Tuesday, June 28, 2016

BL Cozad to Speak at the High Noon Club

BL Cozad At High Noon Club

   Oklahoma Game Fowl activist BL Cozad will give an 1 1/2 hour briefing at the High Noon club on:
  • Monday, 11 July 
  • 12:00 noon.

  His talk will be on the flaw within Oklahoma's "Right to Farm" law - SQ 777, the destruction of our God given rights, the usurpation of the Constitution as the traitors we've elected adopt the communist policies of the UN Agenda 21 plan.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Gerhart At Konawa Tea Party

(4th) Tuesday June 28, 2016 7:00 - 9:00 PM
Kennedy Library - The Dougan Room
Konawa School, 701 W South Street

This month's speakers are:
 Sooner Tea Party's Al Gerhart on the  Election Analysis

and What Liberty Means to Larry Hamm (Maud Mayor)

What A Week!

  It has been a busy week and a long, brutal weekend for the volunteers that delivered the magazines into three House Districts.  Yep, three, not five, we bit off more than we could chew with five districts this year and technical problems slowed our printing down a bit as well.  Then there was a major issue with the folding and assembling of one issue but all in all not bad for the first issue we have printed ourselves.

  Will it work?  Yes, it worked as soon as we announced that we were targeting some legislators for their abysmal voting records.   And as main goal really is to kick start the magazine, draw in subscribers, and sell product for our advertisers we really don't have to worry about if the other guy defeats the bad incumbents.  If that happens it is just icing on the cake. Win or lose voting records will be better next session from these three and quite a few more as they will know there are consequences for voting badly.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Volunteers Needed This Week

June 17th 2016 newsletter

 One Down, Four Issues to go

 The first issue of the 2016 Oklahoma Guardian Volume one has been completed and is ready for distribution.  It is going to a sprawling district so under half of the primary voters will get a magazine but that ought to be enough to win the election and if not, the incumbent isn't going to be voting like he did this year.  Inside the magazine there is a story on the incumbent House member and the Senator from that area, a story on the turnpike system scam,  education funding, the state of Obama Care and the Medicaid expansion attempt, a story exposing the corrupt David Prater as he will one day make a run for A.G.,  the entire 2016 Oklahoma RINO Index is printed out, a story on the billion dollars in tax and fee increases,  a story on the state questions that will likely make the ballot, a story on the U.S. Congressional race in that district,  a story on Civil Asset Forfeiture, and a story on getting involved.  This is far more than exposing the voting record of the legislatures, it is a full education of how the Republican Party has failed to make the politicians follow their Party Platform.

John Whetsel, the Butcher of Oklahoma County

  Earlier this week we received a notification from the Robingroom.com, a judicial rating website where ratings and complains are turned in against judges.   We follow the Judge Roy Elliot, the corrupt judge that has allowed so much corruption to be swept under the rug including the persecution of our own Sooner Tea Party leader on false blackmail and computer crime charges. 

  Someone had put up a comment about an inmate in Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel's jail that had a medical condition for which the guy was on some expensive antibiotics.  Sounded like a guy with a history of problems with the law but even accused criminals don't deserve to face amputation of limbs while awaiting trial.
  The guy had apparently fled from he cops, was arrested and booked into the OK County Jail.  There he repeatedly stated that he was on medication and the guy's family also called in with the same information but the delivery and use of the medication was denied.  

  At some point the prisoner was taken in front of Judge Ray Elliot, with a leg turning black form infection, and Elliot allegedly refused bail or to order medical treatment due to the guy running from the cops at some point previously.  The man was facing the almost certain loss of one of his legs and rotten limbs are amputated for a reason; to prevent the amputation of the other limbs as the poison spreads.

4th US District Candidate Forum

  Congressman Tom Cole, the incumbent, so far has failed to respond, but both of his Republican opponents, Dr James Taylor, and Shawn Roberts, have indicated that they will be available to participate.    Sponsored by the South Oklahoma City Republican Club, the event will be at the Southwest OKC Library at 2201 SW 134th St in OKC on Tue, June 21st, a week before all the regular primaries. 

 Doors open at 6:30, and the forum is scheduled to start at 7, and will last until 8 PM, mingling time afterward until 8:30.  We're looking very forward to asking candidates questions and letting the audience do so as well.

 Tue, June 21st
  • Oklahoma City Republican Club
  • Southwest OKC Library
  • 2201 SW 134th St  ( Map )
  • OKC, Oklahoma

  Attendees will be encouraged to ask questions on 3 X 5 cards, and the South Oklahoma City Republican Club (SOCRC) will ask its own questions only if there is time after all non-duplicate questions are answered by the audience. 

