Monday, May 30, 2016

The Crap just got Beat out of Liberty and Conservative Values here in Oklahoma

  What a butt kicking we just received at the hands of the RINOs.  The legislative session was pretty much lost when Rep. Charles McCall was elected Speaker Designate and the terrible legislation popped up and the votes that were duly purchased by McCall' PAC lined up and gave good value for the money spent.  Abortion was protected, corporate welfare surged, highway ticketing cameras were made legal, three hundred million new state debt was passed, the First Amendment weakened, fees increased, taxes increased, and Real ID came within a whisker of being enabled in Oklahoma.

2016 Oklahoma RINO Index

  About two hours into typing up the list of bills covered in this year's RINO Index, lots of links and explanations of why these bills were important to document the votes to be used to hold the politicians accountable and poof…. Jesus saves but I didn't.   Auto recovery not functioning either, set to a non existent folder.   Arrrggghhhhh!

    So you are going to get a short version and we will expand upon what the 2016 Oklahoma RINO Index covers and why in the next week's newsletter.  The charts below can be shared by right clicking on it and copy and paste or save as, and posted on social media or sent via email.  We worked some long hours since Friday night to get this accomplished.  The rush?  Because we have lost control of the House of Representatives, it was sold out to the highest bidder, Rep. Charles McCall.  Time to fight back.

Run Gary Run!

 Tulsa County Republican Mens Club Hosts Gary Richardson June 5th
*(Editors note: We need everyone to encourage Gary Richardson to run for Governor in 2018.  One term out of a guy like Gary will help restore a lot of hope for a better future.  If you would support Gary please respond to this email and we will forward the replies to him.)

  Gary L. Richardson and he has a new book coming out you do not want to miss out on and his other book titles are full of interesting legal stories and real life situations.  Gary's books and public speaking have a very special way that engages and really connects to his audience.  Do not miss this month and bring a friend! 

  Our lunch is only $10 for RSVP and $12 after June 5th. The doors open at 11:30 and we will start the program at 12 noon at:   Brookside Baptist Church Fellowship Hall, 3615 South Peoria Ave, Tulsa, Ok 74105

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Bloody Mary and the End of the Legislative Session

Last Week in the Legislative Session

  Wild, simply wild…we saw Bloody Mary veto a popular anti abortion bill, the House narrowly refuse to pass a massive tobacco tax, faced the specter of sales taxes being added to services, saw a massive new tax on car tags, the veto of a popular vaccine information bill, and the preservation of fat cat tax credits while the poor lost some of their earned income tax.

  Increasingly we saw the incoming Speaker Designate Charles McCall calling the shots.  I suppose there is a sort of loyalty among legislators that respects anyone that can buy into the system and what is bought stays bought absent serious opposition.

Konawa Tea Party

(4th) Tuesday 
May 24, 2016 
7:00 - 9:00 PM
Kennedy Library - 
The Dougan RoomKonawa School, 701 W South Street
Invited Speakers:
  • Gary Jones - State Auditor
  • Bob Bieber - Islam Today
  • Cris Epperly, 
  • Keith Barkhimer & 
  • Trey Baker

Cookies and Coffee with the Tulsa County candidates

Tulsa County Republican Men's Club
And Tulsa 912

  Invites you for cookies and coffee to hear from, meet, and truly get to know your candidates for Tulsa County Sheriff, County Clerk, Court Clerk, and County Commissioner.  Candidates will have materials and yard signs for you.
May 24th, 2016, 6:30 to 8:00 PM,
Brookside Baptist Church
3615 South Peoria (Fellowship Hall)
Tulsa, OK 74105

Monday, May 16, 2016

Is the GOP Inept or Weeding Out Candidates in the Primaries?


