Sunday, April 23, 2017

Patronage & Corruption:Former Talk-Jock From Texas Gets Key Oklahoma Election Board Post

Corruption in the Senate: Senators Steer Patronage Job
to a Totally Unqualified Ex Radio Show Jock
  Tulsa County Election Board Secretary Patty Bryant announced her retirement on April 7th and it didn't take long for the Syphilitic Bastards at the Oklahoma Senate to find a completely and utterly useless individual to fill the job. Gwen Freeman, a former radio jock that was living in Texas was picked by Senator Dan Newberry to fill the powerful slot. By law these secretaries are appointed by the state Election Board but by tradition the county senators nominate them, a practice that ought to be stopped with a lawsuit.

  Freeman began as a radio show host on KRAV in the late nineties and switched to KFAQ for fiveyears before being fired over an online fight with a fellow worker. She moved to Nashville Tennessee for four years and was living in Dallas but staying at a friend's home in Tulsa while doing an interior decorator job.