Monday, February 22, 2016

Tulsa Republican Mens Club Luncheon Event was a Success

  Last Wednesday Tulsa Republican Mens Club event was a rousing success.  Around 40 attendees including Tulsa City Council members, one candidate for the local sheriff race, members of the media, and a local district judge showed up to hear Sooner Tea Party's own Al Gerhart and Tulsa trial attorney Kevin Adams speak about the infamous attack on the First Amendment using blackmail charges.

  The event brought a lot of complaints from Tulsa RINOs and fringe groups, with the leader of the Club receiving the most comments both for and against the selection of the speakers than from any other event ever hosted.   Body language of the crowd showed that some had their mind made up before the event started but the audience appeared to be mesmerized by the sordid tale of a corrupt prosecutor running wild and a lot of minds were changed by the event.

  Afterward the questions from the crowd were supportive and included requests to be placed on the Sooner Tea Party newsletter. 

 A long time Tulsa activist, Randy Harris, received an appreciation plaque for his long running work outside a local abortion clinic where his group works on getting women additional information on alternatives to abortion.  What an honor to share the stage with such a man that is willing to go out every week and make a difference.

  The Tulsa Republican Mens Club meets on the second Wednesday of each month and all are welcome.  They usually have a nice lunch available for $10.00 or sometimes they have specials where you can join the group for $20.00 annual dues and get a free meal.  They are a mix of conservative and moderate Republicans and draw some interesting speakers and attendees throughout the year.