Thursday, March 31, 2016

Anthony Sykes Just Made A Lot Of Enemies

  What an arrogant, gutless, sold out, shameful, corrupt, S.O.B..    Anthony Sykes refused to hear SB 1189, the civil asset forfeiture reform bill that would have removed the moral hazard from police seizing personal property without filing a criminal complaint and diverted the funds where seizure is warranted into the General fund to help close the budget gap.

  The bill would have allowed police 30 days to charge someone after a seizure and to submit a report that is public record.  Opposing the common sense reform are police agencies that use the legalized theft as slush funds.

  Sykes is the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary so he must believe that our Oklahoma and U.S. Constitution are meaningless if he continues to support the pirates of the freeways.

One More Time, John Bennett Was Right About The Muslims

  Few societies have been more welcoming to the Muslims that Belgium yet it earned them 31 bloody deaths and 240 wounded on Tuesday when the Muslim suicide bombers attacked.

  Yet even then the apologists continued to dismiss the idea that there is a clash between Islam and Western democracy.   The mentality is that standing up to Muslim terrorism breeds more Muslim terrorism and the illusion of liberal policy and the false sense of superiority afforded by liberal policy.   The liberal identify with the Muslims in Syria and equate the suffering of Europeans with those who are taking a stand against jihad.

What The Trump Campaign Truly Means

  A lot of political commentators think they understand why Donald Trump is the front runner but perspective is sometimes hampered when these commentator stop thinking too soon.  They arrive at a point and decide that point best represents the world as they see it instead of continuing on and perhaps finding other perspectives.

  Some say this is the death of the Reagan hold on the Republican Party.  Reagan's ideology was powerful and lasting and it centered on the theory that a rising tide lifts all boats and that economic benefits would trickle down to the citizens.  But we have seen that economic growth hasn't benefited most families and globalization has hastened the death of the middle class.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Disgusting Behavior In The Tulsa County Jail

Disgusting Behaviour in the Tulsa County Jail

Former TCSO Captain, Tom Huckeby is at the center of an alleged sex ring in the jail
  A few weeks ago we posted an affidavit from a federal court case outlining horrific acts in the Tulsa County Jail.  After the newsletter went out we learned that the amount of traffic basically overwhelmed the server hosting the scanned files so we figured out how to convert the scan to word so we can post it in text in the newsletter.

  One ought not to place faith in authority because these men and women are human as the rest of us.  Reading through this affidavit should show you what happens when we don't have a concerned citizenry and a working press safeguarding our society and holding officials accountable.

Accused Sex Offender Strangled At OKC Jail

Accused Pervert Strangled at the Oklahoma City Jail?

What, the Guy thinks he is a State Senator and can Get Away with This Stuff?

  Fifty eight year old Dale Schmidt was killed at Sheriff Whetsel's jail last week, allegedly hung in his jail cell, but inside sources are claiming the guy was strangled with a phone cord and that nothing was present in his cell that could be used for hanging himself.
  Schmidt had been arrested after allegedly attempting to molest a 13 year old boy and the death has been labeled suicide by the OSBI and was said to be the only one in that cell.   Really, after all the repots of overcrowding in the cells they can house a single inmate in a cell?

Humane Society of US Labeled Scammers By The A.G. Office But Still Training Police Officers?

HSUS Damned by A.G.'s Office but Training Police Officers?

  Human Society of the United States Training Police Officers after Attorney General Scott Pruitt Issued a Consumer Alert Against them?

  Back in 2014 HSUS was the target of a consumer alert issued by the Oklahoma Attorney General office with the state claiming the HSUS organization deceives donors with pitiful images of dogs and cats then funnels the donated money into radical animal liberation movements and attacks farmers and ranchers.  In the 2014 A.G. consumer alert it was said that HSUS was misleading donors after the Moore tornadoes, telling them the money would go to local Humane Society chapters to car for dislocated animals.

