Ken Walker got his butt kicked and the woman that took his place has already begun attacking the Republican Party Platform and House leadership.

In an interview on thetulsavoice.com she was the epitome of pride, arrogance, and braggadocio, speaking to a long time friend and probably too stupid to realize it was going to be printed or too clueless to care what her House colleagues might think.  She has worked for the Tulsa Crime Commission and the Tulsa Health Department and appears to be a failed businesswoman forced to suck on the public teat for her income.  One of her "accomplishments" was getting Coke machines out of the Tulsa schools, in the interest of health and wellness.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Cost Of Sending Mom To Prison

Deanise Smeedly Mug Shot
The Cost of Sending "Mom" to Prison

Well meaning but misdirected activists can do a lot of damage to our society.  People get stuck on "feelings" instead of looking at the issues with cold hard facts and in the process they become locked into a world view that simply flies in the face of logic and takes government away from being effective and humane.

On one of the Facebook groups used for state politics there appeared an article covering the rate at which women are sent to prison and the societal and personal costs of sending a drug addict to prison.  No doubt the author wanted to make a positive impact but the story was shot full of holes and outright inaccuracies, the main one being how a woman was sent to prison because she didn't have a prescription for her bottle of medication.

In fact the "Mom" in th story was in possession of illegal narcotics, most likely pain pills so she is doing drugs around her kids. If she simply didn't have her prescription with her it would be printed on the bottle label along with her name and her doctor's name. So she didn't just "not have her prescription".

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

John Bennett Was Right

John Bennett Was Right
Taqiyya  and Trusting the Muslims
By now you have probably seen the story of Yasmin Seweid, the 18 year old Muslim woman who had concocted a story about being attacked and harassed on a subway by three white males.  She claimed that they changed "Trump" while harassing her, calling her a terrorist, and trying to pull the hijab off her head.  No one came to her aid we were told, slandering the subway riders along with the rest of New York society.
  After spending hours combing through mug shots and security tape the woman stuck to her story, initially posted on Facebook.  Then she disappeared, triggering a manhunt, before admitting that she had made up the entire episode because she was out after curfew and was having problems with her parents who didn't like that she was dating a Catholic white boy.  During her disappearance it turns out she was staying with her boyfriend.

Monday, December 19, 2016

When Legislators Look at Higher Ed Budgets this Year

Something to Consider when Legislators
Look at Higher Ed Budgets this Year
  Ah… Queen David Boren likes to subvert Oklahoma values and little else does that better than creating better conditions for Muslims while attacking Christian values and denying Christian prayer.  And of course a Ten Commandments memorial isn't allowed on state property but it is fine to spend tax payer dollars on Mosques on OU campus?  Below is a Muslim news story bragging about expanded Muslim rights on the OU campus.
  AhlulBayt News Agency) - Maeen Alqohaif used to pray between the narrow bookshelves in a corner of the Bizzell Memorial Library, where stray students wandering by posed a constant distraction. Until, that is, the mechanical engineering junior discovered a better location for the five-times daily prayer required of Muslims: the reflection room — a classroom-sized, lamp-lit, quiet space designated solely for prayer.

  The University of Oklahoma has opened a new reflection room to host Muslim students wishing to pray during the day, giving them a sense of belonging and welcome.

Monday, December 12, 2016

The Filthy Disease Ridden Oklahoman

The Yellow Peril then;
The Filthy Disease Ridden Oklahoman Children Now
In the 1870's the Yellow Peril referred to a racist perception that Chinese immigrants were an enormous threat to whites.   The fear was of a horde of yellow people swamping Western societies and that the Chinese were lesser men, apes, too primitive and childlike to adopt Western ideals.  The threat was later used as a pretext to actually invade China and carve concessions and territories by Germany, Brittan, the U.S., and a host of other countries.

Working class men were worried about lower wage Chinese immigrants stealing their jobs which lead to the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 that barred Chinese immigration and existing Chinese legal residents from becoming citizens.  None other than Horace Greeley proclaimed that Chinese were "uncivilized, unclean, and filthy beyond all conception without any of the higher domestic or social relations; lustful and sensual in their dispositions; every female a prostitute of the basest order."

