Sunday, November 20, 2016

December 1st State GOP Meltdown Possible?

 Sources are telling us that Pam Pollard's administration of the GOP finances has been so bad that the GOP faces the closure of the GOP state headquarters on December 1st unless a major donor comes forth.

   About two weeks ago the sources claimed that the Party bank account was down to less than $10,000 and this week we were told that the account balance has dropped to only $4,000.00 and that a December 1st shut down is imminent.

  If this is true there are two main reasons why this has come to pass.
  First is Pam Pollard herself, a well known and universally disrespected political hack that wound up being the state chair only because the state Vice Chair Estela Hernandez was busted stabbing Chairman Brogdon in the back and getting caught working illegal aliens in her business by the Sooner Tea Party.  Tulsa supporters had furnished the audio tape of Hernandez screeching at Brogdon and that was emailed by the Sooner Tea Party along with the video of the illegals working for Hernandez to all the party county chairmen.  The picture above tells part of the story, Hernandez is young and pretty hot, and Pollard is a bit long in the tooth and more than a bit pudgy.   Anyone wanna bet how that election would normally turn out? 

  Hernandez walked onstage that October day with over thirty supporters in tow, the majority of the party hacks all cocksure of owning the top post in the state GOP.  Pollard takes the state with a pitiful three supporters yet the County Chairmen blast Hernandez in a three way vote result that was so lopsided that Hernandez refuses to face a second ballot and concedes the election.   Pollard was the lesser of evils and thus didn't have a mandate or the respect from the major donors that prop up the Party finances.

  Then there is the Trump effect.   The success of Trump in the primary enraged the donor class and solidified the idea that the good old days were over as far as getting special interest perks through legislation.  The donor class felt rejected and rebuked, as well they should have felt as they were indeed.  

  Having control over politics is not an inexpensive endeavor and there is little use for owning the leadership of a Party that is unable to deliver any payback to the donors.

  In the coming days one of three things will occur, a member of the donor class will step up to keep the building rent paid and the utilities turned on.  Or Pollard will empty the building and hopefully store the records and assets in a storage building until the next GOP chairman can clean up the mess.  Or Pam Pollard will simply walk away from the position in humiliation.  She was disrespected from the start, couldn't raise money because donors didn't like her personally nor were they confident that she could be effective, and the legislators have turned their back on Pollard after she attacked Oklahoma County Sheriff candidate Mike Christian by leaking the rebuke letter to the McCarville Report.