Tuesday, February 28, 2017

High Noon Club: Avi Lipkin

High Noon Club Meeting Schedule

Meetings are Friday, 12:00 Noon - 1:00 pm

March 3rd - Avi Lipkin

March 10th - Dr. David Deming
(Liberalism at University of Oklahoma)

March 17th - Don Spencer, OK2A \
(Current Gun Bills at OK State Capital)

March 24th - Congressman Steve Russell

March 31st - Leza Greve, Oklahomans for Vaccine & Heath Choice (Rebuttal - Ervin Senate Yens, vaccinations bill)

Monday, February 27, 2017

Pam Pollard Under Investigation?

Pam Pollard Under Investigation?
Allegations of Misappropriated Funds and Sloppy Bookkeeping

Rumors of allegations of mishandling and misappropriating earmarked funds has settled upon Oklahoma GOP Chairman Pam Pollard's head this week.   Sources claim that funds from the Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women and from the Lankford Get out the Vote effort were misdirected to pay for salaries and utilities and other overhead items despite specific arrangements for the use of the money.  

Rumors of an FEC investigation as the money was directed at the Presidential Campaign  and allegations that a certain local District Attorney was also looking into the matters was circulating as well. 

The OFRW allegations appear to have been settled and paid back and were blamed on sloppy bookkeeping and mismanagement but Pollard has bragged to anyone that will listen of her CPA credentials so the sloppy bookkeeping appears to be a canard.

Preview: The Insanity Of Our Mental Health Policy

Sneak Preview...

Next Week!
We have a blockbuster of a story on the insanity of how we are treating the mentally ill in Oklahoma and how  Commissioner Terry White is more of a problem than she is a solution

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Konawa Tea Party Meeting: Don Spencer of OK2A

Konawa Tea Party
(4th) Tuesday February 28, 2017 7:00 - 9:00 PM
Kennedy Library - The Dougan Room
Konawa School, 701 W South Street
James 1:8 "A double minded man is unstable in all his ways."
7:00 PM Greeting . . . . . . . . . . . . . Clarence Hopper
Invocation . . . . . . . . . . . . Jared Byrns
Pledge . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Billie Riggle
Announcements . . . . . . . . . . .Bill Smith
Refreshments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Konawa Tea Party is a non-sectarian, non-partisan, Christ centered civic club.
Invited Speaker:
Don Spencer w/ OK 2 A
Any & all Candidates will be introduced!

The Child Porn Scandal of the Canadian County Sheriff's Dept.

February 26th 2017 newsletter

Looking For a Job with Benefits?  Canadian County Sheriff Department Disseminates Child Porn to Employees

This is probably the most disturbing story we have ever worked on in the history of the Sooner Tea Party on many levels. 
  • First you have the idea that a man responsible for catching child predators and child porn has been accused of getting his "satisfaction" from the child porn he has seized from perverts. 
  • Then you realize that the man has been accused of storing child porn on his computer instead of keeping it locked away in the evidence room.
  •  Then you take in the fact that the man is accused of  sharing it with coworkers according to the accusations.
  • Then you learn that the man is accused of lying to the District Attorney on polygraph tests that returned false positives and representing them to the D.A. as conclusive polygraph tests.
  • Then you learn that this same accused man is accused of lying on the witness stand over confessions that an accused child predator might not have made.
To top everything off you learn that both the OSBI and the Attorney General Office has zero interest in investigating despite having audio tapes of the accusations that were corroborated by the accuser and other sources that verify that the accuser's story has remained consistent over many repetitions.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Richard Morrissette Is A Lying sack

 Richard Morrissette is a Lying Sack of …..

  Former House Member Richard Morrissette show what an absolute lying sack of …Fallin… he is in a post card mailing that landed this last Monday.  The bright yellow oversize post card was mailed only to Republican primary voters in Ward 4 Oklahoma city and boy did he tell some doozies about his opponent, Republican Todd Stone.