Monday, December 5, 2016

One More Time, Rep John Bennett Has Been Right

   One of the best websites out there keeping track of the Muslim threat is Understanding The Threat or UTT.  They wrote an excellent article on the Ohio State University terrorist last week that is worth the time to read.  The terrorist, A Muslim refugee from Somalia named Abdul Razak Ali Artan is "scared"  claims he is too scared to pray so he runs over people and stabs people till he was turned into a good Muslim by a campus cop.

  UTT reminds us that what the terrorist did was completely legal under Sharia Law but the media is wringing their hands and asking why the guy committed a terrorist act and what "drove" him to snap.   The article points out that a Somali Muslim runs over people, jumps out to start stabbing people, while screaming Allah u Akbar…  and the media isn't able to figure out the motivation?

Serial Rapist or Another Victim of David Prater’s Railroading Tactics?

  Former OKC cop Daniel Holtzclaw was convicted on 18 counts of sexual assault crimes against eight black women, resulting in a 263 year sentence.  At the time we didn't really look into the story, it looked like the system working as it should to remove a very bad apple from the force.
But National Review Senior Editor and syndicated conservative columnist Michelle Malkin is saying otherwise in a story released this week and an upcoming two part story on the new Mark Levin TV channel.  Malkin claims she has reviewed the court records, testimony, and discovery documents, including interviewing the lead detectives, community activists, a DNA expert, and friends and family of Holtzclaw and has found a lot of troubling loose ends.  The local reaction was swift, a billboard company was forced to pull down a billboard that asked a simple question "What if he didn't do it?"

Malkin says that prosecutors didn't present a single corroborating witness or a single piece of forensic evidence showing that the 36 sexual assaults occurred.  It is said that Holtzclaw was forthcoming and consistent in his story when interviewed by the detectives after the first allegation was reported.  He was completely cooperative, agreeing to a polygraph, providing DNA samples, even signing a waiver to search his home, his computers, and his phone.
As is usual the detectives lied about what they already had but Holtclaw continued to ask that "everything" be done.  The initial allegation was recorded by a nearby camera system but was too grainy and distant to confirm anything other than a traffic stop occurred.  Malkin described the location as anywhere but the place that a serial predator would choose to commit such an act.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Comrade Yen's Long March

Communism Will March Again  in 2017 Against Parental Rights

The Long March was a military retreat of the Red Army between October of 1934 and October of 1935 where the communist army escaped from the KMT or Chinese Nationalist Party army lead by Chiang Kai-Sheck.   Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai rose to power during this retreat despite arriving with about 10% of the troops they left Jiangxi province with the year before.   Mao grew in prestige and power as he demonstrated  leadership and kept the ragged remnants of his force together on a 5600 mile retreat through hellish terrain while hounded by Chiang Kai-Sheck's forces.  

Why is this relevant on this November night?  Because Senator Ervin Yen is obviously attempting the same feat right here in Oklahoma and his motivation seems to be coming right out of Mao's Little Red Book.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Tulsa Republican Mens Club: Dec. 14th, An Auditor In The House

We have a great December 14th program for you,
newly elected State Representative Tom Gann!

We will also take nominations for officers.
Where:  Oklahoma Joe's BBQ Banquet Room
6715 East 61st Tulsa Oklahoma
Wednesday December 14th,
Time:     11:30 to 1
  Last month we had a lively President Donald Trump celebration and a round table with Linda Murphy, Ronda Vuillemont-Smith, Donny Tiemann, David Tackett, and David Van Risseghem:  public education, teachers pay, and school boards were some of the topics discussed.

    In thinking about these items I reached out to Rep. Gann because of his vast knowledge of being on a local Oklahoma school board, Tulsa City auditor, and Tulsa airport auditor and asked him if he could join us.

