Sunday, May 15, 2016

Fallin One of the Most Unpopular Governors

Governor Mary  Earns
the Dubious Honor of Being One of the Most Unpopular Governors in the U.S.

  It is nice to see journalists writing something that Oklahomans have long known; Mary Fallin is heavily disliked in her own state.    The article states that Fallin has a 42% approval rate in the stat with 47% disapproving of her work with 11% undecided.   That puts Fallin in the bottom of the heap, in fact only 9 other governors had worse rankings.

  This is no surprise for a governor that has repeatedly tried to defy the will of Oklahomans and stuff liberal or special interest policies down the throats of Oklahomans.  One hopes that Donald Trump was just being nice when asked about the possibility of Fallin becoming a VP choice.