Sunday, April 30, 2017

Pollard Ruins Pruitt's Return Visit To Oklahoma

We Told you that Pam Pollard was an Idiot and
you Just Thought We Were Being Mean…

We love this picture only because Pam hates it so much
I know, I know, STP was mostly to blame for this imbecile getting elected to the GOP chairmanship a few years back.   Yet Pollard was the lesser of two evils:

  • idiot Pollard -or-
  • illegal alien supporter Estela Hernandez 

Hernandez, who we caught red-handed employing illegal aliens at her remodeling company.  And sent the County Chairmen and Vice Chairs the video proving Hernandez wasn't following the law along with a link to the audio tape of Hernandez screeching at then GOP Chairman Randy Brogdon, proving that the cute little witch had lied her butt off on KFAQ radio and to other press outlets when she claimed that Brogdon had belittled her.
  We were backing another guy, Hubbard, who melted down at the convention sobbing over the way his two opponents were stabbing each other in the back.  Dumb butt, showing weakness and empathy isn't going to win you any votes from the county GOP officers.   That of course killed any chance he had of winning and dropped things into the lap of Pollard.

Loveless, Prater, Newberry, & '_____'

Loveless, Prater, Newberry, and______

Just fill in the blank and complete the headline for us.     Ninety percent of the 149 legislators at the Capitol and probably most if not all of the elected state officers are all living to some extent out of their campaign donation bank account.   Look up nearly any of them, especially the RINOs and Democrats, not so much the conservatives, and you will find them paying for tires, toll roads, vacations, expensive meals, oil changes, donations to local groups, food, drinks, car repair, sometimes just plain uncategorized expenses or funneling money to cronies or family under the guise of services or labor.

The fact is that former Senator Kyle Loveless was blackmailed by Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater simply because Loveless threatened one of Prater's lucrative slush fund income streams; civil asset forfeiture, Loveless was making some headway into exposing the legalized extortion and highway robbery for what it is so Loveless needed to STFU in Prater's mind.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Weekly 'Hug a Thug' Story

Another Hug a Thug Theater Story

This one has a happy ending if you believe in law and order. Ryan Otto Whitworth of Midwest City rammed a stolen car under a semi on I-35 while fleeing from police and driving the wrong way on the interstate highway. Detectives had been staking out an area and noticed Whitworth and ran the tag which came back stolen so they called in a marked car to pull the suspect over. Whitworth decided to run for it during the traffic stop. Initially he drove westbound in the eastbound lanes of I-40 until he hit an I-35 ramp. While trying to exit on SE 15th he ran the stolen car into the semi and became a good criminal.
Of course the man had a lengthy rap sheet and should have been in prison long ago. He was a suspect in several local burglaries all committed while he was out on OR bond with an ankle monitor or on the run with warrants out for his arrest.

His career starts with CF 20014 1279 on February 9th 20014 with a stolen car that was adjudicated in Judge Glen Jones courtroom. A public defender is appointed, $2000 bond set, but he is released a few days later with no notice of bond being paid but later a bond is revoked and paid by a bonding company so there was bond paid.

Black Masters Were Among Early Slave Owners

Who Was the First Slave Owner in America and Who Sued to Prevent Indentured Servants From Gaining their Freedom?
Ah.... the dear snowflakes that are flailing around trying to find something to give them credibility and a position of superiority over the rest of us. This story came out of a story about a university student body deciding that all black people ought to receive free tuition and room and board at their university as reparations for slavery. Strange story, actually not, but down in the comment section was a mention of one Anthony Johnson, billed as one of the first slave owners in the American colonies and as the person who first made it legal to keep people slaves rather than release them after they had fulfilled their indentured service contract.

Pollard Wants Another Chance To Get It Right

Backstabbers Inc.
Pam Pollard Begging for Another Chance

Pollard put out this plea for votes in advance of the upcoming State GOP Convention where she is attempting to win another term as state chairman of the GOP. She knows well that she was elected in the first place simply because she was the lesser of evils and very responsible for driving the duly elected state chairman from the post. But let's hear her out and then tell the truth about things in parentheses:

"When I became Chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party, I couldn't imagine the success we would have. The party had three Chairman in a single year! As a party, we could have succumbed to instability, but as your newly elected Chairman, I wouldn't let that happen—I rolled up my sleeves and got to work."

Teen Drug Thug Gets Preferable Treatment Because Of Family Wealth

Wanna be Drug Dealer Gets Favorable Treatment
from Tulsa County Judge
Glenpool teenager Tyler Ratcliff's family has money or political pull as he received only $175,000 bond on a murder case no less, while his co defendant received twice that amount. Ratcliff's attorney, Allen Smallwood had asked for a mere $50,000 in bail. Ratcliff was being held on murder charges for the death of a fellow teenager Nicholas Morris.