  Republican Tom Gann, Inola  resident, auditor, business  owner and former school board  member, filed today for the  open House of Representatives  District 8 seat.     Born in Wagoner, Gann, 57, is  a lifelong resident of  northeastern Oklahoma whose  descendants settled in  Claremore in 1904.  Gann grew  up in Tahlequah where he met  Debbie, his wife of 37 years.    The Ganns live on 10 acres in  Inola. They have one son and  two daughters who are   married and have seven  grandchildren.  In 1984 Tom  built a retail business in  Fort Gibson.  The business  grew to 12 employees and  grossed over 1.5 million  annually.
  Tom has a broad  education holding degrees in  Forestry, Marketing, and  Accounting. In 1986  he received the Wall Street  Journal Student Achievement  Award for academic  achievement  and business success.     In 1991 Tom was elected to  the Fort Gibson School Board.   He successfully led the  opposition to the federal  mandated Outcomes Based  Education which ended its  pilot  program in Fort Gibson  schools.  In 1998, Tom sold  his business and has since  worked for British Petroleum,  PricewaterhouseCoopers  accounting firm and the City  of Tulsa as an Internal  Auditor.  

  Tom is currently  the Airports Auditor for the  Tulsa International Airport.  Tom and his wife Debbie  also own a small property  management company, Cedarmorn Properties LLC.

 Tom and  Debbie are members at  Eastland Baptist Church of  Tulsa. They are pro life and  helped start a crisis  pregnancy center.  Tom is a small government  conservative and supports and  will advocate for the 2nd  amendment, traditional  marriage and small business  in Oklahoma.  For more information visit ​ GannForHouse.com.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Crooked Harold!

House Leadership Bought and Sold Once Again
  Crooked Harold has a nice ring to it I think.   Last week we sent an extra email asking readers to contact their state representative to lobby for Rep. John Bennett for House Pro Tem but the effort failed as Rep. Harold Wright was elected Pro Tem.  Wright faced Rep. John Bennett and Charles Ortega so we were completely surprised to learn afterward that Rep. Harold Wright had given both men $500.00 "campaign donations" earlier that year in an effort to get their vote for Pro Tem.   Then we heard that Rep. Harold Wright had given a whole lot of "campaign donations" to other state representatives and candidates for state representative in an effort to sway their votes should they survive the election and win the seat.

  Incumbent State Representatives that accepted the $500.00 campaign contribution for their vote:

Kevin Calvey        Jeff Coody          John Paul Jordan    Mark LePak  
Scott Martin         Casey Murdock   Jadine Nolan      Dustin Roberts     Shawn Roberts     Ken Walker          Kevin Wallace    Scott Biggs             Todd Russ

Successful candidates that accepted the $500.00 "campaign donation" for their vote:

Greg Babine      Tim Downing     Scott Fetgatter    Mark Lawson     
Ryan Martinez   Tammy West     Rhonda Baker    Carol Bush        
Scott Mceachin     Rick West

  Unsuccessful candidates that accepted the $500.00 "campaign contribution" :
Bob Ed Culver,    Bruce Lee,     Matt Jackson

Total cost to purchase a House Leadership position, $14,000.00 in tax free money.

  The votes and the vote totals on the Pro Tem elections were "secret" of course with three vote counters allegedly ensuring an honest vote.  What an excellent way to hide corruption.  As Stalin once said, it matters not who gets to vote, what matters is who counts the votes.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Mug Shots!

Joy HofmeisterState School Superintendent
(Not a bad mug shot for a 50 year plus woman.)
  Hofmeister's mug shot was plastered everywhere but her alleged co conspirators mug shots were tough to find but a little digging turned them up.
Fount Holland,
AH Strategies and Majority Designs
(One word Fount:  Salad)

  Stephanie Milligan, an officer in the Alexander companies engaged to Chad Alexander, to be married in Mexico in about 39 days. Remember that it was Chad Holland's cocaine and pill arrest that gave law enforcement access to his smart phone and laptop that wound up indicting all of these people and a few more that are coming down the pike from the feds.

Stephanie Milligan,
an officer in the Alexander companies

   I wonder if they can now force Chad Alexander to testify against Milligan?   Alexander worked for Holland at one point as well so perhaps they all ought to get married together in a six way marriage before Obama leaves office.