  A few days ago we received a phone call from a Tulsa area activist and party leader asking for assistance for one of their local candidates, Brian Jackson, who was running against Senator Dan Newberry in the upcoming primary.  Senator Newberry, AKA Homeless Dan for forced from his home for not paying his mortgage while running for office no less.    Newberry scored a dismal 55 out of 100 points on the last RINO Index as he has a penchant for tax credits, lowering government accountability,  and thinks the National Popular Vote is a good idea.

  But who was this challenger?  Some nobody running on a lark and a few hundred bucks?  Nope, turns out the guy is a seven year veteran of the Sand Springs School board, something he initially didn't disclose when he emailed Tulsa County Chairman Mike Ford on March 3rd in a vain attempt to obtain a list of Republican voters.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Fallin One of the Most Unpopular Governors

Governor Mary  Earns
the Dubious Honor of Being One of the Most Unpopular Governors in the U.S.

  It is nice to see journalists writing something that Oklahomans have long known; Mary Fallin is heavily disliked in her own state.    The article states that Fallin has a 42% approval rate in the stat with 47% disapproving of her work with 11% undecided.   That puts Fallin in the bottom of the heap, in fact only 9 other governors had worse rankings.

  This is no surprise for a governor that has repeatedly tried to defy the will of Oklahomans and stuff liberal or special interest policies down the throats of Oklahomans.  One hopes that Donald Trump was just being nice when asked about the possibility of Fallin becoming a VP choice.

Vaccine Bill Veto Override Used as a Bargaining Chip

Vaccine Bill Veto Override Used as a Bargaining Chip by House and Senate Leadership
  A week ago Governor Mary Fallin vetoed the legislation that would have given parents of children four pages of information on vaccines, an appendix from the CDC vaccine information.  Fallin used all sorts of buzz words in her reasoning for vetoing the bill but the bottom line is that it was special interest medical companies urging her to kill the bipartisan approved legislation.

  This last week we checked on the chances of a veto override vote occurring and were aghast to find out that Senate and House leadership were using the threat of an embarrassing veto override as a bargaining chip in budget negotiations.  As in, you keep our oil and gas tax credits intact or we will push for that veto override.

Right to Farm or Right to Harm?

Who is Backing the Anti State Question 777 effort?

  Strange how some things are just supposed to happen. Bear with me for a minute because this is an interesting story. Last October, a few days after the Appellate court reversed and dismissed the charges against me for emailing the good senator, I had a busy day planned, had given my word that a set of countertops would be installed that day to a builder. Well, that morning on the way to work the alternator light comes on, alternator dead, and the job site is way out in the sticks so no way I could make it on the battery. Into the mechanic shop where the mechanic said he would give me a ride to my shop and come back and get me when the car was ready. An older guy had come in right before me to pick up his favorite coffee cup he had left accidentally the day before, he was the president of the American Farmers and Ranchers Union and he offered me a ride to my shop. We got to talking for about an hour about politics and he left a copy of their annual platform with me to see what they were about.

Rep. Chad Caldwell Is A ______

  The legislature is grasping at straws in an effort to balance the budget and one way to do that or to act like they are doing that is to pass laws that can't be enforced but will provide an estimate of cost savings or income.

  Such is HB2531 that will probably be signed by Fallin even though it is nothing more than a resolution "asking" out of state companies to voluntarily collect and remit Oklahoma sales tax on online purchases shipped to Oklahoma.  It also asks these same unknown companies to send annual statements to their customers in Oklahoma reminding them of how much they owe the state.  Representative Chad Caldwell, a Republican from Enid thinks that Oklahoma businesses are at a disadvantage with out of state retailers that don't charge sales tax and the moron is convinced, and has convinced others, that "tens of millions of dollars" will flow into state coffers without any enforcement measures.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Two Faced Lying Republican Rats Focused on Denying your 2nd Amendment Rights