  So we were surprised to see local law enforcement and CLEET participating  a program put on by HSUS in the Lawton area last week.  The training occurred at the Great Plains Technology Center and covered puppy mills, dog fighting, chicken fighting, and animal abuse.  The attendees were taught how to collect evidence and how to “interpreting” cruelty laws.  The course claimed that there is a link between animal cruelty and other abuse by serial rapists, school shooters, and killers.

  Here is a list of agencies that showed up and took the training:

  • Lawton Police Department, Comanche County Sheriff's Office, Comanche Nation Police and other Comanche County police departments in Sterling, Elgin, Cache, Geronimo and Chattanooga.
  • Activists that are working to expose the HSUS agenda  have shown that 85% of the images ran in the HSUS marketing were cats and dogs but say that HSUS doesn’t run a single animal shelter.  It gives around one percent of its income to animal shelters and spends millions attacking farming/ranching practices and conducting anti hunting campaigns.
  • A group called Chairity Watch gave HSUS a D rating for spending less than 50% of its funds on programs and around 43% of the money it raises on overhead.   Between 1998 and 2009 the agency funneled 16.3 million dollars into its executive pension fund and gave one million dollars less than that to local pet shelters in the same period.
  • Using pictures of cats and dogs in its marketing allows HSUS to raise millions a year to spend on anti farming/ranching, promoting vegan diets, and anti hunting/fishing legislative efforts.  Yet when Michael Vick was released from prison after a conviction for dog fighting the HSUS claimed Vick was rehabilitated after a 50 thousand dollar grant was given from the Philadelphia Eagles.
  • HSUS senior management includes a former spokesperson for the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), a group designate as terrorists by the FBI.  The group recently had their charity rating canceled by one outstanding charity rating group after HSUS settled a Racketeering and Corrupt Practices lawsuit (RICO) suit and paying millions of dollars to settle the lawsuit.
  CLEET needs to cancel any other training sessions under the auspices of HSUS until these concerns are addressed.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sheriff John Whetsel Illegally Detains Citizens

Whetsel the Weasel Hits the End of his Chain

  Hitting the end of his chain is exactly what it is looking like, like the mongrel dog charging at an interloper and suddenly hitting the end of the dog chain.  Whetsel has had an impressive run, twenty years of being the sheriff of Oklahoma County thanks to membership in the good old boys club and being protected by the Oklahoman.  But all that began unraveling a few weeks back as indications of the honeymoon being over started trickling out of the annual court hearing where the daily incarceration pay rate is set by a district judge.

   Seems there had been two hearings since the first of the years and news stories briefly touched on friction between the sheriff department and Judge Elliot.   But the innuendos blew sky high last week when Oklahoma County D.A. David Prater, one of Whetsel’s former supporters and protectors leaked a letter that asked State Auditor Gary Jones to investigate the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s office for violating state law and the Oklahoma Constitution while stating that the investigation could “result in criminal charges.”

Sequoyah County Politics

Rep. John Bennett

A Little Bit of Corruption Just Went Down the Drain

  Back in late January we had already began planning our Sequoyah County campaign after a few of our local members asked us to prepare to defend Rep. John Bennett from a Democrat challenger.  We had already started discussing doing another debate like we did in 2010 and had started looking into a local school system that was said to be causing some problems for Bennett.  The plans must have leaked out because around the first week of February the local chamber of commerce suddenly began inviting the two candidates to a “debate” that would be sponsored by the Sequoyah County Times, a local radio station, and the local chamber of commerce.
  The Sequoyah County Times has never liked Bennett or was pressured to ignore what Bennett had been doing for the County.   Cookson Hills Publishing owns several papers in the area and the Vian and Roland editions would print some of Bennett’s legislative updates but the Sequoyah County Times rarely did.   Even worse was the time they cut Bennett out of a picture of a veteran’s ceremony, leaving his opponent, Tom Stites, in the picture but not even mentioning Bennett in the story.   So you have a highly decorated wounded combat veteran being ignored and an Air Force Academy wash out.  Depending on which story is being told, Tom Stites either had poor eyesight or motion sickness so after two years he wound up at college getting an engineering degree.  Compared to Bennett’s two decades of service, including combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq it was a slap in the face to combat vets to crop Bennett out of the picture.