Lela Odom,
a former Executive Director of the OEA,
(the teachers union.)
  Now here is the part that most people missed.  This entire plot was the teachers union and school administrators group fixing the election in cahoots with the Republicans.  Fount, Alexander, and Milligan, all supposedly Republican political consultants working with the teachers and administrators to elect their own person elected all the while endorsing and supporting the Democrat candidate.  While funding the Republican candidate…

  Remember back in spring of 2014 when the Sooner Tea Party broke the story on Freda Deskin, the Democrat candidate for School Superintendent that was endorsed by the top of the Democratic Party during the primary?

Steven Crawford,
former Executive Director
of the Cooperative Council for Oklahoma School
Administration, a nonprofit for school administrators
  We said at the time that it was the Democrats that gave us the dirt on Deskin and her long time boyfriend and it turns out it was designed to eviscerate Deskin so that the other Democrat candidate won the primary which he certainly did.  At that time it was a big deal that all the blue bloods,  Barry Switzer, and all the ex Democrat governors endorsed the one that lost the primary.  If I was a betting man I'd bet that gutting Deskin was part of the plan to get the weakest candidate up against Joy Hofmeister.

  This is all just another example of why the D or R behind a politician's name is meaningless.  The one good thing that came out of this was the defeat of the David Boren sales tax proposal.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Such a Nasty Woman

   A few years back I was reading a book on counter terror forces, back in the day when hijacking airplanes was the main threat, and this special forces book mentioned that they were trained to shoot the women terrorists first.  Germany also trained their special forces in the same manner with the idea being that a woman terrorist has strayed so far from a normal woman's mindset that they would be the first to blow up the hostages and the last to surrender.  There was even a book written by a woman attempting to debunk this issue but in the end even the woman author admitted that when women go bad they go really, really bad.

  Everyone remembers the third debate this year where Trump called Clinton "Such a nasty woman." in response to one of Clinton's personal attacks.  The left snarled and flogged the statement in a futile effort to add a modicum of enthusiasm to the campaign while the rest of us had a good laugh at the obvious truth to the statement.

  But the sentence stuck in my mind because this subject needs discussed, i.e., women in politics and whether or not they are entitled to society's usual protections for the weaker or more gentle.   A functioning society will protect the young, the weak, children, the feeble minded, the ill, the disabled, the elderly, and of course properly behaving women.  Notice that only the latter has a qualifier; the properly behaving.

  Functioning societies protect women for several reasons.  First is the advantage that men have with their physical strength and society has generally asked that men use that difference to defend women rather than dominate them for no other reason that women are the bearer of children and usually the caretakers and without children the tribe has no future.  This differentiation of labor frees up men to work, hunt, or otherwise provide resources for both woman and child and for the remainder of the tribe.

December 1st State GOP Meltdown Possible?

 Sources are telling us that Pam Pollard's administration of the GOP finances has been so bad that the GOP faces the closure of the GOP state headquarters on December 1st unless a major donor comes forth.

   About two weeks ago the sources claimed that the Party bank account was down to less than $10,000 and this week we were told that the account balance has dropped to only $4,000.00 and that a December 1st shut down is imminent.

  If this is true there are two main reasons why this has come to pass.
  First is Pam Pollard herself, a well known and universally disrespected political hack that wound up being the state chair only because the state Vice Chair Estela Hernandez was busted stabbing Chairman Brogdon in the back and getting caught working illegal aliens in her business by the Sooner Tea Party.  Tulsa supporters had furnished the audio tape of Hernandez screeching at Brogdon and that was emailed by the Sooner Tea Party along with the video of the illegals working for Hernandez to all the party county chairmen.  The picture above tells part of the story, Hernandez is young and pretty hot, and Pollard is a bit long in the tooth and more than a bit pudgy.   Anyone wanna bet how that election would normally turn out? 

Friday, November 18, 2016

Bennett Wins Re Election

   Sequoyah County was one of the House Districts that we ran a magazine into, over ten thousand magazines, so every home and business for the most part received a 24 page Oklahoma Guardian.  

