Tuesday, May 10, 2016

We are Not Amused

  Last week saw leadership change in both the House and Senate and we are not amused at the outcome.  There will be political consequences.
  The Senate chose RINO Mike Shultz, with a 2014 RINO score of of zero… zero, as in he didn't get a single vote correct out of the ten chosen that year.  Conservative Ralph Shortey ran but the RINOs simply had the numbers and prevailed.
  The House elected Rep. Charles McCall, a representative that has a high OCPAC/Oklahoma Constitution ranking but a very tight relationship with the Chamber of Commerce as well as being a banker.  McCall basically bought the votes, using his corporate turbo prop plane for junkets across the U.S. and even into Mexico, bribing the other legislators with these junkets into supporting him for Speaker.   McCall won with six votes, a sizable margin as usually three votes can swing the outcome.  However, McCall has to run the gauntlet again in November after the new representatives are sworn in and there is 29 of the rascals leaving office through term limits, bimbo eruptions, or common sense.  That is nearly one third of the House up for grabs as open seats.  Only 13 House members drew no opponent.
  There is an excellent chance that McCall's supporters will dwindle as legislators get removed by term limits or by the voters in a year where the insurgent candidates hold an edge.   The November vote might well change things and in January of 2017 the legislators vote one last time to seat the new Speaker of the House.