Monday, June 13, 2016

They Just Raised a Billion Dollars in New Taxes and Fees

 What are YOU going to do about it?

We just finished a legislative season where conservatives and liberty activists got kicked in the teeth along with Oklahoma taxpayers. We counted a billion dollars in new taxes and fees on just a handful of bills alone, no telling what they actual total is.  The House will soon be led by a State Chamber Speaker, Rep. Charles McCall, the projected budget for next year is about three quarters of a billion in the hole and all the easy money has been pulled in and who thinks they are going to do anything but raise taxes yet again?

What is needed is a hard campaign against as many tax raising and liberty stealing legislators as can be mustered.  Toward that point, the Sooner Tea Party just spent over $8,000.00 setting up a printer that can put out 9000 pages per hour.    That sounds like a lot of money but this printer cost $42,000.00 when it was new.   We had a factory trained technician come in and check it over and getting talking to a laptop, we have a pallet of 11 x 17 paper coming in on Monday or Tuesday, what we are lacking is enough manpower to do all that we can do.

With this one pallet of paper we can crank out over 16.6 thousand copies of a 24 page magazine.  The actual printing time is only twelve hours but much more time will be needed due to loading paper and running the first page through twice to get the third color on the American flag on the cover. But we need volunteers to run the printer, collate, fold, and bag the completed magazine. Then we need volunteers willing to deliver the completed magazine to five House Districts across the state. Most House District primaries turn on a thousand or two thousand votes, we only need to shift five to ten percent in most cases to determine the outcome.

And remember something that is a STP motto: You don't have to win, you just have to punch one of them as hard as you can and the other 148 legislators will never, ever forget what the people can do to them.

The magazine will be delivered to Republican primary voters in those House Districts with some left over for dropping off at coffee shops and senior centers. If you want to help send a message to the politicians that just passed over a billion dollars in new taxes, tax increases, and increased fees we could use your help.

If you can't come help physically there is an enormous amount of work that needs done online. We need some people willing to help set up some Facebook pages, to moderate them, add new content, reply to the voters that post questions. We need help in drawing House and Senate District boundaries on maps using Microsoft Paint (already on all Windows computers). We need help sorting voter registrations for House Districts and Senate Districts that overlap the five House Districts. Anyone can be taught how to do this, free to download Open Office can be used if you don't have Excel. We need research done, emails sent to potential advertisers and donors in those areas. There is something that anyone can do if they have access to a computer and time to post on Facebook.    You don't have to do it all but we need YOU to step up and do some of the work so it gets done before the June 28th primary.

The districts chosen to get the magazine were chosen for the voting records of the legislators. You have seen our RINO Index, that is what was used to rank the targets. Additionally there will be stories on the Civil Asset Forfeiture, the State Questions, the entire 2016 Oklahoma RINO Index, mostly entry level stuff targeting the low info voter.  We educate the voters at the same time that we hammer the voting records of the bad politicians.

This effort is the largest project ever planned by grassroots activists and it will continue after the primary, into the run offs, and on into the general election. Individually not many of us can make an impact but a couple hundred willing to do twenty hours of work would make a huge impact on politics here in Oklahoma.

There are those that believe that our country has slid too far and that politics isn't going to change the course.   But the Trump phenomenon showed me that just maybe this election cycle will make a difference.  And win or lose, the politicians will fear the reach of the people and vote better in the next legislative session.  The old Army saying was sweat now or bleed later.   If individuals do not stand up and support the efforts to turn things around I fear our children and grand children will someday have to bleed if they want to recover what our generation lost.

If you can volunteer please respond to this email, just hit reply, and we will be in touch.  If you can write or research we will have plenty of projects such as writing articles for the U.S. Congressional district races and recommending the best candidates.