  The magazine  caused quite a stir after publicizing a covered up wreck that allegedly killed a young woman.  The car was owned by the grandmother of the Sallisaw Mayor at the time, a man by the name of Shannon Vann and Vann's brother was in the car at the time of the wreck along with three others according to the OHP wreck report.

  However the local paper covered up the story due to the brother of the Mayor being involved, a brother that had a long, long rap sheet including DUI, driving under the influence of drugs, so they guy shouldn't have been near a car much less in possession of grandma's car.   A young woman named Desiree was driving and how many people drive someone else's grandmother's car?  The reality was most likely that Shannon Vann, also an insurance agent, was unable to get insurance on a car used by his brother so they put the car and insurance in grandma's name.

After the 10,000 magazines were delivered the county erupted over the corruption uncovered with people screaming for justice.   There was more than an alleged death that has yet to be proven; two of the four people that were in the car had been found dead in the last few months.  One floating in the river with a stab wound and the woman driver of the car dropped dead after walking into a friend's house.  Both were 27 years old, highly unlikely to be murdered or drop dead at that age.   The woman driver had sent texts warning family that if she died it was not a suicide but that she was murdered and a named suspect that was said to have stomped her until she couldn't breathe has not been questioned by the police.

And it gets weirder.  Turned out there was a fifth person in the car, unreported by OHP or unknown to OHP.   Another young man that the driver had just picked up from an area nursing home where the guy lived due to a disability.    And where is that young man now?  Dead….

Three out of five of the occupants in the car are now dead.   The young man found floating in the Arkansas River had taken money from being in the wreck but it is unknown who aid the money but one can assume it was the owner of the car.   The young woman driver had rejected a settlement, calling it "blood money".

Family members brought up the possibility that the missing dead girl allegations that started our investigation of the wreck might not have been in the car.  She could have been walking down the road or in a second car.   We do know that the driver was on the phone with a family member when the wreck occurred.

The Monday after the magazine was delivered we were told that the publisher of the local Sequoyah County Times, a family owned newspaper that was pressured to support the Democratic challenger in the House race, walked into his office that Monday morning and slammed down a copy of our magazine.   He yelled at his employees that he was certain that they had written a story about the wreck and ordered them to find the proof but despite their motivation they couldn't find a single word written about the wreck.  And a small town paper is always desperate for copy.  Someone visiting their grandma will make the paper, much less a wreck that sends four people to the hospital in serious condition.

Approximately 50,000 Oklahoma citizens received the October issue of the Oklahoma Guardian.  With the corrupt media in control of news and in control of the narrative it is crucial that we keep the magazine going out every month, hitting new districts, and spreading the truth about Oklahoma politics.  If you are not involved or not donating we really need you to do one or both.  For less than 5 cents per citizen we can reach anywhere in the state and do a lot of good.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

SQ790 Defeated

  A lot of conservatives were upset over the defeat of the repeal of the Blaine Amendment, SQ 790.   But really it was a bridge too far.  

  Oklahomans and Americans in general are a religious people but we also understand the significance of keeping the state out of religion and religion out of politics.  We are against the Taliban and the American Taliban, while being tolerant of most all religions, the only exception is the ideology of the Muslim "faith" which is more a system of conquest and government than a religion.

  Oklahomans voted resoundingly to keep Church and state apart.  It wasn't about the potential for having a satanic monument on the Capitol grounds, it was plain common sense.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

State GOP Chairman Pam Pollard Leaks Letter to Sabotage Republican Oklahoma County Sheriff Candidate

   Two weeks ago  Oklahoma Republican Party Chairman Pam Pollard leaked a confidential letter to the McCarville Report in an effort to damage Oklahoma County Sheriff candidate Mike Christian.  Pollard is from the Midwest City area and wanted the Midwest City police chief to run for the slot but Brandon Clabes was too timid to take on Mike Christian in the primary.  Pollard is part of a small political mafia organized in the Midwest City/Del City area, composed of both Democrat and Republican party leaders and activists.

