Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Pollard Wants Another Chance To Get It Right

Backstabbers Inc.
Pam Pollard Begging for Another Chance

Pollard put out this plea for votes in advance of the upcoming State GOP Convention where she is attempting to win another term as state chairman of the GOP. She knows well that she was elected in the first place simply because she was the lesser of evils and very responsible for driving the duly elected state chairman from the post. But let's hear her out and then tell the truth about things in parentheses:

"When I became Chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party, I couldn't imagine the success we would have. The party had three Chairman in a single year! As a party, we could have succumbed to instability, but as your newly elected Chairman, I wouldn't let that happen—I rolled up my sleeves and got to work."
 (Yes you did Pam and you were ready after sniping at both Brogdon and Hernandez. While Hernandez would openly attack you hid behind surrogates and slashed at Brogdon's every move with complete dishonesty. You were the slimiest person standing when it was over thanks to the Sooner Tea Party outing Hernandez for employing illegal aliens and for lying about her screaming and belittling Brogdon during a meeting.)
"The results speak for themselves. In a year that saw the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate lose seats, Oklahoma was a conservative model for the nation... of every election on the ballot in 2016, Republicans carried 94% of those races. "
(Something you had zero to do with Pam, you sucked at raising money and people tolerated you only because you were a drone that would keep your mouth shut after being told to do that to keep your job.)
Our success is a testament to you, Oklahoma Republican activists, the work of our party, and our stellar candidates. I believe we have unified our party. We have fostered incredible relationships with our elected officials to support them, our party is on stable ground, and we can continue to find success as Republicans for years to come.
 (What is this we business Pam? Got a frog in your pocket? And everyone knows that the elected officials were disgusted at your horrible attack on former Rep Mike Christian when he was running against Democrat incumbent John Whetsel. You purposefully released that memo, as one of three people that had a copy and the other two had zero reason to spill the beans.)
Serving you as Oklahoma Republican Party Chairman is the greatest honor of my life. As a lifelong Republican activist, I have served from the precinct, to the county, to the state and national levels within our party. I know grassroots activists are the backbone of our party because I'm one of you, and I've lived it. 
(No you are not a "grassroots" activist Pam, you are a political hack that the majority of the grassroots activists hate with a passion.)
Oklahoma will have an exciting 2018 election cycle. Every statewide office will be on the ballot. We have historic house and senate margins we must protect. Our candidates will need an experienced and trusted Republican Party to ensure we are successful. 
(Exactly Pam which is why your sorry corrupt ass needs to be booted out and a competent and moral person elected to fill the slot.)
I'm committed to empowering you to have success as a Republican, unifying our party, standing up for our platform, building and expanding our brand, supporting our candidates, and winning elections. These aren't untested promises I will hopefully make good on in the future, I've been working for Republican activists and our party for decades.
 (Pam, you have been a bag man and a backstabber for the elite that the Trump supporters hate. You are a toady that won your current position through backstabbing and treachery, enabled after STP took down Hernandez. Save the lies for your next job interview Pam.)
With your support we can continue building on our momentous success, but I can't do it without you. I respectfully ask for your vote at the May 6th Oklahoma Republican Convention. I have been hard at work reaching out to you, but if you have any questions please call me personally at 405-420-8154.God bless,