Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Republicans and Democrats Join Hands to Expand Medicaid Obama Care by another name

  Despite the GOP Party Platform and the will of the Oklahoma citizens being squarely against the expansio of Medicaid the majority of Republicans voted with the liberal Democrats to push HB 2803 into Conference Committee.   The federal money might coming in hand for a couple of years but eventually the state is left holding the bag for ALL of the expense of adding tens of thousands to the Medicaid rolls.
  Had Oklahoma expanded Medicaid back a few years ago our budget would have been another 300 million in the hole this year.  This is a no brainer, better to force the bums off the dole and into the work force.
  The legislation lowers the income level for participation from 185% of the federal poverty level to 133%, meaning a person can be earning  two and a third times more money than what is considered "impoverished" and can continue to spend their earnings on expensive shoes, drugs, alcohol, or luxury items rather than be responsible for their own medical care.   This is basically Obama Care, subsidized private market health insurance plans for the masses, paid for by those of us who pay their own way.
  Here are the Republicans that voted for the Medicaid expansion:
YEAS:   84
    Banz               Faught             McDaniel, J.       Roberts, S.       
    Bennett            Fourkiller         McDaniel, R.       Rogers             
    Brown              Goodwin            McPeak             Rousselot         
    Brumbaugh          Griffith           Montgomery         Russ              
    Caldwell           Hall               Moore              Sanders           
    Calvey             Henke              Munson             Scott             
    Cannaday           Hoskin             Murdock            Sears             
    Casey              Inman              Nelson             Shelton           
    Christian          Johnson            Newell             Sherrer           
    Cleveland          Jordan             Nollan             Shoemake          
    Cockroft           Joyner             O'Donnell          Tadlock           
    Condit             Kannady            Osborn             Thomsen           
    Coody, A.          Kirby              Ownbey             Vaughan           
    Coody, J.          Kouplen            Park               Virgin            
    Cooksey            Leewright          Perryman           Walker            
    Cox                Lepak              Peterson           Watson            
    Denney             Lockhart           Pfeiffer           Wesselhoft        
    Derby              Loring             Proctor            Wood              
    Dunnington         Martin             Pruett             Wright            
    Echols             McBride            Renegar            Young             
    Enns               McCullough         Roberts, D.        Mr. Speaker 
Those who voted for Oklahoma values and voted no:
    NAYS:    6
    Dunlap             Kern               Ritze             
    Grau               Murphey            Strohm   
    EXCUSED:   11
    Biggs              Hardin             Mulready           Wallace           
    Billy              McCall             Ortega             Williams          
    Fisher             Morrissette        Stone