Monday, November 7, 2016

Ambushed for the Cash or Set Up by Sheriff Whetsel for What He Might have Known?

  Oklahoma County Chief Financial Officer John Waldenville was ambushed and shot in the head on May 22nd of 2011.  At the time it seemed a robbery, an acquaintance of a dishwasher and another man followed Waldenville to a bank around the corner while Waldenville was dropping off the cash from the day's receipts from the Cattlemen's Steak House where he was working off duty.

  We had heard rumors of a break in or illegal entry into the Waldenville home while Major Waldenville was in the hospital along with rumors of police reports being filed by the family but there was never enough information to allow the rumors to be verified.  We have had this story on file for about four years now and last week an source came through with the date of the illegal break in which allowed us to find one of the police reports and verify the existence of the other.

  Due to the magazine delivery we don't have the time to write a proper story but we have one of the police reports in hand and it is a bombshell.  What we can verify is that there was a break-in of the Waldenville home by a Captain working for Sheriff John Whetsel and personal mail was feloniously seized and opened.  What the Oklahoma County Sheriff Department Captain was looking for is unclear but it casts a very, very suspicious light on why Waldenville was shot and who was behind the shooting.