Sunday, April 30, 2017

Pollard Ruins Pruitt's Return Visit To Oklahoma

We Told you that Pam Pollard was an Idiot and
you Just Thought We Were Being Mean…

We love this picture only because Pam hates it so much
I know, I know, STP was mostly to blame for this imbecile getting elected to the GOP chairmanship a few years back.   Yet Pollard was the lesser of two evils:

  • idiot Pollard -or-
  • illegal alien supporter Estela Hernandez 

Hernandez, who we caught red-handed employing illegal aliens at her remodeling company.  And sent the County Chairmen and Vice Chairs the video proving Hernandez wasn't following the law along with a link to the audio tape of Hernandez screeching at then GOP Chairman Randy Brogdon, proving that the cute little witch had lied her butt off on KFAQ radio and to other press outlets when she claimed that Brogdon had belittled her.
  We were backing another guy, Hubbard, who melted down at the convention sobbing over the way his two opponents were stabbing each other in the back.  Dumb butt, showing weakness and empathy isn't going to win you any votes from the county GOP officers.   That of course killed any chance he had of winning and dropped things into the lap of Pollard.

  Pollard of course screwed the pooch, barely able to gather enough donations to keep the organization alive, getting down to five figures in the bank account on occasions, just enough to keep the place open for that month.   The legislators did not respect her and few of them trusted her to do the right thing, then she stabbed candidate Mike Christian in the back by releasing a copy of a letter that was privy to only three people just to make Christian look bad.  That probably cost Christian the election, keeping the evil and corrupt John Whetsel in office and ensuring that a special election would be held within months of the November 8th election.

  Most of us thought that the imbecile would not run for office again after proving how inept she was at the job but she surprised many of us when she announced that she would run for office at the upcoming May 6th GOP state convention.  Yeah, an incumbent always has an advantage, if they aren't completely stupid and irresponsible…. But Pollard managed to screw things up big time.

  Speaking to the donors and party faithful at a state convention event is useful for politicians as it generates goodwill and solidifies a political base so it was no surprise that newly appointed EPA head Scott Pruitt would agree to headline an event on May 5th at the GOP state convention.    Pruitt got the event approved by his department ethics department and then dimwit Pam just had to send out a letter and email for fundraising for the event, triggering the Hatch Act that limits participation in political activities when fundraising occurs at the event or in conjunction with the event.

  Pruitt was plain and clear when he announced that he had to drop out:

  "What happened was the folks that invited me sent out an invitation post that didn't comply with federal law and federal ethics law," said Pruitt. "So we're not going to be able to attend."

Pollard of course, with all of her idiocracy on full display at a national level, refuted Pruitt's statement saying: 

"We believe we know the rules,"  

  Right, the recent A.G. of the state is going to be wrong on this and  dimwitted political hack, a perennial second place finisher is going to be right on this legal question.

  We finally get a guy into the EPA that can back down some of the craziest regulations and Pam Pollard has to smear the guy and probably damage him a bit over her stupidity and irresponsible behavior.

  With any luck this embarrassment to the Republican Party will get the boot on May 6th at the State GOP Convention, if the election is honest, if the delegates are seated and not booted out on technicalities so Pollard can pack the delegate roster with her supporters.