  First he attacks his Republican opponent for attending the University at Berkley California, not mentioning that it was a two day seminar that his opponent attended on fiber optic networks at the request of his employer.

  Then Morrissette claimed that his Republican opponent didn't live in Oklahoma City while knowing full well that nearly a quarter of Oklahoma City Ward 4 voter's mail comes through Norman post offices.  There are many that have Choctaw mailing addresses as well but are Oklahoma City voters.

  Morrissette then claims that his opponent is a liberal from a liberal family.   Todd Stone is a long term registered Republican and while his son Shane is a Democrat; Shane had the highest conservative score of all the Democrat House members (82 points out of 100) and was the ninth highest scoring legislator out of the 101 total House members.  Shane Stone is anything but liberal.

  Any man that would lie like this ought not to be fit to pick up road kill for the state much less be a city councilman.   Back in 2006 Morrissette showed up at my door asking for my vote and I ordered him off my property and let him know that I wouldn't be voting for a damned liberal Democrat.  It is true that Morrissette had a 61 on his RINO score but that was because of SEVEN walked votes that cost him only minus 17.5 points instead of the 35 points it would have cost him had he voted for the bills and voted wrong.

  Richard Morrissette is a man without honor and deserves to lose his April 4th runoff election against Stone.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Comrade Yen's SB83 Forces Immunization of Your Children

Comrade Yen, Comrade Cannaday, Comrade Bush, and Comrade Smalley

Comrade Yen's SB 83 Forces Immunization of Children
Gang of Four Pushes the Communist Agenda

  Comrade Yen's SB 83 comes up for a vote in committee on Monday at the HHS committee room.   His goal is to force all children to obtain vaccination, over eighty vaccinations at the last count, some of which have proven to be not only dangerous but ineffective with the vast majority of breakouts occurring solely within vaccinated people.  There is more than enough evidence that the vaccinations of some diseases are all that is keeping the disease circulating around the population.

  Comrade Yen's bill would remove the religious exemption as well as the medical exemption, forcing children to take the vaccination even if their doctors believe that the vaccination will harm the child.
And Comrade Yen has new converts that are pushing similar legislation.  A new gang of four, Yen, Smalley, Bush, and Cannaday are all pushing legislation designed to strip parental rights away and instill more state control over children.

  SB 93 by Senator Smalley (AKA Small Hands Smalley) which would include the withholding of controversial medical care procedures in the list of child abuse laws.

  SB 93 Senator Smalley, child abuse medical care religious, HB922 Ed Cannaday and Carol Bush out of court testimony under 13 years old in neglect cases.   The right of a defendant to face their accuser in a court of law is crucial for justice as prosecutors, investigators, and social workers are all trained to lie and deceive in order to get convictions.  Rep. Carol Bush of course is the liberal that ran as a Republican and is hell bent on causing as much damage as possible before she is booted out in the next primary. Ed Cannaday is a long time liberal Democrat so it is no surprise to see the ugliest woman in the legislature cozying up to a liberal Democrat. 

  Below are  the Senators that are on the committee that will either pass or fail Comrade Yen's legislation.  Give them a call anytime today or tonight as the phone recorder will catch the call.  Email them too and read them the riot act and remind them that Oklahomans are independent, not communists.  Tell them to vote NO on SB 83 and the other bad bills listed above.


Mary Had A Little Lamb

  Is that a finger gun Todd?  Ought to just point it at your head and complete the picture

Mary Had a Little Lamb

  Do politicians really think that the average voter is so stupid that they will believe the lies they spin?  Last week we saw Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb come out just a swinging at Fallin over the billions in new taxes that C.B. plans on saddling Oklahomans with.  C.B. is short for Crazy Bitch.

  Lamb of course sat in on the meetings that laid out the budget plan and the State of the State speech that Fallin gave.  Lamb of course introduced Fallin at the ceremonies and sat right there behind her while the C.B. laid out her insane tax policies.   And applauded her while she did it.  Yet Todd Lamb was silent as the silence of the lambs.

