Sunday, June 19, 2016

Volunteers Needed This Week

June 17th 2016 newsletter

 One Down, Four Issues to go

 The first issue of the 2016 Oklahoma Guardian Volume one has been completed and is ready for distribution.  It is going to a sprawling district so under half of the primary voters will get a magazine but that ought to be enough to win the election and if not, the incumbent isn't going to be voting like he did this year.  Inside the magazine there is a story on the incumbent House member and the Senator from that area, a story on the turnpike system scam,  education funding, the state of Obama Care and the Medicaid expansion attempt, a story exposing the corrupt David Prater as he will one day make a run for A.G.,  the entire 2016 Oklahoma RINO Index is printed out, a story on the billion dollars in tax and fee increases,  a story on the state questions that will likely make the ballot, a story on the U.S. Congressional race in that district,  a story on Civil Asset Forfeiture, and a story on getting involved.  This is far more than exposing the voting record of the legislatures, it is a full education of how the Republican Party has failed to make the politicians follow their Party Platform.

  People that are willing to actually volunteer are few, most prefer to run their mouths on Facebook or put their faith in a magic bullet approach where a constitutionally minded sheriff or a convention of the states might cure all of our ills and all of these plans have one thing in common; they aren't required to do anything.   Some hide behind the fig leaf of "education" and claim they are busy educating others by passing around chain emails or writing for a blog.  Dreams of influence and "glory" are the goals, always thinking they know better while fostering the balkanization of the grassroots.  It reminds me of Germany during the Great Depression, thirty different political parties and the factions within those parties, and eventually things got so bad that Hitler was able to seize power.  Many talk quite a good game, how they are going to  fight the storm troopers that will come to seize their weapons or stored supplies… right, they won't do anything other than spout off online and we are to believe that someday they are going to stand up to an well armed government?   Idiots….  When you ask if it is not better to work using politics to prevent such scenarios from ever occurring you are regaled with all the excuses in the book, that politics is useless, they are afraid to stand up against a politician, there is no end to the excuses really.

  But, the few that do volunteer are enough.  It is enjoyable really as there is no better therapy than working to smack an arrogant whore of a politician up side of this political head with the unvarnished truth.  Yes the media are biased and they know who pay for the advertising that pays for the TV and newspapers and it isn't the middle class or working class.  So the effect of a magazine telling the truth being spread around to the voters is terrifying for both the local newspapers and radio stations and for the corrupt politicians facing the voters on June 28th.

  Our goal of hitting five House Districts for the primary election is on track but we need more volunteers to feed paper into the printer, assemble the pages and fold it.  No skills are needed to run the printer and you can work anytime between 9 am and 9 pm.  The print room is air conditioned so it isn't arduous work.  If you aren't close enough to Oklahoma City to actually help you can do internet based work like sorting out excel address lists or helping with the Facebook element of the campaign.  There is truly something that everyone can do to help.

  To volunteer just reply to this newsletter and we will get in touch.    You are needed and if you don't step up you don't get to complain about how bad it gets next session.  If you don't have time send money using this email address as the PayPal payment address.  This is a magazine, not a PAC so your donations are private.