Monday, February 29, 2016

Comrade Yen Gets his Communist Butt Kicked at the Capital

  Last week we unleashed a torrent of phone call and emails against SB 1478, Senator Yen's plan to subrogate parental rights and force vaccinations upon children in an effort to benefit a tiny minority of children that cannot be vaccinated.    

  The argument that unvaccinated kids endangered vaccinated kids fell flat on its face so Yen switched his appeal to protect a handful of immune compromised kids, arguing that parents ought to subject their kids to 49 injections of 14 vaccines prior to six years of age to protect those that can't take the vaccine shots.  Heck Yen, don't stop there Comrade.  Taking the other kids out and shooting them in a ditch also protects this handful of kids from getting sick, right?

Predicting A Trump Sweep On Super Tuesday

Trump is going to Sweep Super Tuesday

  Polls are showing Trump up between 5 and 20 points in the upcoming Tuesday election.  The Cruz defenders are getting very bitter in the waning days so even they see the signs of a huge upset coming.  Trump has a lot of faults and he isn't a very nice person but if he does half of what he says he is going to try then he will go down as one of our greatest presidents.  Just cleaning out the illegals and stopping the flow of Muslims is going to give us time to clean up a lot of other problems.  But how about a Sooner Tea Party Poll on the presidential primary? 
Just click on the link for your guy, only the top three contenders are listed as the rest of them have zero chance.

Council on Foreign Relations
and Ted Cruz

  We have Donald Trump to thank for making illegal immigration one of the cornerstone issues of the 2016 presidential election but in fact Trump is messing with a much more broad and devious plan to strip  sovereignty  from the states and bring the U.S., Mexico, and Canada into a European Union style organization. 

  The plan is called the North American Union and it is being pushed by the CFR, the Council on Foreign Relations.   This would mean open borders, more criminal aliens entering the U.S., and the authority to overrule the state and federal court decisions.  There are plans for a North American Trade Tribunal and a Charter of Fundamental Human Rights for North America and the media isn't publicizing the long time project because the majority of Democrats and Republicans are backing the plan.

  Initialy envisioned during the George W. Bush administration the policy has been pushed by Obama and might well be pushed by Ted Cruz if he winds up as president.   Sounds crazy if you believe what Cruz says about it but we need to know that Heidi Cruz, Ted's wife, was a member of the  CFR and even was a panel member on the group that put the plan together!

  Heidi Cruz was an investment banker while she was a member of the CFR Task Force in 205 that developed the "North American Community" plan.   The plan calls for billions invested to bring Mexico society up to U.S. and Canada standards, creates a North American Border Pass to ease the entrance of Mexicans into the U.S., and expands the temporary worker programs.  Cruz himself is on record stating that the CFR is a {pernicious nest of snakes that is working to undermine our sovereignty" yet when a reporter points out that his wife was one of the members that wrote the plan Cruz discounts it as people "attacking his wife".

  Heidi Cruz worked for the Bush White House under  Condoleezza Rice, as the Director of the Latin American Office at the U.S. Treasury, and worked for J.P. Morgan in New York City prior to working with the Bushes. These days she is a managing director of Goldman Sachs in Houston, on leave while her husband runs for president.

  Elections are critical so please everyone get out and support Donald Trump on Tuesday.  He has the courage to do what is needed and can self finance the General election unlike Cruz or Rubio who will have to sell out to the highest bidder in order to beat Hillary or Sanders.

The Oklahoman “Reminding” us that Islam is a Religion of Peace

The Oklahoman "Reminding" us that Islam is a Religion of Peace

  What a rag…. They ran a story about how a pack of liberals "escorted" a few Muslims into the Capitol, through a "Corridor of Support".  Like there was a pack of howling killers preventing the Muslims from going into the Capitol.

  But as in all things the Oklahoman showed how far they are from Oklahoma values by branding the event as representing typical Muslims.  If you scroll through the pictures you see mostly young, pleasant looking Muslim women, no doubt cherry picked from one of the Muslim student associations.

HJR 1037 Needing Phone calls and Emails

  HJR 1037 is legislation that will allow all Oklahoma Supreme and Appellate Court judges to face elections to retain their offices.  We have seen the court mess up on several occasions, the one most personal ought to be the Gerhart blackmail decision where the two liberal women appellate justices refused to honor higher court decisions on free speech.  Then we have seen the erosion of Oklahoma values such as the 10 Commandment decision, abortion decisions, and who can forget that the Oklahoma Supreme Court allowed Oklahoma to be saddled with bond debt despite a Constitutional mandate that the state incur no debt.

