Sunday, April 30, 2017

Loveless, Prater, Newberry, & '_____'

Loveless, Prater, Newberry, and______

Just fill in the blank and complete the headline for us.     Ninety percent of the 149 legislators at the Capitol and probably most if not all of the elected state officers are all living to some extent out of their campaign donation bank account.   Look up nearly any of them, especially the RINOs and Democrats, not so much the conservatives, and you will find them paying for tires, toll roads, vacations, expensive meals, oil changes, donations to local groups, food, drinks, car repair, sometimes just plain uncategorized expenses or funneling money to cronies or family under the guise of services or labor.

The fact is that former Senator Kyle Loveless was blackmailed by Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater simply because Loveless threatened one of Prater's lucrative slush fund income streams; civil asset forfeiture, Loveless was making some headway into exposing the legalized extortion and highway robbery for what it is so Loveless needed to STFU in Prater's mind.

Prater has had a long line of political victims, Tim Pope, Pharmacist Ersland, Randy Terrill and Susan Leftwich, the entire Pardon and Parole Board, TW Shannon, STP's own Al Gerhart,  druggie Chad Alexander, Stephanie Milligan, Fount Holland,  Joyce Hoffmiester, Gus Blackwell, and now Senator Kyle Loveless.     Some on the list did something actually that could be construed as a crime but most were trumped up charges that few Oklahoma legislators would have been innocent of participating in including Prater who was dragged kicking and screaming before a Multi County Grand Jury by STP back in 2012.      What did Prater do?   How long do yah have to listen?

Refusing to prosecute campaign donors that had bribed police officers, allowing if not encouraging his #3 girl Jennifer Chance ability to funnel cases to her husband who then got sweetheart deals for the criminal clients from the Oklahoma County D.A. office, receiving illegal campaign donations from maxed out political donors, and Lord knows what would come to light if Prater and his office was actually investigated?
Prater's M.O. has always been to set up someone low in the food chain and squeeze them for info to lead him to the bigger players.  Like in the Tea Party case Prater has zero qualms about breaking the law and bastardizing the court's integrity in order to pursue his corruption.    Then Prater throws the kitchen sink at his target, piling on the charges and potential prison term until his victim rolls over to avoid risking what some crazy jury might do when the judges refuse to follow the law and higher court precedents.

The end goal for Prater is to build a belt of scalps and use the notoriety to climb the political ladder along with forcing the legislators to pass his legislative agenda or find themselves the target of a trumped up investigation released right before the primary or general election in order to sway the voters at a critical time.

Prater is a cancer upon decent government in the State of Oklahoma.   He is a thug, a blackmailer, with zero integrity or morals, determined to stomp anyone that gets in his way as he terrorizes the legislators using a system that even our State Constitution says ought to be used only by the Attorney General of the state.   Our founders here in the state realized that a local D.A. could blackmail legislators so the Oklahoma Constitution reserved the right to prosecute legislators to the Attorney General Office yet a powerful prosecutor backed up with the largest police force in the state running the jurisdiction where the legislators meet and do state business is a powerful  force.   Prater's M.O. has always been to troll for leads from the cops, calling in favors when he has a victim in his sights, orchestrating the arrest and then squeezing the victim hard enough to let them know he owns them before slapping them on the wrist and letting them get back to their public duties.  Knowing of course that Prater owns them from that point forward.

A case in point is former Sheriff John Whetsel, nailed to the cross with solid evidence and proof, the man embezzled from the state and county, yet Whetsel has yet to answer to a grand jury for his crimes despite Prater telling the Oklahoma County Board of Commissioners that he would refer the case to a Grand Jury in January of this year.  Instead Prater has allowed Whetsel to escape justice by resigning while the taxpayers of Oklahoma County will pay for the embezzled tax dollars that were misspent and misappropriated.

Somehow other state officials are term limited for 12 years but the D.A.s are not, who are also state officers that just happen to work for the county.  It is high time that the legislature set term limits on District Attorneys as too much time in office creates monsters and corruption.