Monday, June 13, 2016

They Just Raised a Billion Dollars in New Taxes and Fees

 What are YOU going to do about it?

We just finished a legislative season where conservatives and liberty activists got kicked in the teeth along with Oklahoma taxpayers. We counted a billion dollars in new taxes and fees on just a handful of bills alone, no telling what they actual total is.  The House will soon be led by a State Chamber Speaker, Rep. Charles McCall, the projected budget for next year is about three quarters of a billion in the hole and all the easy money has been pulled in and who thinks they are going to do anything but raise taxes yet again?

What is needed is a hard campaign against as many tax raising and liberty stealing legislators as can be mustered.  Toward that point, the Sooner Tea Party just spent over $8,000.00 setting up a printer that can put out 9000 pages per hour.    That sounds like a lot of money but this printer cost $42,000.00 when it was new.   We had a factory trained technician come in and check it over and getting talking to a laptop, we have a pallet of 11 x 17 paper coming in on Monday or Tuesday, what we are lacking is enough manpower to do all that we can do.

Highway Troopers or Highway Robbers?

Which Gang Should you Really Fear?

Oklahoma has became the butt of jokes after the story about Highway Troopers and Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater's Drug Interdiction Unit gets caught making a deal with a private company selling a system that will drain debit cards and prepaid cards on the side of the highway.  The story came out on the Internet locally, hit the TV stations and exploded across the world in a few days.

You Really Haven’t Seen the Violence Against Trump Supporters if you Watch the TV News

 Just imagine how these animals will react once Trump wins the presidency if this is how they act in the primary. 

  This Youtube video shows dozens of bleeding Trump supporters and the vicious animals that attacked them, usually from behind or from the side.  To their great credit the Trump supporters refused to fight back, preventing the violence from being turned around and twisted  to be used against Trump's campaign.


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

2016 Oklahoma RINO Index Bill Summary

  Last week we published the 2016 Oklahoma RINO Index with just a cursory description of what the bills covered after the document covering the index was lost close to the deadline of the newsletter.  The Index has already been picked up by Project Vote Smart, ensuring the index gets a nationwide audience.   The politicians don't like it either as there have been requests for meetings and one complaint which turned out to be valid as we had a vote marked as bad when in fact it was a missed vote.  We corrected the error which took the score from 91 to 93 for that individual.   A corrected copy is included in this email.  If you wish to share the index just right click on the picture, choose "Save As" and treat it like any other jpeg file.

All together, adding the take from tax credits for the corporations and wealthy, fee and tax increases, stolen tax money replaced by high interest bonds, over one billion dollars was stolen from the taxpayers of Oklahoma in this legislative session.  They balanced the budget alright, right on the backs of the working class and middle class.

And wait till next year when Banker/Robber Baron Charles McCall is Speaker....

Richardson At Tulsa Republican Mens Club - June 8th


  Gary L. Richardson and he has a new book coming out you do not want to miss out on and his other book titles are full of interesting legal stories and real life situations.  Gary's books and public speaking have a very special way that engages and really connects to his audience.  Do not miss this month and bring a friend! 

Our lunch is only $10 for RSVP and $12 after June 5th. 
 The doors open at 11:30 and we will start the program at 12 noon at:
  • Brookside Baptist Church Fellowship Hall, 
  • 3615 South Peoria Ave, Tulsa, Ok 74105
  • RSVP:  Billie Bell, 918-638-9977
  • Tulsa County Men Membership is, $20
  • Women and Associate Membership, $10
Open to the public

Whetsel’s Incompetence Turns More and More Establishment Figures Against Him

 Whetsel has surely worn out his welcome even among the establishment in Oklahoma County.  Last week saw a story in the Oklahoman that admitted that nearly 1300 inmates were being held unlawfully, three to a cell designed to hold two.  The county public defender Bob Ravitz interviewed for the story and hammered Whetsel's actions and lack of action.  Ravitz reported that some cells held four inmates, a gross violation of health and safety standards.

Ravitz asked the judge for 200 low risk inmates to be released to ease the overcrowding or order the jail to stop accepting new prisoners.  The story says that many of the prisoners were probation violations, failure to pay fines/costs sanctions, and misdemeanors.  Whetsel of course is blaming the court system for not processing bail requests and cases fast enough to clear the jail.