Friday, March 25, 2016

Disgusting Behavior In The Tulsa County Jail

Disgusting Behaviour in the Tulsa County Jail

Former TCSO Captain, Tom Huckeby is at the center of an alleged sex ring in the jail
  A few weeks ago we posted an affidavit from a federal court case outlining horrific acts in the Tulsa County Jail.  After the newsletter went out we learned that the amount of traffic basically overwhelmed the server hosting the scanned files so we figured out how to convert the scan to word so we can post it in text in the newsletter.

  One ought not to place faith in authority because these men and women are human as the rest of us.  Reading through this affidavit should show you what happens when we don't have a concerned citizenry and a working press safeguarding our society and holding officials accountable.

  Keep in mind that many of the people mentioned in this 2012 affidavit are still employed by the Tulsa Sheriff office.  This affidavit was transferred from a scan of the document by OCR technology so there might be some typos in the text.

1. My name is Shannon Moody. I am a Caucasian female and I was employed with Tulsa County Sheriff's Office (TCSO) as a Detention officer from July 1, 2005 -until I was terminated in April 2007. I was previously employed with Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) for two years before TCSO took over, I have experience as a detention officer working in both the booking department and master control, I also worked in the pods when extra help was needed but mainly worked in Master Control and booking. 
2, I have personal knowledge of the facts in this Affidavit. 
3. I was married to another officer named Aaron Moody while employed with TCSO. Both of us were on the SORT team with Captain Huckeby and other Caucasian officers. While I was on the SORT team, before I became pregnant, commonly witnessed Captain. Huckeby and other Caucasian officers go into African American inmate's cells and physically assault them for no reason. There was no reason that Captain Huckeby should have entered the cells, as there was a small door where items could be passed trough and the inmates and officers could speak through the doors without opening them. Captain Huckeby was the main officer who would assault the African American females, and there would rarely be an incident report made and the nurses in medical would never be called, even though the inmate would be swollen and it was obvious she had been beaten up. Captain Huckeby would, do this unprovoked. Captain Huckeby would mainly do it in segregation where there are no cameras and the majority of inmates are African American. If in the rare occasion Huckeby did.fill out an incident report, I was told that he was to fill his out first and myself and the other officers were to corroborate Huckeby's version of the facts, which were not -usually accurate. This was in direct violation of policy, as medical was to be called any time,there was an altercation of any sort or any inmate was injured. Further, policy required an incident report to be filled out every time an altercation occurred, Captain Huckeby was in direct violation of policy and so were the other Caucasian officers who participated in the physical assaults who were not disciplined. 
4, After I became pregnant, I was placed in Master Control as it was considered a light duty position. I was able to work in master, control throughout my entire pregnancy and even after I returned from a three-month maternity leave. While working in master control, Huckeby instructed that I watch certain detention officers, mainly African American. officers f0r hours at a time to try and catch them doing something wrong. Also while in Master Control, numerous Caucasian individuals who needed light duty were transferred in to work with me, accommodations being made for their injuries. There were never African American employees who needed light duty transferred into master control while I was employed. Furthermore, limited knowledge of master control operations was required as long as two people were working the shift but there were always two people working the shift because it was policy. I commonly worked with Caucasian individuals on light duty who had little to no experience in master control. Anything they needed to know I could show them fairly quickly. There were also other areas where I observed Caucasian individuals in need of light duty be assigned to work such as booking, three separate control booths in the segregation unit, the front lobby, intake, training, and visitation. I personally worked in the control booths in the segregation unit while pregnant and was allowed to wear street clothes, which was a requirement while you were on light duty. Specific Caucasian individuals I recall receiving light duty and working in master control and booking are Matthew Major, Mick Bonnin, and Dena Webb. I also know for a fact there are others; I just cannot recall their names. Bonnin had a knee injury and Webb injured her shoulder. 
5.             While working for TCSO, witnessed numerous Caucasian employees violate TCSO policies and receive no discipline for their actions. In Master Control I witnessed numerous Caucasian sergeants fail to fill out their log books or fill thorn out after the fact, lying about the number of times they went to their pods, and they received no discipline whatsoever. Caucasian employees constantly brought contraband into the jail such as cigarettes or items for the inmates and they were not disciplined. In fact, there was a. place in housing where Caucasian employees would commonly smoke and not receive discipline. I also observed Caucasian employees go behind closed doors with inmates, such as the staff bathroom and there was never any discipline issued, despite this being against policy and There being absolutely no reason for a staff member and an inmate to go into the staff bathroom together. I also observed many of the Caucasian men in booking use tobacco products and "dip" in front of their supervisors and were not disciplined. 
6.             While I worked in master control, the sergeants were supposed to walk through the pods at least once a day, By working in Master Control I was aware that due • to staffing numbers, sergeants weren't able to check their pods more than once a day, The three pods. 
7.             The usage of the word "nigger" to refer to African American inmates and officers was rampant in the jail by Caucasian Captains, Caucasian Sergeants, and Caucasian Detention officers. I commonly heard Captains Huckeby and Devoe refer to African Americans as "niggers". I also commonly heard racist jokes being told and other terminology such as the word "nappy" to refer to African Americans. During training in a squad meeting, the individual doing the training began talking about how. African Americans ate filed chicken and watermelon and smoked Newport brand cigarettes, I walked out of the-training I was so upset by the racial stereotyping going on, The word nigger. was commonly, used by the employees in booking. I cannot say enough that the word ran rampant within the booking department. 
8.             I worked third shift, which was from 3:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. I observed that the first shift which was the "midnight shift" or 11:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m, shift was made up mostly of African American employees. I remember thinking it was-strange that so many African Americans worked that shift. 
9.        It was common knowledge around the jail that Captain Huckeby maintained a "would ya" list containing names of female officers who would sleep with him or who he would sleep with. I heard that my name was on this list and I confronted Huckeby about it. When confronted, Huckeby became wide-eyed and flat out admitted it and walked away. While working in master control, I could_ zoom in on Captain Huckeby out in the parking lot and I commonly observed him kissing and performing other sexual acts with various women in the parking lot. In fact, sex was also rampant within the jail. among Captain Huckeby and his group of Caucasian followers that we deemed the nickname "Huckebabies" for this and other various reasons. Included in this group, which was entirely Caucasian, were my husband, Aaron Moody, Derek Devoe, Justin Kaczynski, Berkowitz, Kyle Dobson, Sheila Dobson, Bobby Sappington, Shannon Clark, Steven Norwood, Patricia Owens, Matthew Tryon, Deana Wood, Michael Bonnin, Linda Devoe, Roger Fetterhoff, Anthony Harper, Gary Kaiser, Oliver Newton. It was common knowledge that if you were in this group, you were on Huckeby's good side as long as you did what he wanted you to do, I know this because while I was married to Aaron Moody, I was included in this group. There were absolutely no African American officers included in this group.