  But then Gubernatorial candidate Gary Richardson releases a video showing what Fallin and Lamb were advocating and all of a sudden Mary's Little Lamb panics and realizes just how insane passing three billion dollars a year in new taxes is going to look.  Actually Mary's Little Lamb most likely didn't recognize the significance of his part in all of this until he got a panicked call from his political consultant so they hatched the plan to break with C.B..

  Now there is ignorant and then there is stupid.  Ignorant means you simply don't know any better but probably should.  Stupid is when you aren't self aware enough to realize the stupidity of your actions or plans and don't have the mental capacity to think through the consequences of both.
  But then Todd Lamb sat silent for over a month, knowing full well that C.B. was going to spring billions of dollars in new taxes upon hardworking Oklahomans and he stayed silent.

  But poor Mary Fallin.   Ditched by the Lt. Governor, ditched by Trump, heck, even her hubby is rumored to have a new girlfriend that is so much younger and so much more pretty if you are to believe the rumors.  The C.B.'s plans of screwing over the sheep in Oklahoma in return for a cushy Trump team job seems to have evaporated but she soldiers on believing that someone will see her treachery for what it is and offer her a job in Washington D.C. come January of 2019.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Bitch Is Crazy

 The Bitch is Crazy

You know…. long ago I promised one of our original founders that I'd respect the more gentle types and the more uptight Christian types and refrain from using profanity on the newsletter.  But sometimes you just have to resort to profanity to get the point across and this is one of those times.  And hearing that Governor Mary Fallin has proposed to charge sales taxes upon services instead of cutting bloated government earns her the distinction of her new nickname:  Crazy Bitch.

Now rumor has it that hubby Wade has a new girl friend and isn't being discrete about it at all according to the rumors so perhaps Fallin is having a meltdown but really, the bitch is crazy…the Republican establishment just got their butts handed to them by Donald Trump and Miss Mary believes she can float a 2.735 billion dollar tax increase on Oklahoma?   And she is insane enough to let her boy toy Preston Poo-flinger (AKA PP) float the idea of passing the massive sales taxes on services without a supermajority of the House and Senate as required by our Constitution?

The bitch is stark raving mad.  If House and Senate leadership thinks the bucket of poo that PP flung up on the Capitol lobby wall is going to stick those bitches are stark raving mad too.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

We Get To Say We Told You So

February 12th 2017 Newsletter

We Get to Say We Told You So…

Last week we saw the conclusion of the "investigation" at the Capitol in all its glory with a Democrat legislator thrown under the bus as a sacrifice so the Charles McCall could say it was the Democrats too and a lot of sound and fury and flatulence but no vote to censor Rep. Dan Kirby or remove him from his position.    House leadership made the decision to not poke a wounded bear and are standing with their hands on their hips but not saying "boo" and allowing Kirby to exit on his own time frame.  Why?

Because Kirby has his own set of text messages and a vast knowledge of dirt on the hard partying legislators that find themselves away from the wife and feeling invulnerable in a far away town.  Kirby went on the Pat Campbell Show on Tulsa radio station KFAQ and gave his version of the "investigation" and the allegations.

Coming soon: Another Head On a Stick

Coming Soon
Another Head on a Stick
Maybe a Whole Row of Heads on Sticks

Last week we set in motion an investigation into a truly horriffic nest of corruption and inhumanity, something so sordid and shocking that we had to first take the case to authorities before publishing the story. 

Our initial investigation started several monthis back and culminated in a taped account of the sordid tale, and in less than 24 hours both parties have cooroberated the story to the authorities and we believe that the department responsible for the mess has been notified of the investigation.  We have taken the rare step of holding our story back to give the authorities time to move and secure the evidence but we gave them till next Friday to act after which we are going public with the story.

McCall Leadership Mocked By Freshmen House Members

McCall Leadership Mocked and
Challenged by Freshmen House Members

Republican House members joined Democrats in defeating a  Pro life bill one  on Wednesday despite hundreds of pro life activists visiting the Capitol on Rose Day, the annual pro life event at the Capitol.  Uh… guys, yes we said you should band together and challenge House Leadership but going pro abortion isn't going to play well back in your district.  Still the debacle was a slap in the face of House leadership and doubly so as McCall was off dealing with a family tragedy according to rumors.

