Sunday, November 13, 2016


Even with the rioting by the millennials, likely upset at not getting a participation trophy in the election, the majority of Americans had broad smiles on their faces on Wednesday morning.   What fun it was to read the liberal media explaining the almost certain disembowelment of the Republican Party having turned into a liberal Democrat rout. 

Barrack Hussein Obama was supposed to ensure his legacy and Obama Care with the election of Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Instead they got the certain unraveling  of Obama's legacy and executive orders.   Obama we were told was a transformational president that would leave a mark on the country and put Hillary into the third term of his presidency but  by 11 pm on Tuesday night there were few smiles on the faces of the Clintonistas as reality set in when Florida went to Trump.

The Democratic Party has disintegrated beginning in 2010 when the GOP took the House in the largest seat pick up since 1948 and picked up six seats in the Senate.  In 2014 another 13 House seats and they also seized the Senate.  They also lost over 900 state legislative seats in that same time frame in what was thought to be midterm effect.

But on Tuesday the GOP whipped Democrat butt big time, maintaining the House and Senate, capturing the Presidency and picking up around two thirds of the state governors and state legislative bodies.  All caused by Obama's leftist policies that have been rammed down the throats of Americans despite all opposition. 

His executive orders and overreached and unwillingness to cooperate with the Republicans caused his political capital to burn to a crisp.
Magnifying all of this was the choice of Hillary Clinton, and old corrupt woman with a boat anchor of a husband hanging on for relevance, while the Democratic Party alienated the Bernie Sanders supporters, causing the minorities, millennials, and the college educated to lose enthusiasm and hope till they just stayed home or switched to protest votes for third party candidates.

Oh they are crying and screaming and rioting aplenty.   They are petitioning the Electoral College and pillaring anyone that might have had a hand in their demise, but the reality is that Obama's actions alienated enough of his supporters and Trump energized those GOP voters that stayed home in 2012 due to Romney being so liberal.  But Trump has won and is going to pull the country back from the brink of insolvency and chaos.   With enough help political correctness will be driven down into the sewer it emerged from and the RINOs will have enough pressure on them to support real change in the government.   That will bleed into state government too as the RINOs see that conservatism resonates with the voters.