Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Two Faced Lying Republican Rats Focused on Denying your 2nd Amendment Rights

Gary Banz 
(term limited this year) 
or 405-557-7395
Harold Wright   
refuses to sign.
(no opponent this year) 
or 405-557-7325
The House Conference Committee is trying to kill HJR1009, the proposed constitutional amendment that would partially recover your Second Amendment rights.   The Second Amendment is quite simple and difficult to misread: 
 "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."
However simple the language is our courts have long held that the federal, state and local governments can place almost any restriction on guns and get away with it.  It is crucial that we clean up our state constitution to form a second line of defense to uphold the Second Amendment.   If HJR 1009 clears the legislature it becomes a state question on the November 2016 General Election.
RC Pruett  
(term limited this year) 
or 405-557-7382
Chris Kannady 
(Democrat challenger  
in November)   
or 405-557-7337
Arrayed against our Constitutional rights are the State Chamber of Commerce, OU Queen David Boren, Clay Bennett, and Michael Bloomberg's Everytown for Gun Safety and its subsidiary Moms Demand Action.

  The House Rules Committee is the House side of the Conference Committee for this issue and they previously passed HJR 1009, some of them have been co-authors for the bill, but now some of them are refusing to sign off on the legislation to send it to the General Election.
Weldon Watson  
has refused to sign.
(Independent opponent
in the General election)
or 405-557-7330
Chad Caldwell 
(Democrat opponent 
this election cycle)  
or 405-557-7317
Fear tactics being used to defeat HJR 1009 include the Thunder basketball team leaving Oklahoma because the NBA requires that venues be gun free zones.   Yet the venue is clearly exempt from the legislation.   The gun grabbers claim that fairgrounds and other publically owned venues would be forced to allow guns but the EVENTS at these venues are privately owned and as they lease the venue they are in complete control of if guns are allowed or not.
Basically the David Borens, the Clay Bennetts, the OSBI, and the liberal Michael Bloomberg's groups are terrified that Oklahomans might be able to vote on HJR 1009 and they would much rather kill the legislation before it hits the ballot.
  Call these reprobates and demand that they sign HJR 1009 out of committee.

Agencies and businesses that have lobbied against HJR 1009 are listed below:
  • Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations: 405-848-6724 (ask for Stan Florence or Jessica Brown)
  • University of Oklahoma: 405-325-3916  (President David Boren's office)
  • Oklahoma City Thunder: 405-208-4800
  • City of Oklahoma City: 405-297-2424  (Mayor Mick Cornett's office)
  • State Chamber of Commerce: 405-235-3669
  • Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce: 405-297-8900
  • Tulsa Chamber of Commerce: 918-585-1201 
  You will notice that several of those that refuse to sign HJR 1009 out of committee are term limited or not running for office.  They can't be pressured but we can focus the same amount of punishment on others in their party and make sure the targets know why they were put in harm's way.