  Judges do face a retention ballot once in a while but without an active campaign and an opponent driving the discussion of the judges failings the public rarely learns which way to vote so there is no way to remind them they work for the people and not the other way around.
  The Bar Association is fine with the status quo as they get to recommend who is considered for judicial openings.  Please contact your legislators and urge them to vote YES on HJR 1037

Southside Republican Club Meets March 8th

Pam Pollard is the guest, the most recent GOP chairman for Oklahoma.   Doors open at 6:30 pm, ends at 8 pm.
South OKC
  at 2201 SW 134th Street

Monday, February 22, 2016

Charlie Meadows Labels Trump Supporters

"deceived Kool-Aid drinking sycophants"

   We've left the drooling old fart alone since he doddered off into obscurity after OCPAC removed him as the public face of the OCPAC organization after charges of racism went nationwide.  And while the new public face of OCPAC doesn't crank out the most exciting newsletters, matter of fact they are usually as exciting as watching paint dry, the new guy does an excellent job of rebuilding public confidence in the OCPAC organization.  So we haven't had anything to say about the group, relieved that someone responsible and less controversial has taken the reins.

  However, this weekend OCPAC sent out a newsletter with "Charlie's Picks" and boy, the image that came to mind was old Charlie picking his nose in public because Charlie and OCPAC managed to insult the vast majority of Trump supporters in the U.S..  We are talking "two fingers, knuckle deep, eyes bulging in ecstasy, with fragments of buggers on his lips" kind of stupidity.

  Here is one of the more outrageous quotes from the OCPAC newsletter:

Its been many a year since
that top button would close....
 "While I like much of his message, the man's character is immensely flawed.  He is an arrogant bully; he attacks and tries to destroy almost anyone who opposes or disagrees with him.  Above all else he lies so much that it has become part of his nature."

Comrade Sykes Defends Corruption at the Capitol

Anthony Sykes Blocking the Loveless Anti Civil Forfeiture Legislation

 Sykes is Charlie Meadow’s fair haired boy, voted the second most conservative senator by OCPAC yet he is actively blocking SB 1189 from being heard in his committee.   The jerk needs a message from the citizens and Charlie Meadows needs to be asked why he puts up with this.

Here is Sykes’s  face book page, 
His phone number and email address:

  According to this Sooner Poll, most 70% of Oklahomans support this legislation but the push back is coming from law enforcement agencies that are funding police salaries and perks from the stolen funds.  

  Forbes did an excellent article on this issue and why the corrupt police agencies and District Attorneys are fighting so hard to buck public opinion on this issue.  In the Forbes story there are links to Oklahoma Auditor reports stating that college loans were repaid using forfeiture money and one District Attorney lived in a home rent free with thousands of dollars in utility payments and even repair payments paid out of forfeiture funds.  The IRS was not notified of the tax free compensation to the D.A. until the Auditors Office caught the illegal acts.

Comrade Yen Marches on Forced Vaccination

 Bill to be heard on Monday

  Comrade Yen and Senate leadership hit a wall at Health and Human Services so they transferred SB 1478 to the Senate Education committee and the bill will be heard on Monday February 22nd at 9 am.

  The anti vaccination group is asking for people to show up at 7:30 am at the Governor's Hall on the 2nd floor in the Southwest corner of the Capitol building where they will pass out information that can be given to committee members before the committee meeting.

  You should also immediately email and all of these Education Committee member to remind them that this is an election year and do they want the Republican Party going into a tough election with an attack on parental rights on their record.

Tulsa Republican Mens Club Luncheon Event was a Success

  Last Wednesday Tulsa Republican Mens Club event was a rousing success.  Around 40 attendees including Tulsa City Council members, one candidate for the local sheriff race, members of the media, and a local district judge showed up to hear Sooner Tea Party's own Al Gerhart and Tulsa trial attorney Kevin Adams speak about the infamous attack on the First Amendment using blackmail charges.

  The event brought a lot of complaints from Tulsa RINOs and fringe groups, with the leader of the Club receiving the most comments both for and against the selection of the speakers than from any other event ever hosted.   Body language of the crowd showed that some had their mind made up before the event started but the audience appeared to be mesmerized by the sordid tale of a corrupt prosecutor running wild and a lot of minds were changed by the event.