Twenty two year old Trevor Tarpalechee was also charged with first degree murder after he and Ratcliff robbed and kidnapped 17 year old Amado Becerra. It appears that Amado was in Ratcliff's car when Ratcliff drove away, causing the brother of Amado to open fire at the car, killing another person named Morris in the process who was a friend of Ratcliff and in on the plan to rob the Becerra brothers. Eighteen year old Amadeus Becerra also faces first degree murder along with drug charges. The robbery was over some Xanax pills.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Governor Fallin Caught Lying, Again

Is it just me or is that nose getting longer?
Meanwhile Fallin's Emails Prove That She Lied
About the Bates/Jennifer Chance Scandal

Back when the Jennifer Chance Scandal erupted over Chance steering clemency applications to her husband Governor Mary Fallin claimed dismay and shock that Jennifer Chance, her then Chief Counsel was involved in the Bates clemency attempt. However recent emails released from the Governor's office, Mary Fallin's personal emails no less, show that Fallin actually was asked to intervene by a neighbor of one of Bate's daughters. The neighbor was a long time friend of Mary Fallin's sister in law. Bates was handed a four year prison sentence for the killing of a suspect where the octogenarian reserve deputy mistook his gun for his taser, shooting a man in the back while the man was held down on the ground by two other deputies. But before the sentence was even given Fallin had asked her staff to "look into" the Bates affair at the behest of her sister in law.

Konawa Tea Party Welcomes Ralph Crawford

Konawa Tea Party
(4th) Tuesday April 25, 2017 7:00 - 9:00 PM
Kennedy Library - The Dougan Room
Konawa School, 701 W South Street
Invited Speakers:
Ralph Crawford - Prepare us for OK Republican Convention
Any & all Candidates will be introduced!
Don Spencer - OK 2 A

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Patronage & Corruption:Former Talk-Jock From Texas Gets Key Oklahoma Election Board Post

Corruption in the Senate: Senators Steer Patronage Job
to a Totally Unqualified Ex Radio Show Jock
  Tulsa County Election Board Secretary Patty Bryant announced her retirement on April 7th and it didn't take long for the Syphilitic Bastards at the Oklahoma Senate to find a completely and utterly useless individual to fill the job. Gwen Freeman, a former radio jock that was living in Texas was picked by Senator Dan Newberry to fill the powerful slot. By law these secretaries are appointed by the state Election Board but by tradition the county senators nominate them, a practice that ought to be stopped with a lawsuit.

Richardson To Announce For Governor, at 10:30am Event

Gary Richardson Press Conference

It has been no secret that conservative Gary Richardson of Tulsa has been exploring a run for the Governor in 20018 and he has a press conference scheduled tomorrow at 10:30 am at the Oklahoma History Center across the street from the Capitol. I wonder what he will say? : )

Richardson will be an excellent candidate and governor if he can successfully run the gauntlet. He is no friend of the special interests, wealthy enough to fund his own campaign without selling his soul to the donor class, and coming in on the Donald Trump wave he might just get this done.

The event is open to the public so come on down if you have a chance. Click on this link for a map to the History Center and click on this link to a live Facebook feed of the event if you are unable to attend in the morning. While you are on that Facebook page be sure and watch his videos and like the page.

Monday, April 17, 2017

For Those Who Remain in the Support of CAIR

April 16th 2017 Newsletter 
For Those Who Remain Supportive of CAIR
  This week we saw a stark reminder of why Muslim organizations like CAIR need to be declared illegal and driven out of Oklahoma. A Detroit doctor was charged with performing female genital mutilation, a common practice of Muslims that is intended to make sex painful so as to limit the sexual activities of Muslim women. The girls were brought from Minnesota by their Muslim parents, unaware that they were going to have the procedure done but were told it was a special girls trip and once they checked into local hotel they were told they were going to see a doctor because their tummies hurt.
  The female doctor, Nargarwala, performed the mutilation at an area clinc, not the hospital where she worked as a emergency room doctor. She is facing between ten years to life in prison if convicted of the charges.
  What the Muslims do is to remove the outer parts of the genitalia of these young girls, usually just over six years old but it is done much earlier and much later.