Gary Banz 
(term limited this year) 
or 405-557-7395
Harold Wright   
refuses to sign.
(no opponent this year) 
or 405-557-7325
The House Conference Committee is trying to kill HJR1009, the proposed constitutional amendment that would partially recover your Second Amendment rights.   The Second Amendment is quite simple and difficult to misread: 
 "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."
However simple the language is our courts have long held that the federal, state and local governments can place almost any restriction on guns and get away with it.  It is crucial that we clean up our state constitution to form a second line of defense to uphold the Second Amendment.   If HJR 1009 clears the legislature it becomes a state question on the November 2016 General Election.
RC Pruett  
(term limited this year) 
or 405-557-7382
Chris Kannady 
(Democrat challenger  
in November) 
or 405-557-7337
Arrayed against our Constitutional rights are the State Chamber of Commerce, OU Queen David Boren, Clay Bennett, and Michael Bloomberg's Everytown for Gun Safety and its subsidiary Moms Demand Action.

  The House Rules Committee is the House side of the Conference Committee for this issue and they previously passed HJR 1009, some of them have been co-authors for the bill, but now some of them are refusing to sign off on the legislation to send it to the General Election.
Weldon Watson  
has refused to sign.
(Independent opponent
in the General election)  
or 405-557-7330
Chad Caldwell 
(Democrat opponent 
this election cycle)  
or 405-557-7317
Fear tactics being used to defeat HJR 1009 include the Thunder basketball team leaving Oklahoma because the NBA requires that venues be gun free zones.   Yet the venue is clearly exempt from the legislation.   The gun grabbers claim that fairgrounds and other publically owned venues would be forced to allow guns but the EVENTS at these venues are privately owned and as they lease the venue they are in complete control of if guns are allowed or not.
Basically the David Borens, the Clay Bennetts, the OSBI, and the liberal Michael Bloomberg's groups are terrified that Oklahomans might be able to vote on HJR 1009 and they would much rather kill the legislation before it hits the ballot.
  Call these reprobates and demand that they sign HJR 1009 out of committee.

We are Not Amused

  Last week saw leadership change in both the House and Senate and we are not amused at the outcome.  There will be political consequences.
  The Senate chose RINO Mike Shultz, with a 2014 RINO score of of zero… zero, as in he didn't get a single vote correct out of the ten chosen that year.  Conservative Ralph Shortey ran but the RINOs simply had the numbers and prevailed.
  The House elected Rep. Charles McCall, a representative that has a high OCPAC/Oklahoma Constitution ranking but a very tight relationship with the Chamber of Commerce as well as being a banker.  McCall basically bought the votes, using his corporate turbo prop plane for junkets across the U.S. and even into Mexico, bribing the other legislators with these junkets into supporting him for Speaker.   McCall won with six votes, a sizable margin as usually three votes can swing the outcome.  However, McCall has to run the gauntlet again in November after the new representatives are sworn in and there is 29 of the rascals leaving office through term limits, bimbo eruptions, or common sense.  That is nearly one third of the House up for grabs as open seats.  Only 13 House members drew no opponent.

Republicans and Democrats Join Hands to Expand Medicaid Obama Care by another name

  Despite the GOP Party Platform and the will of the Oklahoma citizens being squarely against the expansio of Medicaid the majority of Republicans voted with the liberal Democrats to push HB 2803 into Conference Committee.   The federal money might coming in hand for a couple of years but eventually the state is left holding the bag for ALL of the expense of adding tens of thousands to the Medicaid rolls.
  Had Oklahoma expanded Medicaid back a few years ago our budget would have been another 300 million in the hole this year.  This is a no brainer, better to force the bums off the dole and into the work force.
  The legislation lowers the income level for participation from 185% of the federal poverty level to 133%, meaning a person can be earning  two and a third times more money than what is considered "impoverished" and can continue to spend their earnings on expensive shoes, drugs, alcohol, or luxury items rather than be responsible for their own medical care.   This is basically Obama Care, subsidized private market health insurance plans for the masses, paid for by those of us who pay their own way.

Tulsa County Republican Men's Club: speaker Brigadier General Ed Wheeler.