  Basically it was a set up.  Pollard authorized and okayed the use of Mike Christian's mailers during a Central Committee meeting with witnesses verifying the same.  Then a few days later Pollard received a few phone calls from congressional staffers upset about the photos chosen for the mailers.

  Pollard then berates campaign manager Senator Ralph Shorty in an email that had three recipients:  Pollard, the GOP attorney, and Senator Ralph Shorty.   Hours later, the email is leaked to the McCarville Report, an online blog ran by RINOs that is the mouthpiece for the State Chamber of Commerce.

SQ777 Defeated by Lying

    There is no nicer way to put it.  The Right to Farm law was defeated by out of state environmental activists and animal rights activists spending a lot of money.  Nearly a million dollars were raised by two dark money groups that don't have to disclose their donors and that money was spent on advertising that claimed that farmers and ranchers could poison the land and air with no accountability despite the fact that all existing law remained in place.

  SQ 777 was another state question that should have never been sent to a vote of the people because frankly it wasn't necessary other than to make it harder to repeal.  Over 92% of the House voted for the state question and 86% of the Senate voted to put the measure on the ballot.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A Kris Steele Makeover using Misdemeanor Meth

A Train Wreck is coming

Imagine, One Meth Possession Arrest or One Hundred Meth Arrests Carrying the same Misdemeanor Penalty

Yes the people voted last Tuesday but once the ad money has evaporated the media is now running stories showing the true effects of SQ 780 and 781 on state, county, and local budgets.

Both state questions were funded mostly by the New York based ACLU which pumped 3.6 million dollars into the total budget of approximately 4 million dollars.  Both measures were written and filed with the Secretary of State by Crowe & Dunlevy, an Oklahoma City law firm on the behalf of the ACLU.  Their ultimate intent is to break the back of the commercial bail bond system, start the path to full legalization of all drugs, to flood the county jails so as to force new jails to be built, and to enrich the lucrative non profit job market so those jobs can be made available to termed out legislators and the spouses/family members of sitting legislators.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Whetsel the Weasel Re Elected but on the Way Down!

Misappropriation of Government Funds
is a Felony in Oklahoma

Last Wednesday we attended the Oklahoma County Commissioners Meeting where the future of Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel was on the agenda.   The decision to consider dealing with the corrupt sheriff had been delayed since the previous week, no doubt to prevent Whetsel from losing the election.

The chairs were full of deputy sheriffs, leaving little room for the other reporters, activists, and citizens that showed up to watch the show. 

Whetsel pleaded for his job, claiming his daughter called asking if he was "okay", doing everything he could to hide the simple fact that the State Auditor had found ample evidence of wrong doing on multiple issues.   The misappropriation of government funds from an intended purpose to another is felony embezzlement.   Then there were all the instances of breaking state law on a host of other issues.  Then the $28,000 to Whetsel's trust fund,  paid for a worn out car with 81,000 miles on the odometer while brand new cars were being bought for thousands of dollars less.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Tulsa Area Republican Assembly Meeting: Nov. 15th

Tara Meeting at Tuesday, 6 to 8 pm, Golden Corral Restaurant, 9711 E 71st St S, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74133
Senator Nathan Dahm Will present the preview to the 2017 State Legislative Session, and the key issues which the legislature is faced with. He will likely field questions from the guests.

Former State Rep. Mike Turner will discuss the Trump Victory Reort. How the GOP won state victories in blue states and in demographics where past nominees have failed.

Doors open at 6pm for dinner (dutch treat).   No charge if you just come for the meeting without the meal.   The program starts with preliminaries at 6:45, and the main speaker starts at 7pm.
We formally adjourn at 8pm, but stay & visit as you like.


Even with the rioting by the millennials, likely upset at not getting a participation trophy in the election, the majority of Americans had broad smiles on their faces on Wednesday morning.   What fun it was to read the liberal media explaining the almost certain disembowelment of the Republican Party having turned into a liberal Democrat rout. 