Weekly 'Hug-A-Thug' Story

And Now our Weekly
Hug a Thug Theater Article
Brandon Cory Jones, 8/9/1981
  In May of 2015 an arrest was made in Oklahoma City after a woman used a stolen ATM card. The card was stolen during a robbery, the woman victim being punched, knocked to the ground, and beaten. The robbers fled with her purse but were caught after the ATM video was released and one of the robbers was identified. The suspects, 24 year old Diamond Coleman and 33 year old Brandon Jones wound up in the Oklahoma County jail. In particular we want to talk about Brandon Jones.
  Jones had two new criminal cases pending and a revocation of a suspended sentence pending when this robbery occurred. On January 22, 2014 Judge Deason agreed to release Brandon Jones on a conditional release with the Oklahoma County pretrial release program. Brandon Jones was to be on an ankle monitor and be supervised by the PTR program (Pre Trial Release Program). Usually the inmates agree to pay the ankle monitoring fees as a condition of their release from jail while awaiting trial. But in this case Brandon Jones wasn't paying the fees so on February 25, 2015 Judge Deason ordered the fees for the ankle monitor to be paid by the indigent GPS fund, meaning that Brandon Jones wouldn't even have to pay for the monitoring. Of course this really means that you and I and the other taxpayers paid those fees. Court Records show numerous Brandon Jones violation reports to Judge Deason by the PTR program.
  What kind of guy was Brandon Jones that he was released without bail bond, just a misguided youth? A guy that made one mistake? Read on....

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A $50 Million Tax We Can Support

Taxing A Rag

  The Oklahoman is not a credible news source and doesn't follow journalistic standards on its reporting or on their editorial page. They are a money losing operation that is kept afloat by millionaires to influence the public on politics and as such ought to be held accountable.

  At the very least their ad sales and paper subscriptions and sales ought to be subject to sales tax so that we can fix the budget hole or come a bit closer to public employee raises. 

  Taxing just the Oklahoman would put around $50,000.000.00 per year into the state tax coffers and it is time that someone take a serious look at revoking their right to attack political opponents while hiding the dirt on their favorite politicians.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Another Installment of 'Hug A Thug' Theater

Another Installment of Hug a Thug Theater

The liberals and libertarians would have you think that we lock up too many criminals here in Oklahoma and that people get sent to prison at the drop of a hat. The reality is that you have to work really, really hard to land in prison by screwing up time and time again and not learning from the slap on the wrist penalties normally dealt out.

Meet David L Gamble
DOB 3/02/1984.

CF-2003-6207 11/12/2003 STATE OF OKLAHOMA v. David Leroy Gamble Gamble,
CF-2005-1728 03/30/2005 State of Oklahoma v. Gamble, David Leroy Gamble,
CPC-2010-10029 10/12/2010 State of Oklahoma v. Gamble, David Leroy
CPC-2011-9477 11/07/2011 State of Oklahoma v. GAMBLE, DAVID LEROY

Monday, April 10, 2017

Mike McCarville Escapes His Just Reward

  Just cut around the borders and enjoy
Mike McCarville Escapes His Just Reward

Gag me with a spoon... that is how a lot of us felt listening to KTOK the last month or so since uber liberal Republican Mike McCarville died. The radio station drones just wouldn't shut up about how "conservative" that McCarville was while those in the know understood that he was one of the worst of the liberal RINO Republicans and was not shy about attacking the conservative Republicans.

But the old geezer wound up getting the last laugh and avoiding what many conservative Oklahomans would call a justly deserved fate.

Sooner Tea Party made fun of the old geezer for many years and several times wrote about a fitting send off for McCarville would be to have a meeting at a bar for copious quantities of beer followed by a trip out to visit McCarville's grave site to ensure that the grass grew green and thick, if you know what I mean.

So it was with some disappointment to hear on the radio last week that McCarville had requested cremation instead of burial in the ground...with grass... that needed watering... and perhaps even fertilizing for some of the more determined conservative Republicans.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

What the Hell Are Oklahoma County Voters Thinking?

April 9th 2017 Newsletter 

What the Hell are Oklahoma County Voters Thinking?

And a $50,000,000.00 Fix for the Budget Deficit

Tuesday wasn't all bad, Todd Stone beat out liar Richard Morrissette for City Council in OKC, reversing the primary vote percentages that got them into the run off. Yes, STP ran newspapers down into that part of Oklahoma County but an even larger part was Morrissette lying about three or four things that were just so easy to check like if Stone was an Oklahoma County resident or not.

Politicians like Morrissette depend on voters being too stupid or too careless to bother fact checking them but this time he was up against an opponent that had a good mailer budget and had responses printed and mailed out the last Friday before the election.