   HB 1549 by Rep. George Faught would have prevented abortions done solely on the grounds of birth defects or Down 's syndrome.  Three Republican freshmen legislators, Carol Bush, Mark Lawson, and Marcus McEntire joined the single pro abortion Democrat on the committee in defeating the legislation.

    McEntire explained his vote by stating that he didn't want the state paying court costs in a down budget year but the state Attorney Generals Office is charged with representing the state at no additional cost other than his annual budget and there are usually no court costs involved in filing or defending such cases.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Gary's Gun Giveaway

In celebration of the inauguration of President Trump,Gary Richardson's giving away an AR-15 to one of his Facebook followers.

Please click here to enter the contest. You'll also be signed up to receive Gary's newsletter where He'll be making an exciting announcement in the coming weeks. He will have a random drawing of everyone who entered at 7 pmFebruary 12th, 2017 so be sure to sign up by then!  

Don't forget to like the Facebook page here to stay in touch.

McCall's Out Of Touch With Okla & National Voters

Charles McCall Out of Touch with Oklahoma and National Voters
Will McCall Lead the GOP House Caucus to Defeat in 2018?

  Newly elected Speaker Charles McCall gave an astounding interview with the Tulsa World last week where he claimed that passing Real ID and passing a teacher pay raise were his priorities for the coming legislative session.

  The rookie legislative leader acts as if Trump didn't just defeat the RINO Republicans and the liberal Democrats by standing up for the common people.  Now, despite a $868,000,000.00 budget shortfall and another looming state revenue failure that will surely push the deficit over one billion dollars McCall continues to pander to the teachers unions and focusing on growing big government and stamping on privacy and fueling identity theft.

  McCall is supporting increasing the tobacco tax, a hike in fuel taxes, and a massive program of billions of dollars in new state taxes on services that have never been taxed.  At the back of McCall's list is "reforming" the billions of dollars in existing tax credits and incentives, all put in place by the State Chamber of Commerce who is responsible for McCall's rise to power.  Reforming?  How about taking an ax to the billions of tax credits that were handed out like party favors in return for campaign donations? 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Another McCall Team Member Creates a Scandal

Another Speaker Charles McCall Team Member
Creates a Scandal

  Top McCall lieutenant   Representative Elise Hall was busted last week after promoting her own food truck that was going to be making stops at the legislature.   Pressuring employees and fellow legislators to conduct business with her company was way out of bounds of House rules, propriety, and common sense. 

  It seems that McCall has generated so much aggrogance and entitlement in his team that they don't even question the ethics of any scheme they might hatch to take advantage of their legislative position.

  For her trouble Representative Hall got an ethics complaint filed on her entrepreneurial behind for taking advantage of her position as an elected official.  The Ethics Commission keeps these investigation secret but as  the infraction was an email sent from her House of Representative account to the other staffers and legislators there needs to be little else to prove she broke the rules to enrich herself by coercing others into doing business with her.

Pollard Faces Heavy Opposition After RNC Reprimand

From the  February 5th 2017 newsletter 

GOP Chairman Pam Pollard Facing
Heavy Opposition after RNC Reprimand

  Pam Pollard won her GOP Chairman post not because of popular support within the party; she won because she was the lesser of evils once the Sooner Tea Party took Estela Hernandez out with the video of her and her husband employing illegal aliens.  That October 2015 day Hernandez brought dozens of supporters up on stage for her pitch speech, Pollard had only two people willing to walk up on stage with her, and the only other candidate, and elderly conservative man, made the mistake of spending his time literally crying on stage over the nasty mailers that had been sent out stating the truth about both of the flawed women running for GOP chairman.

  Pollard didn't win out right and Hernandez could have pressed a runoff vote but she could see there was no way to win so she folded.  Pollard won the GOP position without winning a plurality of the votes that day.