10.            Whenever Huckeby wanted to get rid of someone who didn't listen to his orders, like his instructions to write up African Americans for nothing, or if someone complaining to a superior or internal affairs about him, he would find a way to get rid of them. This usually started with that person getting transferred into housing and then receiving write-ups until they were terminated. I complained to Fetterhoff and Kitch hi internal affairs about the sexual incidents I had caught Captain Huckeby engaging in and I was soon after transferred to housing and then I was disciplined for accepting a phone call from an inmate for which I received prior approval from my immediate supervisor, Sergeant Darby, and I was terminated. 
11.            There were numerous incidents that I observed while in master control where sexual acts would transpire between the Caucasian male officers and female civilians, including nurses who worked in medical. I have knowledge that Chief Albin knew that Captain Huckeby and others were engaging in sexual acts at work and nothing was being done to stop. it. There were two sections in the jail where there weren't cameras and they were segregation and an area underground called the pipe chase. The pipe chase was underneath the .pods. You could only get down to the pipe chase with special keys. I have direct knowledge that Caucasian male officers, including Captain Huckeby would go to The pipe chase and to segregation with Sheila Dobson and other Caucasian female officers to engage,in sexual activity because I would have to check the keys out to them. There was no reason for Huckeby to be down in the pipe chase, only maintenance would go down there, and if there was an issue with the pipes or water, and Huckeby needed to be there, I would have known since I was in master Control. When Huckeby was going down to segregation or the pipe chase it was always for no apparent reason and he was accompanied by a female officer. The sexual activity in the jail was rampant and Chief Albin knew, so did Huckeby, as he took part in it and the two of them encouraged other Caucasian male officers to participate in this behavior. None of these men received discipline to my knowledge, and most are still currently employed with the jail. 
12.         I have general knowledge that Captain Huckeby and Haley Collins were involved in a car accident in the early hours of the morning, driving Sergeant Landsdown's corvette, This was swept under the rug so to speak and Huckeby never received discipline for it. 
13.         A Caucasian female detention officer, Ivy Brook-Eaton, was permitted to read a sexually explicit book in booking and was not disciplined, despite this being contraband and against TCSO policy. 
14. I also observed her passing notes to police officers bringing in new inmates that propositioned sex stating, "A ride for a ride." I was appalled this was permitted to occur in the booking department.
with the inmates all the time. This is common at the jail and I observed it while working in master control, 
15.            Regarding lunch breaks, it was common practice for me to leave the facility while I worked in master control to get lunch for the booking department would sometimes be gone for over an hour and I was never disciplined. Lunch was never offered to the officers in housing. Whenever I asked off for vacation, it was granted and never had to turn in a vacation request form sixty-days before the requested days off. In fact, sometimes I would be told to fill paperwork out after I returned from my vacation days. Also, when my husband and I were married, we worked the same shift and connonly requested the same vacation days off and our requests were granted. It was common practice for Caucasian employees to fail to complete requests for days off or required paperwork within the jail without the consequence of discipline. I also have specific knowledge that when a position in booking would open up, the detention officers and sergeant would all sit around and discuss who we wanted placed in booking. I witnessed some transfer requests get thrown in the trash if someone did not like the person who applied. Most if not all of the employees in booking were Caucasian and it was considered the best department to be assigned. 
16.         Snide remarks about Wimberly were commonly made in my presence by Huckeby and Devoe. 
17. - Anything further, affiant saith not.