But Mike Christian losing the sheriff race? To a nearly 80 year old fart that has been part of the problem at the jail for nearly two decades? Did the voters not know that the under sheriff runs the jail in day to day operations and was as responsible as Whetsel the Weasel for the deaths, embezzled funds, stolen or missing property?

Tulsa GOP Mens Club: Wed. April 12th - John Dwyer

 Tulsa GOP Men's Club welcomes 

"The Oklahomans" as told by John J. Dwyer

Oklahoma Joe's - Tulsa

6175 E 61st St
Tulsa, OK, OK 74136
RSVP:  Billie Bell 918-638-9977 or

This will be an exciting talk - you will be glad you made this meeting!  

The Tulsa County Republican Men's Club proudly brings you another great meeting: April 12th, 11:30open and start 12:00 noon to 1:00 at 6175 East 61st Tulsa, Ok in Oklahoma Joe's BBQ meeting room. I think you know what we are eating for $13 we are at Joe's plus a salad and a drink - you just cant beat it - and that includes a drink and tip!

This month we have with John J. Dwyer, who grew up in Duncan, and is an adjunct professor of History and Ethics at Southern Nazarene University. He is the former history chair at Coram Deo Academy, near Dallas, Texas. He is the author of The Oklahomans: The Story of Oklahoma and Its People, Vol. 1, Ancient to Statehood; The War Between the States: America's Uncivil War; and ...the upcoming The Oklahomans: The Story of Oklahoma and Its People, Vol. 2, World War I-Present. Also, the historical novels Stonewall and Robert E. Lee; the novel When the Bluebonnets Come; and the upcoming Oklahoma Dust Bowl-World War II-based historical novels Shortgrass and Mustang. He is the former editor and publisher of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Heritage newspaper.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Prater Asst. Jennifer Chance Busted On 'Pay To Play'

Jennifer Chance on the Left, David Prater on the Right
 Former Oklahoma County Assistant D.A. Jennifer Chance
Busted After Feeding Pay to Play Work to
Husband attorney Derrick Chance?

Back in 2011 we ran a series of tales of corruption in the Oklahoma County District Attorneys Office and one of the stories was how rumors of #3 in command Assistant D.A. Jennifer Chance was making it possible for her husband Derek Chance to make a killing doing law work for people that were being prosecuted by the Oklahoma County D.A. office.  Derek Chance was a no name, no talent attorney that was struggling to make ends meet until wife Jennifer Chance rose up the ladder to the #3 spot under District Attorney David Prater (pun intended if the rumors were to be believed).   Derek Chance became one of the go to lawyers for criminal cases and he got the sweetest deals for his clients and earned a lot of jealousy from the other criminal defense lawyers.

Then back in the fall of 2013 David Prater suddenly canceled an upcoming court date for the officers of the Pardon and Parole Board that he had first blackmailed publically and the followed through on his blackmail threats and filed charges against them in early 2013.  The Pardon and Parole Board wasn't caving in, they fought the trumped up charges and were going to trial when suddenly with zero explanation Prater stopped the trial preparations.

A few weeks later we find out that his #3 girl, Jennifer Chance, had quit the D.A. office and went to work for Governor Mary Fallin.

More Poster Boys For Soft On Crime: Early Release

More Soft on Crime Pre Trial Release Program Poster Boys
Ricardo Acosta DOB 6/22/1981

Acosta has a history of criminal activity reaching back to January of 2000 when he was 19 and one would not be unreasonable to ask if there was a juvenile record prior to then.  Arrested for burglary and drug possession, the short stay wasn't sufficient to straighten him up it seems.

Oklahoma County CF-00-2055 was burglary in 2000

Oklahoma County CF-02-6473 was another burglary in 2002

Oklahoma County CM-02-3918 on September of 2002 was a DUI so Acostas got an early start on his career. 

Oklahoma County CF-03-3477 Possession of drugs again in 2003  which got him one to five years in state prison after he plead guilty.   Ricardo was out on bond and was charged with another crime, causing his bondsman to pick him up and return him to jail where he plead guilty to the drug charges and was sent to prison around June of 2004.

Next he shows up again in the same district court in December of 05 agreeing to start paying this fines and fees so he had been released after about 17 months of prison time.   The first payment of actual costs shows up in July of 2006, probably a "pay or go back to prison" kind of thing as he was supposed to be paying $75.00 per month for his fines and court costs.   No other payments show up other than an annual request to IRS to seize any tax refund he might have coming.  Then in November 2015 another cost payment agreement shows up, must have been squeezed at last.    They must have squeezed hard because Ricardo made regular $50.00 payments up until December when he paid about half of that and the records stop at this point, whether it was paid off or simple forgiven due to the inability to find the guy.  Who knows…