Monday, May 2, 2016

Comrade Mary Joins with Comrade Yen to Defeat the Will of the People

Comrade Fallin, it is only FOUR pages of info!

HB 3016 is vetoed by Governor Mary Fallin this week after a massive bipartisan effort to pass the legislation through the House and Senate. We are torn between labeling Fallin as Comrade Fallin or Lying Fallin as her actions are both tyrannical and completely false and misleading.

 In her veto letter to the legislators Comrade Fallin said she supported giving the parents of the patients the Vaccine Information Sheet and informing them of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program but she is against providing the parents the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Appendix B of the Pink Book.

  Comrade Fallin claims that Appendix B of the CDC Pink Book is 34 pages long, highly technical, irrelevant, and contains obsolete information.  She claims most of the information would be incomprehensible to consumers and that the information might intimidate and confuse the parents of patients.  She also complains that the ingredients and substances used in producing the vaccine that are later removed are listed.

  But the folks over at Oklahomans for Vaccine and Health Choice (OVHC) have pointed out that the language in Comrade Fallin's veto letter are nearly verbatim from a letter sent to Comrade Fallin by an Oklahoma pediatrics group that stands to lose millions of dollars in business if parents begin making informed choices on what vaccines are necessary and safe.

 The OVHC have also pointed out that the entire Appendix B isn't required to be handed out, only the Vaccine Excipient and Media Summary which is only FOUR pages long.  And of that four pages of information only a tiny part needs to be read,  it is a table of vaccines with the ingredients listed to the side, only the few lines under the vaccine that the child is to be given.  The Summary is written for the public, mentions the substances used in production that are later removed from the vaccine and present in trace amounts, and the Summary says it was updated in February of 2015.  Hardly obsolete, hardly confusing, hardly intimidating.

  If Lying Fallin, AKA Comrade Fallin, is against people knowing what is in a product that is injected into their children then it is only because campaign donors have twisted her arm.  But to outright lie to the Oklahoma citizens and to copy and paste language right out of a letter from her campaign donors is downright political corruption and the abuse of office.

  So now it is time for Sooner Tea Party supporters to join the OVHC group in lobbying the House an Senate to stand firm on their votes and override Comrade Fallin's veto.  The house vote was 89 to 6,  with 6 absent or abstained. You have the numbers for a House veto override if none of them change their votes.  The Senate vote was 39 to 6, three excused. Same thing, veto over ride IF we band with the vaccine group and hit every single one of the 149 with emails and phone calls asking them to do three things:    1) Promise that their vote will not change 2) that they will pressure House and Senate leadership to hear the veto override, and 3) that they will lobby their fellow legislators to stand firm on their vote.

  But no one ought to be surprised if they are a regular reader of the STP newsletter.  The game has always been this, legislation with strong popular support is passed by the House and Senate if the donor class approves,  the legislation is blocked by a single term limited committee chair, or if the heat is too much the legislation is passed and the governor vetoes the legislation and a few votes are changed to defeat the veto override, usually term limited members that can't be harmed.

  There is no use calling the Governor, the Obama Care issue was generating one phone call every 15 seconds into the Governor's office. The Agenda 21 issue when Senator Brannan was generating an equal number of calls. We know this because of sworn testimony of Brannan at the STP blackmail trial.   Branan of course blamed the Sooner Tea Party for every call, email, and office visit.   The point being that this issue isn't going to generate that sort of outcry and remember that the Obama Care calls didn't sway Fallin.

  What swayed Fallin was the 10 freshmen legislators that had enough of the STP robo calls so they wrote a press release changing their votes on Obama Care (the health insurance exchange). The next day Fallin returned the 40 million dollars to the feds, a few days later so did the insurance commissioner. So it wasn't the four phone calls a minute that swayed Fallin, it was losing the votes needed to pass the legislation.

  Same deal on Agenda 21, despite around 800 emails a day and four calls a minute Senate leadership didn't buckle. Fallin won't buckle on this either so the only way forward is to hammer the legislators so they don't switch their votes.

  Below is more information on who to contact, the three things to ask them to do, and all the information you will need to make some quick emails and phone calls.  Remember that we fight to grow stronger, each punch we throw reminds the legislators of our numbers and that even if we lose the veto override the fight is NOT over as we will have a list of senators and representatives that switched their votes!  Then we punish each and every one that switches their vote. 

  It doesn't matter if they are term limited or running for another office, we hang this around their neck like a rotting chicken and let the stench taint their public life, their businesses, and their personal life for decades to come.  Remember, we aren't punishing the honest "no" votes on HB 3016 but the cowards that switch their vote in the veto override.