Thursday, February 4, 2016

Rep Ken Walker...About as much Brains as the Walking Dead

 Rep. Ken Walker is an Idiot

  Good lord.   Seeing legislation like this makes you wonder if Rep. Ken Walker has an ounce of brains rattling around in his head.   Somehow he got the bright idea of requiring motorists to turn on their emergency flashers when going through a school zone.

  The moron thinks that instead of watching out for kids darting out in the street we should be fumbling around with a switch on the dashboard along with requiring other motorists to guess if we are turning left or right or driving straight ahead.  The dumb ass thinks that when people see hazard lights it makes you “sit up and pay more attention.”  Did the retard ever think that people would quickly become acclimated to the hazard lights and just as quickly begin to tune them out?  Kind of like driving with your lights on during the day, some say it increases traffic safety because people see the cars better.  Right…

Flasher Ken

  Now does the numbskull think that other drivers ought to be paying attention to the pretty flashing lights or should they be focused on the road in front of them watching for kids?  And I suppose “Flasher Ken” thinks that drivers ought to be fined heavily for not using their flashing lights or shot on sight as a danger to children.
  With a billion dollar shortfall to deal with Flasher Ken wants to waste time with this ridiculous idea.  Me thinks his brain must have a flasher module plugged into it and his thinking is flashing on and off.