Monday, February 22, 2016

Charlie Meadows Labels Trump Supporters

"deceived Kool-Aid drinking sycophants"

   We've left the drooling old fart alone since he doddered off into obscurity after OCPAC removed him as the public face of the OCPAC organization after charges of racism went nationwide.  And while the new public face of OCPAC doesn't crank out the most exciting newsletters, matter of fact they are usually as exciting as watching paint dry, the new guy does an excellent job of rebuilding public confidence in the OCPAC organization.  So we haven't had anything to say about the group, relieved that someone responsible and less controversial has taken the reins.

  However, this weekend OCPAC sent out a newsletter with "Charlie's Picks" and boy, the image that came to mind was old Charlie picking his nose in public because Charlie and OCPAC managed to insult the vast majority of Trump supporters in the U.S..  We are talking "two fingers, knuckle deep, eyes bulging in ecstasy, with fragments of buggers on his lips" kind of stupidity.

  Here is one of the more outrageous quotes from the OCPAC newsletter:

Its been many a year since
that top button would close....
 "While I like much of his message, the man's character is immensely flawed.  He is an arrogant bully; he attacks and tries to destroy almost anyone who opposes or disagrees with him.  Above all else he lies so much that it has become part of his nature."

  Really Charlie?  So you attack and try to destroy Trump because you yourself don't agree with him and oppose him?   Then call him a liar without offering a single example of the same.   Exactly how do you not fail to fit the same characterization?   Did you forget to accuse him of racism?  Oh, yeah, that would be a sore point for you wouldn't it?

  Nose picker Charlie goes on to savagely attack the vast majority of Trump supporters and accuses him of flip flopping:

"I have finally come to realize that Trump is a Kool-Aid salesman.  His top flavor is "Make America Great Again," a very similar flavor to Obama's "Hope and Change."  Other flavors are:  "I am going to make Mexico pay for a wall," and "I will hire the best and brightest."  Oh really, Donald?  The best and brightest are going to work for the government on a government payscale (sic), or do you intend to pay them above and beyond out of your own pocket?  The truth is, no one knows what this arrogant flip-flopper will do if elected."

  Idiot… Trump is branding his message, boiling it down into easily remembered and resonant sound bites for the media and to find support for his campaign.   Lots better than depending upon the message of "blacks should join white churches and emulate white people" that got your pompous ass booted upstairs and out of public sight.    Trump can easily pay for that wall if he simply seizes assets of illegal aliens as they are caught, convicted, and deported.   And dumb butt, remember the Grace Commission under the Regan Administration?    A lot of the best and brightest will flock to serve the country if they see there is a real leader that can implement change.

  And as to flip flopping, everyone remembers that infamous OCPAC newsletter telling us that we need to support Obama Care because Anthony Sykes had convinced Charlie Meadows that it was good for Oklahoma.  A few weeks later, after a massive outcry against Charlie's idiotic article, even the Birchers were screaming, Charlie "flip flopped" on the issue and allowed that he had made a mistake in supporting Obama Care.

  Charlie's mind hasn't deteriorated so far that he doesn't hedge his bet a bit because he knows that he just infuriated a lot, a whole lot, of Trump supporters"

 "Not all of his followers are in this category, but perhaps as many as 80% of his supporters are little more than deceived Kool-Aid drinking sycophants.  If you are one of those, don't get mad at me for saying this—I believe this is how Donald Trump views you, too.  That was evidenced by his statement recently that he could shoot someone in broad daylight and his supporters would still vote for him.  That, my friends, is the very definition of a Jim Jones-type Kool-Aid drinking sycophant."'

  Oh, Charlie wasn't talking about me, just the other 80% of Trump supporters…. Now how in the hell can you pick out which supporters are the "deceived Kool-Aid drinking sycophants" and which ones are intelligent enough to look at the Trump message and see Trump as the candidate that will make the best president?  If Trump's message resonates with intelligent people, the so called "20%" that Charlie gave grace too, then why wouldn't the "80%" also use the same message to make up their mind?  Exactly how does one determine if they belong to the 80% or the 20%?

  As far as shooting someone in broad daylight, Trump is exactly right.  We are tired of the Republicans and Democrat politicians that have lied to us for decades and we are tired of the sycophant political hacks like Charlie Meadows that convince us that supporting someone like Anthony Sykes and Obama Care is a good idea.  Political hacks like Charlie have only one thing to sell the politicians; access to a room full of people at a lunch meeting, so anything that might endanger Charlie's access to those politicians isn't allowed.  In order to continue his access to these politicians, Charlie has to support them and become the politician's spokesman to his group.   Basically Charlie sells out the power of his group in exchange for access to the politician.

  Trump could shoot someone in broad daylight because his supporters know that Trump is a leader, has the personal money to win the election without selling out to the donor class, and if he shoots someone they most likely needed shooting.  I and many others hope he gains office and cleans out the corruption between the elected politicians, the donor class, and the political hacks.

  Since OCPAC published that newsletter we have seen Trump win his second primary in South Carolina with a 50% lead over Cruz and Rubio.  Trump also won the New Hampshire primary with three times the number of votes of either Cruz or Rubio.  Trump now has six times the delegates of Cruz or Rubio.  And even if you give them the benefit of the doubt on the 20% OCPAC just talked trash about 80% of those Republican voters.

  Charlie Meadows didn't survive the racism charges for two reasons, first that if he isn't a racist he sure talks like one, and second, he had lost most of his popularity and respect from the vast majority of his supporters.  Now he is like the crazy uncle that is allowed out of his room during family reunions out of a sense of humanity but everyone knows there will be a lot of explaining to do afterward.  OCPAC would be well advised to keep the crazy old coot away from the public and regulated to holding court at the declining OCPAC luncheons.