Thursday, March 31, 2016

What The Trump Campaign Truly Means

  A lot of political commentators think they understand why Donald Trump is the front runner but perspective is sometimes hampered when these commentator stop thinking too soon.  They arrive at a point and decide that point best represents the world as they see it instead of continuing on and perhaps finding other perspectives.

  Some say this is the death of the Reagan hold on the Republican Party.  Reagan's ideology was powerful and lasting and it centered on the theory that a rising tide lifts all boats and that economic benefits would trickle down to the citizens.  But we have seen that economic growth hasn't benefited most families and globalization has hastened the death of the middle class.

  Trump represents the rejection of globalization and is turning Republican theory on its ear.   The Republican brand is nearly collapsing as it becomes all too obvious that the GOP says one thing and does another and refuses to hold politicians accountable for violating the Party Platform.  The GOP insiders realize the destruction that is about to wash over them but they are frozen in fear or attempting to use dirty tricks and convention deceptions to defuse the movement.

  People are frustrated and angry for sure and they are willing to try just about anything to foster change.  People realize that the GOP is broken and bankrupt morally and are willing to put their faith in a political newcomer as long as he is an outsider.  They understand that lobbyists, the donor class, and consultants have perverted the process and American nationalism, a revulsion against globalization, and a refusal to go along with political correctness are the first steps to cleaning out the stable. Trump offers one thing; an unwillingness to lose the fight.

  No one knows what the GOP will look like come January 2017.  The party hacks might well remain in charge as they are in control and can rig the process against change the same way they rigged things against first the 2008 Ron Paul revolution and against the 2010 Tea Party challenge.  But doing so courts a continued refusal of average Republicans to donate to and volunteer for the GOP machine, increasing the stranglehold that the donor class has upon politics.