Soft on Crime 2.0

  This fall voters will be asked to approve two state questions; SQ 780 and SQ 781.   SQ 780 would reduce a number of property and drug crimes from felonies to misdemeanors and SQ 781 is the funding mechanism should SQ 780 pass.

  Under a liberal federal administration there has been over the last several years, an increased push for state and local governments to adopt a philosophical view that says the justice system is too harsh on lower level and/or non violent criminal offenders.  Therefore we should strive to focus less on incarceration and punishment for these criminals and more on treatment and diversion programs for them.  The end result they propose is a system that lowers prison populations and rehabilitates lower level offenders into productive citizens.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Jackbooted Thugs or Game Wardens

Jackbooted Thugs or Game Wardens?

  Imagine you are on your farm, ranch, or rural home and out of the blue a Game Warden shows up demanding to look inside your barn, questioning the children, even invading your home to look in your freezer despite being told to leave by first the caretaker, then the homeowners.  And the pretext for this invasion of your home and private property?  That he heard a gunshot in the area or saw someone carrying a gun or bow.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Civil Fortiture Legislation Being Blocked in the Senate, Calls Needed Now!

February 9th 2016 special notice

  We hate running more than one email a week as sending out over 6,000 emails is costly but this is really needed.  And we forgot to mention the luncheon tomorrow covering the blackmail political persecution.

  Senator Loveless's SB 1189. the anti civil forfeiture bill is being blocked by Senate leadership and the deadline for committee action will be here before we know it.

  Please call Senate Pro Tem Brian Bingman at  405-521-5565  and Floor Leader Mike Schulz at 405-521-5612  and request that SB 1189 be given a fair hearing.  Be sure and mention the Sooner Tea Party, an individual's voice carries little weight but if they know you are with a large group they take notice of what you say!  We don't care if you are with us on other things, just use our clout on this issue.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Fact: Oklahoma Teachers make More Money than Texas Teachers

The real numbers

  Aside from the groveling of Senator Griffin and Rep. Cockcroft the majority of the legislators this year are being cautious not to inflate expectations for a teacher pay raise.   The money simply isn’t there unless they intend to gut the other core government services and we also need to look at if we are paying competitive wages that are consistent with the cost of living in Oklahoma and in line with average Oklahoma salaries.

  Despite the perpetual poor mouthing by educators and their lobbyists Oklahoma spending on education is at an all time high, $12,481.00 per student.  The average pupil per teacher is 16 so assuming there is one teacher per 16 kids a total of $199,696 is spent per teacher per year.  Average teacher salary, health care program, and retirement benefits is $53,567.21  so just over one fourth of the money is going to pay teacher salaries.  Instructional hours are 1080 in Oklahoma so the average teacher earns $49.60 per hour.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Rep Ken Walker...About as much Brains as the Walking Dead

 Rep. Ken Walker is an Idiot

  Good lord.   Seeing legislation like this makes you wonder if Rep. Ken Walker has an ounce of brains rattling around in his head.   Somehow he got the bright idea of requiring motorists to turn on their emergency flashers when going through a school zone.

  The moron thinks that instead of watching out for kids darting out in the street we should be fumbling around with a switch on the dashboard along with requiring other motorists to guess if we are turning left or right or driving straight ahead.  The dumb ass thinks that when people see hazard lights it makes you “sit up and pay more attention.”  Did the retard ever think that people would quickly become acclimated to the hazard lights and just as quickly begin to tune them out?  Kind of like driving with your lights on during the day, some say it increases traffic safety because people see the cars better.  Right…

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

So you want to buy House Leadership?

  McCall ‘s Prosperity PAC 

 by Al Gerhart
  McCall ‘s Prosperity PAC was the vehicle used to bundle cash from lobbyists and other campaign committees to prevent the lobbyists from maxing out on contributions to a candidate.  State law prohibits campaign donations to a single legislature past $5000.00 but once McCall laundered the donations through his PAC the money could be directed back to candidates, an effective if not ethical method of bypassing state law.

  As of the third quarter they had raised around $52,000, around $31,000 from the legislators in the voting block and $20,000.00 from McCall’s own family.  Another $16,000.00 was raised from mostly lobbyists in the fourth quarter. 
Here are some of the 3rd qtr
transactions of  McCall’s 
Prosperity PAC, in 2015:




  The attempt to bring legislators into the McCall camp failed after details of sketchy campaign donations from the McCall PAC effort to subvert the House Speaker Designate race was exposed by the Sooner Tea Party newsletter.