Monday, April 17, 2017

For Those Who Remain in the Support of CAIR

April 16th 2017 Newsletter 
For Those Who Remain Supportive of CAIR
  This week we saw a stark reminder of why Muslim organizations like CAIR need to be declared illegal and driven out of Oklahoma. A Detroit doctor was charged with performing female genital mutilation, a common practice of Muslims that is intended to make sex painful so as to limit the sexual activities of Muslim women. The girls were brought from Minnesota by their Muslim parents, unaware that they were going to have the procedure done but were told it was a special girls trip and once they checked into local hotel they were told they were going to see a doctor because their tummies hurt.
  The female doctor, Nargarwala, performed the mutilation at an area clinc, not the hospital where she worked as a emergency room doctor. She is facing between ten years to life in prison if convicted of the charges.
  What the Muslims do is to remove the outer parts of the genitalia of these young girls, usually just over six years old but it is done much earlier and much later.
  The doctor denied doing the mutilations but surveillance footage and cell phone records gave enough evidence to charger her with the multiple felonies. The children were told that the operation would "get the germs out" and were told not to talk about the operation or the visit to the doctor. Acting on a FBI search warrant a doctor examined the two children and confirmed that they had been mutilated by removing the outer parts of the genitals. The one set of parents admitted that they took their child to the doctor for a "cleansing of extra skin".
  We all need to remember that this is the true face of the Muslims.