Thursday, March 31, 2016

Anthony Sykes Just Made A Lot Of Enemies

  What an arrogant, gutless, sold out, shameful, corrupt, S.O.B..    Anthony Sykes refused to hear SB 1189, the civil asset forfeiture reform bill that would have removed the moral hazard from police seizing personal property without filing a criminal complaint and diverted the funds where seizure is warranted into the General fund to help close the budget gap.

  The bill would have allowed police 30 days to charge someone after a seizure and to submit a report that is public record.  Opposing the common sense reform are police agencies that use the legalized theft as slush funds.

  Sykes is the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary so he must believe that our Oklahoma and U.S. Constitution are meaningless if he continues to support the pirates of the freeways.
   Sykes did hear SB 1113 which allows attorney fees if they successfully contest a forfeiture, however cops are like smart criminals, they target their victims carefully and know that small amounts are best to bleed the public dry without facing a legal challenge.  The vast majority of these seizures are less than $800.00 so it is ludicrous to say anyone is going to hire a lawyer to recover their personal property.

  This gap toothed turd wants to run for state Attorney General I hear and he just made a lot of enemies.    He is also Charlie Meadow's fair haired boy so expect another whiny email from Charlie saying he called Sykes and told him he was disappointed in him.