Barrack Hussein Obama was supposed to ensure his legacy and Obama Care with the election of Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Instead they got the certain unraveling  of Obama's legacy and executive orders.   Obama we were told was a transformational president that would leave a mark on the country and put Hillary into the third term of his presidency but  by 11 pm on Tuesday night there were few smiles on the faces of the Clintonistas as reality set in when Florida went to Trump.

Monday, November 7, 2016


  This election is unlike any that we have ever seen and no one is going to be able to really predict the outcome on Tuesday night.  
  • Donald Trump appears to be headed for a landslide if the polls are accurate and if these same polls have under represented Republican voters.  The size of the crowds at Trump rallies, the lack of enthusiasm from Hilldebeast's supporters, and the torrent of negative and misleading news stories all show that the liberals and RINOs are crapping their drawers over the outcome of the election.  If Trump wins he will likely carry the Senate with him and Republicans ought to retain the House.
  •   Here in Oklahoma all the signs are showing Oklahoma County Whetsel going down in defeat.  His supporters are as shrill and vicious as always but there are a lot fewer of them and Whetsel's large donors are fewer.  Whetsel spent a few dollars on radio ads and some negative spots, past that, not much spending which shows he is conserving his cash for legal fees.  We were at the Wednesday County Commissioner's meeting and Oklahoma County D.A. David Prater left nothing to the imagination as to Whetsel's future; either by an Oklahoma County Grand Jury or by a Multi County Grand Jury Sheriff John Whetsel is facing criminal prosecution. The County Commissioners refused to oust the Sheriff with Brian Maughn doing the right thing and the other two being too cowardly to act.  Ray Vaughn had placed the item on the agenda then refused to attend, claiming knee surgery, and Wilma Johnson used that as an excuse to postpone the discussion of ouster for one week, one day after the election.
  The magazine drop went well.  Around 50,000 voters received a magazine with the voter guide and a dozen other stories on Oklahoma politics.  It was too hectic getting everything done and little was done on the newsletter this week as a result but we will tell the story of what went down next week.

  Everyone hope and pray for our country.  Get out to vote on Tuesday and check on your friends and family to make sure they have voted.  This is going to be a historic election and our one last chance to back the U.S. away from a precipice.

Tulsa Republicans Mens Club

​Happy Veteran's Week,
​We will be having a 2 meat selection, 2 sides, bread, extras, drink, tax and tip for $13 this month at :
Oklahoma Joe's BBQ
6175 E 61st St, Tulsa, OK, OK 74136 at 11:30 to 1, November 9th.  
RSVP please, Billie 918-638-9977.

  We will have a round table of local political leaders and they will discuss club elections, the wins and loses of candidates and questions...things to look for in the future...races for 2018 and who to look for...things we can do better for next time...
  Membership is $20 for men, $10 for the ladies and associate out of county members.  Our meetings are always open to the public men or women so bring a friend buy their lunch or membership lets get more people involved.  Forward this message out also, thanks!
  RSVP Billie at 918-638-9977
Many thanks to and from your Tulsa County Republican Men's Club
  • Darren Gantz, President
  • Michael Phillips, Vice President
  • Billie Bell, Treasurer
  • Cherie Cook, Secretary
  • Charlie Biggs, Chaplin
  • Dave Bell, Sergeant at Arms

Ambushed for the Cash or Set Up by Sheriff Whetsel for What He Might have Known?

  Oklahoma County Chief Financial Officer John Waldenville was ambushed and shot in the head on May 22nd of 2011.  At the time it seemed a robbery, an acquaintance of a dishwasher and another man followed Waldenville to a bank around the corner while Waldenville was dropping off the cash from the day's receipts from the Cattlemen's Steak House where he was working off duty.

  We had heard rumors of a break in or illegal entry into the Waldenville home while Major Waldenville was in the hospital along with rumors of police reports being filed by the family but there was never enough information to allow the rumors to be verified.  We have had this story on file for about four years now and last week an source came through with the date of the illegal break in which allowed us to find one of the police reports and verify the existence of the other.

