Sunday, April 2, 2017

More Poster Boys For Soft On Crime: Early Release

More Soft on Crime Pre Trial Release Program Poster Boys
Ricardo Acosta DOB 6/22/1981

Acosta has a history of criminal activity reaching back to January of 2000 when he was 19 and one would not be unreasonable to ask if there was a juvenile record prior to then.  Arrested for burglary and drug possession, the short stay wasn't sufficient to straighten him up it seems.

Oklahoma County CF-00-2055 was burglary in 2000

Oklahoma County CF-02-6473 was another burglary in 2002

Oklahoma County CM-02-3918 on September of 2002 was a DUI so Acostas got an early start on his career. 

Oklahoma County CF-03-3477 Possession of drugs again in 2003  which got him one to five years in state prison after he plead guilty.   Ricardo was out on bond and was charged with another crime, causing his bondsman to pick him up and return him to jail where he plead guilty to the drug charges and was sent to prison around June of 2004.

Next he shows up again in the same district court in December of 05 agreeing to start paying this fines and fees so he had been released after about 17 months of prison time.   The first payment of actual costs shows up in July of 2006, probably a "pay or go back to prison" kind of thing as he was supposed to be paying $75.00 per month for his fines and court costs.   No other payments show up other than an annual request to IRS to seize any tax refund he might have coming.  Then in November 2015 another cost payment agreement shows up, must have been squeezed at last.    They must have squeezed hard because Ricardo made regular $50.00 payments up until December when he paid about half of that and the records stop at this point, whether it was paid off or simple forgiven due to the inability to find the guy.  Who knows…

Oklahoma County case CF-2013-4615 in May of 2013 shows another arrest for  Possession of a controlled dangerous substance- meth.     A bondsman posted Acosta's bond in August of that year but Acosta was soon arrested on new criminal charges of Possession of drugs, meth and marijuana,  so the bondsman put Acosta back in jail.  Revoking bond is usually done as the criminal agrees to stay out of trouble while out on bond and this promise is made to the court not the bondsman.   The jail released Acosta in April of 2014 on an OR bond, Own Recognizance

Two weeks later on 4-24-14 Acosta failed to appear in court.  He ultimately is captured again and pleads guilty and is sentenced to 10 years in prison.  But of course we know that he was out of prison by November of 2015 because he started paying $50.00 per month toward his court costs.

Ricardo Acosta has an extensive rap sheet that you can view at this link, eleven cases showing with the suffix Jr., the other Ricardo Acosta might be him or it might be his father.   Protective orders, burglary, drug possession, fifteen years sentenced and as far as we can tell he spent about 17 months and maybe ten months in 2014-2015.   His tax return continues to be seized as of November of 20165 so he probably has a long time before his court costs are paid.

Think about it, around 15 years of crime assuming a clean juvenile record.  Less than three years of prison time served for fifteen years of sentences and that is just off two of the criminal cases we looked at.

And Oklahoma has too many people in prison?

I beg to differ.