Monday, November 21, 2016

Mug Shots!

Joy HofmeisterState School Superintendent
(Not a bad mug shot for a 50 year plus woman.)
  Hofmeister's mug shot was plastered everywhere but her alleged co conspirators mug shots were tough to find but a little digging turned them up.
Fount Holland,
AH Strategies and Majority Designs
(One word Fount:  Salad)

  Stephanie Milligan, an officer in the Alexander companies engaged to Chad Alexander, to be married in Mexico in about 39 days. Remember that it was Chad Holland's cocaine and pill arrest that gave law enforcement access to his smart phone and laptop that wound up indicting all of these people and a few more that are coming down the pike from the feds.

Stephanie Milligan,
an officer in the Alexander companies

   I wonder if they can now force Chad Alexander to testify against Milligan?   Alexander worked for Holland at one point as well so perhaps they all ought to get married together in a six way marriage before Obama leaves office.

Lela Odom,
a former Executive Director of the OEA,
(the teachers union.)
  Now here is the part that most people missed.  This entire plot was the teachers union and school administrators group fixing the election in cahoots with the Republicans.  Fount, Alexander, and Milligan, all supposedly Republican political consultants working with the teachers and administrators to elect their own person elected all the while endorsing and supporting the Democrat candidate.  While funding the Republican candidate…

  Remember back in spring of 2014 when the Sooner Tea Party broke the story on Freda Deskin, the Democrat candidate for School Superintendent that was endorsed by the top of the Democratic Party during the primary?

Steven Crawford,
former Executive Director
of the Cooperative Council for Oklahoma School
Administration, a nonprofit for school administrators
  We said at the time that it was the Democrats that gave us the dirt on Deskin and her long time boyfriend and it turns out it was designed to eviscerate Deskin so that the other Democrat candidate won the primary which he certainly did.  At that time it was a big deal that all the blue bloods,  Barry Switzer, and all the ex Democrat governors endorsed the one that lost the primary.  If I was a betting man I'd bet that gutting Deskin was part of the plan to get the weakest candidate up against Joy Hofmeister.

  This is all just another example of why the D or R behind a politician's name is meaningless.  The one good thing that came out of this was the defeat of the David Boren sales tax proposal.