Monday, February 29, 2016

The Oklahoman “Reminding” us that Islam is a Religion of Peace

The Oklahoman "Reminding" us that Islam is a Religion of Peace

  What a rag…. They ran a story about how a pack of liberals "escorted" a few Muslims into the Capitol, through a "Corridor of Support".  Like there was a pack of howling killers preventing the Muslims from going into the Capitol.

  But as in all things the Oklahoman showed how far they are from Oklahoma values by branding the event as representing typical Muslims.  If you scroll through the pictures you see mostly young, pleasant looking Muslim women, no doubt cherry picked from one of the Muslim student associations.

  Those are the Muslims that we are worried about.  How about showing these pictures next time?

9 11 Hijackers photos

 Boston Marathon Bombers photos

Boston Marathon Victim photos
How do you like that leg bone sticking out with the other leg sheared off at the knee?  But hey, the Oklahoman is telling us that Muslims are young fresh faced women braving mobs of blood thirsty rednecks at the state Capitol

San Bernardino Shooters

San Bernardino Shooting Victims 

Paris Terror Attack Suspects photos

Paris Terror Attack Victims, 129 total deaths, too many to show

  Or how about this Muslim woman who was in front of me in Walmart last week? About 60 to 70 items in a 20 item limit fast checkout lane, paying for three seperate orders using those pink and blue WIC emergency checks. Ignorant cow had to haggle with the clerk on nearly every item and about one quarter of the items were rejected as not being elegible for WIC payment, meaning repeated trips to the manager's office to double check an item. We are talking brand name items, I wish I could afford to eat like that! Twenty minutes for this Muslim woman to get through the checkout line but she bullied the clerk into allowing some of the name brand items. We are bringing in scum and putting them on welfare so they can breed and over populate the U.S. with Muslims.


  Here is a link to a video showing the Muslim woman haggling with the clerk over rejected items.