Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Weekly 'Hug a Thug' Story

Another Hug a Thug Theater Story

This one has a happy ending if you believe in law and order. Ryan Otto Whitworth of Midwest City rammed a stolen car under a semi on I-35 while fleeing from police and driving the wrong way on the interstate highway. Detectives had been staking out an area and noticed Whitworth and ran the tag which came back stolen so they called in a marked car to pull the suspect over. Whitworth decided to run for it during the traffic stop. Initially he drove westbound in the eastbound lanes of I-40 until he hit an I-35 ramp. While trying to exit on SE 15th he ran the stolen car into the semi and became a good criminal.
Of course the man had a lengthy rap sheet and should have been in prison long ago. He was a suspect in several local burglaries all committed while he was out on OR bond with an ankle monitor or on the run with warrants out for his arrest.

His career starts with CF 20014 1279 on February 9th 20014 with a stolen car that was adjudicated in Judge Glen Jones courtroom. A public defender is appointed, $2000 bond set, but he is released a few days later with no notice of bond being paid but later a bond is revoked and paid by a bonding company so there was bond paid.
A month later he takes a plea deal and receives five years suspended, DOC supervision, and ordered to pay court costs. Five months later the suspended sentence is revoked, his $2000 bond is forfeited and a warrant is issued for his arrest. The bondsman has Whitworth back in jail about a month later and the bond is exonerated or returned to the bondsman. Whitworth then pleads not guilty and another $2000 bond is set but later Whitworth is released on OR bond ordered to appear in early January. He doesn't show up again, as is his practice, so his OR bond is forfeited and another warrant for his arrest is issued. About a month later Whitworth shows up at court, in custody of the jail, and agrees to serve 45 days in jail for his crime of stealing a car with time off for already served days. Judge Jones exonerates the earlier bond and agrees to dismiss all of the fees and fines if Whitworth serves his time in county jail. A week later Whitworth sees his charges dismissed and is released from jail. But fa year later the charges are reinstated as Whitworth has refused to pay anything on his fines and fees so a warrant is issued and bail is set at $1471.60, the amount that he owes the court. That warrant remained outstanding and remains outstanding to this day.

On 3 14 2014 a Waiver of Extradition is filed against Whitworth but there is no other information on the case. Most likely when he was jailed for the first charge another old warrant turned up from another state who decided that he wasn't worth coming to get.

Whitworth wasn't pay his baby mamma child support according to FP 2014 90 which established paternity and imposed child support, most likely because the baby mamma got on welfare.

CF 20015 2062 from March of 2015 was a concealing stolen property charge along with false statements to a pawn broker. The charges were dismissed three months later. He gets a public defender and released without bail bond on an OR bond while wearing an ankle monitor. Almost immediately there are bond violations filed because the criminal would allow his monitor battery to die each night while he went out to work stealing things. After six straight weeks of bond violations the warrant for his arrest was recalled and the case dismissed by Judge Glen Jones.

While out on bond on the previous case Whitworth appears to have continued his crime spree with CF 20015 4331, another false declaration to a pawnshop. The state didn't get around to charging him till June of 20015 and after a warrant was issued and $4000 bond is set the case ends at that point with no resolution.

Here you have a criminal that was out committing crimes while on a GPS ankle monitor. They wrap aluminum foil around the monitor so it can't report their location or they simply let the battery run dead and recharge it after getting back from their crimes. The guy wouldn't show up to court willingly but the court continued providing release via OR bonds. The guy wouldn't pay his court fines either but he got away with it for two years till he died running from the police with several outstanding warrants out against him.

We were lucky this time as no innocent civilians were killed or hurt. But the fact remains that career criminals love the current justice system as they don't have to spend a dime on lawyers or bail bond and are free to commit crimes while out on OR bond.