Sunday, May 15, 2016

Vaccine Bill Veto Override Used as a Bargaining Chip

Vaccine Bill Veto Override Used as a Bargaining Chip by House and Senate Leadership
  A week ago Governor Mary Fallin vetoed the legislation that would have given parents of children four pages of information on vaccines, an appendix from the CDC vaccine information.  Fallin used all sorts of buzz words in her reasoning for vetoing the bill but the bottom line is that it was special interest medical companies urging her to kill the bipartisan approved legislation.

  This last week we checked on the chances of a veto override vote occurring and were aghast to find out that Senate and House leadership were using the threat of an embarrassing veto override as a bargaining chip in budget negotiations.  As in, you keep our oil and gas tax credits intact or we will push for that veto override.

  Shameful behavior whether you support the right to know more about the vaccines given your kids or not.    Taking an important piece of legislation and using it as leverage while intending to continue the political kabuki theater.  You see, the House and Senate always knew that Fallin would veto the measure but passing it kept a lot of activist heat off them and allowed them to run out the clock in the legislative year.   This is the favorite trick; using term limited public officials to bear the brunt of stopping good legislation.

  I am not entirely convinced on the issue myself but I do believe in a parent's right to control what is injected into their kid.  I believe that printing out two sheets of paper on front and back is not a major expense and that the parents are more than capable of reading and asking questions if they have concerns.  I do continue my education on the topic and found this excellent article on the issue this week.   

  The article is from a doctor that had watched the movie Vaxxed, From Cover-Up to Catastrophe.  The movie depicts a controversy about CDD whistleblower Dr. William Thompson who claims that the CDD altered and destroyed data that showed a link between vaccinations of children and autism.    Thompson had co authored ten year long studies that exonerated vaccines from causing autism and later came forward stating that the studies were fraudulent!

  The article goes on to state that in 1995 one in five hundred kids had autism but by 2015 it had jumped up 11 fold to one in 45 kids.  The doctor explains that his medical training in school taught him that vaccines worked and were effective but he learned different once he was out of medical school.  He supports the chicken pox and measles vaccines as effective but asks are our kids healthier or not after these 70 different childhood vaccinations?  He says kids are sicker than ever, with asthma, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, cancer, allergies, and autism exploding.

  The good doctor simply calls for the government to step forward and investigate but nothing has happened in the 21 months since the whistleblower doctor stepped forward and said the original studies were fraudulent.  The doctor concludes that vaccines have not been properly studied and that some of them just do not work and no one knows if it is safe to inject the 70 plus vaccines into children at such a young age.  The doctor is sure that the toxic additives such as mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum and MSG are not safe to be injected into any living creature.

  Be sure and call your state rep and senator early this week and ask them to push for the veto override.  Call at night and leave a message if you are pressed for time or on the way to work.  Those phone calls really go a long way in convincing the politicians to do the right thing.