Join us at:
Tulsa Brookside Baptist Church Fellowship Hall
3615 South Peoria Ave.
May 11th, 2016  Doors open at 11:30
12 to 1 lunch and speaker
Lunch is $10, Membership $20 men, $10 for ladies and out of county members (always welcome)
Brig. General Ed Wheeler
Adjunct Associate Professor at Tulsa Community College
Tulsa County Sheriff Investigator 8 years
Tulsa Community College Professor 13 years
United States Army 35 Years
Author of more than a hundred articles on military, political and economic significance. public speaker, radio and television personality, Republican.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Jon Echols: the Man that Brought REAL ID to Oklahoma

  Last week we wrote about how the Real ID act had been blocked by 26 states so far, Oklahoma being among them, with legislation passed that made the sharing of driver data with other states and foreign governments illegal.   SB 1362 was being pushed by Leslie Osborn at the time after Rep. Mike Christian listened to reason and dropped his support for the legislation.  There was talk of another bill that provided a religious exemption for the REAL ID bill and it had some good co authors and a lot of support from the grassroots.  That was SB 683 and it turned out to be a Trojan horse being pushed by a traitor to Oklahoma values, the Republican Party, and to grassroots activists.

  Rep Jon Echols turned out to be the one pushing the Real ID legislation.  After we gave a public political beating to Rep. Leslie Osborn she was said to have told Echols "Thanks for getting me beat up by the Tea Party" after she dropped her support for SB 1362.  That bill has died, as it didn't receive a hearing before the deadline last Thursday.   What we didn't know was that SB 683 had a single line that gutted the state prohibition against participating in Real ID.  SB 683 had 24 lines of text describing the religious exemption to REAL ID but it had a two line section #2 that simply said this:   47 O.S. 2011, Section 6-110.3, is hereby repealed.

Comrade Mary Joins with Comrade Yen to Defeat the Will of the People

Comrade Fallin, it is only FOUR pages of info!

HB 3016 is vetoed by Governor Mary Fallin this week after a massive bipartisan effort to pass the legislation through the House and Senate. We are torn between labeling Fallin as Comrade Fallin or Lying Fallin as her actions are both tyrannical and completely false and misleading.

 In her veto letter to the legislators Comrade Fallin said she supported giving the parents of the patients the Vaccine Information Sheet and informing them of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program but she is against providing the parents the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Appendix B of the Pink Book.

  Comrade Fallin claims that Appendix B of the CDC Pink Book is 34 pages long, highly technical, irrelevant, and contains obsolete information.  She claims most of the information would be incomprehensible to consumers and that the information might intimidate and confuse the parents of patients.  She also complains that the ingredients and substances used in producing the vaccine that are later removed are listed.

Why Article 5 Conventions are Dangerous

  We have always been on record against the Con Con attempts, the so called Article 5 conventions.  We understand how they are attractive to the ignorant and ill informed, they are a silver bullet approach, sold as one thing that can be done without a lot of work or effort on the citizens part.  But a Con Con is also dangerous as hell and we would surely lose our 2nd Amendment if a Con Con was held until we turn around the long running programs that have dumbed down the citizenry. 

Big Brother is Watching You


  SB 359 produces a new program ran by local District Attorneys, one that partners with private companies to set out automated license plate readers capable of capturing a picture of your license plate and comparing it to a data base of insured cars.   When it catches an uninsured motorist the system sends a ticket and summons to appear in court.  If someone buys insurance before the court date they are fined $50.00, $125.00 if they are convicted.

  Sounds like a good way to get uninsured cars off the road, right?  Yes, but at what cost?

 Imagine a law enforcement officer or office worker accessing this system to check on a spouse… where they have been, dates, times, photos showing if there was anyone else in the car.  Or perhaps selling such information to a candidate for public office, tracking his opponent.  Or perhaps the system data is used to check out a teenager that a parent is concerned about.  Or simply to blackmail citizens, the list is endless.