  But she was never really accepted as a legitimate chairman.  People simply didn't like her or believe in anything she was doing.   Her funding dried up, getting perilously close to closing the doors late last year, only to be propped up by the donor class trying to salvage anything after the Trump train roared over the RINO camp.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Tulsa Republican Mens Club welcomes Dr. Piper, Feb. 8th

The TCRMC welcomes Dr. Everett Piper to our monthly meeting on Feb 8, 2017.  Come join us at
Oklahoma Joes, 
6175 E 61st St, Tulsa, OK
from 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Lunch is $14 includes meal, drink, tax, and tip (pay when you check in at our table in banquet room)
RSVP at 918-638-9977 or billyj86@cox.net. (please let us know if you will pay with a card)

Dr. Everett Piper, President - Oklahoma Wesleyan University
Dr. Everett Piper is the fifth president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, established in 1909.

In his 14 years as president of OKWU, Piper has become known for his passionate defense of intellectual freedom. He advocates tirelessly for cultural courage grounded in the conservation of time-tested truths, and is the 2016 recipient of the Jeane Kirkpatrick Award for Academic Freedom. His commentary on education, and politics challenges what he calls the fallacious duplicity of the intolerant tolerance of today's academic community. Dr. Piper is the author of Why I Am A Liberal, and Other Conservative Ideas and the viral op-ed, "This is not a Daycare, It's a University". His op-eds are routinely featured in local and national news outlets and he serves as a regular guest on talk-radio across the nation.**

Freshmen Legislators; Read What We Write, or Dismiss At Your own Peril

From the February 5th 2017 newsletter

Freshmen Legislators, Read What we Write
Dismiss it at Your Own Peril

  You are probably really excited at starting your new job at the Capitol and feeling confident after winning a tough election.  No doubt that House and Senate leadership has spent a lot of time patting you on the back and telling you how important you are.  But the single most important thing I can tell you is this:

Leadership will fight till the last drop of YOUR blood.

  There are 35 new House members, men and women that are supposed to represent the men and women in their districts.   House leadership does not have control over you unless you allow them to control you.  It is up to you if you do what is right or if you knuckle under to leadership.

  One of the first items will be an amendment that simply states that all bills filed get a fair hearing in committee and a fair hearing on the floor if they pass committee.  If you fold on this issue you will be breaking your oath of office and your promise to your voters to look out for them.

  The Speaker race is always tight and remind yourself that at any time in session any legislator can stand up and offer a motion that the Speaker be subject to a recall vote.  Historically who wins the Speaker slot depends on three to four votes.  At any time a half dozen of you can band together and force leadership to return the power to the House members simply by banding your small group with the other cliques.

  Next, we have our RINO index that will track and tally every single vote you make and you will be scored at the end of the year.  Other groups do this as well.   A low ranking score will be used against you along with the copies of the legislation you unwisely supported or refused to support, your opponent in 2018 is going to rub your nose in it and unseat you in the primary.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Kirby.. Kirby.. Kirby... 2.0


  State rep Dan Kirby's saga is slowing to a close after his second attempt to resign in as many months.  The committee "investigating" Kirby and Democrat David Fourkiller successfully beat down any attempt to widen the investigation and bring former Representative Randy Grau in for questioning on his part in the scandals.  Kirby has resigned effective March 1st, missing the chance to be the first state representative in state history to be forcibly removed from office

  The damage goes far further than just Kirby and Fourkiller.  Newly elected Speaker Charles McCall found himself disciplining two of his supporters in just over a month, leaving many of this other supporters wondering if they would be the next to be thrown under the bus.  Carol Bush of course being the second McCall supporter embroiled in a controversy over an infamous interview where she slashed House leadership along with Christians and the majority of the Oklahoma voters.

Former Speaker Hickman, whatever faults he had, at least tried to protect his team members including helping to cover up the Dan Kirby dalliances.  Illegally so some might say but at least you can say he was a leader that tried to cover his troops.