  Due to the magazine delivery we don't have the time to write a proper story but we have one of the police reports in hand and it is a bombshell.  What we can verify is that there was a break-in of the Waldenville home by a Captain working for Sheriff John Whetsel and personal mail was feloniously seized and opened.  What the Oklahoma County Sheriff Department Captain was looking for is unclear but it casts a very, very suspicious light on why Waldenville was shot and who was behind the shooting.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Vote No S.Q. 779 & Help Get Signs Out

  Freedom lovers in Tulsa County...lovers of low taxes...We need your help...could you please put out a few signs:  2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, or more?  We must stop s.q.779.  

Will you hear the call?...Billie Bell...918-638-9977

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Another Monstrous Case of Brutality out of John Whetsel’s Oklahoma County Jail

   A few weeks ago an impassioned plea came out for justice for a woman that was brutalized in the Oklahoma County Jail.

   Here is the email that was sent, edited for profanity for those that might be opening the newsletter in front of children or while at work: 

  We had, in my opinion, a massive violation of civil rights and criminal actions taken against a female in the OK county jail....she was arrested for DUI Sat night near Nichols Hills. She was then transported to OK County 
  The facts: She had a lawyer present on the scene of the arrest, she was denied the ability to speak with him there, at the Nichols Hills police station, or at OK County later. They absolutely would not allow her access to counsel. 
 She was forced to perform the field sobriety test, and later when she asked to speak with her council at OK County she was denied, but she went ahead and refused the breathalyzer not knowing for sure what to do 
  They stripped her in public of her clothes. Leaving her with the scanty camisole and tights she had on under her clothes.  
  They they paraded her around from "pod to pod, and cell to cell....under the pretense of processing her, which had only glass between her and the male prisoners being held. For 12 hours!!! 
  The male prisoners were making very crude comments, disgusting remarks, stroking themselves and mas****ating due to her attire. She endured this for 12 hours while the officers laughed it off.  She continued to beg for clothes, but the officers only laughed and continued to parade her from place to place for 12 hours 
  During this 12 hours her brother(who is also a lawyer) and her husband were continually told she hadn't been processed yet.   After 12 hours she was moved to the holding cell with 40 other women and finally given an orange jumpsuit 
She was finally able to bail out after 18 hours. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Lies, Damned Lies, and the Liars that Spread them

  One of the absolutely wonderful education think tanks, the 1889 Institute, put out a study on the alleged teacher shortage last week. 

 They sought any evidence of a teacher shortage and addressed the other talking points being used to lobby for the Boren 22% sales tax increase.  What they found was that there is an actual teacher shortage for 0.62%, less than one percent….a shortage that could be erased by taking the student/teacher ratio from16.3 to 16.4 students per teacher.  

  They also pointed out that if we matched Indiana's ratio of 17.5 students per teacher it would free up around $127,000,000.  In 1975 there were 19.8 students per classroom and it has been proven that smaller classrooms have failed to show benefits other than employing more teachers.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Whetsel Saving Campaign Money for Lawyer’s Fees?

 The incumbent Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel appears to have lain down rather than fight for election as his large donors have deserted him in droves.  The campaign report for the County races is no longer online, the Ethics Commission having taken the County races off line in an attempt to suppress the flow of information to the citizens.  The pre General election report is due this afternoon but it appears that Whetsel has chosen not to spend a large amount of funds on advertising or other campaigning in favor of hording the cash to pay lawyer fees needed for his eventual defense.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Volunteers Needed Now: Voter Guides & Distribution

Hey, I'm Talking to You!

  Okay folks, you are really, really needed to volunteer to get the voter guides out before the election.  While a trickle of people showed up this weekend we need a lot more hands on deck to get these 30,000 magazines into the voter's hands before Sunday.

  The magazine has a story on Civil Asset Forfeiture, the Medicaid Expansion attempt last session, the RINO Index and each House District that is covered has separate issues for the areas where senate districts overlap, with the issue covering both the state rep and the state senator.  The lead story is about Sheriff John Whetsel and the State Auditor's investigation and the possible criminal charges that might be filed.  There is a story about SQ 777 and another on SQ 780 and 781 as well as a story that covers all of the state questions.