Monday, April 10, 2017

Mike McCarville Escapes His Just Reward

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Mike McCarville Escapes His Just Reward

Gag me with a spoon... that is how a lot of us felt listening to KTOK the last month or so since uber liberal Republican Mike McCarville died. The radio station drones just wouldn't shut up about how "conservative" that McCarville was while those in the know understood that he was one of the worst of the liberal RINO Republicans and was not shy about attacking the conservative Republicans.

But the old geezer wound up getting the last laugh and avoiding what many conservative Oklahomans would call a justly deserved fate.

Sooner Tea Party made fun of the old geezer for many years and several times wrote about a fitting send off for McCarville would be to have a meeting at a bar for copious quantities of beer followed by a trip out to visit McCarville's grave site to ensure that the grass grew green and thick, if you know what I mean.

So it was with some disappointment to hear on the radio last week that McCarville had requested cremation instead of burial in the ground...with grass... that needed watering... and perhaps even fertilizing for some of the more determined conservative Republicans.

McCarville was an evil man and vicious and without morals when it came to attacking conservatives. He wouldn't stop at anything including telling outright lies about conservatives, easily proven lies. But to hear the KTOK drones bleat about what an honorable man he was and how he was a leader in conservative Republican circles was a bit much.

However, the Tea Party is not to be denied McCarville's just fate, we have included a suitable picture of McCarville that can be printed, cut out, and placed in the appropriate urinal, commode, or taped on the back pant leg of your favorite state senator. Just be safe doing it, there are one or two state senatorsthat wouldn't be disappointed if a man unzipped his trousers while standing behind the good senator.